BULK DATES: 1938 - 1967
SPAN DATES: 1930 - 1971

EXTENT: 20 boxes


SERIES: 1. Correspondence Pt. 1 - Alphabetical Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 1:1 - 6:13] Correspondence received by CBL from 1933 through 1971. Includes carbonreplies from CBL. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent for each year.To maintain the integrity of a series of correspondence by certainindividuals, a given year may include letters from preceding years. In suchcases, correspondence is filed by the most recent date in the series.

Content is primarily social and personal. Some unclassified officialcorrespondence is included. (Further official memoranda is filed in theProfessional Subject Files Series.) The majority of correspondents are Foreign Service colleagues from theofficer and counselor levels through the ambassadorial. Included areacquaintances, both official and private, from CBL's various posts. Notethat correspondence from notable individuals are located in the IndividualCorrespondence Series. The Chronological Carbons Series complements theAlphabetical Correspondence Series, and should also be referred to. Wherever posssible, correspondents' titles and affiliations at the timeof writing are noted in the descriptions. Also, nicknames are noted inparentheses. This series includes some unidentified correspondents and undatedletters.

SERIES: 2. Correspondence Pt. 2 - Chronological Carbons

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 6:14 - 7:43] This series contains carbon copies of correspondence sent by CBL toinnumerable friends and associates. Arrangement is chronological.

SERIES: 3. Correspondence Pt. 3 - Commercial

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 7:44 - 7:68] Contains correspondence from miscellaneous retailers and other commercialservices. Arranged by year and alphabetically by company name.

SERIES: 4. Correspondence Pt. 4 - Invitations

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 8:1 - 8:29] This series contains invitation cards received by CBL. Arrangement ischronological by year (from 1954 through 1967). Includes some carbon copiesof acknowledgements by CBL. Also includes miscellaneous guest lists drawnup for various dinners and functions hosted by CBL.

SERIES: 5. Correspondence Pt. 5 - Individuals

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 9:1 - 11:66] This series includes correspondence by notable individuals as well as bylong-time colleagues of CBL who were frequent writers. Arrangement isalphabetical by individual name. Letters are in chronological order.Datespan given indicates the earliest to the most recently dated letter bythe individual, exclusive of carbon correspondence by CBL. In cases whereonly one or two original letters are filed, datespan includes the earliestto the most recent letter in the entire folder, inclusive of carbons. Ineither case, datespan should be considered approximate.

SERIES: 6. Subject Files Pt. 1 - Professional Posts (Tours)

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Folders 12:1 - 14:52) This series consists of material (paperwork, correspondence being primarilyofficial memoranda, miscellaneous typed and printed information) regardingthe many professional Foreign Service posts held by Ambassador Lyon. Filesare arranged chronologically from the earliest tour of duty in Havana,Cuba, in 1930 through retirement from the last post held by Mr. Lyon asambassador to Ceylon in 1967. Note that for more extensive correspondence regarding the various posts,the Correspondence Series should be consulted.

SERIES: 7. Subject Files Pt. 2 - Professional (Other)

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Folders 14:53 - 15:18) This series consists of information files on miscellaneous otherprofessional activitives of Ambassador Lyon. Arrangement is roughlyalphabetical by subject.

SERIES: 8. Subject Files Pt. 3 - General

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Folders 15:19 - 15:41) This series consists of general subject files including those onassociations and clubs, charities, non-professional interests (books,magazine subscriptions), recreational travel.

SERIES: 9. Subject Files Pt. 4 - Personal

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 16:1 - 16:9] This series consists of personal data on CBL and ESL such as passports,official identifcation cards, driver's license data, biographicalinformation, some medical data, as well as some genealogical information.

SERIES: 10. Manuscripts and Speech Files

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 16:10 - 18:64] Contains manuscripts of articles by CBL. Includes drafts and typescripts ofspeeches/addresses. Arrangement of speeches is roughly by location/ForeignService post. Also included is reference material and notes kept by CBL forspeech writing. Manuscripts and speeches by others are also included in this series, aswell as information files used by CBL in preparation for his speeches.

SERIES: 11. Photographs

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 19:1 - 19:41] This series consists of photographs of Ambassador Lyon taken over the yearsat various Foreign Service posts around the world, and at numerous officialand semi-official functions. Many of the photographs are not identified,but are loosely grouped into the following categories: by country; byfunction; Ambassador Lyon alone and with colleagues; family; andmiscellaneous.

SERIES: 12. Printed Matter/Newsclippings

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 19:42- 19:74] This series consists of newsclippings and miscellaneous printed mattercollected by Ambassador Lyon. Categories include clippings on notableindividuals; clippings and printed information on countries/Foreign Serviceposts; and clippings and printed material on miscellaneous subjects ofinterest to CBL.

SERIES: 13. Muniments and Oversized Items

SERIES DESCRIPTION: [Folders 20:1 - 20:4] This series includes 1 L.P. record of an address by Ambassador Lyon, aswell as oversized items such as service awards and an architectural plan ofa proposed new US embassy building in Paris.