Box: 125 Fold: 13 Iturbide Correspondence to Lopez [1H 12.15-21]
Jul 1819-Nov 1820

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS 7/7/1819, 8/29/1819, AL with signature cut out 12/8/1819, ALS 2/2/1820, 4/3/1820, ALS undated, appears to be missing beginning, ALS 11/21/1820. Letters discuss administration of Valladolid, progress of insurrection, rebellion in New Galicia.

Box: 125 Fold: 14 Iturbide Correspondence to Lopez [1H 13-14b]
circa 1880(?) - 1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains old envelope with brief history of Iturbide and Lopez and nature of correspondence between them. Also contains 2 TLS correspondence between Woodstock Archive and historical library of Mexican Province.

Box: 125 Fold: 15 Correspondence to Jose Lopez 1816-17 [1H 15]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Lopez from his sister and friends, re War of Independence and family matters.

Box: 125 Fold: 16 Correspondence to Jose Lopez 1818 [1H 15]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Lopez from friends re Mexican War of Independence and family matters.

Box: 125 Fold: 17 Correspondence to Jose Lopez 1819 [1H 15]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Lopez from friends re Mexican War of Independence and family matters. Includes PRN papal Bull of Indulgence for souls in Purgatory, signed by Lopez.

Box: 125 Fold: 18 Correspondence to Jose Lopez 1820-21 [1H 15]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from friends re Mexican War for Independence and family matters.

Box: 125 Fold: 19 Spanish Correspondence to Jose Lopez [1H 16]

DESCRIPTION: Contains 32 letters (contained in sheaf) to Lopez from friends in Spain. Letters discuss Mexican War for Independence and Iturbide's imperial regime.

Box: 125 Fold: 20 Camacho Papers

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMsS and contemporary duplicates testimonials to the conduct of Don Antonio Camacho, canon of Cathedral of Valladolid.

Box: 125 Fold: 21 Camacho Correspondence to Lopez [1H]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from Antonio Camacho in Valladolid to Lopez, re Iturbide and progress in Mexican War for Independence.

Box: 126 Fold: 1 Conewago Book of Memorials [XK1]

DESCRIPTION: Contains bound book of visitation memorials for Conewago spanning 1831-1900. Also includes AMs memorials spanning 1870-82 plus PRN prescription of activities for Feast of the Holy Family 1896.

Box: 126 Fold: 2 Consultations [XM1-3]

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs record of extraordinary consultation of 8/28/1832 involving Kenney and recommending that Maryland Mission be reunited with Missouri Mission and made a province (includes proposal for consideration re release of Mission's slaves); AMsS instructions from Kenney to Wm. McSherry re latter's trip to Rome 9/4/1832; book of consultations spanning 1830-43.

Box: 126 Fold: 3 Book of Ordinations [XN1]

DESCRIPTION: Contains uncovered tablet book of ordinations by Kenney in latter's capacity as Visitor from Rome.

Box: 126 Fold: 4 Memorials and Memoranda [XP1-5]

DESCRIPTION: Contains memorial left by Kenney as visitor to Frederick 2/28/1831; Memoranda left by Kenney as visitor to White Marsh 6/1831; memorial left by Kenney to Conewago 5/8/1831; diary of Goshenhoppen 5/24/1833; Kenney's observations as visitor re slaves kept at St. Francis Xavier, Bohemia Jun 1831.

Box: 126 Fold: 5 Letter from Kenney [XR1]
Nov 15, 1830

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Kenney telling of his assumption of Superiorship of Mission.

Box: 126 Fold: 6 Books of Ordinations and Customs

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 composition books, one containing Kenney's memorial to Missouri Mission, second containing Kenney's ordinations.

Box: 126 Fold: 7 Memorials and Ordinations [XT1-2]

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs memorials and ordinations of Kenney.

Box: 126 Fold: 8 Relatio de statu missionis in America 1820 [XT3]
Oct 1820

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs Kenney's report on the state of Society missions in North America dated Oct 1820. Also includes TMs transcription of same.

Box: 126 Fold: 9 Correspondence of Kenney [XW5]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Kenney to Francis Maleve 2/21/1820 re administrative structure of Mission and Trustees of Georgetown College (plus March 14 memoranda on same); to Grassi 5/31/1820 re appointment of Mission Superior; James Wallace 7/30/1820. Also includes ALS to Kenney 7/27/1820 from Leonard Edelen re dismissal of Wallace.

Box: 126 Fold: 10 Correspondence and Travel Log [XZ1-6]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Kenney to Roger Sherry 7/31/1819; ALS from Kenney 4/26/1820; travel log covering return from Ireland to New York 9/26/1830-10/30/1830; ALS announcing arrival in New York 1830; copy of letter of condolence written by Kenney 9/1/1831; ALS from Kenney to Rev. Robert Haly 1/18/1833.

Box: 127 Fold: 1 European Correspondence 1821-23 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS personal correspondence: unsigned (possibly from McSherry) 2/24/1821; from McSherry to George Fenwick, SJ 9/28/1821; from J. Smith to John McElroy, SJ 10/12/1821; from Thomas Dilworth, SJ, to unknown 4/20/1822; letter in verse to Thomas Mulledy, SJ 9/4/1822; from McSherry to Fenwick 1823 and 9/30/1823; to McSherry from Aloysius Young, SJ 10/14/1823.

Box: 127 Fold: 2 European Correspondence 1824 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to McSherry from Young Jan 1824 and Feb 1824 (?); to McElroy from Fenwick 5/10/1824; to Fenwick 8/25/1824; to Fenwick from McSherry 9/12/1824, 9/28/1824; to McSherry from Fenwick 9/14/1824.

Box: 127 Fold: 3 European Correspondence 1825 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to McSherry from Mulledy 2/28/1825, 5/6/1825; to Fenwick (unsigned) 3/16/1825; to Mulledy from Fenwick 11/21/1825; to Fenwick from Mulledy 12/24/1825.

Box: 127 Fold: 4 European Correspondence 1826 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to Fenwick 1/15/1826; to Mulledy from Fenwick 2/2/1826; to Ryder from Dilworth 3/16/1826; to McSherry from Mulledy 5/4/1826, 12/8/1826; to Fenwick 7/6/1826; to McSherry from Fenwick 7/9/1826, 9/3/1826; to Fenwick from McSherry 7/14/1826, 9/30/1826, 10/2/1826; to Ryder from Young 9/12/1826; to Young from Ryder 9/13/1826; to Fenwick from Ryder 10/13/1826;

Box: 127 Fold: 5 European Correspondence 1827 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains personal correspondence ALS: to Fenwick 2/6/1827; to Fenwick from Bartolomeo Veratti 1/10/1827, 1/25/1827, 2/11/1827, 3/4/1827, 3/8/1827, 3/16/1827, 4/3/1827, 4/6/1827, 4/12/1827; to McSherry from Young 1/27/1827; to McSherry from Mulledy 1/31/1827, 3/17/1827, 9/27/1827, 11/1/1827; to Fenwick from Ryder 1/31/1827, 3/25/1827, 10/6/1827; to Fenwick from McSherry 3/17/1827, 8/16/1827, 9/14/1827; to McSherry from Fenwick 4/1/1827, 10/6/1827, 10/13/1827; to McSherry from Ryder 9/12/1827, 10/31/1827; to Fenwick from Mulledy 9/24/1827; various to Ryder 12/29/1827, 12/31/1827.

Box: 127 Fold: 6 European Correspondence Jan - May 1828 [XX]
Jan - May 1828

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to Fenwick 10/20/1828, 2/8/1828; to Fenwick from Ryder 10/23/1828; to McSherry from Mulledy 10/24/1828; to McSherry from Ryder 2/10/1828; to Fenwick from McSherry 2/13/1828, 3/10/1828; to McSherry from Fenwick 2/27/1828; to Fenwick from Grassi 5/31/1828.

Box: 127 Fold: 7 European Correspondence Jun - Dec 1828 [XX]
Jun - Dec 1828

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to Fenwick from Mulledy 6/3/1828; to Ryder from Grassi 6/3/1828; to Fenwick from McSherry 6/5/1828, 8/2/1828; to Fenwick from Ryder 6/5/1828, 10/10/1828; to Mulledy from Fenwick 6/22/1828; to McSherry from Fenwick 7/21/1828, 9/2/1828; to Ryder from Mulledy 8/30/1828; to McSherry from Dubuisson 9/1/1828; to McSherry from Mulledy 9/4/1828, 9/6/1828, 9/13/1828; to Fenwick from McSherry 9/8/1828; to John McElroy, SJ from Ryder 9/14/1828; to McSherry from Ryder 9/16/1828.

Box: 127 Fold: 8 European Correspondence 1829 [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS: to Ryder from Giuseppe De Albertis, SJ 1/6/1829; to McElroy from Rev. Michael D. Egan 1/28/1829; to Fenwick from Ryder 3/13/1829; to Ryder from Dubuisson 6/22/1829, 8/20/1829; to Fenwick from Dubuisson 7/8/1829; to Ryder from Fenwick 7/12/1829; to Ryder from McSherry 9/29/1829.

Box: 127 Fold: 9 European Correspondence 1830 and undated [XX]
circa 1825-circa 1845

DESCRIPTION: Contains various undated corresp and fragments of letters, mostly to Ryder from Italy. Includes several AMs letters to editor on various topics circa 1833.

Box: 127 Fold: 10 Scholastics in Italy (Correspondence 1819-20) [XX]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS originating from voyage to Europe and from Europe: Mulledy to McElroy 6/12/1820; Ryder to McElroy 7/13/1820, 7/19/1820, 9/24/1820; from George Fenwick to his mother 12/3/1820; Fenwick to Dubuisson 12/10/1820.

Box: 128 Fold: 1 Prefatory Letter [XXX]
circa 1825 - circa 1835

DESCRIPTION: Contains undated ALS apparently accompanying a gift from signatory Bro. Henry Rieselman of Missouri Mission.

Box: 128 Fold: 2 Consultor's Diary 1831-32 [XXX A]

DESCRIPTION: Contains bound consultor's diary for Missouri Mission.

Box: 128 Fold: 3 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX B1-C7]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence of Peter Verhaegen, SJ, and T. de Theux, SJ.

Box: 128 Fold: 4 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX D1-9]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from Verhaegen, de Theux, J. van de Velde, SJ, and de Smet, SJ. Includes much information on Kickapoo tribe, customs, and language.

Box: 128 Fold: 5 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX E1-7]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from de Theux, Verhaegen, Van Quickenborne.

Box: 128 Fold: 6 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX F1-8]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from Bishop of St. Louis to McSherry 1/12/1835. Also includes ALS from de Theux, J.A. Elet, SJ, Van Quickenborne.

Box: 128 Fold: 7 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX G1-9]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from de Theux and Verhaegen.

Box: 128 Fold: 8 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX H1-8]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from de Theux, VandeVelde, and Verhaegen.

Box: 128 Fold: 9 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX K1-9]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from VandeVelde, Van Quickenborne, de Theux, and Verhaegen.

Box: 128 Fold: 10 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX L1-6]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Verhaegen, de Theux, VandeVelde, Van Lommel.

Box: 128 Fold: 11 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX M1-12]
Jan - Aug 1830

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS correspondence from John Elet, SJ, Peter Walsh, SJ, John Smedts, SJ, De Smet, Henry Reiselman, SJ, and Van Quickenborne.

Box: 128 Fold: 12 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX M13-23]
Sept - Dec 1830

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Verhaegen, Van Quickenborne, DeSmet, and Elet.

Box: 128 Fold: 13 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX N1-17]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Verhaegen, DeSmet, de Theux, Van Quickenborne. Includes AMs Regulations of the College (presumably St. Louis College) plus photocopy of letter of 11/13/1829.

Box: 128 Fold: 14 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX P1-13]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: Verhaegen, de Theux, Van Quickenborne, Elet, to Dzierozynski. Includes financial report of St. Ferdinand Residence. (Note: original cataloger omitted P9 from the sequence. Thus there is no document bearing that number.)

Box: 128 Fold: 15 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX Q1-11]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: John Smedts, SJ, de Theux, and Van Quickenborne.

Box: 128 Fold: 16 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX R1-9]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: deTheux, Verhaegen, Van Quickenborne, to Dzierozynski.

Box: 128 Fold: 17 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX S1-11]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: Van Quickenborne, de Theux, Elet, to Dzierozynski.

Box: 128 Fold: 18 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX T1-11]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: Van Quickenborne and Verhaegen to Dzierozynski. Also includes catalogue of St. Ferdinand Mission.

Box: 128 Fold: 19 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX W1-10]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from: Van Quickenborne and Verhaegen to Dzierozynski, McElroy, Charles Neale, and Francis Neale. Also includes ALS from Edward D. Fenwick, Bishop of Cincinnnati, to Enoch Fenwick 5/17/1823. Includes undated AMs exerpts from account of Bishop's tour of Missouri area.

Box: 128 Fold: 20 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX Z0-7]

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN "Mission du Kentucky" (extracts of letters); AMsS agreement between Bp DuBourg and Charles Neale re Indian Missions in Missouri 3/19/1823 plus AMs copy of same; AMsS indenture of Bp DuBourg to Society in the name of Francis Neale 3/25/1823; AMsS agreement between Bp DuBourg and Francis Neale 3/25/1823; undated AMs list of property belonging to Society given by DuBourg; ALS from DuBourg to F. Neale 11/27/1823, to Dzierozynski 9/15/1824 and 7/10/1825.

Box: 128 Fold: 21 Missouri Mission Correspondence [XXX Z8-16]

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Bp L. Guil to Dzierozynski 10/24/1825, 5/18/1826, 7/2/1826; from Bp DuBourg to Dzierozynski 5/24/1826; AMsS grant of power of attorney to Mulledy from de Theux, Verhaegen, and Walsh 7/12/1831; ALS from Wm. McSherry to Dzierozynski 2/26/1832 re sale of bequeathed property in Missouri; diagrams and cost estimate for buildings for St. Louis College; ALS from Bp Leo DeNeckere of New Orleans to Dzierozynski re possibility of founding Jesuit college 7/20/1830.

Box: 129 Fold: 1 GU Alumni Association [556]

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN proceedings of Society of Alumni of Georgetown University for 1889, 1891, 1892, 1894-95, 1906-07, 1908-09. Also includes program to 1900 Sixth Annual Reunion of the Georgetown College Society of Philadelphia; address delivered by John A. Conway, SJ to the banquet of the Philadelphia Alumni Society 1/20/1902; letter announcing Centennial activities.