The J. Graham Parsons Papers consist of personal and professional correspondence files, memoranda, and photographs accumulated by Ambassador Parsons during his many years as a U.S. diplomat. Of note are files from his tenure as ambassador to Laos (1956-58); to Sweden (1961-67); and as deputy U.S. representative at the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks held in Vienna and Helsinki (1970-72). The collection is enriched by many original signed letters from notable names in U.S. diplomacy including Dean Acheson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Joseph C. Grew, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon B. Johnson, Douglas MacArthur II, Myron C. Taylor, Harry S. Truman; as well as other famous individuals with whom Ambassador Parsons was acquainted, such as Bing Crosby, John Glenn and Rose Kennedy.

Articles and speeches by Ambassador Parsons on Southeast Asia reveal that he was a strong advocate of the Eisenhower administration's foreign policies, strongly supporting the Chinese nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek against communism. Ambassador Parsons' writings also reflect his experiences as a participant in negotiations for diplomatic agreement between political factions in Laos during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

The collection is arranged into 16 series -

Series 1 Foreign Service Regions: postings from 1947-1969 (see chronology below for more details).

Series 2 The Joseph C. Grew Years 1932-36

Series 3 Foreign Service 1936-47

Series 4 Foreign Service 1947-72

Series 5 Foreign Service (Miscellaneous): primarily relating to the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA).

Series 6 Subject Files: miscellaneous topics, including material on the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (1984-90).

Series 7 Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT)

Series 8 Personal Correspondence: Individuals (1973-91)

Series 9 Personal Correspondence: Alphabetical (pre-1935/post 1973 retirement years)

Series 10 Parsons Family Correspondence

Series 11 Speeches and Speech Files

Series 12 Diaries/interviews/manuscripts/notebooks

Series 13 Photographs

Series 14 Awards/certificates

Series 15 Printed matter including newspaper/journal article clippings

Series 16 Oversized (photographs, awards, souvenirs, map of Laos)

Chronology for Career of J. Graham Parsons

- Born October 28, 1907

- 1925-29 Received B.A., Yale University.

- 1931-32 Attended and graduated from New York Business School.

- 1931-32 Securities analyst, E.H. Rollins & Sons, New York. - 1932-36 Private secretary to U.S. ambassador Joseph C. Grew, U.S. embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

- 1936 Entered U.S. Foreign Service.

- 1936-38 Vice consul, American Consulate General, Havana, Cuba. - 1938, Acting officer, U.K. desk, Division of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State, Washington, D.C.

- 1938-40 Vice consul, American Consulate General, Mukden, Manchuria.

- 1940-43 Third secretary & vice consul, American Legation, Ottawa, Canada. - 1943-45 Officer for Canada desk, British Commonwealth Division, Office of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

- 1945-47 Assistant chief, British Commonswelth Division, Office of European Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

- 1946-47 Member/secretary, U.S. section, U.S.-Canada Joint Board on Defense, Washington, D.C.

- 1947-48 Assistant to U.S. President's Personal Representative to Pope Pius XII, Vatican City, Rome.

- 1948-50 First secretary (chief of political section), U.S. embassy, New Delhi, India, (included responsibility for Kathmandu, Nepal). - 1951 National War College, 10-month certificate course.

- 1951-52 Deputy director, Office of European Regional Affairs (EUR), U.S. Department of State.

- 1952-53 Acting director, EUR.

- 1953-54 Counselor, U.S. embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

- 1954-56 Minister, Tokyo, Japan.

- 1956-58 Ambassador, U.S. embassy, Vientiane, Laos.

- 1958-59 Deputy assistant secretary, Far Eastern Bureau (FE), U.S. Department of State.

- 1959-61 Assistant secretary, FE.

- 1961-67 Ambassador,U.S. embassy, Stockholm, Sweden.

- 1967-69 Senior inspector, Foreign Service Inspection Corps.

- 1969-70 State Department advisor, Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), Washington, D.C.

- 1970 Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, State Department.

- 1970 Chairman, U.S. section, U.S.-Canada Permanent Joint Board on Defense.

- 1970 Retired from U.S. Department of State.

- 1970 (c.April-August), deputy U.S. representative, SALT II (Vienna). - 1970 (c.November-December) SALT III (Helsinki). - 1971 (c.March-May) SALT IV (Vienna).

- 1971 (c.July-September) SALT V (Helsinki). - 1971 (November)-1972 (January) SALT VI (Vienna).

- 1972 (c.February/March-May/June) SALT VII (Helsinki).

Ambassador Parsons was married to the former Margaret Josephine Boulton in 1936 (died 1987). After retirement, Ambassador Parsons resided in Stockbridge, Massachussetts, until his death on October 20, 1991. He is survived by two daughters, Margaret Hallett and Jane Lyons, as well as several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Ambassador Parsons was a member of the American Foreign Service Association, DACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired), and the Metropolitan and Chevy Chase clubs.

Sources for scope notes: Obituary by Richard Pearson (Washington Post, October 22, 1991); biographical data from the J. Graham Parsons Papers (Folder 14:30).

ACCESSION DATA: Extent: 14 boxes + 1 small flat; 22 linear feet. Provenance: Gift of Margaret M. Brown and Jane I. Lyons, 1996. Processed by Lisette C. Matano, June 1996. Status: Open access.

BULK DATES: 1932 - 1989
SPAN DATES: 1930 - 1991

EXTENT: 15 boxes


SERIES: 1. Foreign Service: Regions

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Note: Correspondence files primarily cover personnel matters at post, as well as personal and professional congratulatory messages from colleagues to Amb. Parsons relating to appointments and promotions.

SERIES: 2. The Grew Years 1932-36

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Files covering period 1932-36 during which J. Graham Parsons worked as private secretary to Joseph C. Grew, U.S. ambassador to Japan. Includes other correspondence and files relating to Grew.

SERIES: 3. Foreign Service: Years 1936-47

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Consists of files covering the early period of J. Graham Parsons' career in the U.S. Foreign Service (1936-47).

SERIES: 4. Foreign Service: Years 1967-72

SERIES DESCRIPTION: This series does not include files covering Parsons' work as a delegate to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (see SALT series).

SERIES: 5. Foreign Service (Miscellaneous)

SERIES: 6. Subject Files (Miscellaneous)

SERIES: 7. Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Files of material, including correspondence, pertaining to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks held in Helsinki and Vienna (1970-72) attended by J. Graham Parsons as deputy U.S. represenative.

SERIES: 8. Personal Correspondence: Individuals

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Personal correspondence received by J. Graham Parsons, primarily during retirement years c. 1973-1991. Includes some earlier correspondence from personal friends who wrote frequently. Arranged by individual name.

SERIES: 9. Personal Correspondence: Alphabetical

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Consists of correspondence files dating before 1935 and from 1973 onwards, during retirement years. Arranged alphabetically for each year.

SERIES: 10. Parsons Family

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Primarily family correspondence.

SERIES: 11. Speeches/Speech Files

SERIES: 12. Diaries/Interviews/Manuscripts/Notebooks

SERIES: 13. Photographs

SERIES: 14. Awards & Certificates

SERIES: 15. Printed matter

SERIES: 16. Oversized/Muniments etc.