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PowerPoint 2013/2010: Firmenvorlagen im Corporate Design

Fri, 05/22/2015 - 08:48
Authored By: Andrea Monadjemi

Released On: 10/28/2014

Ein einheitlicher Unternehmensauftritt gelingt nur, wenn entsprechende Vorlagen zur Verfügung stehen. Lernen Sie in diesem Video-Training, wie Sie in PowerPoint 2013 bzw. 2010 Folienvorlagen erstellen, die das Erscheinungsbild Ihrer Firma wiederspiegeln und von allen Mitarbeitern leicht zu verwenden sind. Ihre Trainerin Andrea Monadjemi entwickelt solche Templates für verschiedenste Unternehmen und zeigt Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie das geht.

C.C. Chapman: Content Marketing und die Kunst des Storytelling

Fri, 05/22/2015 - 06:21
Authored By: C.C. Chapman

Released On: 10/23/2014

Dokumentarfilm, USA, Original mit Untertiteln: Unternehmen haben schon vor Langem erkannt, dass sie eine großartige Geschichte rund um ihr Produkt anfertigen und kommunizieren müssen, um ihre Produkte zu verkaufen und loyale Kunden zu gewinnen. Storytelling wird heute verwenden, um nahezu alles zu bewerben: kommerziell, kreativ oder karitativ. C.C. Chapman, Urheber von bahnbrechenden Marketing-Kampanien für Shows wie True Blood und Discovery Channels Shark Week, spricht hier davon, wie gute, ehrliche Geschichten Marken, Unternehmen und anderes erheben können. Lernen Sie, wie er seine Erfahrung mit dem Machen und Bewerben von Independent Filmen in einer Pre-YouTube-Ära zu einer preisgekrönten Agentur gemacht hat, The Advance Guard, und seine Fähigkeiten danach mit One Campain neu ausrichtete, auf den Kampf gegen die Armut in unterpreviligierten Ländern wie Ghana.

Animation with Rhino and Bongo

Fri, 05/22/2015 - 05:20
Authored By: Dave Schultze

Released On: 5/22/2015

Learn how to take your design presentations to the next level by animating them with motion, using Rhino and the V-Ray and Bongo plugins. Whether you are interested in promoting products or architecture (both examples featured in the course), author Dave Schultze shows how to make your work far more compelling with simple and powerful animation techniques.

First you'll learn how to do a simple product design "turntable" animation. Then you'll create a path-based "walk through" animation of an architectural design. After the animation work is done, Dave will demonstrate how to import the sequences into After Effects and edit them into a seamless video presentation with high-quality audio. The last few chapters focus on optimizing the final video for flawless playback on any computer or website and sharing and distributing your project.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Essential Training

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Bob Levine

Released On: 3/12/2014

Digital distribution is the wave of the future for magazines and other print publications. Get on board now, with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). DPS tools are included with InDesign and can help you create rich interactive publications for mobile devices, such as the iPad, as well as Android and Windows 8.1 devices—with no code! Bob Levine shows you how to create DPS folios in InDesign with striking cover artwork, create and import articles, and add various interactive features, like buttons, audio and video, HTML content, links to outside sources, and even animation. He also shares his advice for publishers targeting more than just the iPad, as well as useful scripts and extensions for automating parts of your workflow.

Real-World Design: Live Presentations from Creative Leaders

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Petrula Vrontikis

Released On: 10/10/2014

Get a front-row seat to Art Center College of Design's lecture series, where top designers from around the country share lessons from the real world of design.

The second round of the series, recorded in late 2014, features Erich Joiner from the design firm Tool, Dave Bullock from the crowdfunding site CrowdRise, and Peter Lunenfield from UCLA talking about the power of media in design. The first panel features the 3x3 group: YO | LAI | DO event, featuring Yo Santosa (Ferroconcrete), David Lai (Hello Design), and Chris Do (BL:ND). This transmedia trio presents projects from the fields of branding, web, and motion design, touching on the challenges of running their own firms and the importance of story, inspiration, and constant evolution.

Art Center professor and lecture series leader Petrula Vrontikis guides both panels in round-table discussions about managing client expectations, overcoming professional uncertainty, and much more.

3ds Max 2016 Essential Training

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Aaron F. Ross

Released On: 5/22/2015

Start creating advanced 3D models and animation with 3ds Max 2016. Learn the most suitable techniques for modeling prop, character, and environment objects, from splines and NURBS to polygonal and subdivision surface modeling. Then find out how to construct hierarchies, animate with keyframes, shape function curves, and assign constraints. Author Aaron F. Ross also provides an overview of setting up cameras, lighting scenes within a simple studio setup, and constructing materials with the Slate Material Editor. Finally, learn about your hardware and software rendering options, and make your projects more realistic with motion blur, indirect illumination, and depth of field.

Note: This course updates our 3ds Max 2015 Essential Training to work with the 2016 interface and file formats.

Choosing a PHP Editor

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 04:53
Authored By: Joseph Lowery

Released On: 5/21/2015

A coding professional needs professional tools, and while you can write PHP with a regular text editor, a specialized editor or IDE will make the job easier and your code more accurate. In this course, programming expert Joseph Lowery takes you on a survey of the most popular all-purpose and PHP-specific editors. Learn what features are absolutely required from any good editor; explore options that can boost your productivity, like snippets and database integration; and then take a look at tools that work with multiple technologies (such as Aptana Studio, Sublime Text, and Cloud 9) and those more directly targeted at PHP (like Eclipse or PhpStorm). This course is vital to anyone starting on the path to PHP programming, as well as developers seeking to ramp up their efficiency.

Up and Running with iTunes 12

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 04:50
Authored By: Garrick Chow

Released On: 5/21/2015

Get started with iTunes 12. Garrick Chow begins the course with a tour of the iTunes interface and then explains how to import media, manage the library, create and manage playlists, enable home sharing and sharing over a network, make purchases from the iTunes Store, and more.

Revit Structure 2016 Essential Training

Thu, 05/21/2015 - 04:47
Authored By: Eric Wing

Released On: 5/21/2015

Learn how to create accurate foundation plans and framing plans, with details such as brace frames and trusses, with Revit Structure 2016. Starting with referencing an architectural model, author Eric Wing shows how to create grids, set up views, add foundations, rebar, and framing, and create slopes, slabs, trusses, elevator pits, and a whole lot more. This course caters to members with little to no experience with Revit, as well as more advanced users that want to just jump to a topic of interest and start from there. Either way, this comprehensive course will teach you what you need to know to master Revit Structure.

InDesign Secrets

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: David Blatner, Anne-Marie Concepción

Released On: 8/25/2011

In this series, David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción, co-hosts of the web's top resource for InDesign tips and tricks,, share some hidden and sometimes surprising workflow tips that will make working in InDesign more efficient and more fun. The course covers built-in timesaving features such as Quick Apply and auto-expanding text, but also little-known tricks, such as using the eyedropper to copy and paste character and paragraph text attributes and making accurate selections by selecting through or even into objects.

New techniques will be added to the collection every other week, so check back early and often. Find more tips and tricks at

The Practicing Photographer

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Ben Long

Released On: 5/16/2013

In The Practicing Photographer, photographer and teacher Ben Long shares a weekly serving of photographic instruction and inspiration. Each installment focuses on a photographic shooting scenario, a piece of gear, or a software technique. Each installment concludes with a call to action designed to inspire you to pick up your camera (or your mouse or smartphone) to try the technique for yourself.

Artist at Work: Developing a Composition

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 04:00
Authored By: Mary Jane Begin

Released On: 5/20/2015

We asked illustrator Mary Jane Begin to create a brand-new composition from three (surprise) elements. The goal? To teach members how to think about composition in terms of visual interest and implied story. In these videos, Mary Jane creates thumbnail sketches to conceptualize the layout and chooses the thumbnail that best communicates the message. She then translates that thumbnail into a larger sketch and uses color and texture to pull together a composition suitable for showing to a client or using as the basis for a final painting or illustration. These lessons show how an artist works on her feet, and puts concepts such as the rules of thirds, negative space, and drawing from reference materials into a real-world context.

NoSQL for SQL Professionals

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 03:57
Authored By: Lynn Langit

Released On: 5/20/2015

NoSQL databases can store non-relational data on a super large scale, and can solve problems regular databases can't handle: indexing the entire Internet, predicting subscriber behavior, or targeting ads on a platform as large as Facebook. But with over 150 NoSQL database types, it can be hard for a SQL professional to know where to start. In this course, Lynn Langit breaks these types down into five main categories and shows how to get your own NoSQL database up and running with easy-to-configure cloud solutions. You'll learn how to add and query data and also examine case studies where NoSQL was used to solve real-world data storage management issues. The final chapter contains tips just for startup businesses that are considering their first NoSQL solution.

Tomasz Opasinski's 3D-Rendered Birthday Balloon: Start to Finish

Wed, 05/20/2015 - 03:54
Authored By: Tomasz Opasinski

Released On: 5/20/2015

Photoshop turns 25 in 2015. In honor of the occasion, movie poster designer Tomasz Opasinski creates a unique 3D birthday card for Photoshop. He uses an amazing piece of 3D graffiti he created in CINEMA 4D and uses Photoshop to reimagine it: changing the lighting and shadows, introducing some storytelling elements, wrapping type onto the balloon, and making the whole look more organic with filters. Follow along as Tomasz explains how he took his poster-size love letter to Photoshop from start to finish.

Communication Tips

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Tatiana Kolovou, Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Released On: 1/21/2015

In order to lead or manage others, you need to master your communication skills. In this series of weekly tips, communication experts Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes help you hone your communication skills in order to deal with difficult people, influence others, confidently speak in public at a moment's notice, and much more. Tune in every Wednesday for another invaluable communication tip.

PHP with MySQL Essential Training

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 20:00
Authored By: Kevin Skoglund

Released On: 6/4/2013

PHP is a popular, reliable programming language at the foundation of many smart, data-driven websites. This comprehensive course from Kevin Skoglund helps developers learn the basics of PHP (including variables, logical expressions, loops, and functions), understand how to connect PHP to a MySQL database, and gain experience developing a complete web application with site navigation, form validation, and a password-protected admin area. Kevin also covers the basic CRUD routines for updating a database, debugging techniques, and usable user interfaces. Along the way, he provides practical advice, offers examples of best practices, and demonstrates refactoring techniques to improve existing code.

Advanced Unity 2D: Sprite Palette Swapping

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 04:40
Authored By: Jesse Freeman

Released On: 5/19/2015

Palette swapping, a technique borrowed from old school game engines, is a great system for dynamically changing the colors of sprites at runtime. While it's not built into Unity, with a little ingenuity and the advanced techniques shown in this course, you can emulate palette swapping in any 2D sprite-based game. Jesse Freeman will show you how to build custom menus and inspectors to analyze and change sprite's colors, save custom color palettes with scriptable objects, change colors on sprite textures at runtime, and even apply color changes to animated sprites. Last, he'll show how to optimize this workflow and reuse it in other Unity projects.

How to Rock Social Media

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 04:39
Authored By: Guy Kawasaki

Released On: 5/19/2015

Guy Kawasaki—a social media expert with over eleven million followers—explains how to be great at all aspects of social media, whether you are interested in personal, professional, or organizational branding. He also provides profile tips specific to the major social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Premiere Pro Guru: Compositing and Masks

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 04:37
Authored By: Luisa Winters

Released On: 5/19/2015

Master compositing and masks using the native effects in Adobe Premiere Pro—with no third-party plugins. Adobe Premiere Pro Master Instructor Luisa Winters shows how to make these crucial techniques part of your everyday editing workflow. She covers creating and modifying alpha channels, keying blue and green screen footage with Ultra Key, using track mattes to affect moving parts of clips, changing the look of footage with blend modes, and so much more.

CSS: Selectors

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 04:33
Authored By: James Williamson

Released On: 5/19/2015

This course is a resource guide, covering the best practices for writing different types of CSS selectors and choosing the best selectors for targeting different HTML elements. Senior staff author James Williamson covers basic selectors, attribute selectors, pseudo-class and pseudo-element selectors, and structural selectors, as well as combinators and pattern-matching selectors. Then he offers tips to write more efficient and maintainable code, and a look at what's next for CSS selectors.