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Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube

Lynda.com - Mon, 10/06/2014 - 20:00
Authored By: Anson Alexander

Released On: 10/7/2014

Join experienced YouTube channel optimizer Anson Alexander as he shares his strategies for succeeding on the world's largest video platform. This course shows marketers and others how to create a winning presence and monetize videos on YouTube, where more than 6 billion hours are watched monthly.

The course explains how to create a channel and join the Partner Program, and how to attract and best interact with subscribers. Then you learn how to customize your YouTube channel's About page, create engaging playlists, and customize content to draw in viewers. The course also explores how to optimize videos for search engines; add annotations, notes, and links; and use YouTube's InVideo Programming. Finally, Anson shows how to use YouTube Analytics, explaining which statistics to focus on in order to better guide your content strategy.

Want more YouTube tutorials? Check out Anson's companion course, Top 5 YouTube Channel Tips.

Dreamweaver: 2014 Creative Cloud Updates

Lynda.com - Mon, 10/06/2014 - 20:00
Authored By: Joseph Lowery

Released On: 10/7/2014

Want to stay up to date with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud offering? In this course, Joseph Lowery tackles Dreamweaver CC 2014, built with a new underlying engine and extended features. To start, Joe reviews the new Extract panel, which allows you to pull CSS, images, and text directly from Photoshop files. He then explores improvements in Live view, which can now be used to drag and drop HTML elements, assets, URLs, and even color values from one layout to another. Check back often for updates. New chapters will be added each time Adobe releases a major Dreamweaver CC update.

Design the Web: Using Symbols in SVG

Lynda.com - Mon, 10/06/2014 - 20:00
Authored By: Chris Converse

Released On: 10/7/2014

Design the Web shows designers how to build efficient and beautiful graphics and layouts from the ground up. In this installment, Chris Converse explains how to create new SVG graphics and then convert them into reusable symbols with Adobe Illustrator. Then he shows how to customize the symbols to fit your layouts by editing the position, transformation, and color properties of each instance you place. This technique allows you to build complex graphics much more quickly than you could design them from scratch. Exercise files are available to all members, so download them and get started creating your own rich web graphics today.

Watch more installments of Design the Web on Chris's author page.