Box: 72 Fold: 5 Correspondence [219 A] (misc. to G. Fenwick)

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS to G. Fenwick from various senders, including Visitation Convent at Frederick.

Box: 72 Fold: 6 Correspondence [219 B1] (misc. to S. Barber)
Mar-May 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to S. Barber from novices who went to Georgetown in Mar 1851: Thomas M. Sheerin, SJ, Joseph Hegan, SJ, Charles H. Fulmer, SJ, Charles F. Kelly, SJ, Patrick Aloysius Jordan, SJ.

Box: 72 Fold: 7 Correspondence [219 B2] (misc. to S. Barber)
May-Dec 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS to S. Barber from various senders, including Sheerin, Sopranis, Paresce, Clarke.

Box: 72 Fold: 8 Correspondence [219 C] (misc. to Brocard)
Feb-Dec 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from Sopranis and Felice Cicaterri, SJ.

Box: 72 Fold: 9 Correspondence [219 D] (Bally to Brocard)
Jan-Dec 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Bally to Brocard on: dates of Bally's ordinations 1/16/1851; celebration of Jubilee 3/10/1851; enlargement of chapel at Goshenhoppen 5/22/1851; sale of wood to finance new barn and house at Goshenhoppen 9/30 & 10/27/1851; insurance of Goshenhoppen property 12/16/1851. Also includes ALS from Bally to Barbelin on misc. 8/29/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 10 Correspondence [219 F1-7]
Jan-Oct 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 5 from T. Lilly on misc. including Jubilee events 1/24, 3/22, 5/21, 7/12, & 10/2/1851; 2 from Vigilante on problems with Woodley collecting from Medley's Neck, reassignment 1/14 & 4/2/1851; 2 from Woodley on collections from other parishes to support Newtown 1/21 & 3/27/1851, on Jubilee events, Vigilante's removal 3/4/1851, ownership of slave 9/5/1851; petition from St. John's Church in St. Mary's Co. 4/9/1851; 2 from Daugherty on Woodley's advancing age 4/27 & 7/25/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 11 Correspondence [219 G1-15]
Jan-Oct 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: G. King on brief stay of mission at Smyrna 1/25/1851, 2 on misc. personnel matters 4/12 & 14/1851, on Elkton debt payment 4/27/1851, on discord at St. Joseph's, Talbot 5/2/1851, on misc. 6/6/1851; Bro. Thomas Hickey on misc. 2/15/1851, complaining of Tueffer 3/4/1851; from Tueffer complaining of Power 2/26/1851, complaining of Hickey 3/3/1851, complaining of both 3/14/1851, on replacements for Power and Hickey 3/29/1851; Power responding to complaints 3/10/1851, complaining of Tueffer 3/12/1851, on efforts to pay Bohemia debts 10/18/1851; petition of some of congregation of St. Joseph's, Talbot asking Tueffer's removal and Power's return 4/1/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 12 Correspondence [219 H] (Finotti to Brocard)

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS from Finotti to Brocard.

Box: 72 Fold: 13 Correspondence [219 K1-16]
Aug-Dec 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Bp James Oliver of Chicago introducing priest wishing to enter Society (includes note by Abp Francis Kenrick of Baltimore) 12/5/1851; 2 from Barbelin on misc. re St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 12/5 & 22/1851; Pallhuber on income from Richmond pew auction 12/8/1851; AMsS agreement between Bp McGill and Brocard on German congregation in Richmond 12/15/1851; Abp Kenrick on observation of Council of Baltimore re female confessions 12/15/1851; 2 from Vicinanza on leaving Society 12/18/1851 and undated; Wm. Murphy, SJ, Vice Provincial of Missouri on misc. personnel 12/20/1851; Beckx on misc. 12/21/1851; 5 from Georg Schnurrer, SJ on health 8/9, 10/28, 11/2, & 12/23/1851 (one undated); Clarke on Vicinanza, location of Baltimore college on lot at Eutaw and Gorman or Pratt and Greene 12/23/1851; 2 from Ciampi on events at Holy Cross 12/27 & 29/1851; James Moore, SJ asking preachers for Jubilee at St. Thomas Manor 12/31/1851; Gustav Eck, SJ on income of Holy Trinity Boston Dec 1851; AMs notes on European Jesuits sent to American missions (undated). Also includes ALS from Paresce to S. Barber on fire at Frederick Novitiate 12/5/1851; from Sheerin to S. Barber on same, quality of novices 12/8/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 14 Correspondence [219 M1-18]
Nov-Dec 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 4 from Pallhuber on completion of church at Richmond 11/2, 9, 13, & 22/1851; 2 from George Gerard asking to teach at Georgetown 11/3 & 12/6/1851; 2 from Ciampi on misc. at Holy Cross 11/6 & 12/1851, on upcoming consecration of church in Eden, NY, efforts to charter Holy Cross 11/18 & 12/20/1851; from James Ward, SJ on teaching policy at Washington Seminary 11/7/1851; 2 from Barbelin on Schnurrer's voyage to Europe, misc. 11/7 & 12/1851, on same, transfer of property from McElroy to T. Mulledy 11/12/1851 11/12/1851; 2 from B. Villiger on misc. events in St. Joseph's, Philadelphia school 11/8 & 28/1851; Gallus Patik, SJ and Bartholomew Plants, SJ on giving up of German mission in Missouri 11/14/1851; S. Barber on changes for Washington Seminary classes 11/16/1851, on same 11/23/1851, on adding gymnastics 11/24/1851, on misc. removals of teachers 11/30/1851; De Smet on state of Rocky Mountain mission, misc. 11/17/1851; de Travers on misc. 11/17/1851; Hippolyte de Neckere on Maine missions, including Penobscot mission 11/20/1851. Also includes ALS from Bro. Reardon to S. Barber on school at St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 11/3/1851; from Brocard to McElroy on misc. 11/8/1851; from Bapst to ? on Maine missions 11/10/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 15 Correspondence [219 N1-7a]
Oct 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: John De Wolf, SJ on improvements at Holy Cross 10/3/1851; 3 from Antonio Maraschi on misc. at Holy Cross 10/7, 11, & 14/1851; 2 from Ciampi on desire of Bro. Cavanaugh to leave Society to join Trappists 10/11 & 13/1851; 2 from Clarke on opening of college in Baltimore, debts of St. Joseph's, Baltimore 10/13 & 17/1851; Barbelin on St. Joseph's student Sodality 10/16/1851; Ryder on misc. at St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 10/16/1851. Also includes ALS: from Brocard to McElroy on Gillespie's leaving St. Joseph's, Talbot for Boston 10/6/1851, on paintings for St. Mary's Boston, dispensation for Gillespie 10/10 & 12/1851; from Brocard to Cattani on painting for Paradise church 10/8/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 16 Correspondence [219 N8-16]
Oct-Nov 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Wm. Murphy, SJ on accomplishments of Missouri mission, death of Elet 10/20/1851; 2 from S. Barber on sale of Washington Seminary Villa for Army Asylum, policy on watch ownership 10/23 & 28/1851; 2 from Ciampi on Cavanaugh 10/24 & 31/1850; Barbelin on work overload at St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 10/27/1851; Abp Kenrick proposing George Carrel, SJ as candidate for Bp of Philadelphia 10/29/1851; B. Villiger on state of St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 10/29/1851; C. Menke, SJ 10/23/1851. Also includes ALS: 2 from Patrick Aloysius Jordan, SJ to S. Barber on state of St. Joseph's, Phila, school 10/21 & 11/25/1851; from Brocard to McElroy on hopes for St. Patrick's Church in Washington, enrollment at Georgetown 10/28/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 17 Correspondence [219 P0-12]
Aug-Oct 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: McElroy on upcoming purchase of St. Charles College property 9/3/1851; 4 from Pallhuber on opening of school in Richmond, completion of church there 9/3, 10. 15, & 25/1851; J. Gleizal, SJ on misc. personnel matters 9/4/1851; Ciampi on misc. 9/6/1851, on beginning of school year, Eck's visit 9/16/1851, 2 on large classes at Holy Cross, need for another Brother there 9/27 & 10/4/1851; Aloysius Janalik, SJ on state of German church in Boston 9/12/1851; 2 from Bp McGill on ordinations 8/8 & 9/16/1851; Bro. Menke complaining against Eck 9/16/1851; Blox on trip from Laurel to Baltimore 9/27/1851. Also includes ALS: from Patrick Aloysius Jordan to S. Barber on misc. at St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 9/7/1851; from Francis McAtee, SJ to S. Barber on state of St. John's, Frederick 9/11/1851; from Paresce to S. Barber on approaching completion of new building at Frederick Novitiate 9/11/1851; from J. Sheerin to S. Barber with description of new Novitiate at Frederick 9/17/1851; from Carmelo Papallo, SJ to G. Fenwick on colleges in Italy and France after Revoltions of 1848 9/22/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 18 Correspondence [219 R1-16]
Aug-Oct 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 2 from Maraschi on substitution at Chicopee, MA, permission to go to Niagara Falls 8/2 & 30/1851; 2 from Moore on cholera in St. Thomas Manor 8/2 & 10/21/1851; Rbt. Brady, SJ on deeding Frederick house to St. John's, Frederick, cash to Holy Cross 8/4/1851; 2 from Early on G. Fenwick's ill health 8/4 & 10/1851, on misc. 8/26/1851; Bro. Henry Rieselman asking return to Maryland 8/7/1851; Elet on sending Scholastics from Missouri to Maryland 8/21/1851; 3 from Pallhuber on Richmond church debt, opening of school 8/12, 20, & 25/1851; McElroy on construction of church in Boston 8/14/1851, on retreats and confessions, plans for three churches in Maine 8/23/1851; J. Sheerin complaining of reading of popular literature at Georgetown Villa 8/16/1851; Patrick McKernan asking readmission to Novitiate 8/17/1851; James Tehan, SJ on misc. 8/19/1851; Ciampi on misc. 8/28/1851; Bp Kenrick on German church in Philadelphia 8/28/1851, on Nippenoe Valley, PA, congregation, increase in Gettysburg congregation 8/30/1851; H. McLaughlin on problem with Bro. Thomas Hickey 8/31/1851. Also includes ALS from Brocard to Barbelin on misc. 8/22/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 19 Correspondence [219 S1-12]
Jun-Sept 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 3 from Early on misc. at Holy Cross 6/2, 12, & 8/5/1851; 2 from Pallhuber on contract for new church at Richmond, laying of cornerstone 6/9/1851 3 on misc., provision of altar piece 7/7, 25, & 31/1851; Verhaegen on Elet's illness, departure of De Smet and Hoecken for Rocky Mountains 6/13/1851, on St. Louis U's need for professors of theology 7/19/1851; Roothaan on promotions 6/20/1851; Bally on retention of Nippenoe Valley mission 7/5/1851; Joseph Ender, SJ on consecration of Conewago church, clergy needs of German congregation at York, PA 7/6/1851; Tueffer on new Richmond church, relations with See of Richmond 7/8/1851; 3 from Dietz on Bro. Murray's disobedience and dismissal 7/15, 29, & 9/2/1851; McElroy on various retreats, purchase of Boston property for college and church 7/17/1851; J. Miege, SJ on needs of Potawatomi mission 7/29/1851. Also includes ALS from Brocard to McElroy on misc. 6/1/1851; Jordan to S. Barber on misc. 6/25/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 20 Correspondence [219 T1-10]
Apr-Jul 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 2 from Early on personnel difficulties and misc. 4/2 & 4/1851, on various personnel matters 4/24/1851; 4 from Pallhuber on purchase of lot in Richmond, payment of debt on lot 4/5, 15, 21, & 22/1851; F.X. Knackstedt on willingness to go to Richmond 4/7/1851; 2 from John Lynch, SJ on improvements to St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 4/14 & 5/6/1851; 2 from Papallo on misc. 4/16 & 7/31/1851; Dietz on harvesting of trees at White Marsh, financial complaints 4/12/1851. Also includes ALS: from Brocard to McElroy on misc., lot purchase in Boston 4/1/1851; from Sr. M. Leonard on grave illness of Abp (Eccleston ?) 4/21/1851; from Alexius Jamison, SJ to S. Barber on death of Abp, funeral procession 4/25/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 21 Correspondence [219 T11-20]
May 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Rev. P. Reilly offering St. Mary's College, Wilmington, DE 5/1/1851; 2 from Matthew Sanders, SJ on leaving White Marsh for Upper Marlboro 5/1 & 6/1851; 4 from Pallhuber on plans for Richmond church, opening of Sunday school, advice to buy lot 5/15, 16, 25, & 31/1851; Early on burial of Wm. Logan, SJ, Bp Kenrick's possible succession as Abp 5/20/1851; Lancaster advising dismissal of Bro. Wooten 5/27/1851. Also includes ALS: 2 from Enders to S. Barber on Gettysburg Jubilee, vacancies at Conewago 5/8 & 21/1851; from Jordan to S. Barber on opening of Medical Dept. at Georgetown 5/13/1851; from Charles H. Fulmer, SJ to S. Barber on misc. 5/18/1851; from Clarke to S. Barber wishing speedy recovery for leg 5/24/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 22 Correspondence [219 W1-15]
Mar-Nov 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: 4 from T. Mulledy on misc. at St. John's, Frederick 3/2, 6/6, 10/13, & 11/26/1851; 5 from Pallhuber on debt reduction at Richmond, search for a new property in Richmond 3/5, 10, 14, 20, & 29/1851; Early on Gillespie's reassignment 3/7/1851; Lancaster on misc. personnel matters 3/8/1851; McElroy on building new church in Boston 3/12/1851, Shaw bequest to Boston College 3/26/1851; 2 from Moore on misc. 3/20 & 4/10/1851; James Clark, SJ on father's deathbed conversion 3/28/1851; 2 from Dietz on deed to Gettysburg lot, status of Bright Seat, MD as former part of White Marsh estate 3/27 & 29/1851. Also includes ALS: from Brocard to McElroy on latter's administrative style 3/2/1851, on same, reassignments 3/7/1851, on Shaw gift for Boston College 3/22/1851; from Clarke to S. Barber on Abp's visit to Georgetown 3/8/1851; from L. Stewart to ? requesting Society college in Reading, PA 3/14/1851; from Jamison to S. Barber on misc. 3/23/1851; from De Smet to James Curly, SJ on Indian missions in Rocky Mountains 3/27/1851.

Box: 72 Fold: 23 Correspondence [219 Z1-12]
Jan-Feb 1851

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Early on postponement of Fr. Gillespie's trial, misc. 1/2/1851, on Bro. Finegan's unauthorized travel to Lowell 1/4/1851, on acquittal of Gillespie, Jubilees at Norwich and New London 2/27/1851; 4 from Pallhuber on Bp's plan to build Cathedral in Richmond, sell old church to German congregation, rumors of Rev. O'Brien's excommunication 1/2, 12, 19, & 25/1851, on debt, need for lower school 2/19/1851; Maraschi on misc. 1/7/1851; Bp Fitzpatrick on misc. personnel assignments 1/17/1851; Vicinanza report on conditions at St. John's, Frederick 1/21/1851; 2 from T. Mulledy on Dzierozynski's funeral costs, need of money and personnel 2/7 & 20/1851; Pacciarini asking when to expect missionaries 2/12/1851. Also includes ALS from Brocard to McElroy on Gillespie's case 1/17/1851, on misc. 2/13/1851.

Box: 73 Fold: 1 Correspondence [220 A] (misc. to G. Fenwick)

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS to G. Fenwick, some referring to boys at Holy Cross.

Box: 73 Fold: 2 Correspondence [220 B] (misc. to S. Barber)

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS to S. Barber with details of life at Frederick Novitiate, St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia.

Box: 73 Fold: 3 Correspondence [220 C] (misc. to Brocard)

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS from Cicaterri and Paresce to Brocard.

Box: 73 Fold: 4 Correspondence [220 D] (misc. from Finotti to Brocard)
Jan-Mar 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS from Finotti to Brocard.

Box: 73 Fold: 5 Correspondence [220 E1-8] (Erie Mission Correspondence)
Jan-Nov 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: from Bp M. O'Connor of Pittsburgh to Brocard asking for assistant priest for Steinbacher's Erie Mission 1/21/1852; from N. Steinbacher to Brocard on purchase of lot for Erie Mission, difficulties with population 2/3/1852; from N. Steinbacher to Joseph Aschwanden, SJ describing Erie property 4/14/1852, jurisdiction over property (Society or See) 6/22/1852; from N. Steinbacher to Stonestreet on future of Erie property 8/23/1852, on difficulties attending purchase of lot for graveyard 10/11/1852, on sale of Erie property 11/9/1852; from Abp Kenrick to Stonestreet on N. Steinbacher's German translation of "The Primacy of the Pope" 9/23/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 6 Correspondence [220 F1-3]
Mar, Jul, Oct 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from T. Lilly on St. Inigoes Jubilee, building of St. George's Church, permission to visit Conewago 3/5, 7/30, & 10/17/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 7 Correspondence [220 G1-6] (Newtown Correspondence)
Jan-Apr 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: from Woodley to Brocard with Newtown fructus spiritualis for 1850-51 1/12/1852, on Abp's complaints about behavior 1/12/1852; from Dougherty to Brocard on Newtown fructus spiritualis 1/19/1852; 2 from Vigilante to Brocard on rules governing confessions of women, Abp's upcoming visit to Medley's Neck 1/31 & 4/22/1852; from Woodley to Aschwanden on rent policy 4/27/1852. Also includes uncoded ALS by Woodley and Vigilante on absolution and dismissal of slaves.

Box: 73 Fold: 8 Correspondence [220 H1-5] (Richmond Correspondence)
Jan-Aug 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: 2 from Pallhuber to Brocard on Richmond church debt, size of school 1/9 & 30/1852; from Bp McGill to Brocard asking that Pallhuber stay in Richmond 2/18/1852; from Joseph Polk, SJ to Aschwanden on Brocard's death, need for German teacher in Richmond 4/12/1852, on progress of German school, relations with See over administration of German congregation 5/26 & 28/1852, critical assessment of Pallhuber's work, financing of debt 6/8/1852, requesting personnel 6/12, 28, 29, & 8/6/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 9 Correspondence [220 K2-13]
Nov-Dec 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Stonestreet from: McElroy on funeral of Daniel Webster, Shaw legacy for St. Joseph's Chapel, Boston, purchase of new lots in Boston 11/30/1852, on rebuilding of Holy Cross 12/10/1852; Ryder on mission to California 11/20/1852; 2 from Bapst on building of churches in Maine 12/1 & 9/1852; Power complaining of Dietz 12/2/1852; Blox on misc., rebuilding of Holy Cross after fire 12/2/1852; Anthony Jourdan, SJ on Ryder's visit to New Orleans 12/7/1852; Clarke on misc. 12/8/1852, asking dismissal 12/15/1852; 2 from Barbelin on payment of St. Joseph's, Philadelphia, debts, return of Ryder 12/9 & 16/1852; George Carrell, SJ asking permission to return to Maryland 12/13/1852; Enders on growing congregation at York, PA, deeding over Oxford, PA, to See, obtainment of organ for Gettysburg 12/21/1852; 2 from Vicinanza asking to collect for new church at Cobb Neck 12/30/1852. Also includes ALS: from Curley to G. Fenwick asking list of names of Jesuits with published work 21/4/1852; from Thomas Sheerin to S. Barber on good state of Loyola College, Baltimore 12/12/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 10 Correspondence [220 M-16]
Sept-Oct 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Stonestreet from: Bernardin Wiget, SJ on misc. at Frederick Novitiate 9/1/1852; T. Mulledy on retaining and rebuilding Holy Cross 9/26/1852; 4 from Barbelin on needs of St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia 10/7, 13, 19, & 23/1852, 3 on state of St. Joseph's College 9/9, 17, & 27/1852; Woodley on constructing housekeeper's residence at Newtown 9/8/1852; Bapst on retaining Maine Mission 9/12/1852; Ciampi on rebuilding Holy Cross 9/15/1852; McElroy on establishment of Boston College 9/19/1852; Blox on assignment to Boston 9/23/1852; Paresce on misc. 9/26/1852, 3 on misc. personnel 10/12, 15, & 23/1852; Eck on enlarging Holy Trinity, Boston 10/15/1852; Enders on construction in York, Gettysburg, departure of Sisters of Sacred Heart 10/15/1852; William Murphy, SJ on misc. 10/22/1852. Also includes ALS: from Ciampi to G. Fenwick on province debt and rebuilding of Holy Cross 9/20/1852, on misc. at St. John's College, Frederick 10/25/1852; from Thomas Mulligan to C. Reardon on misc. money transfer 9/23/1852; from Augustine McMullen, SJ to G. Fenwick on misc. 10/1/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 11 Correspondence [220 N1-10]
Aug 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: 2 from Paresce on admissions to Frederick Novitiate, misc. 8/1 & 2/1852; Joseph Ardia, SJ on assignment to Baltimore 8/1/1852; Bapst on withdrawal of Society from Eastport, ME, mission 8/7/1852; Early asking to go to St. Thomas 8/8/1852; Barbelin on misc. 8/12/1852. Also includes ALS to Stonestreet from: Murphy recalling Costa from Frederick to Missouri 8/17/1852; 2 from T. Mulledy on status of Frederick 8/26/1852; John Barrister, SJ on trip to Fordham, state of Fordham 8/27/1852; John Lynch, SJ on needs of St. Thomas Manor 8/30/1852; Eck on strained relations with See of Boston, rebuilding of Holy Cross 8/30/1852. Also includes ALS from Edward Boone, SJ to G. Fenwick on burning of Holy Cross, wish to enter Novitiate 8/17/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 12 Correspondence [220 P1-12]
Jul 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: 3 from Paresce on misc. personnel assignments 7/16, 18, & 19/1852; 3 from Ciampi on personnel needs at Holy Cross 7/1, 8, & 12/1852, on fire at Holy Cross 7/14/1852, on needs of Holy Cross in wake of fire 7/16/1852; Bp John Neuman in praise of missions at Gettysburg, Conewago, and Paradise, granting of permission to German congregation at York to buy lot for church 7/5/1852; De Neckere on plans to build church at York, failure at Lancaster 7/6/1852; Enders on laying of cornerstone at Gettysburg, misc. PA matters 7/7/1852, on expansion of Conewago 7/14/1852; Murphy on misc. 7/10/1852; McElroy on misc. 7/3/1852; 3 from Barbelin on misc. including G. Fenwick's failing health 7/14, 23, 12(?)/1852; Dietz on transfer of Annapolis church to Redemptorists 7/15/1852; Pacciarini on going to Holy Cross 7/15/1852; Lynch on misc. 7/18/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 13 Correspondence [220 P13-24]
Jul 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: Bapst on withdrawal of Eastport, ME, mission 7/18/1852; Rev. M. Gibson on Holy Cross fire 7/20/1852; Dietz with personnel complaints 7/20/1852; Enders on payment of Gettysburg debt 7/21/1852; Cattani asking not to be made superior at Conewago 7/21/1852; McElroy on Holy Cross fire 7/23/1852, 7/24/1852; Murphy on various complaints against Society in Belgium 7/25/1852; Rev. John McCaffrey asking Jesuit to give retreat 7/26/1852; Ciampi on effects of Holy Cross fire 7/27/1852, on possibility of moving Holy Cross to NY 7/30/1852; Clarke on misc., debt on Eutaw St. property in Baltimore 7/29/1852; Augustine Kennedy, SJ on rebuilding of Holy Cross 7/30/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 14 Correspondence [220 R0-9]
May 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwander from: Joseph Bixio, SJ asking to visit Baltimore 5/3/1852; George Villiger, SJ asking that Bixio not go (includes TYP transcription of letter plus TYP translation into English) 5/4/1852; Barbelin on progress of parochial schools in Philadelphia, formation of Catholic Board of Education there 5/4/1852; Eck on misc. 5/6/1852, 5/18/1852; Bapst on Society withdrawal from Eastport, ME 5/6/1852; Enders on financing church at Gettysburg, Jubilee at York German church 5/6/1852, on same 5/14 & 22/1852; Joset on death of Elet 5/12/1852; Ciampi on misc. 5/16/1852; Peter Kroes, SJ on clergy needs of St. Mary's, Boston 5/21/1852; McElroy on vacation 5/24/1852; Tueffer on recall after Tennessee trip 5/31/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 15 Correspondence [220 R10-18]
Jun-Jul 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: 2 from Knackstedt complaining of Clarke 6/2 & 7/14/1852; 7 from Cicaterri on misc. Jun 1852; Enders on laying of cornerstone at Gettysburg church 6/4/1852, on same 6/15/1852; Clarke on inheritance 6/4/1852; Barbelin on deed to St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, purchase of Fourth St. lot in Phila 6/4 & 17/1852; Bartholomew Poschenrieder complaining of expulsion 6/7/1852; G. Villiger on personnel change in Alexandria 6/7/1852; Murphy on education of Missouri personnel in Maryland 6/11/1852; Cattani on Poschenrieder's failure to deliver painting for Paradise church 6/17/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 16 Correspondence [220 S1-10]
Apr 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: 3 from Barbelin on misc., progress of parochial schools in Philadelphia 4/?, 21, & 28/1852 refusing Finotti 4/5/1852, regretting Finotti's assignment there 4/8/1852; Eck on Redemptorists' city churches Apr 1852, on misc., including praise for Brocard, status of German church in Boston 4/6/1852; 3 from Paresce on misc., Finotti's departure 4/4, 6, & 10/1852; B. Villiger refusing Finotti 4/5/1852; 2 from Ciampi in praise of Brocard, encouragement to Aschwanden 4/5 & 25/1852; McElroy on death of Brocard 4/6/1852. Also includes ALS from George Carrell, SJ to Stonestreet on misc. 4/3 & 30/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 17 Correspondence [220 S11-20]
Apr-Jul 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Aschwanden from: Finotti on financial mismanagement at Alexandria, expulsion from Society 4/8/1852 with apologies 4/11/1852; 2 from Bapst with history of Maine mission 4/9 & 23/1852; McElroy on retaining Bro. Lynch at St. Mary's, Boston 4/21/1852; Ciampi on Finotti's reentering Society 4/13/1852; Clarke on purchase of Carmelite property in Baltimore 4/15/1852 on establishing college in Baltimore 4/22/1852; Murphy in praise of Brocard 4/15 & 7/25/1852; Enders on financing new church at Gettysburg 4/20/1852, on same 4/30/1852; 4 from Paresce on misc. 4/22, 5/22, 5/28, 6/6/1852; from Abp Kenrick on confirmations 1852. Also includes letter to S. Barber from 3 Scholastics at Washington Seminary protesting production of play as detrimental to boys there 4/15/1852; 2 from Murphy to Stonestreet on misc. 4/19 & 22/1852; from Rev. L'homme to Stonestreet on Baltimore college 4/20/1852; from Roothaan to Brocard promotio ad gradum 4/22/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 18 Correspondence [220 T1-8]
Feb-Mar 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Barbelin on misc. at Philadelphia, Ryder's proposal to travel to California 3/3/1852, arrival of Finotti, apptmnt of Neuman as Bp of Philadelphia 3/8/1852; McElroy on proposal to purchase property of old jail on Leverett St. in Boston 3/4/1852; 4 from Ciampi on misc. 3/4, 5, 18, & 25/1852; Clarke on misc. 2/18/1852; 3 from Finotti on debts contracted in Alexandria 3/9, 12/ & 16/1852; Blox on misc. at Conewago 3/12/1852. Also includes Brocard's authorization of Mary McDaniel's receipt of contributions for repair of Queen's Chapel, Annapolis 3/13/1852; ALS from Brocard to McElroy advising purchase of old jail property on Leverett St. Boston 3/7/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 19 Correspondence [220 T9-17]
Mar 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Polk asking power of attorney 3/13/1852; 2 from B. Villiger on obtaining personnel for St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia from Frederick 3/14 & 21/1852, on same 3/21/1852; from Wiget on cancellation of retreat 3/14/1852; Enders on reduction of plan for church at Gettysburg 3/15/1852; Sr. Mary Angela Harrison on arranging retreat 3/24/1852; Barbelin on progress of Catholic schools in Philadelphia 3/25/1852; Clarke advising purchase of Carmelite property in Baltimore 3/26/1852; Bapst on plans to form New England Province, state of Maine Missions, advice to establish a college in Bangor 3/31/1852. Also contains ALS to Aschwanded from: G. Villiger with statement of Finotti's doings at Alexandria including debts contracted 3/29/1852; Frederick de Travers, SJ on whether or not to return to Europe 3/30/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 20 Correspondence [220 W1-10]
ca. Nov 1851-Mar 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: S. Barber on being relieved as Rector of Frederick Novitiate (undated, prob. Nov 1851), on enrollment at Washington Seminary 2/2/1852; Vicinanza on mental condition plus letters of Clarke and Knackstedt attesting to condition Jan-Apr 1852; 2 from T. Lilly with St. Inigoes fructus spiritualis, news of church building at St. George's Island 2/10/1852; Bro. C. Menke on Eck's complaints against him 2/3/1852; from Ciampi on legal status of Healy brothers in regard to father's legacy under Georgia law 2/2/1852, on misc. 2/9, 16, & 25/1852; B. Villiger with description of Philadelphia personnel 2/3/1852; Barbelin on anti-Jesuit meeting among Germans in Philadelphia 2/3/1852; 3 from Eck on German church in Boston, misc. 2/5, 3/4, & 12/1852; Tueffer on Wytheville, VA, mission, offer of St. Joseph's church in Petersburg 2/6/1852; Ryder on favorable feeling of people toward Society in Philadelphia 2/9/1852; Bapst on misc., including state of Ellsworth, ME, church, contribution of Penobscot tribe to Bangor church 2/11/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 21 Correspondence [220 W11-23]
Feb 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Bally on proposal to divide Goshenhoppen farm, insure church 2/12, 4/19, 6/23, & 8/4/1852; Lynch on state of St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 2/3, 12/1852; Early on missions to Wilmington, DE, Baltmore, Philadelphia, Conewago 2/13/1852, on same 2/23/1852; Barbelin on status of Philadelphia properties, Polk's removal from German church in Philadelphia 2/14 & 16/1852; Enders on amount of subscriptions for Gettysburg church 2/19/1852; A. Lornton (?), SJ asking placement of student 2/22/1852; 2 from McElroy on misc. 2/23 & 27/1852; Polk in praise of Pallhuber's work for German congregation in Richmond 2/26/1852; Blox on success of St. Patrick's, Washington 2/27/1852; Enders with annual report of Conewago Mission 2/28/1852; Bixio asking for personnel for Alexandria 2/3/1852. Also includes ALS from Brocard to McElroy on latter's plan to open new house and college in Boston 2/21/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 22 Correspondence [220 Z1-10]
Jan-Jul 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: Bro. Richard Wooton general complaints against White Marsh management (undated); G. Gerard asking to be received into Society 1/2, 2/5, & 3/1/1852; 2 from Ciampi on Finegan's dismissal, misc. at Holy Cross 1/5 & 14/1852 (includes photocopy of second letter); B. Villiger on personnel matters at St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia 1/6/1852; J. Bauermeister, SJ on returning to Europe 1/6/1852; Barbelin on unavailability of oil stocks in Philadelphia, need for teachers at St. Joseph's College 1/7/1852, good reputation of St. Joseph's College 1/13/1852; Eck on establishment of Sodality at Holy Trinity, Boston, misc. 1/10/1852; PRN conditions on which Holy Trinity, Philadelphia can reopen as German church 1/12/1852; 3 from James Moore, SJ on misc. and complaints 1/14, 6/8, & 7/3/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 23 Correspondence [220 Z11-17]
Jan 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: McElroy on St. Mary's, Boston, fructus spiritualis of 1851, thwarted sale of Leverett St., Boston, property 1/15/1852; Eck on Society charge of German congregation in Boston 1/17/1852; B. Villiger on misc., reopening of Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, as German church 1/17/1852; Bixio with complaints against Finotti's regime in Alexandria, esp. increase of debt 1/20/1852; Ciampi on misc. 1/20, 25, & 27/1852; Finotti on unsuccessful claim to Reid estate in Fairfax County 1/21/1852; T. Mulledy on debts of St. John's College, Frederick 1/21/1852. Also includes ALS from Paresce to Lancaster on Novitiate expenses for 1851 1/20/1852.

Box: 73 Fold: 24 Correspondence [220 Z18-26]
Jan-Feb 1852

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Brocard from: B. Villiger on difficulties involved in Society assumption of German congregations 1/21/1852; Murphy on upcoming meeting of Provincials in Baltimore 1/22/1852, on recall of German Fathers from Missouri missions 1/30/1852; Barbelin on German congregations, appointment of Neuman as Bp of Philadelphia 1/22/1852; Ward on difficulties at Washington Seminary 1/22/1852; Aloysius Janalik on misc. 1/23/1852; Cattani on sister's death in Bavaria 1/26/1852; Power on Bohemia fructus spiritualis for 1851 1/29/1852; Abp Kenrick on misc. 1/30/1852. Also includes ALS from Brocard to McElroy on thwarted purchase of old jail on Leverett St., Boston 1/25/1852.

Box: 74 Fold: 1 Correspondence to G. Fenwick [221 A]

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS to G. Fenwick from various senders. Includes several from Patrick Healy (some including ALS to Patrick from brother James); from Ciampi, Blenkinsop, Cicaterri, et al.

Box: 74 Fold: 2 Correspondence from Early to G. Fenwick [221 B1-11]
Feb-Dec 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Early to G. Fenwick on: difficulties for Loyola College, plans for expansion 2/17/1853; on anti-Catholic riot in Charlestown, MA, Liguorian mission at St. Mary's, Philadelphia 3/10/1853; reopening of Holy Cross 4/24/1853; S. Mulledy's difficulties, proposal to buy old jail property on Leverett St., Boston, burning of White Marsh 5/16/1853; collections for rebuilding Holy Cross College, McElroy's opposition to College 7/1/1853; delay in rebuilding Holy Cross, McElroy's continued opposition 8/7/1853; enrollment at Holy Cross, misc. 10/20/1853; P. Healy's departure for Worcester, misc. 10/27 & 11/15/1853; completion of brickwork at Holy Cross, misc. 11/21/1853; misc. 12/4/1853. Also includes ALS from Ciampi on death of Hugh Healy in Montreal, collections for Holy Cross 10/4/1853.

Box: 74 Fold: 3 Correspondence to S. Barber [221 C-D]
Feb-Dec 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to S. Barber from: De Smet on misc. (note: letterhead contains plate of St. Louis University) 2/12/1853; Paresce on misc. 2/16/1853; 2 from F. McAtee on his studies 8/19 & 10/8/1853; Jamison on St. Joseph's, Philadelphia parish school 12/19/1853. Includes photocopy of ALS from Francis Saurelle to Stonestreet on US schooling for sender's children 5/29/1853.

Box: 74 Fold: 4 Correspondence of Wiget to Stonestreet [221 K]

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc. uncoded ALS from Wiget to Stonestreet on Frederick Novitiate matters.

Box: 74 Fold: 5 Correspondence of Polk to Stonestreet [221 M1-6]
Jan-Nov 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Polk to Stonestreet on: unspecified Philadelphia matter involving Bp Neuman 1/4/1853; need to acquire property in Richmond for church and college 3/8/1853; partial payment of debt 6/8/1853; difficulties with a Bro. Joe 6/9 & 7/14/1853; on deed of trust in Richmond 7/28/1853; wish to have girls' school in basement of church 11/22/1853.

Box: 74 Fold: 6 Correspondence of Clarke to Stonestreet [221 N1-4]
Jun-Nov 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN circular requesting funds for Catholic Institute's plans to distribute Catholic literature 10/11/1853; ALS from Clarke to Stonestreet asking help for St. Joseph's, Baltimore 11/8/1853, 11/27/1853; PRN circular on establishment of parish school at St. Joseph's, Baltimore 11/27/1853. Also includes misc. ALS requesting retreats for Eden Hall, Pikesville church, Mt. St. Mary's.

Box: 74 Fold: 7 Correspondence to Stonestreet [221 P1-12]
Feb-Dec 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Stonestreet from: 3 from Vetromile on St. Thomas Manor debt, need of repair 4/13, 8/13 & 19/1853, asking to return to St. Thomas Manor to settle financial difficulties 12/17/1853; Judge Wm. Merrick on breaking of Thompson will in favor of clergy 6/22/1853; Vicinanza on same, Vetromile's failure to pay St. Thomas debt 7/9/1853; 6 from Wiget complaining of Vetromile's mismanagement, St. Thomas' condition, misc. 11/21, 23, & 30, 12/14, 16, & 19/1853; Woodley advising against purchase of new property in Leonardtown, Sunday school in Leonardtown 2/22/1853, on clergy arrangements between Newtown and Medley's Neck 9/6/1853, on same 12/3/1853, on complaints of Sacred Heart and Medley's Neck churches 12/17/1853, list of mixed marriages in Newtown area 12/31/1853; Trustees of Medley's Neck congregation requesting priest, need for repairs to church 12/12/1853; T. Lilly on addition of lightning rods to St. Inigoes 7/29/1853; Dietz on church construction at White Marsh 11/6/1853; 2 from Matthew Sanders, SJ on confirmations at Bohemia, in praise of Clarke's stay there 5/30 & 8/24/1853. Also includes ALS from Wiget to G. Fenwick with list of priests buried at St. Thomas' 12/9/1853.

Box: 74 Fold: 8 Correspondence from Conewago to Stonestreet [221 R 1-9]
Mar-Dec 1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Stonestreet from: Cattani asking to stay at Paradise church 3/2/1853, on staying at Paradise 8/31/1853; Enders on misc., offer of Strasburg, PA congregation 4/27/1853, on lack of ready buildings at Gettysburg and Mountain mission 6/3/1853, on Cattani's staying at Paradise 8/31/1853, on construction of outbuildings at Conewago, preparation of Gettysburg deed 11/8/1853, Millerstown and Littlestown missions, on negative answers of Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of Loretto (on unspecified matter) 12/19/1853; Thomas Logan, SJ on improvement of health 11/3 & 7/1853; Bro. Wooton asking removal to Frederick (undated).