Case 10: The Seventies and Eighties

127. [May Day disturbances] Silver gelatin print, 1971

128. [The making of The Exorcist] Silver gelatin print. 1973

129. Fabian Bachrach. Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. Silver gelatin print, 1976

130. Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. Inaugural address. March 26, 1977

131. [Program] NCAA Basketball Championship. 1984

132. Minority graduation rates. American Association for Higher Education. Bulletin.
[from the Provost's Newsletter, May 1988.]

133. Harlan Hambright [Interior, Village C] Ektacolor print, 1986. Courtesy of
Mariani & Associates, Inc.

134. [Prospectus for the Georgetown University Intercultural Center] [1982?]

135. Solar array module. 1979

136. William C. Wright to Rev. Brian A. McGrath, S.J. Proposal for a campus center
building. September 17, 1965

137. Harlan Hambright. Leavey Center. Ektacolor print, 1989. Courtesy of Mariani &
Associates, Inc.

138. U.S. Postal Service. Invitation to a ceremony dedicating the Healy Hall postal card.
January 23, 1989

139. U.S. Postal Service. First day covers. Healy Hall postal card [January 23, 1989]

140. Georgetown University Bicentennial Events. 1988

141. Bicentennial commemorative pin.

142. "A Salute to Georgetown." VHS video tape. 1988

143. [Program for "A Salute to Georgetown," the Bicentennial Gala] 1988

The Campus

144. The closing of the gala. Cibachrome print, 1988

145. [Press release] "NY public library elects Georgetown University President
Rev. Timothy S. Healy as new President." February 24, 1989

The End

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