TABLE OF Jowett 1981

BULK DATES: 1949 - 1983
SPAN DATES: 1924 - 1987

EXTENT: 2.75 linear feet


SERIES: 1. General Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Correspondence largely to Alan Redway [AR] from publishers, editors,writers, as well as associates of AR and of Graham Greene [GG]. Arrangementis alphabetical by signee. This series includes 1 folder of correspondence by Neil Brennan; 1 folderof correspondence to Neil Brennan from various of the above correspondents;and 1 folder of miscellaneous items related to the Brennan family(clipping; xeroxes of family photos; galley of review of "The QuietAmerican.")

SERIES: 2. Greene/Redway Correspondence

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Arranged chronologically, this series contains 25 TLS, 2 TL from GG to AR;1 TL from GG to G.F. Sims (note: copy to AR); 4 AL, 3 ALS from AR to GG.Datespan of letters: June 6, 1949 through September 8, 1983.

SERIES: 3. Manuscripts Series

SERIES DESCRIPTION: This series includes boxes 3 through 5 and contains Alan Redway's notes,manuscript drafts, and typescripts for his Graham Greene bibliography. Theorganization of the material is based on the original folders labelled byRedway and on the bibliographic sequence of sections or "lists" used byRedway (who basically followed the standard sequence used by mostbibliographers) as shown: "A" List - books by GG "B" List - GG's contributions to books (including. introductions, anthologies) "C" List - Submissions by GG to periodicals "D" List - GG books in translation "E" & "F" Lists - dramatizations/films of GG works "G" List - designated by Redway for "miscellaneous publications: G-1 for group letters; G-2 for interviews; G-3 for GG's comments on books (usually printed for the blurbs on dust jackets); G-4 for editions for the visually impaired; G-5 for educational editions; and G-6 for plagiaries. "H" List - unpublished writings by GG "X" List - advertisements of GG's books. This was probably notseriously meant for inclusion in the final publication (see folder 3:5). Where an original, labelled folder existed a notation has been made in thedescription for the folder and the label transcribed. The first box in theseries (box 3) includes miscellaneous odds and ends (unrelated to hisbibliographic work) belonging to Redway that arrived with the accession(see folder 3:1), as well as notes for the bibliography taken by NeilBrennan's daughter, Margaret, at the Humanities Research Center, Universityof Texas, Austin, in 1981 (included here because they are manuscriptsrelating directly to AR's own notes for the bibliography). It should benoted that much of the material in this series was probably generated byAR's collaborator Neil Brennan (and some possibly by the third collaboratorCecil Woolf).

SERIES: 4. Graham Greene Miscellany

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Contains primarily carbon/xerox copies of typescripts of letters (including letters to editors); poetry, commentaries, essays submitted to periodicals by GG. In addition the series includes 1 folder containing a xerox of 2 poems by Vivien Greene published by L.A.G. Strong in "Eighty Poems" (1935); 1 folder of dust jackets and playbills for various GG books and plays; and 1 folder of miscellaneous note fragments and information related to GG and the Greene family probably collected by AR at one time or another.

SERIES: 5. Clippings

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Consists of clippings (and xeroxes of clippings) of articles about or byGG. The series is loosely arranged in alphabetical order ranging fromclippings on bibliographic information on GG's works, letters to editors byGG, poetry and prose by GG to clippings of articles about GG includinggeneral news items as well as reviews of GG (encompassing commentaries onfilms and television productions of GG's works).