Case 9: From Eisenhower to Viet-Nam

112. Proposed Foreign Service School. Silver gelatin print [1952]

Thankfully, this proposed School of Foreign Service building remained a gleam in the eye of the architect [1952]

113. Ground breaking ceremonies for McDonough Memorial Gymnasium. Silver gelatin
print. 1950

114. Georgetown University Foreign Service Annex. Silver gelatin print, 1949

Rev. Edmund Walsh, S.J., inspecting war-surplus buildings erected on 37th Street to hold the burgeoning post-war enrollments. This building first served as naval barracks at Solomon's Island, Maryland.

115. Frs. Walsh and McGrath with Professor Leon Dostert and technician, Language lab,
Institute of Languages and Linguistics. Silver gelatin print [1950?]

116. Georgetown University School of Foreign Service announces the Institute of
Languages and Linguistics [1949]

117. Jean Canu. Towards a comparative study of world civilization. Institute of Languages
and Linguistics monograph series on area studies. No. 1. April, 1952

118. Henry M. Cunningham. Memorandum to the committee meeting on proposed
curriculum for business administration programs [1955]

The Institute of Languages and Linguistics and the Business School were natural outgrowths of the Foreign Service School. The School of Languages Linguistics began separate operations in 1949; the Business School in 1955.

119. [Aerial photograph, Georgetown University medical campus] Silver gelatin
print [1960?]

120. [Aerial photograph, Georgetown University campus] Ektachrome print, 1964

The university as left by Rev. Edward Bunn, S.J.

121. Peter Carter [Rev. Edward B. Bunn, S.J. President of Georgetown 1952-1964]
Silver gelatin print [1964?]

The 175th Anniversary Celebrations: A Dress Rehearsal for the Bicentennial

122. 175th Anniversary commemorative key chain

123. A selection of books published during the 175th anniversary celebration

124. [Poster] Hans J. Morgenthau. The Dilemmas of American Foreign Policy.
Walsh lecture series. February 10, 1964

125. "Tradition Crumbles: College Adds Girls." The Hoya, Vol. 50 No. 1,
September 14, 1968.

126. Georgetown Students for a Democratic Society. Not with My Life You Don't!
A Georgetown Student Handbook [1968]

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