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Members: Correspondence Files
Materials Sent


Members: Materials Sent
Papers: Background (not CSEA commissioned)
Commission - Agriculture
- Economic
- Military
Other Donor Countries
Miscellaneous (unpublished)

Written Testimonies


Written Testimonies
Commission Papers: Inter-Commission Correspondence Legislative Reports
Interested Outside Groups: Hunger Project
Interreligious Task Force
Action for World Development
Public Inquiries


Public Hearings
Commission Meetings
Task Force Minutes
Press Release (November 21)
Presentation of Final Report: Remarks
Library Catalog Cards

Box 5

Scope-Of-Work: Draft
Final Report: Drafting Sessions
Commission and Agency Comments
Background Documents

Box 6
Published Final Report
Transcript of Proceedings: Commission Meetings
Public Hearings
Briefing Books: Commission Meetings

Box 7

Briefing Books: Commission Meetings
Miscellaneous Duplicate Papers



Folder 1 Bereuter, Douglas K. - Representative, Nebraska. Correspondence.

Folder 2 Brady, Nicholas F. - Chairman, Dillon, Read and Company, Inc. Correspondence, Biographical Data, and Issue Papers.

Folder 3 Brown, Lewis Dean - President, Middle East Institute and former Ambassador to Senegal, the Gambia and Jordon. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 4 Broomfield, William J. - Representative, Michigan. Correspondence.

Folder 5 Campbell, Wallace J. - President, CARE. Correspondence, Memoranda, Recommendations, Biographical Data.

Folder 6 Carlucci, Frank C. (Chairman) - Deputy Secretary of Defense. Correspondence, memoranda, reports and sundry papers. Material on the early organizational stages of the Commission can be found in these files.

Folder 9 Chiles, Lawton - Senator. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 10 D'Amato, Alfonse M. - Senator, New York. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 11 De La Garza, E. "Kika" - Representative, Texas. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 12 Delano, Robert B. - President, American Farm Bureau Federation. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 13 Dine, Thomas A. - Executive Director, American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 14 Fascell, Dante B. - Representative, Florida. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 15 Feuler, Dr. Edwin J. - President, The Heritage Foundation. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 16 Helms, Jesse - Senator, North Carolina. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 17 Huddleston, Walter D. - Senator. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 18 Hyde, Henry J. - Representative, Illinois. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 19 Inouye, Daniel K. - Senator, Hawaii. Correspondence.
Folder 20 Johnston, J. Bennett - Senator, Louisiana. Letter of invitation to join the Commission and Biographical Data.

Folder 21 Jones, James R. - Representative, Oklahoma. Correspondence.

Folder 22 Jordan, Amos A. - Vice-Chairman and Chief of Operations Officer, CSIS. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 23 Kassebaum, Nancy L. - Senator, Kansas. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 24 Kasten, Robert - Senator. Correspondence.

Folder 25 Kemp, Jack F. - Representative. Correspondence.

Folder 26 Kirkland, Joseph Lane (Co-Chairman) - President, AFL-CIO. Correspondence.

Folder 27 Latta, Delbert L. - Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 28 Lewis, Jerry - Representative, California. Correspondence.

Folder 29 Livingston, Robert L. - Representative. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 30 Long, Clarence P. - Representative. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 31 Madigan, Edward B. - Representative, Illinois. Correspondence.

Folder 32 McHugh, Matthew F. - Representative, New York. Correspondence, Memoranda, and Biographical Data.

Folder 33 Morrer, Thomas H. (Admiral) - Board of Advisors, CSIS. Correspondence.

Folder 34 Patterson, Jerry M. - Representative, California. Correspondence.

Folder 35 Pell, Claiborne - Senator, Rhode Island. Letter of invitation to join the Commission.

Folder 36 Percy, Charles H. - Senator, Illinois. Correspondence.

Folder 37 Rockefeller, David. Correspondence amd Biographical Data.

Folder 38 Samuels, Michael A. - Vice-President, International of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 39 Sarbanes, Paul S. - Senator, Maryland. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 40 Silberman, Laurence H. (Co-Chairman) - Executive Vice-President, Crocker Bank. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 41 Wharton, Clifton R. (Co-Chairman) - Chancellor of State University of New York System; Chairmanof Rockefeller Foundation. Correspondence.

Folder 42 Whitman, Dr. Marina - Vice-President and Chief Economist of General Motors. Correspondence and Biographical Data.

Folder 43 Zablocki, Clement J. - Representative, Wisconsin. Correspondence.

Folder 44 Commission Members - Materials sent May, l983.

Folder 45-47Commission Members - Materials sent June, l983.

Folder 48-51Commission Members - Materials sent July, l983.


Folder 1-2 Commission Members - Materials sent August, l983.

Folder 3-4 Commission Members - Materials sent September, l983.

Folder 5-6 Commission Members - Materials sent October, l983.

Folder 7 Commission Members - Materials sent November to December, l983.

Folder 8 Staff Resumes.

Folder 9 Data Base.

Folder 10-11Background papers, not CSEA commissioned.
- "Is There a Case for Another Foreign Assistance Instrument ? Mutual Export Development Credit Assistance Fund." W. Haven North
- "International Development Coordination." W. Haven North
- "United States International Population Policy, Assistance, and Organization." State Department
- "Summary of HFAC and SFRC Markups." Kelly C. Kammerer
- "International Development and Security." Charles W.T. Stephenson
- "Population: Trends and Issues." With cover letter from Richard Benedick.
- "Population Growth, Rufugees and Immigration." State Department
- "The Foreign Aid Budget and Its Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy." Arms Control and Foreign Policy Caucus.
- "The United Nations Development Program." (Briefing note) accompanied by letter from Charles L. Perry, Senior Liaison Officer, UNDP.
- "The Hunger Game: Our Wasted Foreign Aid." Series of articles by Rick Atkinson
- "President's Report to the Development Committee on Current Development Issues." A.W. Clausen, World Bank
- "Alternative Futures for US-Pakistani Relations."Salman A. Ali

Folder 12 Commission Papers - Agriculture.
- "Impact of P.L. 480 Programs."
- "Long-Run in World Food Supply and Demand: Implications for Development Assistance." Chales E. Hanrahan, Francis Urban, and Larry Deaton.
- Memoranda on papers

Folder 13 Commission Papers - Economic.
- "The Programming-Budgeting System for Assistance Resource Transfers." Tom Stern - "Key Components of U.S. Security and Economic Assistance Programs." Jerry Lapittus
- "Some Key Issues related to Economic Assistance." Draft of paper on Economic Assistance issues.
- "Mixed Credits."
- Letter, from John P. Lewis, Research Program in Development Studies, Princeton University. Critique of Elliot Berg's paper on the effectiveness of economic assistance.
- Memoranda on papers

Folder 14 Commission Papers - Military.
- "FMS Loan Repayments, Credit Terms, and Possible Methods of Financing." (Draft) Bing West, et al
- Outline of remarks by William Schneider.
- "International Security Setting" Issue Paper #1 (Draft)
- "Objectives/Effectiveness of Military Aid." Issue Paper #2 (Draft)
- "Loans and Grants." Issue Paper (Draft)
- "Military Assistance: Process and Consultation." Issue Paper (Draft)
- "The Balance Between U.S. Economic and Military Aid." Issue Paper (Draft)
- "Moving Security Assistance Program to DOD Budget." E. Graves
- Draft of paper on military assistance.
- Memoranda on papers

Folder 15 Other Donor Countries - Papers.
- "Japanese Foreign Economic Assistance." Steven A. Hildreth
- "Economic Assistance Programs of the Islamic Members of OPEC." Addeane S. Caelleigh
- "West German Development Assistance: Transition and Continuity." Christine Viezens
- "The Foreign Economic Assistance Program of the EEC." Alexander Wills (?)
- "British Economic Assistance."

Folder 16 Other Donor Countries - Papers.
- "Economic Assistance Programs of Selected Major Donors Other Than the United States." Mark Lundell
- "Swedish Economic Assistance." Mark Lundell
- "French Economic Assistance." Mark Lundell

Folder 17 Miscellaneous staff and contracted papers, not published.

Folder 18 Miscellaneous staff and contracted papers, not published.

Folder 19 Written Testimony: Baize, John - Statement of the American Soybean Association.

Folder 20 Written Testimony: Ballance, Frank C. - President, Action for World Development.

Folder 21 Written Testimony: Cahn, Anne H. - Director, Committee for National Security.

Folder 22 Written Testimony: Clausen, A.W. - President, The World Bank and International Finance Corporation.

Folder 23 Written Testimony: Clodius, Robert L. - President, National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges.

Folder 24 Written Testimony: Cuthbertson, R. Bruce - Vice President Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America.

Folder 25 Written Testimony: de Bedts, C. - Vice-President Lockheed Corporation.

Folder 26 Written Testimony: Devine, Fred - Chairman, Committee on Material Resources - American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Inc.

Folder 27 Written Testimony: Derham, Richard A. - United States International Development Cooperation Agency/Agency for International Development. Memorandum on Development without Aid, by Melvin B. Krauss.

Folder 28 Written Testimony: Dewhurst, Stephen B. - United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Budget and Program Analysis. Letter, with enclosed paper, "Impact of P.L. 480 Programs."

Folder 29 Written Testimony: Dodge, Herbert W. - A.I.D., retired.

Folder 30 Written Testimony: Ek, Carl - presentation of a statement by George W. Stone, President - National Farmers Union.

Folder 31 Written Testimony: Elhassani, Joyce - Chairman, International Relations Committee, League of Women Voters.

Folder 32 Written Testimony: Fish, Howard M. - Vice-President International Vought Corporation.

Folder 33 Written Testimony: Flammang, Robert A. - Professor of Economics, Louisiana State University. Paper on "Current Issues in Development Economics."

Folder 34 Written Testimony: Glenn, Jerome C. - Partnership for Productivity/International.

Folder 35 Written Testimony: Grant, James P. - Executive Director, UNICEF. Also included: Booklet, "The State of the World's Children, l982-83."


Folder 1 Written Testimony: Hamell, Virginia - Association of Women in Development.

Folder 2 Written Testimony: Hewitt, Susanne W. - President, Newtown-Middletown League of Women Voters.

Folder 3 Written Testimony: Hovey, J. Allan - General Accounting Office/International Division. Two papers: "The Foreign Aid 'Constituent' and the Prospects of Grass Roots Support" and "Toward the Establishment of a National Nongovernmental Program on International Economic Development."

Folder 4 Written Testimony: Institute for Contemporary Studies. "U.S.- Third World Relations Marred by Misconceptions, Study Finds."

Folder 5 Written Testimony: Johnson, Joel L. - Vice-President of Economic Affairs, American League for Exports and Security Assistance, Inc. Paper on the "Role of Security Assistance in U.S. Foreign Policy.

Folder 6 Written Testimony: Johnston, Philip - Executive Director of CARE.

Folder 7 Written Testimony: Kittlaus, Paul - Interreligious Task Force on US Food Policy.

Folder 8 Written Testimony: Krauss, Melvyn B. - Fellow at the Hoover Institute. Paper on "Some Economic Effects of Foreign Aid."

Folder 9 Written Testimony: LaPidus, Jules - Dean, Graduate School, Ohio State University. Paper on "Investment in Human Capital: A Key Factor in International Security and Economic Assistence"

Folder 10 Written Testimony: Lindsey, James - Covenor, International Exposition of Rural Development.

Folder 11 Written Testimony: Market Opinion Research - Paper on "The American Public Views World Hunger and the U.S. Role in Its Elimination." (l979)

Folder 12 Written Testimony: McGuire, Martin C. - Department of Economics, University of Maryland. Paper on "Foreign Assistance, Investment, and Defense: A Methodological Study with an Application to Israel, l960-l979."

Folder 13 Written Testimony: Morrison, J.K. - Director, International Affairs/American Consulting Engineers Council.

Folder 14 Written Testimony: Moore, John H. - Liaison to United Nations, U.S. Committee, International Council on Social Welfare.

Folder 15 Written Testimony: Moore, Vern - Chairman, Advisory Committee on Overseas Cooperative Development.

Folder 16 Written Testimony: Morse, Bradford - Administer, United Staed Development Programme.

Folder 17 Written Testimony: Naden, Kenneth D. - President, Volunteer Development Corps.

Folder 18 Written Testimony: Nelsen, Peter - Chairman, International Development Institute.

Folder 19 Written Testimony: Partnership for Productivity. Also see Jerome C. Glenn.

Folder 20 Written Testimony: Prosterman, Roy L. and Riedinger, Jeffery M. - University of Washington School of Law. Paper on "Four Key Points for Improving Foreign Assistance."

Folder 21 Written Testimony: Richardson, Elliot L. - Chairman, The United Nations Association of the U.S.A.

Folder 22 Written Testimony: Ridings, Dorothy S. - President, League of Women Voters. (Riedinger, Jeffery M. - see Prosterman, Roy)

Folder 23 Written Testimony: Rossiter, Caleb S. - Assistant Professor of Policy Analysis, Cornell University-In-Washington Program.

Folder 24 Written Testimony: Ruppe, Loret Miller - Director, Peace Corps.

Folder 25 Written Testimony: Schultheis, Michael L. - Economist, Center of Concern.

Folder 26 Written Testimony: Sewell, John W. - President, Overseas Development Council.

Folder 27 Written Testimony: Shaughnessy, Daniel E. - President, Export Processing Industry Coalition.

Folder 28 Written Testimony: Smith, Elise Fiber - President, Private Agencies in International Development.

Folder 29 Written Testimony: Smock, Audrey C. - Secretary, World Issues Office United Church Board for World Ministries.

Folder 30 Written Testimony: St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Folder 31 Written Testimony: Slolte, Darwin E. - President, U.S. Feed Grains Council.(Stone, George see Ek, Carl)

Folder 32 Written Testimony: Taylor, Carl E. - Professor Emeritus, Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins University.

Folder 33 Written Testimony: Thacher, Peter S. - Fellow, World Resources Institute.

Folder 34 Written Testimony: Thomas, D. Woods - Director, International Programs in Agriculture.

Folder 35 Written Testimony: Trickle Up Program, Inc.

Folder 36 Written Testimony: Weaver, Barbara - Executive Secretary for Development Education, The United Methodist Church.

Folder 37 Written Testimony: Weissman, Nathan J. Paper on "Foreign Military Sales (Arms Transfers): Background and Issues.

Folder 38 Written Testimony: Wilson, Winston - President, U.S. Wheat Associates.

Folder 39 Written Testimony: General. Correspondence concerning the submission of testimony, as well as a comprehensive list of written testimony.
Folder 40 Written Testimony: General. Other written public presentations.

Folder 41-42 Commission Papers: Inter-Commission correspondence and memoranda concerning papers issued by and provided to the Commission.

Folder 43 Legislative Reports. Daily legislative reports to the Administrator and copies from Congressional Records and Congressional Quarterly.

Folder 44-47 Interested Outside Groups: Hunger Project and Reports. Letters from constiuents sentto the Commission.

Folder 48 Interested Outside Groups: Interreligious Task Force on US Food Policy. Correspondence.

Folder 49 Interested Outside Groups: Action for World Development. Correspondence.

Folder 50-52 Public Inquiries.


Folder 1-2 Public Hearings, June 13th. Transcript of Proceedings (two copies)

Folder 3 Public Hearings, June 13th. Summary of Proceedings; Presentation of Oral Testimony; Log of Requests for Testimony; Register of Guests; Lists of Written Testimony Received; and Correspondence concerning testimonies.

Folder 4 Public Hearings, June 13th. Public Presentations Archives.

Folder 5 Third Commission Meeting, June 27th. Correspondence, agenda and sundry reports.

Folder 6-7 Public Hearings, July 11th. Transcript of Proceedings. (two copies)

Folder 8-10 Public Hearings, July 11th. Summary of Proceedings; Presentation of Oral Testimony; Log of Requests for Testimony;Register of Guests; Lists of Written TestimonyReceived; Requests to testify and correspondence concerning tesimonies.

Folder 11 Public Hearings, July 11th. Public Presentations Archives.

Folder 12 Military Task Force Meeting, July 18th. Minutes.

Folder 13 Process Task Force Meeting, July 28th. Draft of minutes.

Folder 14 EST Task Force Meeting, July 29th. Draft of minutes.

Folder 15 EST Task Force Meeting, date? Draft of minutes.

Folder 16 DA Task Force Meeting, August 4th. Draft of minutes.

Folder 17 Fifth Commission Meeting, September 12th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 18 Sixth Commission Meeting, October 3rd. Summary of Proceedings.

Folder 19 Seventh Commission Meeting, November 14th. Transcript of Proceedings. (two copies)

Folder 20 Press Release on the Commission's report, November 21st.

Folder 21 Text of remarks made by the Secretary of State and the President at the Presentation of the Commission's Final Report, 21 February l984.

Unfoldered: Library Catalog Cards. List of sources assembled by the staff for the Commission's use.


Folder 1 Draft: Scope-of-Work. Prepared in May.

Folder 2 Final Report, May to June. Papers on Issues and Outlines.

Folder 3 Final Report Drafting Session, September 16th. Memoranda, reports, outlines and drafts.

Folder 4 Final Report Drafting Session, September 16th. Draft of minutes.

Folder 5-7 Final Report Drafting Session, September 16th. First Draft Sections.

Folder 8 Final Report Drafting Session, September 16th. Key Issues.

Folder 9 Final Report. September 28th Draft.

Folder 10 Final Report. October 20th Draft.

Folder 11 Final Report Drafting Session, October 27th. Draft of minutes.

Folder 12 Final Report. November 8th Draft.

Folder 13 Final Report. Revisions to the November 8th Draft, made by November 14th.

Folder 14-15 Final Report. November 21st (Final) Draft. (two copies)

Folder 16-17 Final Report. Commissioner and Agency Input and Feedback.

Folder 18-20 Final Report. Background documents.


For Reference:

Folder 1 Final Report to the Secretary of State. Published edition.

Folder 2 Commission Meeting, May 13th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 3 Commission Meeting, May 26th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 4 Public Hearing, June 13th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 5 Commission Meeting, June 27th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 6 Public Hearing, July 11th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 7 Commission Meeting, July 18th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 8 Commission Meeting, September 12th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 9 Commission Meeting, October 3rd. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 10 Commission Meeting, November 14th. Transcript of Proceedings.

Folder 11 Briefing Book: pre - May 13th. Includes:
- Secretary of State's Charge to the Commission
- Charter of the Commission; Register
Notice; Press Releases.
- Commission Membership: List and Biographical data.
- Commission Staff - Staffing Pattern and Roster.
- Draft: Scope-of-Work; Proposed Work Schedule.
- Overviews of Individual Agency Roles.
- Recommended Background Reading for Commissioners.
- Bibliography & Source Material.
- Listing of Writings by Commissioners.

Folder 12 Briefing Book: Meeting of May 13th. Includes:
- Summary of Meeting.
- Proposed Agenda
- Scope-of-Work
- Propsed Schedules
- Public Hearings
- Key Issues
- Foreign Aid: An Evolution of Thought.
- Thematic Survey; Draper Report; Clay Committee; and Peterson Report.

Folder 13 Briefing Book: Meeting of May 26th. Includes:
- Summary of Meeting
- Agenda
- Objectives of the Commission
- Economic Outlook for the l980's
- Key Issues Related to Economic Assistance.
- The Security Setting
- Security Assistance: Trends, Programs and Issues.
- Major Foreign Assistance Programs
- Economic Tables
- The Programming-Budgeting System.

Folder 14 Briefing Book: Meeting of June 27th. Includes:
- Agendas
- Multilateral Development Banks.
- Draft Introduction to the World Bank's l983 World Development Report.
- Peace Corps.
- Objectives of the Commission.
- Links between Military and Economic Assistance.
- The Effectiveness of Economic Assistance.
- Summary of Issues Relating to the Effectiveness of Military Assistance.
- U.S. Trade with LDC's in the l980's.
- Generalized System of Preferences.
- Common Fund for Commodities.
- Comments on Export Promotions
- U.N. System of Development Assistance.
- USDA Commercial Export Credit Programs.
- The Eximbank and Its Relevance to Developing Countries.


Folder 1 Briefing Book: Meeting of July 18th. Includes:
- Summary of Meeting
- Agenda
- P.L. 480 Issues for Commission Consideration. - Staff Proposal for Outline of the Commission's Final Report.
- Commission Report: Preliminary Outline.
- LDC External Debt.
- The International Monetary Fund.
- Alternative Classification of Budget Accounts 151 and 152 and Changes in the Allocation of Economic and Military Assistance l970-l982.
- The World Food Situation and Prospects
to l990: Implications for Development Assistance.
- Development Assistance in the New Administration: Report to the President's General Advisory Committee on Foreign Assistance Programs." 25 October l968

Folder 2 Briefing Book: Meeting of September 12th. Includes: - Summary of Meeting.
- Agenda.
- Task Force on Process.
- Task Force on Military Assistance: Final Report.
- Report of ESF Task Force: Summary of Findings and Recommendations.
- Report of Task Force on Economic Assistance Programs.
- Goals and Objectives of the Commission.

Folder 3-4 Briefing Book: Meeting of October 3rd. Includes:
- Summary of Meeting.
- Draft of Final Report.

Folder 5 Briefing Book: Meeting of November 14th. Includes:
- Draft of Final Report.
- Miscellaneous Duplicates of Papers and Reports.

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