European History

Scheuch Collection

This important collection of nearly 250 medieval and early modern documents comprises the archival records of the Sala family, long-time holders of the castle of Montorroell in the diocese of Vic in Catalonia. A printed account of the collection (including related documents located at the Smithsonian Institution and other depositories), The Sala Family Archives: A Handlist of Medieval and Early Modern Catalonian Charters, by Joseph J. Gwara, Jr., was published in 1985.
Gift of Lewis O. Evans
1180-1690 * 7.00 linear feet

Chioccarelli Collection

A series of 17 folio manuscript volumes under the general title Magni archivii scriptuarum pro regali jurisdictione regni Neap[olitani], a general history of the Spanish administration of the Kingdom of Naples undertaken for Philip IV of Spain by Bartolomeo Chioccarelli. This set was written by several different hands in the eighteenth century.
ca. 1750 * 2.00 linear feet

Sir Robert Southwell Papers

A substantial volume, bound in the Middle Hill boards of Sir Thomas Phillipps' great collection, the collection contains an important series of letters regarding English Catholicism and the "Popish Plot." The letters, together with retained copies of answers, are addressed to British diplomat Sir Robert Southwell and concern Edward Coleman (who was unjustly accused of treason by Titus Oates) and a subsequent, but related, controversy with the great French Jansenist logician, Antoine Arnauld.
1678-1685 * 0.25 linear foot

John T. Appleby Papers

The Appleby Papers consist in large part of manuscripts of a number of Appleby's historical writings, including typescripts and galley proofs of England Without Richard (1965) and a typescript of his translation of the Vita Sancti Thomae of Willelmo Filio Stephan. The papers also include a small quantity of correspondence, and a file of British photographs (especially relating to architecture in Suffolk).
Gift of the estate of John T. Appleby
1956-1969 * 2.00 linear feet

Adelman Collection

The library of Maurice Adelman, Jr., extending to several hundred volumes, contains a wealth of printed materials relating to the history of Catholicism in England from the time of the Reformation to the end of the nineteenth century. A parallel gift of endowed funds commemorating the name of Blessed Margaret Pole, mother of Cardinal Reginald Pole, assures the continuation of collecting in this area.
Gift of Maurice Adelman, Jr.

George C. McGhee Library

The McGhee Library, located in the Intercultural Center, houses a collection of more than 1,700 volumes dating from the late sixteenth to the twentieth century and devoted to the history, language, and culture of the Turkish people and of the Ottoman Empire. The collection is distinguished by a number of important eighteenth and nineteenth century illustrated works, including Melling's Voyage de Constantinople (Paris, 1819). A printed guide to the collection, The George C. McGhee Library: A Catalogue of Books on Asia Minor and the Turkish Ottoman Empire, edited by Joseph E. Jeffs, was published in 1985. Copies are available from the Georgetown University Library.
Gift of Ambassador McGhee

Viti Collection

This collection, formed by the late Marcel A. Viti, is composed of two parts: the first, and by far the most important, is an assemblage of more than 500 volumes ranging in date from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries dealing with the history and heraldry of the various chivalric orders, and particularly with those of ecclesiastical origin. The second part encompasses a small collection of manuscripts of some importance for the genealogy of selected English and Italian families with which the collector was allied in one way or another.
Gift of Wheeling College

McNally Collection

Among the roughly 1,000 volumes making up this major gift in 1884 were several hundred volumes of memoirs written by participants in the events of the French Revolution, the Directory, and the Napoleonic empire. These volumes are now housed either in the general stacks or, in some cases, the rare books section of the Special Collections Division.
Gift of Rev. John McNally

Abell Napoleonic Collection

The Abell collection of more than 150 books on Napoleon, his times, and the various members of the imperial circle provides a good introduction to the historical complexities of the period. Containing both contemporary sources and recent scholarly works, the collection is particularly strong in early biographies of the emperor.
Gift of George Abell

Gonzaga Family Papers

Surviving genealogical and other papers of the Gonzaga family of Mantua, Italy, being principally those of Alessandro Andrea di Gonzaga, the last prince of the family, with a small number of earlier records. Allied to the papers are a series of printed volumes detailing or celebrating events in the family's long and colorful history.
Gift of Arthur Riggs
ca. 1650-1890 * 2.00 linear feet

Eric F. Menke Map Collection

The Menke collection of maps is based on the large group of separate maps presented in 1979 and 1980 by Eric Menke, and is supplemented by a variety of loose maps already present in the Special Collections Division. Although it contains a few Asian maps, and a few maps from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, the strength of the collection is in European maps and city views of the period 1650-1850, with special emphasis on the Rhineland and surrounding area. In this it is supplemented both by the topographical prints in the Menke Print Collection (separately described under Visual & Performing Arts) and by the division's holdings of separate atlases and books of views such as the Braun and Hogenberg Civitates orbis theatrum (1576-1618).
Gift of Mr. Menke
ca. 1575-1925 * ca. 800 items

Snyder Numismatic Collection

The Snyder collection contains a wealth of numismatic examples, including specimens of coins and currency from around the world, a variety of interesting medals, metal samples, coins minted in the United States for foreign countries, and a selection of unusual items used as money in various areas. In addition, the collection includes specimens of United States coins and currency, and a set of the American historical medals issued in 1976 by the Franklin Mint. These examples are buttressed by the numismatic books, chiefly on classic and European coinage, received with the library of Robert F. Kelley and from other sources.
Gift of John W. Snyder
ca. 1800-1965 * ca. 350 items


Bishop Alfred Earle Papers

The papers of the Rt. Rev. Alfred Earle (1827-1918), who served late in his career as bishop of Marlborough (1888-1900) and dean of Exeter (1900-1918), offer a remarkable insight into the ecclesiastical rise and career of a reasonably well-to-do Victorian Anglican churchman, dwelling at length on his rectorship of St. Botolph's without Bishopsgate and the handling of family properties in London. Besides correspondence and financial records, there is considerable material about the Ilbert family of Bowringsleigh.
Gift of Raymond B. Scheetz
1840-1920 * 1.50 linear feet

Edward Hermon Papers

The Hermon Papers provide a detailed look at the life of the family of one of England's most remarkable nineteenth century cotton masters, who served as a member of Parliament for Preston from 1868 until his death in 1881. The papers are especially rich in resources for the study of the building of Wyfold Court, a mansion fabulous even by Victorian standards; for the management and leasing of game preserves in Scotland; and for Victorian procedures in the handling of psychiatric cases. Correspondents include George Somers Clarke, General Sir Arnold Burrowes Kemball, and Robert Hodge, first baron Wyfold.
Gift of Elizabeth von Doemming
1864-1897 * 1.50 linear feet

Earl of Normanton Papers

Correspondence, manuscripts, drawings, legal documents, and other material relating to James Charles Welbore Ellis Agar (1818-1896), third earl of Normanton. Of particular interest are detailed inventories of the earl's extensive art collection and records documenting properties in Hampshire, Lincolnshire, and London.
Gift of Nicholas B. Scheetz
ca. 1870-92 * 3.00 linear feet

Russell of Swallowfield Archives

Financial documents and personal correspondence regarding the marriage trust of Fanny Russell Hole, eldest daughter of the Rev. Whitworth Russell, fourth son of Sir Henry Russell of Swallowfield. The papers contain a wealth of information about Victorian marriage legalities, religious practices, and domestic British economics.
Gift of Frederick B. Scheetz
1848-1896 * 0.50 linear foot

Archives of the Church of St. John the Evangelist

The collection comprises the earliest archives of this Anglican church in Clifton, Yorkshire. Records document the debate over its construction, the names (and character) of its early major contributors (including several landowners and a Bradford ironmaster), and problems attending its delayed building and dedication.
Gift of Raymond B. Scheetz
1856-1862 * 0.50 linear foot

William Bernard Ullathorne Papers

Correspondence received by Ullathorne, Roman Catholic Bishop of Birmingham, from Cardinal Wiseman and other prominent Catholics, as well as retained copies of letters from Ullathorne to Cardinal Manning. Much of the correspondence relates to the publication of Ullathorne's "Notes on the Education Question," which appeared in 1857.
1848-1883 * 0.25 linear foot

Richard Wilson Papers

The papers of Commissioner Richard Wilson and those of his wife, Captain Annie Lockwood, document their longtime service in England with the Salvation Army. Besides letters from General William Booth and his son, W. Bramwell Booth, there are numerous photographs of Salvation Army work at the turn of the century, especially in America.
Gift of Joseph E. and Jeannine Jeffs
ca. 1875-1950 * 1.50 linear feet

Alexander Ward Papers

A group of 15 manuscript diaries (1870-1889) kept by Ward of Billericay, Essex, a magistrate for many years and secretary of the Essex Union Hunt. The diaries are principally records of social obligations and sporting activities, providing an intimate look into the social life of a young Victorian country squire.
Gift of Frederick B. Scheetz and Nicholas B. Scheetz
1870-1889 * 0.75 linear foot

Marquess of Winchester Papers

The collection consists of correspondence and other papers of Henry William Montagu Paulet (1862-1962), sixteenth marquess of Winchester, largely dealing with the administration by trustees of two inter-related family estates, including property in Southampton.
Gift of Nicholas B. Scheetz
1873-1948 * 1.50 linear feet

Earl of Shrewsbury Papers

Correspondence, legal documents, and other related material concerning the estate of Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot (1803-1868), eighteenth earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford. The collection documents the more than 15 years of unpleasant litigation (over the mismanagement of trusts which had been set up for the earl's widow and younger children) which enveloped the Talbot family following the earl's death.
Gift of Frederick B. Scheetz and Nicholas B. Scheetz
1856-1888 * 3.00 linear feet


Alexis Carrel Papers

Papers of the French physician and philosopher Alexis Carrel, recipient of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1912. The papers include many of Carrel's research files, the manuscript of his book Man the Unknown, offprints of scientific articles, and a voluminous correspondence with, among others, Paul Claudel, Charles A. Lindbergh, Paul de Kruif, John Dewey, and Sinclair Lewis. The collection is supplemented by collections of autochromes and some scientific apparatus held by the John Vinton Dahlgren Library in the Georgetown University Medical Center.
Gift of Mme. Alexis Carrel
1893-1973 * 158.50 linear feet

Haggerty Collection

The collection consists of some 2,000 World War I British regimental unit histories and personal narratives assembled by the late Louis C. Haggerty. He placed a similar collection of American unit histories in the Princeton University Library. Volumes in the Haggerty collection are distributed by Library of Congress classification number in the library's main stacks.
Gift of Louis C. Haggerty

Charles Pergler Papers

Correspondence, business records, and other materials relating to Pergler's work in the United States during World War I to help free the oppressed peoples of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and, after November, 1918, as the accredited diplomatic representative of the new republic of Czechoslovakia to the United States. Pergler was author of The Czechoslovak State, published in 1919.
Gift of Anthony S. Kalina
ca. 1915-1920 * 1.50 linear feet

de Garczynski Family Collection

The de Garczynski collection is a probably unique group of more than 650 printed and near-print items, largely ephemeral in nature, documenting various aspects of Polish history during World War I and the Polish-Bolshevik conflict of 1918-1920. It includes political manifestos, propaganda, home-front badges, window cards, and other items, including the only known run of Pobudka, a newspaper issued in Lvov in November-December, 1918.
Gift of Frank De Gar

Norah Tracey Papers

The Tracey Papers consist primarily of correspondence received by Miss Tracey in the 1920s from friends and admirers, shedding interesting light on society life in Britain between the wars and, to a lesser extent, on the role of a "cipher girl" in the British Embassy in Washington during World War II.
Gift of Elizabeth von Doemming
1923-1949 * 1.50 linear feet

Carroll Quigley Papers

Papers of the eminent historian and longtime Georgetown faculty member, comprising primarily research notes, files, and manuscripts of a number of his publications, including those of his most famous works, The Evolution of Civilizations (1961) and Tragedy and Hope (1966). The collection is supplemented by a file of correspondence and other materials related to the publication of these major works, gift of the Macmillan Company through the auspices of Edward A. Novak.
Gift of Helen E. Veit
ca. 1930-1976 * ca. 60 linear feet

Karski Collection

The de Garczynski material is supplemented by the Karski Collection of some dozens of rare Polish pamphlets and underground political ephemera printed during World War II, together with several manuscripts by Dr. Karski.
Gift of Jan Karski

Mrs. Walter R. Benjamin Papers

The papers consist largely of correspondence received by Mrs. Benjamin from such Italian Catholic Church notables as Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Domenico Tardini, and Giovanni Battista Montini (who later ruled as Pope Paul VI).
Gift of Mary A. Benjamin
1937-1953 * 0.50 linear foot

Goetz A. Briefs Papers

Papers of Professor Goetz Briefs, economist and educator, who was active in government service in Germany prior to his emigration to the United States in 1934. The bulk of the papers date from his arrival in this country. They include correspondence and manuscripts, particularly in the field of economics and the "ethos problem." A contemporaneous gift of Professor Briefs' extensive library, relating largely to the field of economics, was placed in the library's main stacks.
Gift of Henry W. Briefs and Elinor Castendyk Briefs
1928-1974 * 11.00 linear feet

Rodney Loomer Mott Papers -- Richard Van Wagenen / OMGUS Collection

The Rodney Loomer Mott Papers and the Richard Van Wagenen/OMGUS Collection focus on activities of the Public Finance Branch of OMGUS (Office of Military Government for Germany, U.S. Zone), including data on planning for occupation and other legal, military, and personal documents.
Gift of Mr. Van Wagenen
1942-1946 * 5.00 linear feet

Breen-Monagan Collection

An extensive correspondence between the well-known Irish freedom fighter Dan Breen and Rep. John S. Monagan of Connecticut, offering considerable insight into Breen's later political and social thinking as well as reminiscence of the struggle for Irish independence from Great Britain.
Gift of Representative Monagan
1948-1970 * 0.50 linear foot

Victor M. Baydalakoff Papers

The Baydalakoff Papers contain correspondence, documents, reports, and publications generated by and pertaining to the programs and activities (principally in post-World War II Germany) of the anti-Soviet emigré organization which Baydalakoff founded in 1930, the NTS (National Workers' Alliance) and a splinter successor organization, the RNTS, which followed Baydalakoff's leadership from the 1950s.
Gift of Mrs. Victor Baydalakoff
1932-1965 * 6.50 linear feet

Other European History Holdings

Among other collections dealing with various aspects of the broad subject of European history are the following:

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