Case 8: Into the Twentieth Century

91. Front View of the Georgetown University Hospital [1898]

First building of the university hospital, N Street between 35th and 36th streets, N.W. 1898

92. [Prospectus, Georgetown University Hospital] February 25, 1897

93. A Menace to Georgetown: An Account of the Recent Attempt to Cut Streets through
the College Grounds. A Blue and Gray Book by the President of the University. 1908

Town vs. Gown 1908.

94. First graduating class, School of Nursing. Silver gelatin print, 1906

95. M. J. Colbert to Rev. Jerome Daugherty, S.J. July 24, 1901

96. Scholarship notice. Georgetown University Alumni Club of Philadelphia. ca. 1902

97. Financial Account 1908-09

Receipts: $88,356.07
Expenses: $95,547.19

98. The Student Army Training Corps. Silver gelatin print [1917?]

Origins of the School of Foreign Service

99. [Constantine McGuire] Memorandum on a school for the diplomatic and consular
service [1918]

This document provided the inspiration for the School of Foreign Service

100. Edmonston. Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S.J. Silver gelatin print, 1933

101. Georgetown University academic exercises commemorating the founding of the
School of Foreign Service. November 25, 1919

102. [Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S.J.] Draft of a circular communication relating to the
establishment of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service [1919?]

103. Tenschert and Flack. School of Foreign Service Georgetown University. 1924.
Silver gelatin print

104. New World Diplomacy: a series of radio broadcasts tracing the development of
international relations among the states of the western hemisphere. School of Foreign Service [1938]

105. Professor Boyd-Carpenter with two of the first women admitted to the Graduate
School. Silver gelatin print, 1944

106. U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Enlist in a proud profession! [1943?]

107. Dwight D. Eisenhower to Rev. Edward Bunn, S.J. November 1, 1956

108. Aerial view of the Georgetown University campus. Silver gelatin print, 1927

109. [Rev. W. C. Nevils, S.J.] Georgetown Endowment Association [ 1929?]

110. [Rev. W. C. Nevils, S.J.] Greater Georgetown: The College [1929 ?]

Georgetown began systematic fund raising in the late twenties, just in time for the depression.

111. Rev. William Coleman Nevils, S.J. President of Georgetown, 1928-1935. Silver
gelatin print [1928?]

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