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Services & Space

In addition to collecting and stewarding resources that comprise a current and retrospective record of human knowledge, the Georgetown University Libraries offer a wide array of services, including reference, instruction and research consultation, to ensure unfettered access to information, and to enhance the University’s goals in learning and the creation of knowledge.

Services (07/2012-06/2013)

Number of reference questions asked and answered 21,495
Number of research instruction classes taught 425
Number of research instruction classes participants 6,265
Number of equipment circulated 4,213
Number of multimedia instructional sessions taught 58
Number of editing rooms checked out 2,822


Space & Staff (07/2012-06/2013)

Year the Library opened 1796
Year the first Georgetown University Librarian was appointed 1824
Year Lauinger Library was dedicated 1970
Number of visitors to Lauinger Library in FY2013 979,112
Number of visitors to Blommer Science Library in FY2013 92,013
Number of staff (FTE) 113.33
Number of student assistants (FTE) 21.5