The Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2 document the history of the Loughboroughs, a prominent nineteenth century family with connections to the neighborhood of Georgetown and Georgetown University. Of note are documents by and about early U.S. Comptroller of the Treasury Nathan Loughborough, U.S. Congressman John Randolph of Roanoke, Hamilton Loughborough, Confederate officer James Henry Loughborough, artist Margaret M. Loughborough, and others. Representing a large bulk of the family's papers, the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2 are contained in 10 archival boxes and amount to 6.5 linear feet of material.

The Georgetown University Library Special Collections Division also possesses the Loughborough Family Papers [Part 1], a small collection which contains letters and Civil War documents of members of the Loughborough family arranged in seven folders in one box. This new accession of the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2 greatly augments Georgetown University's manuscript holdings relative to this important family. A related collection is the Edward Loughborough Keyes, Jr. Papers, which provide a record of the life of a Georgetown University graduate who served as a medical officer in the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I.

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BIOGRAPHOCAL SKETCHES - Nathan Loughborough (1772-1848) was born in Fairfax County, Virginia. His first important post was Chief Clerk in the Land Office of the Federal Goverment in Philadelphia. Loughborough moved to Washington, D.C. when the federal capital relocated to that city in 1800. He commanded a cavalry company at Bladensburg in the War of 1812 and served as Comptroller of the U.S. Treasury. Loughborough married Mary Webster. He was a public notary, a large landowner, and a promoter of the C & O Canal and Rockville Turnpike. In his politics, Loughborough was a supporter of John Quincy Adams and an opponent of Thomas Jefferson. At one point, Loughborough went to court because he refused to pay District of Columbia taxes on the ground of "taxation without representation." In recent times, the Junior League of Washington occupies the Loughborough house in Georgetown that Nathan built in the early 1800s. In 1809, Loughborough moved to the stone mansion "Grassland" located near Loughborough Road. Later, he moved to the estate milton, formerly an Indian Trading Post, near River Road.

Hamilton Loughborough (1806-1868) was born at Grassland estate in Washington, D.C., the son of Nathan Loughborough and Mary Webster. Hamilton entered Georgetown College in 1819 but left without taking a degree. His father granted Grassland to Hamilton. Later, Hamilton purchased the Montgomery County, Maryland estate Milton, which he left to his son James Henry Loughborough.

James Henry Loughborough (1836-1921) was born at Milton estate, Montgomery County, Maryland. He entered Georgetown College in 1850 and left the college in 1855 without having taken a degree. A resident of Georgetown, he supported the Confederates in the Civil War, serving in the 10th Virginia Cavalry during that conflict. He married Margaret Cabell Brown, who worked in the Confederate Department of the Treasury, at the Cathedral in Richmond, Virginia. Near the end of the war, he was taken prisoner, and his wife worked to win his release.

Painter Margaret ("Daisy") McClellan (or McClelland) Loughborough (d. 1947) was born in Montgomery County, Maryland. She studied at the Corcoran School of Art and with William Merritt Chase. She also studied in France and Italy. From 1930-1932, Loughborough exhibited with the Society of Washington Artists. In addition, she exhibited at the Maryland Institute in 1930 and the Greater Washington Independent Exhibition in 1935. Examples of her work were in Arlington House and the State House in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Nathan Loughborough married Mary Webster (daughter of James Webster).

Hamilton Loughborough (son of Nathan Loughborough) married Maria Louisa Ridaud.

Children of Hamilton Loughborough and Maria Louisa (Ridaud) Loughborough: - James Henry Loughborough - m. Margaret Cabell Brown - Alexander Hamilton Loughborough - Maria Louisa Loughborough - Sarah Mariah Loughborough

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Status: Open to researchers.

Photocopies: Permitted.

Provenance: Gift of Mr. Francis C. Brown, Jr.

Processed by Scott S. Taylor, February 2003.

BULK DATES: 1800 - 1880
SPAN DATES: 1796 - 1969

EXTENT: 10 boxes


SERIES: 1. Nathan Loughborough

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and documents to and from Nathan Loughborough. Arranged chronologically.

SERIES: 2. Hamilton Loughborough

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and documents to and from Hamilton Loughborough. Arranged chronologically.

SERIES: 3. James Henry Loughborough

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and documents to and from James Henry Loughborough. Arranged chronologically.

SERIES: 4. James Henry Loughborough:Margaret C.B.Loughborough

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from James H. Loughborough to Margaret C.B. Loughborough, mostly with Civil War discussion. Arranged chronologically.

SERIES: 5. Margaret C.B. Loughborough

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Correspondence and documents of Margaret C.B. Loughborough. Arranged chronologically.

SERIES: 6. Other Historical Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Other historical correspondence found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.

SERIES: 7. Later Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Later correspondence from the 20th century found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2. Arranged alphabetically.

SERIES: 8. Photographs

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Photographs found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2. Arranged alphabetically by individual photographed.

SERIES: 9. Printed Material

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Printed Material found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2. Arranged alphabetically by title.

SERIES: 10. Artwork

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Artwork found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2.

SERIES: 11. Oversized

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Oversized material found among the Loughborough Family Papers: Part 2.