Box: 1 Fold: 1 Requerimiento del Padre Miguel de Ampuero...
03/26/1639 - 09/14/1639

DESCRIPTION: 2 AMs sheets consisting of a document in four parts. The first part, the most relevant, is a counter-statement by Fr. Miguel de Ampuera, Ror. (Rector?) of the College of the Society of Jesuits in Asuncion, against a paper by Francisco Ribas -Gavilan in May 1639 which denounced the reductions for their immunity in lay courts of law. The remaining three parts back up the authenticity of the statement as that of Ampuera. The document was probably put together by Fr. Diego de Boroa, Provincial of the Province of Paraguay, for whom the document is signed and a seal is affixed. References to Sebastian Ruano and Governor Don Pedro de Lugo y Navarra, Governor of Paraguay.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Carta del Misionero Juan Baptista Ferrufino...
01/21/1640 - 01/21/1645

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs page of a letter from Juan Baptista Ferrufino, S.J., a procurador, in Cordova, Argentina to Baltazar de Lagunillas, S.J., the procurador general (a representative for the American Jesuits in Madrid). The letter discusses anti-Jesuit activity by Fray Bernardino de Cardenas, Bishop of Asuncion, and the protection of the College of the Society of Jesus in Asuncion. Reference to Juan Pastor, S.J. may refer to the Jesuits' provincial congregation held in July, 1644 at which Pastor, a procurador, laid before the Father General the issue of Cardenas' threats against the Society. The letter is extremely fragile and is probably the original. The year of the document is illegible.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Respuesta...al memorial que Fray Diego de Villalon...
01/01/1641 - 01/01/1660

DESCRIPTION: 12 AMs sheets bound consisting of 2 documents. The first document is 10 AMs sheets bound out of order and is a response to a memorial written by Fray Diego de Villalon in favor of Fray Bernardino de Cardenas, Bishop of Asuncion. The document is in 3 sections, the first section is made up of four parts (Lo Primero, Lo Segundo, Lo Tercero and Lo Quarto), the second section is made up of two parts (Nota 1a and Nota 2a), and the third section is made up of 18 parts (No. 1o, No. 2o, etc.), each of them itemizing responses. This first document is probably a copy made in the 18th century, although the original material is probably from the late 1640's. The second document is 2 AMs sheets containing an essay on whether Fray Bernardino de Cardenas should be (re-)instated as Bishop of Paraguay and includes numerous quotations of ecclesiastic law. Cardenas was appointed Bishop of Asuncion in 1639 by the King, but papal bulls granting Cardenas the bishopric never arrived. In 1641, Cardenas convinced Fray Melchor Maldano y Saavedra, Bishop of Cordova, to consecrate him as Bishop of Asuncion against the advice of the Jesuits in Cordova. In 1644, Governor Gregorio de Hinestrosa and the Jesuits compelled Cardenas to leave Asuncion and filed complaints against him with the Audiencia de Charcas and with the Viceroy of Lima for stirring up trouble in Paraguay and for holding his post illegally. Cardenas left Asuncion, but remained in Paraguay. He returned to Asuncion in 1647, where he was eventually elected governor and expelled the Jesuits. Despite his rebellious activities, Cardenas was "reinstated" as Bishop of Asuncion in 1660. The documents in this folder as well as others regarding Cardenas could be related to any of these events.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Carta al Padre Andres Rada sobre los Indios...
10/15/1664 - 10/15/1664

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet of a letter from the Audiencia de Buenos Aires to Andres de Rada, S.J., the visitador (inspector) to the Jesuit province of Paraguay. The letter regards the use of Indians in the port of Buenos Aires and is in the context of discussions between Rada and the Audiencia about a royal cedula of 1661 on the arming of the Indians and of the amount of tribute the missions would have to pay to the crown per Indian. Reference to Pedro de Orduna, S.J.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Memorial al Rey y a su Real Consejo de Indias...
05/25/1665 - 05/25/1665

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet containing a memorial from four Jesuits to the King and his Royal Council of the Indies concerning work done by Indians on the port of Buenos Aires and the harsh treatment they received and a detailed discussion of the wages they received. The Jesuits who signed the memorial were Francisco Velasquez, Simon de Leon, Sebastian de Carrion and Lope de Castilla. Reference to Juan Arias de Saavedra, an encomendero (holder of an encomienda). Probably an original document.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 El Padre Thomas de Baeza certifica dos partidas de Indios...
09/01/1664 - 03/09/1667

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet of a testimonial by Thomas de Baeza about work done by Indians on the Port of Buenos Aires. The text mainly discusses work performed and the orders under which it was administered. Reference to Senor Presidente Don Joseph Martinez de Salazar, Governor of Rio de la Plata (1663 - 1674); Andres de Rada, S.J., visitador and Provincial (1666 - 1669); and Pedro de Rojas y Lunas, S.J., visitador. The document is probably original and is also signed by Joseph Saravia(?), S.J. and Pedro de Luzarraga(?), S.J.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Sobre que se les pague a los Yndios...
07/14/1677 - 12/23/1677

DESCRIPTION: 14 AMs sheets containing 9 closely related documents copied out together into one text. The main subject of the documents is the payment of Indians who worked on the public buildings in Buenos Aires, Santiago (San Ygnacio Santiago) and Santa Fe. According to the documents, the Indians were induced to work for the government and were never paid. Four of the documents are written by Don Felipe Rege Corvalan (Phelipe Rexe Gorbalan), Governor of Paraguay (1671 - 1681) and seem to have been written for the King and his representatives. References to the following: Antonio Gonzales, Juan de Grisuela(?), Juan de Herrera y Abreu(?) (document by), Lasaro Gallejo(?), Juan Patino de Haro (brief document by), Lasaro Garcia de Lajara, Pedro de Galdivia(?) y Grisuela(?) (document by), Estevan Rodriguez de Carvajal (2 brief documents by), Juan Guerrero, Francisco de Aguero, Juan Ortiz de Zarate(?), Rodrigo de Rojas Aranda and Juan de Vargas Machuca.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Servicios que han hecho a su Magestad los Indios...
03/02/1662 - 05/06/1688

DESCRIPTION: 39 AMs sheets bound of about 30 documents copied out together. The documents range in date from March, 1662 to July, 1687 and were put together by Sebastian del Castillo, S.J., Procurador General of the Missions, in May, 1688. A "final draft" of this document can be found in the next folder (Folder 9), which is much more legible. All the documents regard relations between the crown and its representatives, the Jesuits, and Indians, both Christian and non-Christian, with references to relations with the Portuguese, the French and hostile tribes such as the Payaguas. There are transcripts of testimony by eight people before the mayor of Asuncion, Antonio Cavanas de Ampuero, in July 1688, all regarding the use of Indians from the reductions for labor and defense against the orders of Spanish officials. All the testimonies are in response to the same 19 questions posed by Sebastian del Castillo, S.J. The testimonies are those of the following: Alonso Fernandez Montiel, Francisco de Avalos, Geronimo Fernandez Aldana, Juan de Enrinas, Juan de Vargas Machuca, Rodrigo de Valdez, Francisco de Ledesma Valderrama and Antonio Cariete.

References to the following, each first appearing in this order: Alonso Sarmiento de Figueroa (3 docs. by), Pedro de Villafare(?), Pedro Comental, S.J., Lazaro Ortega Vallejo (1 doc), Alonso Fernando Ruano, Gaspar de Godoy, Lazaro Yaypiri(?) (cacique), Francisco de Ledesma y Valderrama (1 doc), Felipe Rege Corvalan (6 docs), Gonzalo Cunindigua (1 doc), Ignacio de Feara, S.J., Pedro Orrego y Mendosa, S.J. (1 doc), Juan Cavallero Vazan, Rodrigo de Rojas Aranda, Francisco Martinez del Monte, Antonio Gonzales, Juan Rojasocon (1 doc), Joseph Sanchez Delpino, Pedro Tocopao (cacique), Juan Diez de Andino (8 docs), Miguel Diez de Andino, Francisco de Aguero, Domingo de Sarate, Miguel Tayiro, Joseph Tandicas, Ignacio Yapasi, Luis Ynimbare (cacique), Pedro Garcia de Paradez, Pascal de Lucas Fernandez, Hernando de Diego de Mendosa, Juan Santiago, Juan Cabrera, Juan Hernandez Samaniego, Antonio Corseadesa(?), Joseph Cerbin, Joseph Martinez de Salazar, Lucas de Balbuena y Ocampo, Juan de Goldivan, Antonio Cavanas de Ampuero (1 doc), Francisco de Monforte, Fernando Sorrilla, Christobal de Altamirano, S.J. and Juan Mendez de Carvajal. References to the following towns and pueblos: Buenos Aires, Villarica, Mbaracuyu, Caaguazu, Tobati, Santa Fe, Ipane, Guarmbare, Caazapa, Candelaria and San Ignacio. References to the Mbayas and the Guayacurus.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Testimonio de un socorro de 100 Indios que se dieron...
03/02/1662 - 10/05/1688

DESCRIPTION: 18 AMs sheets of documents copied together, a "final copy" of the document in the previous folder, bearing an ink stamp from 1688. This copy appears to have been made in October, 1688 and it is much more legible than the copy in Folder 8. For a full description of the document, see the description of Folder 8.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Peticion presentada al Cabildo...por el Protector...
06/27/1709 - 07/08/1709

DESCRIPTION: 10 AMs sheets consisting of 10 documents copied out together. Seven of the documents are by Joseph de Rivarosa Lugar, and two are by Adrian de Esquivel, but documents are often signed by more than one person. The series was put together by the Protector General de los Indios, probably Pedro de Villanueva, and was presented to the Cabildo (Council) of Corrientes. The documents mainly discuss relations between the missions and the hostile Charruas Indians, who frequently attacked Guarani Indian and Jesuit settlements, especially at the turn of the century. References to the following: Ropa de Castilla(?), Joseph de Insaurral, S.J., Francisco Rodriguez Frutos, Fernando de Alarcon, Antonio de Arias de Manzilla, Benturo Corballo, Diego Fernandez, Pedro Gomez de Aguier, Joseph de Escobar y Campuzeno, S.J., Juan de Basualte, Balthazar Monel, Pedro de Moreira, Domingo de Peralto, Gabriel de Toledo, Martin Gutierres de Balladares, Manuel de Velasco and the pueblos of Itapua and Ipane.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Impreso: Senor: Geronimo Herran, S.J.,...
01/01/1725 - 01/01/1725

DESCRIPTION: 6 typset sheets of a memorial by Geronimo Herran, S.J., Procurador General, regarding the use of Indians for defense against hostile Indians, the Portuguese and Brazilian mamalucos. The document was probably first written around 1725, but was typset and printed in Spain much later. References to the following: Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Jose de Antequera y Castro, Christoval Ramirez, Nicolas Techo, S.J., Juan Blazquez de Valverde, Jacinto Lariz, Andres Garabito de Leon, Juan Diez de Andino, Gregorio de Hinestrosa, Sebastian de Leon, Christoval de Garaz, Alonso Sarmiento de Figueroa, Felipe Rege Corvalan, Francisco de Monforte, Juan Rodriguez Cota, Mendo de la Cueva, Pedro Baygorri, Joseph Martinez de Salazar, Joseph Jarro, Joseph de Herrera, Agustin de Robles, Manuel de Prado, Alonso de Valdes, Baltasar Garcia Ros and Francisco de Noguero. References to the following towns and missions: Buenos Aires, Colonia de Sacramento, Montevideo, Corrientes and Arecaya`. References to the following Indian tribes: Calchaquis, Caracaras, Frentones, Payaguas and the Guaranis.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Testimonio de Antonio Gonzalez de Guzman...
03/25/1732 - 03/25/1732

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet consisting of the testimony of Don Antonio Gonzalez de Guzman about the expulsion of the Jesuits from Asuncion possibly in 1721. Probably the original document, signed by Gonzales de Guzman and Domingo de Flecha. Reference to Antonio de Amar.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Reclamacion de Fr. Joseph de Palos...al Cabildo
02/20/1732 - 04/02/1732

DESCRIPTION: 6 AMs sheets of a copied document by Fray Joseph de Palos, Bishop of Paraguay written on 20 February, 1732 regarding the expulsion of the Jesuits the previous day. Simultaneous to the expulsion of the Jesuits, Bishop Palos excommunicated the rebel Comuneros and placed the diocese under interdict. The following day, the Comuneros were informed that a large force of hostile Guaycurus was approaching Asuncion, and many of them requested that the Bishop lift the interdiction so that they could defend the city. Palos agreed to lift the interdiction if the Comuneros would agree to recognize the immunity held by ecclesiastics. This document was written on that day to the rebellious Cabildo (council). The document was copied and signed by witnesses on 2 April, 1732. References to the following: Juan Nunez de Mendosa, Domingo de Flecha, Ignacio de Lanza, Miguel Barrios, Martin de Barua, the Audiencia de Charchas, Joseph Gomez, S.J., Fr. Julain Vallejo, Fr. Alonson Melendez, Fr. Thomas de Villasanti, Diego de Avalos, Julian de Guerreros, Nicolas de Iriarte, Luis de Beytia, Nicolas de Lanza, Miguel de Lopez, S.J., Felix de la Rosa Villanubia, Antonio Zebreros y Zevallos and Pedro de Irtubey. Witnesses on the copy of the document are Pedro de Anguello, Pedro Fernando de la Torre, Miguel de Ledesma and two unidentifiable.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Noticias...Carta del Padre Geronimo Herran...al Virrey
03/15/1732 - 02/20/1733

DESCRIPTION: 9 typeset sheets, bound, consisting of a letter from Father Geronimo Herran, S.J., "chaplain" of the mission troops, to Don Joseph de Armendariz, the Marques de Castelfuerte and Viceroy of Peru, two brief letters from Castelfuerte to Herran and a decree from the Viceroy. Herran's letter, dated 15 March, 1732, regards the expulsion from Asuncion of the Jesuits and of Don Ignacio de Soroeta, the appointed Governor of Paraguay, by the Comuneros. Castelfuerte's letters and decree (June 1732) give orders that Herran is to supply Indian troops to the newly appointed Governor of Paraguay, Don Manuel Agustin de Ruyloba Calderon. At the time of these letters, Ruyloba Calderon had just been appointed and was still in Lima consulting with Castelfuerte before leaving to Buenos Aires and then going on to take Asuncion by force. The documents were typeset in Spain some time after the original writing, and the date on the front page is 20 February, 1733. A handwritten copy of Castelfuerte's decree, which is longer and more detailed, can be found in Folder 20. References to the following: Joseph Luis Bareyro, Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Bishop Joseph de Palos, Diego de los Reyes, Joseph de Antequera, Juan de Mena, Manuel Isidoro de Mirones y Benavente, Joseph de Armendariz (Marques de Castelfuerte), Joseph de la Concha (Marques de Casa-Concha), Alvaro de Mavia Bolano y Moscoso, Alvaro Cavero, Alvaro Quiros, Gaspar Peres Buelta, Joseph Ignacio de Aviles, Lorenzo Antonio de la Puente, Manuel Francisco Fernandez de Paredes, Pedro de Ojeda, Francisco Estanislaus Melendez and Marcos de Uzeda. References to the following Indian tribes: Tapes, Guenoas, Bohanes, Charruas and Yaros. References to the following towns and pueblos: San Ignacio, Santa Fe, Santa Rosa, Santiago, Candelaria, Callao, Charcas and Cochabamba Province.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Testimonio de Don Martin Joseph de Echaurri

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet containing a testimonial of Don Martin Joseph de Echaurri, a Captain in the Spanish army sent up from Buenos Aires by Bruno Mauricio de Zavala to tame the Comuneros. The document discusses an attack he and his Indian troops made on the pueblo of Tabapy (Tavapig). References to the following: Villa Rica and the Guaranis.

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Carta de P. Jayme de Aguilar al Miguel Antonio de Salcedo

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs from Jayme de Aguilar, S.J. to Governor Miguel Antonio de Salcedo regarding hardships suffered by the Indians on the missions in 1734 and 1735, including smallpox and famine resulting in the deaths of as many as 16,000 people. The document is a copy and is cited in modern historical accounts (The Revolt of the Comuneros, 1721 - 1735, by Adalberto Lopez, 1976, p. 198, note 79). Reference to the pueblo of San Juan and the Tapes.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Declaracion de Bruno de Zavala al Presidente de Chile
08/20/1735 - 10/19/1735

DESCRIPTION: 2 loose AMs sheets containing a copied declaration from Don Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Governor of Buenos Aires, regarding the pacification of the rebellion in Paraguay. The statement was written in Asuncion in August, 1735, and is addressed to the President of Chile in October, 1735. A copy of the statement is in the document in Folder 20. Much of the discussion involves the Jesuits and the violation of their ecclesiastical immunity by the Comuneros. References to the follwing: Ignacio de Soroeta, Joseph Ruiz de Arellano, Martin de Mena, Francisco Conzo, Matheo de Urquizo, Mathias de Zorrilla, Andres Felis Quinones, Pasqual de Iriarte and Mathias de Pardonas.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Peticion de P. Jayme Aguilar sobre trabajos de los Indios
02/11/1736 - 02/18/1736

DESCRIPTION: 1 AMs sheet consisting of a petition by Jayme Aguilar, S.J. concerning work done by Guarani and Tapes Indians on the missions and the amount of tribute they pay. Includes a list of foxas (account books?) kept on each of the thirty pueblos. Probably sent to Don Juan Vazquez de Aguero, an examiner at the House of Justice in Buenos Aires.

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Testimonio de Don Antonio Ruiz de Arellano...
03/01/1736 - 03/02/1736

DESCRIPTION: 3 AMs sheets containing a copy of a testimonial by Don Antonio Ruiz de Arellano concerning the expulsion of the Jesuits from Asuncion by Joseph de Antequera y Castro in 1724. The testimonial was written much later, in 1736, after the rebellion of the Comuneros had been put down.

Box: 1 Fold: 20 Traslado sobre la restituion de la Compania de Jesus...
06/14/1732 - 05/03/1736

DESCRIPTION: 6 AMs sheets bound consisting of 7 documents copied out together, all regarding the pacification of the rebellion in Asuncion during the 1730's. Many of the documents involve votes by the Cabildo of Asuncion under Governor Joseph Martin de Echaurri y Vallejo: Andres de Quinones, Juan Cavallero de Anasco, Andres Benitez and Geronimo de Flecha. Included are two documents found elsewhere in the collection: a decree by the Viceroy of Peru, the Marques de Castelfuerte (Folder 14), and a statement from Bruno Mauricio de Zavala sent to the President of Chile (Folder 17). The document by Castelfuerte is much longer and more detailed in this copy. The documents were copied in May, 1736 at the "Archivo del Pve. Super.r de las Doctrinas" in the pueblo de Candelaria. Reference to Manuel Agustin de Ruyloba Calderon, Antonio Baez y Arze, Blas(quez?) Hoseda, Francisco Endoves, Pedro Cavallero Villsanti (doc.), Bernardino Martinez (doc.), Mathias Benegas de Guzman, Joseph de Armendariz (Marq. de Castelfuerte), Joseph de la Concha (Marq. de Casa-Concha), Alvaro Bolano, Alvaro Caveno, Alvaro Quiroz, Gaspar Perez Buelta, Joseph de Aviles y Guzman, Lorenzo Antonio de las Puente, Bishop Joseph de Palos, Geronimo Herran, S.J., Manuel Francisco Fernandez de Paredes, Joseph de Escurra and Mathias de Encinas.

Box: 1 Fold: 21 Memorial a...su Magestad..del P. Jayme Aguilar...
01/01/1736 - 01/01/1737

DESCRIPTION: 27 typeset pages of a memorial written by Jayme Aguilar, S.J., Provincial of the Province of Paraguay, for the King in response to an informe written by Martin de Barua in 1730. Aguilar's memorial is undated and refers to events as late as 1735; it also quotes Barua's informe several times. In the memorial Aguilar describes and defends the thirty missions, discussing population, trade, tribute, the expulsion of the Jesuits from Asuncion and other issues. He also discusses relations with the Indians, including references to the Minuanes, Guaranies, Canoas, Tupis, Payaguas, Calchaquis, Abipones, Pampas, Charruas, Chiriguanos and Chiquitos. References to the following: Juan Gregorio Bazan de Pedraza, Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Fray Pedro Faxard (Bishop of Buenos Aires), Balthasar Garcia Ros, Conde de Salvatierra (Viceroy of Peru), Diego Ibanez de Faria and Juan Blazquez de Valverde. References to the following pueblos and towns: San Nicolas, San Ignacio Guazu, Itapua, Loreto, Villa Rica, Curuguaty, Corrientes, Santa Fe, Colonia del Sacramento and Cordova.

Box: 1 Fold: 22 Manifiesto de Miguel Vargas Machuca...Examen Necessario
01/01/1737 - 01/01/1742

DESCRIPTION: 70 AMs sheets bound consisting of 2 documents. The first document (7 sheets) is a Manifiesto by P. Miguel Vargas Machuca, a Redemptorist, which gives an anti-Jesuit version of the uprisings in Paraguay. The second document (63 sheets) is an Examen, or refutation, of the first document by an unknown author, which rehashes the events in Paraguay over the past 100 years beginning with Bishop Bernardino de Cardenas. The second document is pro-Jesuit and critiques the Manifiesto on historical, theological, moral, scriptural and even grammatical accuracy, with long sections on crimes committed against Jesuits and the Guaranies. Both documents are written in very high literary style, with numerous quotes from scriptures and Church doctrines. Relatively few individuals are mentioned by name in the documents, with a majority of the text being rhetoric. References to the following: Fray Diego Jimenez Arias, Diego de los Reyes Valmaceda, Joseph Antequera y Castro, Diego Morcillo Rubio de Anon, Balthasar Garcia Ros, Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Bernardino de Cardenas, Francisco Diastano, S.J., Martin de Barua, Mathias Angles y Gortari, the Marques de Castelfuerte, Ignacio de Soroeta, Julio de Solarzano, Joseph Gomez, S.J., Segismundo de Aperger, S.J., Sebastian de Leon, Carlos Borromeo, Pedro Lascambru, S.J., Joseph Serreno, S.J., Francisco Hestarez Alarin, Lauro Nunez, the Marques de San Pedro, Fernando de Mompo y Zayas, Andres de Leon Garavito, Diego Cargalas Cabras, Matias de Encinas, Alfonso Remon, Juan Diaz Marquez, Fray Silvestre de Saavedra, Antonio de Ribera, S.J., Laureano Sobrino, S.J., Pedro Paulaza, Gaspar Sobrino, S.J., Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, S.J., Melchor Maldano y Saavedra and Luis Bolanos. References to the Tapes and the Payaguas.

Box: 1 Fold: 23 Informe a favor de los Misioneros y de los Indios...
01/01/1715 - 01/01/1744

DESCRIPTION: 10 AMs sheets bound consisting of one copied document, probably from 1715, by Gaspar Rodero, S.J., Procurador General. Rodero's name does not appear on the document as the author, but it appears in a typset version of the same document in the following folder (Folder 24). The document discusses the missions and their economic history, giving information such as population, yerba production and sales and tribute paid. Reference to the following: Andres de Leon y Garavito, Gregorio de Hinestrosa, Alonso Sarmiento, Sebastian de Leon, Ignacio Landau (cacique), Christoval Mancha y Velasco, Bruno Mauricio de Zavala, Thomas Donvidas, Joseph Garro, Antonio de Vera Muxica, Juan Blazquez Valverde, Jacinto de Laris, Paulistas, Canoas, Chiquitos and Mamalucos.

Box: 1 Fold: 24 P. Gaspar Rodero en defensa de las misiones...Reales Cedulas
01/01/1715 - 12/28/1743

DESCRIPTION: 40 typset sheets bound consisting of 7 documents. The first document is a typeset version of a defense of the missions by Gaspar Rodero, a handwritten copy of which is in the preceeding folder (Folder 23). The following 3 documents are royal Cedulas (1726), making decrees about the missions and their relations with the crown. The fifth document is an informe (8 Jan 1743) submitted to Fray Joseph Peralta, Bishop of Buenos Aires, concerning a visit to the mission by a church official. The sixth document is a letter from Bruno Mauricio de Zavala to the King (28 May 1744) concerning the use of Indians in military ventures. The seventh and final document is an excerpt from a royal decree of 1716 concerning the missions. The documents were printed in Spain some time after their writing. A handwritten note states that the documents are from the Archivo del Colegio de la Compania de Jesus de Alicante. References to the following: Andres de Leon y Garavito, Gregorio de Hinestrosa, Alonso Sarmiento, Sebastian de Leon, Ignacio Landau (cacique), Christoval Mancha y Velasco, Thomas Donvidas, Joseph Garro, Antonio de Vera Muxica, Juan Blazquez Valverde, Jacinto de Laris, Bartholome de Aldunate, Martin de Barua, the Conde de Salvatierra, Juan Vazquez de Aguero, Manuel Martinez de Carvajal, Miguel de Villanova, Pedro Faxardo, S.J., Jayme Aguilar, S.J., Balthasar Garcia Ros, Diego Ibanez, Felix Antonio de Villa Garcia, S.J., Fray Joseph Peralta, the Conde de Chinchon, Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, S.J., the Marques de Mancera, Joseph de Antequera y Castro, Miguel Salcedo and Andres de Robles. References to the following Indian tribes, peoples and towns: Tapes, Canoas, Chiquitos, Guaycurus, Charruas, Abipones, Mocobis, Mamalucos, Paulistas, Colonia del Sacramento and Monte Video.