Fitzhugh Green, Jr., was born in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, on September 12, 1917. He is the son of Fitzhugh Green, Sr., naval officer,arctic explorer and writer, and of Natalie Wheeler Elliot . Green received his early education at the Beaseley School, Cooperstown, New York, and at St. Paul's School, graduating from the latter in 1936. He was accepted into Princeton University and completed his senior year in 1940. However, due to problems with his vision (the residual effect of poliomyelitis at the age of ten) he was unable to obtain his B.A. degree in English Literature. In1940, Green enlisted in the National Guard and, although he received an honorable discharge due to his medical condition, went on to obtain a medical waiver and commission as ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. After the war, Green spent six years in New York City as a sales,advertising and promotion executive with Vick Chemical Company (1946-1949)and then with Life Magazine (1949-1952). From 1953 through 1954, he worked as executive assistant to the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. In1954, he also became deputy vice-chairman for the National Citizens for Eisenhower/Nixon Congressional Committee. The same year, Green resigned his position on the committee to begin his long association with the United States Information Agency.

Green's USIA tours of duty include Laos, director of operations(1955-1956); Israel, director of operations (1956-1958), chief of private enterprise division (1958-1960); Belgian Congo, director (1960); and Republic of Congo, Leopoldville (1960-1962). From 1962 to 1963, Green attended courses at the Naval War College in Rhode Island and fulfilled requirements for a Master's degree in government (international relations)which was issued by Boston University. In 1964, he served as USIA representative to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

In 1966, Green took a two-year sabbatical from USIA to serve as oceanography and foreign affairs expert on the staff of Senator Claiborne Pell. He returned to USIA as deputy director of Far East operations from1968 until his resignation in 1970.

Green's government experience continued from 1971-1977 and 1983-1987as associate administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. On retirement from EPA, Green joined the private enterprise of William D.Ruckelshaus Associates as vice president of international operations (1987- present). Ruckelshaus had been EPA administrator from 1970 to 1977.

In addition to his successful professional career, Green has also been active in politics and as a member of various clubs and associations. He ran (although unsuccessfully) for Congress against Walter Miska in the Rhode Island primary of 1970. He is a trustee and member of the executive committee of the Washington chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis society, and a board member for such organizations as Boys Harbor, Inc.,Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, as well as a member of the admissions committee of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (graduate division).In addition, Green is a member of social clubs such as the Metropolitan club, the Burning Tree Club, the Federal City Club (Washington, D.C.), the Explorers Club (New York), and the Newport Country Club.

The author of several books, Green's writing career started at the early age of fourteen when his first book on his experiences while on a naval exercise with his father was published in 1931, entitled, "Fitz Jr.with the Fleet." His mature publications include, "A Change in the Weather"(1977), "American Propaganda Abroad" (1988) , and his most recent, "George Bush: An Intimate Profile" (1989). Green has also published numerous articles on the environment, diplomacy and international relations, and on one of his favorite sports, sailing.

Green currently resides in Washington, D.C. while maintaining his long-time summer residence in Newport, Rhode Island.

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The Fitzhugh Green Papers consist primarily of the correspondence,work files and manuscripts pertaining to Green's various professional positions, writing, and social acquaintance. The collection was acquired in two parts, the second of which constitutes the Addendum series of this register. Arrangement of the papers is detailed in the Synopsis following this introduction.

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Extent: 6 boxes + 1 small flat box of oversized items 9.50 linear feet

Provenance: Gift of Fitzhugh Green, February 23, 1990 and June 1, 1990.

Processed by: Lisette C. Matano

Date: June 15, 1990 BULK DATES: 1953 - 1989
SPAN DATES: 1902 - 1990 EXTENT: 9.50 linear feet


SERIES: 1. Chronological Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 1, Folders 1 - 36; Box 2, Folders 1 - 2) This series is comprised of two parts: - Correspondence received by FG, including personal messages andgreetings. Folder arrangement is chronological, with letters arrangedalphabetically by surname. Date ranges from 1953 through 1989 and includessome undated correspondence denoted by [n.d.]. NOTE: See alsocorrespondence in Professional and General Subject Files series (Boxes3-4). - Correspondence sent by FG, primarily carbons and xerox copies. Alsoincludes invitation cards sent and received. Correspondence is arrangedchronologically. NOTE: See also correspondence sent by FG in Professionaland General Subject Files series (Boxes 3-4).

SERIES: 2. Individual Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 2, Folders 3 - 58) This series consists of correspondence to FG from such notableindividuals as Anthony J. Drexel and Karen Biddle, Shirley Temple Black,Richard Nixon, the Reagans, Claiborne Pell, Howard H. Baker, Jr., GeorgeBush, Anthony Drexel Duke, Angier Biddle Duke, Frances Scot(tie)Fitzgerald, Eleanor Lansing Dulles, Malcolm Forbes, Averell Harriman,Edward and Robert Kennedy, Laura Roosevelt (granddaughter of FDR), WilliamRickelshaus (EPA administrator), David Selznick, General WilliamWestmoreland. In addition, this series includes individual correspondence fromfriends and close associates of FG who wrote to him frequently.

SERIES: 3. Subject Files

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Part One: Professional Subject Files (Box 3, Folders 1 - 35) This includes work files, information and correspondence relatingdirectly to the various professional positions held by FG throughout hiscareer. Arranged alphabetically by the name of the association/agency theseinclude FG's work with EPA, Senator Pell, Ruckelshaus Associates, and USIA.In addition, files pertaining to FG's professional education at the NavalWar College, his campaign run for governor of Rhode Island as well asinvolvement in Rhode Island politics, miscellaneous correspondence relatingto employment prospects (includes resumes), US Navy enlistment in the1940s, are also included in this Professional Subject Files series. Part Two: General Subject Files Series (Box 4, Folders 1 - 20). This series includes correspondence and information relating to FG'smiscellaneous "extracurricular" activities undertaken in addition to hisprofessional life, such as his membership of clubs and social associations;awards and honors he received during his lifetime (for those pertaining tohis professional work, see Professional Subject Files under agency name);public appearances (for speech typescripts, see Manuscripts Series). Thisseries also contains a file on obituaries and eulogies of friends (somewritten by FG). NOTE: See also Chronological Correspondence Series for furthergeneral/personal correspondence received and sent by FG.

SERIES: 4. Personal Files

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 4, Folders 21 - 31) This series contains personal files maintained by FG relating to his 70thbirthday, hobbies, health, sports, sailing, home and property. Arrangedchronologically by subject.

SERIES: 5. Green Family Papers

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Part One: Green Family Genealogy (Box 4, Folders 32 - 36) Includes family trees, printed information and correspondencepertaining to the genealogy of the Green family. Part Two: Fitzhugh Green, Sr. (Box 4, Folders 37-41) This section contains a portion of the papers of FG's father, FitzhughGreen, Sr. Included are reports of the latter's arctic expedition with thewellknown American arctic explorer Donald Baxter MacMillan in 1914; andcorrespondence sent and received by Green, Sr.

SERIES: 6. Manuscripts

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 4, Folders 42 - 61; Box 5, Folders 1 - 65) This series consists of correspondence between FG and his publishers andeditors. Included are typescripts and published copies of articles writtenby FG; jacket and promotional copy for his books; and correspondence andbrochures publicizing his books. This series also includes drafts andtypescripts of FG's speeches/addresses. Arrangement is alphabetical by subjects/titles in the followingcategorical order - Articles: Correspondence Articles: Published copies arranged by title Articles: Unpublished typescripts arranged by title Books: Arranged by title with correspondence preceding each title Speeches: Typescripts

SERIES: 7. Photographs and Newsclippings

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Part One: Photographs (Box 6, Folders 1 - 10 Contains various photographs of FG and friends. Arranged alphabeticallyby name and/or subject. Part Two: Newsclippings (Box 6, Folders 11 - 25) Contains newsclippings collected by FG concering events in his career. Includes EPA, USIA, Rhode Island Congressional campaign against Walter Miska in 1970. Also includes general social clippings on FG's doings and on his family.

SERIES: 8. Addendum

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 6, Folders 26-34) A second acquisition of papers constitutes this series. Received May 1990.All material is new and is arranged alphabetically by subject. Includes - * Citizens for Eisenhower - Correspondence received by FG re. his workas a member of the committee. * Federal Trade Commission - Correspondence received/sent by FG asassistant to the chairman (1953-54). * Naval War College - TMss: course papers by FG.

SERIES: 9. Oversized Items

SERIES DESCRIPTION: (Box 7, Folders 1 - 7) This series contains 6 folders of oversized items. Includes - Certificate of Appreciation to FG from Ronald Reagan. Song scores from Green-Miska campaign, Rhode Island 1970. Large magazine articles by FG (4). 3 buttons from Green-Miska campaign.