Case 2: The Jesuits in Maryland

6. Harry Connolly. Reconstructed Indian long house at St. Mary's City, Maryland.
Silver gelatin print, 1989

"On the 5th of July, 1640, having been sufficiently instructed in the mysteries of faith, he [the Tayac or Emperor Chitomachon] received the Sacramental waters with solemnity in a little chapel, which for that ceremony and for divine worship he had erected in Indian fashion out of the bark of trees." Translation from the Annual Letter of 1640, Rev. Thomas Hughes, S.J. History of the Society of Jesus in North America. Vol I. London: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1908.

7. Matthias Tanner, 1630-1692. Societas Jesu apostolorum imitatrix, sive gesta praeclara
et virtutes eorum, qui e Societate Jesu In procuranda salute animarum ... Pragae: Typis Universitatis Carolo-Ferdinandeae, in Collegio Societatis Jesu ad S. Clementem, per Adalbertum Georgium Konias, 1694

The second and last of Tanner's great biographical compendia. The illustration displayed depicts the baptism of the Tayac by Father Andrew White. We do not know why his name was rendered as "Vitus."

8. Cecilius Calvert, second Lord Baltimore. Grant of land to William Britton, St. Mary's
City, July 10, 1640

The original grant for Newtown Manor, also known as "Britton's Neck. " The Jesuits ran a school here in the 17th century. The earliest known example of the seal of the colony is attached.

The Andrew White Manuscript
9. Manuale sacerdotum. Douai: L. Kellam, 1610

On five pages bound at the front are drafts of prayers, the commandments, and the precepts of the Church written by Rev. Andrew White, S.J., ca. 1640 in English, Latin, and Conoy (Piscataway). A pleasing conjecture is that these were used in the instruction of the Tayac of the Piscataway.

10.Regvla Societatis Jesv. Lyon: Ex Typographia Iacobi Rovssin, 1607

Father Andrew White's copy of the rules of the Society of Jesus.

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