Box: 1 Fold: 1 Brosnahan, Timothy, S.J.
12/28/1895 - 02/14/1900

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Timothy Brosnahan, S.J. to Col. Daniel S. Lamson, the first three regarding the diary of John McElroy, S.J., the last regarding a speech of Charles William Eliot, president of Harvard University. References to Boston College, Woodstock College, the Woodstock Letters, the Pilot, Mr. Roche, Fr. (James A.?) Doonan, Fr. (Thomas A.?) Reid, and Mary Shurtleff.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Byrne, William, V.G.
06/09/1900 - 10/08/1903

DESCRIPTION: 9 ALSs from William Byrne, V.G., to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly concerning the New England Catholic Historical Society. Reference to "History of the Catholic Church in the New England States," by Byrne et al.; the Shurtleff family; William G. R. Mullan, S.J. of Boston College; "The First Catholic Parochial School in Boston," an essay by Lamson; and Wellesley Hills.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Clarke, Richard H.
12/07/1887 - 09/16/1902

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS and 1 TLS from Richard H. Clarke to Col. Daniel S. Lamson. The first ALS concerns Clarke's "Lives of the Bishops of the United States" and his United States Catholic Historical Society. The second TLS is related to a business prospect between Clarke and a Boston hotel. Also included in the file is a newsclipping giving biographical information on Clarke with references to Georgetown University.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Corrigan, Michael A., Archbishop
01/11/1894 - 05/01/1902

DESCRIPTION: 4 TLSs and 2 printed items from Archbishop Michael A. Corrigan to Col. Daniel S. Lamson regarding mutual acquaintances and a donation of a copy of the Magna Charta to the Archdicesan seminary by Lamson. Includes a card of thanks on the occasion of Corrigan's Silver Episcopal Jubilee. References to Chandler Berriam, Archbishop Bayley, Monsignor Satolli, Monsignor Doane, John A. Mooney, John Cardinal McCloskey, Rev. Henry Coyle, Mother Mary Rose Superior of Mt. St. Vincent Academy.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Mooney, John A.
04/13/1900 - 12/24/1902

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from John A. Mooney to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding the Catholic Church and the state of affairs in France. Reference to "Deux Mondes," Timothy Brosnahan, S.J., William Charles Eliot, Father J. L. O'Neil, O.P., Francois Rio, Archbishop Michael A. Corrigan, and "De Jesu Christo Redemptore."

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Shandelle, Henry, S.J.
10/03/1893 - 04/24/1904

DESCRIPTION: 16 ALSs from Henry J. Shandelle, S.J. to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding their friendship, with references to colleagues and mutual acquaintances. Reference to Boston College and the Athenaeum, Georgetown University, Chancellor d'Aguesseau, James J. Conway, S.J., "The State Last," Father Welch, Edward I. Devitt, S.J., John A. O'Rourke, S.J., Arthur McAvoy, S.J., Samuel H. Frisbee, S.J., Philippines, Alice Washington Winthrop, Joseph Havens Richards, S.J., Mrs. S. G. Ward, General Darr, Agnes Salter, Joseph B. O'Hagan, S.J., Francis A. Barnum, S.J., John Bapst, S.J. and Edward V. Boursaud, S.J.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Correspondence, A
08/01/1855 - 10/28/1878

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson, all of them concerning donations he made to charitable organizations. 2 ALSs from Sister Ann Alexis and 2 ALSs from Sister Andrea concern donations Lamson made to St. Vincent's Asylum, an orphanage, and 1 ALS by John Ashhurst regards a donation of books Lamson made to the Newburgh Catholic Library Association.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Correspondence, B
05/15/1863 - 12/18/1900

DESCRIPTION: 9 ALSs from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding charitable donations made by Lamson. Includes 1 ALS from James Roosevelt Bayley, Bishop of Newark, to Father Valerga regarding a donation by Lamson. Also includes 1 ALS from Beatrix of the Holy Spirit, a Carmelite; 2 ALSs from James J. Bric, S.J. referring to St. Vincent de Paul of St. Mary's and John McElroy, S.J.; 1 ALS from Edward V. Boursaud, S.J. of Boston College referring to Timothy Brosnahan, S.J.; 1 ALS from John P. Brophy referring to Nathaniel Shurtleff and his sister (Mary?); 1 TLS from O. P. Buel of the Catholic Club of New York to Richard H. Clarke; and 1 ALS from Michael F. Byrne, S.J. referring to the death of Robert Wasson Brady, S.J.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Correspondence, C
07/12/1882 - 03/28/1904

DESCRIPTION: 9 ALSs from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding charitable donations made by Lamson and mutual friends (mostly clerics). Includes 2 ALSs from Thomas J. Campbell, S.J. referring to John A. Mooney, "The Messenger," James Perron, S.J. and the Frederick Novitiate; 3 ALSs from Alphonse Charlier, S.J. of Boston College referring to John Bapst, S.J., Diane Vaughn and "The Tablet;" 1 ALS from Charles Colton; and 2 ALSs from James Conway, S.J. regarding Dr. Brownson.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Correspondence, D
07/13/1859 - 06/08/1901

DESCRIPTION: 9 letters from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding charitable donations made by Lamson and mutual friends (mostly clerics). Includes 1 ALS from M. Grant Daniell of La Ligue Litteraire referring to Nathan Appleton; 1 TLS from Edward I. Devitt, S.J. of Boston College referring to Edward A. McGurck, S.J. of Holy Cross Church of Boston; 4 ALSs from B. A. Doane (S.J.?) referring to Bishop James R. Bayley; 1 ALS from Mary C. Dwight; and 2 TLSs from Thomas Dwight of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Boston and Harvard Medical School referring to Mr. Pelletier, Sister Ann Alexis and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Correspondence, E
03/31/1865 - 06/05/1895

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from two correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson regarding a charitable donation made by Lamson and bank dealings with the Union Institution for Savings of which Lamson was elected Vice President in 1865. Includes 1 ALS from Luis M. Ebrat of the Holy House of Our Blessed Lady of Brooklyn, New York and 4 ALSs from George F. Emery of the Union Institution for Savings.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Correspondence, G - J
04/26/1869 - 06/09/1904

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs and 1 TLS from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding charitable donations by Lamson and intellectual pursuits. Includes 1 TLS from Thomas G. Gargan and Richard Heard of the Boer Peace Envoys; 1 ALS from George A. Gordon, Secretary of the New England Historic Genealogical Society; 1 ALS from Joseph A. Gorman, S.J. of St. Mary's Church of Boston and the Conference of St. Vincent de Paul; 1 ALS from J. V. Hecker referring to Abbe Gaume; 1 ALS from F. C. Hodgdon of Waltham, Mass. concerning a speech of General N. P. Banks; and 1 ALS from Brother Jude, Superior of the Brothers of Charity concerning the House of the Angel Guardian in Boston.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Correspondence, K - L
06/18/1888 - 05/15/1903

DESCRIPTION: 5 letters from various correspondents mostly to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding New England Catholic history. Includes 2 printed letters: one from John J. Keane, Bishop of Richmond and Rector of the Catholic University of America regarding the University sent to William S. Pelletier; and the other from William A. Leahy, Secretary of the New England Catholic Historical Society to Lamson. The folder also includes 1 ALS and 2 TLSs from John W. Linnehan, S.J. to Lamson at St. John's College at Fordham, New York, regarding Father P. Tissot's diaries, John McElroy, S.J., and Joseph B. O'Hagan, S.J. The folder also includes a clipping by Lamson reminiscing about a Civil War incident in Norfolk, Virginia at Portsmouth Naval Hospital after the battle of Williamsburg.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Correspondence, M
07/11/1867 - 09/22/1903

DESCRIPTION: 9 ALSs and 1 TLS from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly concerning mutual friends (mostly celrics). Includes 3 ALSs from David A. Merrick, S.J. referring to Augustus Langcake, S.J., Archbishop McCloskey, Archbishop Bayley, Alphonse Charlier, S.J., John B. De Wolf, S.J., and Thomas J. Campbell, S.J.; 1 ALS from Major General Martin Thomas McMahon discussing a "Mexican deal" with references to Charles Sumner, Nathanial Prentiss Banks and James Dixon, all U.S. Senators; 1 ALS from Mrs. M. F. Macnamara referring to Jeffers Roche, "History of the 9th Mass, Vols. 1861 - 64," Colonel (Francis John?) Higginson, Maj. Gen. Fitz-John Porter, Thomas Gargan, and D. G. Macnamara; 1 TLS from George Marsh of the Democratic Club of Harvard University; 1 ALS in French from a Cure; 1 ALS from John F. Mooney, V.G.; 2 ALSs from William George Read Mullan, S.J. referring to John Bapst, S.J., David A. Merrick, S.J., Col. R. G. Shaw, Msgr. Bernard O'Reilly and Gen. McMahon; and 1 ALS from Theodore Hamilton Murray.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Correspondence, O - P
12/12/1883 - 01/29/1896

DESCRIPTION: 6 ALSs from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding mutual friends (mostly clergy). Includes 2 ALSs from Edmund Obrecht, O.C.R., President of the Trappists; 1 ALS from J. L O'Neil of The Rosary Publication Company referring to publication of Rosary Magazine and John A. Murray; 2 ALSs from James Perron, S.J. mainly regarding John Bapst, S.J., the Frederick Novitiate and Lamson's children; and 1 ALS from Edward G. Porter regarding a biography of Mrs. Walter Baker.

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Correspondence, S
09/05/1883 - 03/09/1896

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from various correspondents to Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly regarding mutual friends in the clergy. Includes 1 ALS from Mary Shurtleff discussing her brother, Nathaniel Shurtleff, S.J.; 2 ALSs from Thomas H. Stack, S.J. regarding John Bapst, S.J.'s condition at the Frederick Novitiate; and 1 ALS from C. A. Staples referring to Samuel Dexter.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Correspondence, T - Z
01/02/1899 - 04/28/1900

DESCRIPTION: 5 letters to and 1 ALS from Col. Daniel S. Lamson mostly concerning charitable donations by Lamson and St. Mary's Church of Boston. Includes 1 ALS from N. A. Taylor regarding Church of the Blessed Sacrament in New York; 1 TL from The Boston Transcript about Boston history; 1 ALS from Brother Valerian, O.F.C.; 2 ALSs from William B. F. Whall and 1 ALS from Lamson to Whall all referring to Boston College, St. Mary's Church, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, James J. Bric, S.J., John McElroy, S.J. and Patrick F. Sullivan.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Certificates & Membership Cards
05/15/1856 - 07/02/1902

DESCRIPTION: 12 printed items consisting of certificates and membership cards of Col. Daniel S. Lamson from various religious societies mostly in Boston and New York. Includes 1 facsimile of "the Benediction of St. Francis Assissium Given at Assissi to S. S. Lamson in 1856," otherwise unidentified (1 sheet). Includes ephemera from the League of Divine Providence, Catholic Union Circle of New York, Archiconfrerie du Tres-saint Immacule Coeur de Marie, Massachusetts Volunteer Aid Association, the Roger Wolcott Club of Good Citizens Confraternity of the Most Blessed Sacrament, New England Genalogical Society (referring to a portrait of Gen. D. Ochteolony), and from Edmund Obrecht, O.C.R of the Trappist Order.

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Invitations & Programs
04/22/1872 - 09/29/1903

DESCRIPTION: 10 printed invitations and programs collected by Col. Daniel S. Lamson, many of them to relgious functions. Includes 1 invitation to the wedding of Richard H. Clarke's daughter, 3 items from the Young Men's Catholic Association, 2 items from the New England Catholic Historical Society and 1 invitation to St. John's Debating Society of St. John's College of Fordham.

Box: 1 Fold: 20 Clippings
03/10/1861 - 01/01/1896

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings collected by Col. Daniel S. Lamson in his scrapbook, most of them concerning religious figures and history of the Catholic Church in New England. Includes items on the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Boston by Archbishop Hughes and an obituary of John Hughes, Archbishop of New York.

Box: 1 Fold: 21 Printed Sketches
01/01/1860 - 01/01/1900

DESCRIPTION: 1o printed sketches and 3 photographs of noted historical or religious figures of New England. Includes sketches of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Archbishop John Hughes, Archbishop James Roosevelt Bayley, Archbishop Michael A. Corrigan, John Cardinal McCloskey, Archbishop Martin John Spalding and Emily L. Harper. Photos are of Archbishop Corrigan, Bishop John B. Fitzpatrick and an unidentified man (Col. Lamson?).