Box: 1 Fold: 1 Scrapbook I
Datespan: 11/28/1885-10/28/1888

DESCRIPTION: Contains large scrapbook including primarily newsclippings and some autograph manuscripts by MVD. Itemization is by page number with descriptions of individual news items.

[Inside front cover]

"Trespass Law in Maryland" (The Boonsboro Times, Thursday June 3, 1886). Concerns revision of law permitting the grazing of cattle on roadsides in order to prevent herds from wandering onto neighboring property.

"Gold Discovered" (presumable from the same paper as above). Concerns the discovery of gold on Keadle farm, purchased by A.C. Huffer and G.c. sNYDER.


"Recollections of Admiral Dahlgren" (The State, Nov. 28, 1885). Article by Charles Cowley (1832-1908), lawyer and author. Details naval activities of JAD from 9/2/1843 to 1861. Refers to JAD's meetings with George Ticknor (1791-1871) man of letters and historian; and Count Henri Gratien Bertrand (1773-1844), French general and companion to Napoleon I. Also mentions General William T. Sherman and Mrs. Deborah Cilley, wife of Jonathan Cilley (1802-1838), congressman and lawyer, with reference to the latter's death in a duel with William J. Graves (1805-1848), congressman and lawyer, and to the life of Cilley's son.

"Should America have a Westminster Abbey" (Capital, n.d.). Letter to the editor. Commentary in response to above-titled article by Canon Farrar in the Brooklyn Magazine.

3 small news items (c.1886-1888) re. MVD as author. Her novel, "A Washington Winter" (Boston: J.R. Osgood and Company, 1883), is mentioned.

1 small news item mentions Col. Ulric Dahlgren, son of JAD and his first wife, Mary Bunker.


"Gath" at Gapland, Md." A lengthy description of the mountain lodge of George Alfred Townsend, located on the battlefield of Grampton's Gap, "58 miles from Washington on the Hagerstown branch of the Baltimore and [obscured] railroad." Second half of the article details the crematorium designed and built in 1876 by Dr. Francis Julius Lemoyne (1798-1879), physician, abolitionist, and advocate of cremation (particularly from 1876-1879). He was also the organizer of the Pennsylvania Underground Railroad.

"Washington in Lent. Literary Investigation and Organization Among Women in Society." (The Press, March 22, 1886). Describes the Washington Literary Society, founded by MVD.

8 small news items concern MVD's social activities and recently published books, "A Washington Winter," and her novelette, "The Lost Name," (Boston: Ticknor and Company, 1886), as well as fiction appearing in the Brooklyn magazine, "Lights and Shadows of a Life" (Boston: Ticknor and Company, 1887.)


"The Collegiate's Flowers" (Notre Dame Scholastic, March 27, 1886). An 8-stanza poem "Affectionately inscribed to my dear young friend, Miss Ulrica Dahlgren" by Eleanor C. Donnelly.

"Medieavalism in Maryland." Describes the Dahlgren estate located on South Mountain near the scene of the battle lead by General Jesse Lee Reno (1823-1862). The house is compared to a medieval castle.

Printed newspaper announcement of two plays presented at Georgetown University in which John V. Dahlgren and Eric Bernard Dahlgren participated (1886). They were the sons of MVD and JAD. Both sons are alumni of Georgetown: John Vinton graduated A.B. 1889, M.A. 1891, LL.B. 1891, LL.M. 1892; Eric Bernard entered in 1881 but did not graduate.


2 small obituaries for Henry Schlueter (4 months), 1/4/1885 and Raymond A. Barnacio (infant), 1/4/1886).


"Recollections of Admiral Dahlgren," by Charles Cowley. (See same article, p.1).

"Early Marriages. The Opinions of Twenty Famous American Women on the Subject.' (The Press, c. March 1886). Comments collected include those from MVD and Rebecca Harding Davis (writer, 1831-1910).

Small news item (n.d.) describes MVD's new book, "The Lost Name."


"Retort Courteous." Small news item recalling some remarks exchanged by politicians at the Hartford Convention, 12/15/1814, Hartford, Conn. Reference to congressman Calvin Goddard (1768-1842).

Untitled news item re. Dahlgren estate on South Mountain known as "Fairview," MVD's summer residence (Baltimore American, May 22, 1886). Describes a tour of the property where MVD erected memorials to her first husband Daniel Convers Goddard (married 1846, died 1851), and to her her son by him, Lieut. Vinton Augustine Goddard, U.S. Army. References are made also to the death of JAD's son (by his first marriage to Mary Bunker), Col. Ulric Dahlgren, U.S. Army (3/4/1864), and to the return of his sword which had been lost when he was killed in action in Richmond.

3-4 other news items similar to that on p.5 describe "Fairview," the Dahlgrens' South Mountain estate.


"Something About Mrs. Admiral Dahlgren, the Society Star and Writer of Clever Fiction" (The Republic, Sunday. . .c.1886). Concerns MVD's travels in Philadelphia to gather material for a Quaker city society caricature. Mentions her close friendship with "Historian Bancroft," probably the American historian and diplomat George Bancroft (1800-1891) famous for his multi-volume "History of the United States."

Numerous other small news items (May-July 1886) concern MVD's book, "The Lost Name."


5 news items (1886) discussing MVD's activities as social starlet and author. Mentions her books, among them a revision (1872) of a biography of her stemson, Co. Ulric Dahlgren, which was originally written by JAD; and another entitled, "Legends of South Mountain," published as "South Mountain Magic" (1882).

Small news item: "Miss Dahlgren, the debutant daughter of Mrs. Vinton Dahlgren, has a stylish dog-cart, which she drives with a skill born of long practice." Reference probably to Ulrica Mary Madeleine Dahlgren.

[14a + 14b] 2 AMs poems, author not identified. [14a] entitled, "Arlington Cemetery"; [14b] entitled, "The First Violet."


"The Sign of the Cross." n.d. An anecdote by MVD.

2 news items re. the publication of MVD's novel, "Lights and Shadows of a Life" (first published in the Brooklyn Magazine, c. 1885; then published by Ticknor and Company, Boston, 1887).

"Society." (N.Y., 3/5/1888). Mentions presence of MVD at the Lotos Club.

"Abbess Makrena Mieczyslawska" (n.d.) Introudction to a translation by MVD from the original French of a testimonial by the Abbess Makrena Miecyzslawska of seven years of persecution for her Catholic faith.

[pp.17-27] Continuation of the translation above.

[p.27] News item (The Church News, n.d.) reviewing MVD's book, "The Lost Name."

[p.28a] Printed announcement of MVD's book, "Lights and Shadows of a Life."

[p.28b] AMs poem written in the memory of Louise Bayard, wife of U.S. secretary of state Thomas F. Bayard (1885-1889). She died, 1/31/1886. AMs is in the hand of MVD.


"Mrs. Dahlgren" n.d. Mentions MVD's return from her summer home on South Mountain to her new home at Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C. Also mentions a portrait sketch of MVD then in circulation, which erroneously shows her "as tall, slender, and youthful, with superb flashing dark eyres, erect figure..." when in fact, the article goes on to say, "she was of short stature, and much inclined to embonpoint since the almost fatal accident of a few years since. She has blue eyes..."

"Dahlgren Post 2 G.A.R. Prsentations and address by Col. C.B. Dahlgren" n.d. Article describes the occasion of an address given by Charles Bunker dahlgren to the members of Post 2 G.A.R. concerning the invention and use of the Dahlgren gun. Charles Bunker Dahlgren was the son of JAD and Mary Bunker, the latter's first wife. The article also recounts "some of the most celebrated occasions" when the Dahlgren gun was used.


Includes several news items concerning MVD's books, particularly, "Lights and Shadows of a Life,: and one entitled "Divorced" (Chicago & New York: Belford, Clarke and Company, 1887).


"An Historical Event. Kilpatrick and Dahlgren's Raid on Richmond." (Grand Rapids Daily Democrat, February 6, 1887). A long article detailing the fatal expedition led by Ulric Dahlgren to liberate Union prisoners in Libby prison on Belle Isle, Richmond, Virginia. He was shot in action, 3/4/1864.


Includes news itmes (1887) mainly referring to MVD's book, "Lights and Shadows of a Life."


Invitation card to the Merrick Debate presented by the Philodemic Society of Georgetown University, 5/12/1887(?). Another card shows Eric B. Dahlgren as a debater.

"Book Notices" (The Church News, 8/14/1887). Review of MVD's book, "Divorced."

[p.39] "Farragut" (Brooklyn Eagle, June 5, 1887). Concerning a memorial service held for David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870), naval officer and Civil War hero of the battles of New Orleans (1862) and of Mobile Bay (1864), as well as for other naval war heroes including JAD. The service was given by Dr. Thomas DeWitt Talmage 91832-1902), Presbyterian clergyman whose chruch was known as the Brooklyn Tabernacle. A lengthy transcription of the address by Dr. Talmage is included in this article.


Includes numerous small news items (1887) about MVD's book, "Divorced."

Small news announcements re. MVD and her daughter Ulrica's introduction to society. Also mentions a visit to the U.S. by MVD's daughter (from her first marriage) Romaine Goddard, aka. the Baroness de Overbeck of Gemrany, and of MVD's niece, the Princess Poniatowski of Paris, formerly Maud Ely-Goddard.

[p.43] Includes primarily small news items 91887) about MVD's book, "Divorced."

"The Dahlgren Shell Gun" (The Globe, Boston, 10/4/1887). News item announces that Charles B. Dahlgren will read a paper before the port Royal Society, Boston, entitled, "The Dahlgren Shell Gun and its Service during the Late Civil War."

[p.45] Various small news items (1887) concerning the various movements of MVD ie. her current residence (on South Mountain or alternately in Washington, D.C.). Includes announcements of the debuts of the daughter of U.S. Secretary of State Thomas F. Bayard (1885-1889), and of Ulrica Dahlgren in 1887. Also incudes news items re. a dinner party given by MVD for Cardinal James Gibbons (1834-1921). Cardinal Gibbons was archbishop of Baltimore in 1877 and was made cardinal in 1886.

Box: 1 Fold: 1 Scrapbook I
Datespan: 11/28/1885-10/28/1888


@ "The Dahlgren Guns. Their Construction and Effectiveness." n.d. Article recounting the lecture given by Charles B. Dahlgren on the Dahlgren gun to the Port Royal Society. Other similar articles are included. (See also p. 43.)

@ Other small news items (1887-1888) refer to MVD's book, "Lights and Shadows of a Life," and to Ulrica Dahlgren as well as to the daughters of Thomas F. Bayard.

@ [p.49]

@ "Georgetown University. A Brilliant Entertainment in Honor of the Pope's Jubilee." (Church News, December 11, 1887). Concerns the celebration at Georgetown of the Sacerdotal Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII. Hosted by the Class of 1889, officiating members included John Vinton Dahlgren, class vice-president. The latter also delivered a speech entitled, "Retrospect and Prospect" a review of the Pope's life.

@ Small news item mentions the social habits of Mrs. Frances Folsom Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland.

Box: 1 Fold: 1 Scrapbook I
Datespan: 11/28/1885-10/28/1888


@ "The Real Lincoln" n.d. Written by Ward H. Lamon, concerning the death (1862) of William Wallace, the son of President Abraham Lincoln.

@ "A Soldier of Fortune. The Remarkable Career of Admiral Dahlgren's Brother, Wm. De Rohan." (Graphica, December 16, 1887). Provides a detailed biographical sketch of JAD's brother William De Rohan (1819-1891). De Rohan adopted his mother's maiden name, De Rohan (sometimes known as "Rowan"), after a falling out with JAD, when he vowed never to be known by or associated with the name of Dahlgren. De Rohan was also an intimate friend of Joseph Mazzini (1805-1872), Italian patriot and revolutionary, as well as a lieutenant to Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882). Information is also given about JAD's other siblings, two brothers (Charles and William) and a sister.

@ Small news items (December-January 1887-1888) announcing the debut of Ulrica Dahlgren.

@ [p. 52a] "How to Behave in Society. Mrs Admiral Dahlgren Gives Advice to Debutantes." (The New York World, November 18, 1888). A long article written by MVD.

@ [p.53]

@ "Our Holy Father's Jubilee at Georgetown." (Georgetown College Journal, Vol. XVI, No. 3, December 1887). Written by Jasper A. Grant of the Class of 1889. Recounts the celebration of the Sacerdotal Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII. (See also p. 49.)

@ Several small news items concerning the social doings of the MVD and her daughter, Ulrica Dahlgren. Includes references to teas and dinner parties, the guests of which included: Mrs. Ann Eliza H. Rosecrans (wife of Gen. William Starke Rosecrans); Senator Francis Brown Stockbridge (1826-1894).

@ [p. 55]

@ Miscellaneous small news items (February 1888) concerning the social doings of MVD and her daughter Ulrica Dahlgren. Refers to dinner party given by MVD for Cardinal James Gibbons, and to the debut of Ulrica.

@ Obituary for Judge Henry A. Towne.

@ "No Recognition of the Great Services of Admiral Dahlgren" (1888). A disclaimer published by MVD concerning the general belief that she received a $50 monthly pension for the services rendered by JAD. "I am sorry to have to say that the very extraordinary services rendered the country by Admiral Dahlgren... have never since his death been recognized by the Congress of the United States."

Box: 1 Fold: 1 Scrapbook I
Datespan: 11/28/85-10/28/88


@ News item re. dinner party given by MVD in honor of Cardinal James Gibbons. (The Catholic Review, March 10, 1888).

@ In memoriam for Judge Henry A. Townsend. (See also p.55.)

@ Numerous small news items (1888) re. social activities of MVD.

@ News item about the history of the Dahlgren gun. Includes sketch. (The Republican, St. Louis, March 18, 1888).

@ [p.59]

@ "An Appeal to Women as Mothers" (Washington Star, April 3, 1888). Letter to the editor by MVD speaking against women's suffrage. Includes 3 commentaries in response.

@ "Our Heroes' Widows" (April 4, 1888). Includes a description of MVD's house at Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C.

@ [p.60a] AMs poem entitled, "The Sea" by MVD.

@ [p.61]

@ "A Catholic Lady on Woman Suffrage" (The Michigan Catholic, April 12, 1888). Reports MVD's views against women's suffrage.

@ "Personal Mention" (The Valley Register, August 29, 1888). Lists guests summering with MVD at her South Mountain estate. Includes, the daughters of the Drexel family of Philadelphia, and various senators.

@ "Clubs at the Capital" n.d. Reference to the Literary Club of Washington, D.C. of which MVD was hostess.

@ Small news item re. the illness and subsequent paralysis of William De Rohan. When she read of this, "Mrs. Dahlgren...sent funds and had De Rohan brought over [from Havre, France], and has since cared for him in her own house."

@ [p.63]

@ Obituary for Rev. Dr. William F. Morgan, rector of St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Chruch, New York. Another notice appeared in The Tribune, May 20, 1888.

@ Obituary for Alvin Vinton, Sr., a relative of MVD's. n.d.

@"Diplomats at Washington" (August 1888). Letter to the editor from MVD responding to an article on entertaining and etiquette in Washington, D.C. She quotes from her own book, "Etiquette of Social Life in Washington" (published in successive editions, 1873, 1876, 1881, 1894).

@ Small news announcement (n.d.) for MVD's book, "Divorced."

@ [p.65]

@ "Some Washington Widows" (The Philadephia, May 27, 1888). Written by Mary Logan Tucker, the daughter of Gen. John Alexander Logan (1826-1886). Recounts a tour of war memorabilia of JAD and Ulric Dahlgren owned by MVD.

@ "The French City in Ohio" n.d. Concerns the town of Gallipolis, Ohio, MVD's birthplace. Refers to the cemetery in which MVD's maternal grandfather is buried. "A pretty monument surmounted by a cross preserves the memory of John Peter Romaine Bureau, who came to Gallipolis in 1799, and of his wife Madelaine Francoise Charlotte Marrel." Their daughter Romaine Madelaine married Samuel F. Vinton (1792-1862) of Gallipolis and member of Congress. These are MVD's parents.

Box: 1 Fold: 1 Scrapbook I
Datespan: 11/28/85-10/28/88


@ "Woman's True Sphere" (The Catholic Citizen, July 14, 1888). Quotes a response by MVD to an essay read by N. Cary, entitled, "Woman's True Sphere," at the commencement exercises of St. Catherine's Academy. Concerning women's suffrage, MVD states, "We [women] hold the balance of power so long as we remain a neutral force and non combatants. It is our noblest mission to calm and soothe the passions of men."

@ "Widows of Four Famous Men." Same article by Mary Logan Tucker concerning Dahlgren war memorabilia. (See article on p. 65.)

@ 2 news items (August 1888) listing guests visiting MVD at her South Mountain home.

@ [p.69]

@ "Arousing Reception" (The Valley Register, August 3, 1888). Relates the occasion of a sojourn by senators John J. Ingalls and John Sherman at the Dahlgren estate on South Mountain.

@ "An Impromptu Meeting on the Mountain Top" (Herald Torch Light, Hagerstown, August 22, 1888). Same subject as above.

@ Small news item mentioning that MVD's son, "Eric Dahlgren, will in a few days enter Harvard College" (September 18, 1888).

@ [pp. 71-74] "The Woodley Lane Ghost" (The Evening Star, c. 1888). A short story written by MVD.

@ [p.74]

@ "A Sketch of Mrs. Dahlgren" (The Evening Star, October 24, 1888). Article quotes from a biographical sketch of MVD originally published in a book entitled, "Daughters of America." A following article appearing in Church News, October 28, 1888, cites as offensive a phrase in the latter quotation which describes MVD as "a devoted Romanist."

@ Anonymous letter to the editor of The Evening Star, n.d. The article

counters the accusation that the sufragette movement is tantamount to anarchy.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Scrapbook II
Datespan: 4/21/1877-1/15/1879

DESCRIPTION: Contains fragment of scrapbook (pages are marked 57 through 103). Itemization is by page number.

[p.57] 2 obituaries for Eliza Vinton Safford, wife of Dr. Robert Safford, and sister of MVD's father, Samuel F. Vinton. (April 1877).

[p.59] Obituary for Eliza Vinton Safford (The Zanesville Daily Courier, April 24, 1877).

@ "Dahlgren on Maritime Law" (The Albany Law Journal, Spetember 29, 1877). Review for a book by JAD, edited by Charles Cowley, entitled, "Maritime International Law" (Boston: B.B. Russell, 1877).

@ [p.61] Review of JAD's book "Maritime International Law." Reference also made to death of Ulric Dahlgren.

@ "Winter in America" (The Age, Melbourne, May 26, 1877). A report by an Australian travelling reporter on high society entertaining in America. An example is made of a soiree at the house of MVD. "Such evenings as that...are the roses in a whole desert of dreary receptions, where the wit was as dull as the diamonds were bright..."

@ News item by Mrs. Grundy reporting on the silver wedding anniversary of President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife, Lucy Ware Webb. MVD is mentioned as being a guest on the occasion. "The President attended Mrs. Dahlgren's first wedding when she married Mr. Goddard, of Ohio, so she is invited for this evening." (n.d.)

@ [p.63]

@ 4 small reviews (1877) of JAD's book, "Maritime Interanational Law."

@ News item re. President Hayes' silver wedding anniversary. (The Evening Star, 1878).

@ 3 news items re. the Woman Suffrage Convention held in Washington, D.C., January 8, 1878. Includes letter to the editor by MVD protesting a statement in a preceding article that MVD had "gone upon the floor of the Senate while it was in session and sought votes against woman suffrage."

Another item by Sara Andrews Spencer printed a retraction and apology to MVD.

@ [p.64a] News items re. Dr. Francis J. Lemoyne's crematorium (c.1876). (See also Scrapbook I, p.3.)

@ [p.64b] AMsS poem by MVD entitled, "To the President."

@ [p.65]

@ "Are Dreamers Drones? or the Relative Importance of Idealism and Realism" (The Catholic Universe, December 6, 1877). Probably also written by MVD, this is a transcript of a reading she gave at the Literary Society, Washington, D.C.

@ "The Woman Suffragists" (The Baltimorian, January 26, 1878). An exchange of letters to the editor, on the subject of women's suffrage, by MVD and Isabella Beecher Hooker (1822-1907), American philanthropist and reformer.

@ [p.66] AMs poem by MVD entitled, "To My Youngest Child John" dated Christmas 1877.

@ [p.67]

@ "Our Indian Policy" (The Sunday Herald, December 9, 1877). This long news item includes a letter to the editor by MVD as president of the Ladies Catholic Indian Missionary Association, Washington, D.C. Calls for recognition by the U.S. government of the "success...of our Catholic Indian missions in humanizing and tranquilizing the Indian tribes," in the hope that this might induce the government to abolish military supervision of the Indian tribes.

@ An ensuing statement is made by Ellen E. Sherman (wife of General William T. Sherman) entitled, "Our Catholic Indians" corroborating MVD's views. (Same article as preceding.)

@ (The Star, January 23, 1878) Letter to the editor from MVD re. protesting an allegation made by the paper that she was responding to articles written by Sara Andrews Spencer, chairman of the Congressional Committee on the National Woman Suffrage Association, in her pamphlet entitled, "Thoughts on Female Suffrage and in Vindication of Woman's True Rights" (Washington, D.C.: Blandchard & Mohum, 1871).

@ (The Star, January 24, 1878) Similarly, in a letter to the editor, Spencer writes that MVD is not familiar with her articles and could not have meant her pamphlet to be a response.

@ "Method of Paying Pensions-Relief for the Dahlgren Heirs" (The Post, March 27, 1878) Re. the compensation to JAD's family for his military inventions. However, "it is argued that the passage of the bill would establish a precedent...which might prove very expensive in the end."

@ [p.69]

@ "A Mild Rebuke" (Washington Post, January 14, 1878). In a letter to the editor, MVD introduces a transciption of a letter from educator Almira Lincoln Phelps (1793-1884) to Isabella Beecher Hooker voicing the former's views against women's suffrage and criticizing Hooker for what she believes is Hooker's advocacy of loose morals in the promulgation of women's suffrage.

@ "The Woman Question" (Washington Post, January 17, 1978). In a published letter to MVD Hooker responds to the misconception about the women's suffrage movement. She accuses MVD, Ellen E. Sherman and Phelps of advertising the misconception.

@ MVD in her turn responds to Hooker in a published letter to the editor (Washington Post, January 19, 1878).

@ [70a] AMs, poem by MVD. Opening line: "Ulrica, Eric and John..."

@ [p.71]

@ Untitled report (July 20, 1878) of a literary gathering, perhaps of the Washington Literary Society of which MVD was founder. MVD is reported as having given a reading of poem she'd written.

@ "Mrs. Beecher Hooker's Hearing" (The World, February 22, c.1878) Note: news item is damaged. Report on a Senate hearing granted to Isabella Beecher Hooker in response to a protest brought to the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections by MVD, Ellen E. Sherman and others against a proposed sixteenth amendment that would allow women the right to vote.

@ 2 news items concerning Ulric Dahlgren:

@ "Col. Dahlgren's Leg" (The New York Sun, March 10, 1878) concerns the burial of his amputated leg in a wall memorialized with an inscribed plaque.

@ "The Late Ulric Dahlgren - Incidents of the Last Days of the Gallant Colonel" (Herald, April 24, 1878). MVD responds to the preceding news item clarifying the facts about the memorial to her son's leg.

@ Obituary to Rev. Charles J. White, D.D. (The Star, April 1, 1878). A note by MVD indicates that he baptized her children, Eric and Ulrica.

@ [p.73]

@ "The Voice of the Voiceless. Mrs. Dahlgren's Argument Against Women's Suffrage" (Washington Post, March 7, 1878). Long article by MVD.

@ "Anti-Suffrage Women" (Daily Times, St. Louis, March 24, 1878). Another article by MVD against a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote.

@ 2 news items announcing MVD's opposition to the proposed amendment giving women the right to vote. (1878)

@ [p.74a] "The Siege of Charleston, Viewed Through Northern Spectacles" n.d. Long review of a book by Charles Cowley entitled, "Leaves from a Lawyer's Life, Afloat and Ashore."

@ [p.74b] "Notable Gathering. Quarterly Meeting of the Washington Literary Club" (Washington Post, April 8, 1878). News about the meeting with MVD presiding.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Scrapbook II
Datespan: 4/21/1877-1/15/1879


@ "Woman-Suffrage" (The Daily Times, St. Louis, March 17, 1878). A critical response to MVD's memorial, "Anti-Suffrage Women" (see Scrapbook II p. 73). This is written by Virigina L. Minor (1824-1894), suffragette and the first woman to claim suffrage as a woman's right and not a favor to be granted.

@ "The Baron de Overbeck" (Toledo Blade, April 15, 1878). News item about Baron de Overbeck, husband to MVD's daughter Romaine Goddard. Baron de Overbeck was put in command of the steamship America which was chartered by a British company.

@ "Astor-Paul" (c. June 2, 1878). News item reporting the marriage of William Waldorf Astor to a Miss Paul. The latter's mother was a sister of JAD's first wife, Mary Bunker.

@ [p.77]

@ (Daily Times, St. Louis, March 13, 1878) Untitled news item reporting on the Senate hearings of Isabella Beecher Hooker for women's suffrage and of MVD against it.

@ "Angled at Anglim's" (Washington Post, March 28, 1878). A review of MVD's translation from the original French of a monogram by Charles Adolphe de Pineton, Marquis de Chambrun, entitled, " The Executive Power in the United States: a Study of Constitutional Law" (trans. 1874).

@ [p.79]

@ "T.W.S.A. April Meeting of the Toledo Woman Suffrage Association..." (c.April 1878). News item re. meeting of the TWSA with a transcription of an open letter to MVD from its president Rosa L. Segur protesting MVD's stance against women's suffrage.

@ "Mrs. Admiral Dahlgren Replies" (April 11, 1878). MVD responds to the preceding article: "Its perusal offers a convincing argument...that women are apt to yield to emotional impressions, and thus ignore the logic of an argument."

@ "A Card from Mme. Dahlgren" (Chicago Times, April 11, 1878). Letter to the editor from MVD clarifying the facts re. the burial of her son Ulric's leg in the cornerstone of an ordnance foundry building (see also Scrapbook II, p. 71).


Box: 1 Fold: 2 Scrapbook II
Datespan: 4/21/1877-1/15/1879


@ "Sharp Words" (Toledo Blade, April 13, 1878). Rosa Segur of the TWSA replies to MVD's letter to the editor (preceding).

@ "A Poor Widow's Claim" (Woman's Words, vol 11, no. 15, July 1878). An ironic report re. MVD's claim for compensation for JAD's invention of the Dahlgren gun. "Her claim against the government has passed both houses of Congress, and is so worded that it must pass the Court of Claims... so that she will soon have $65,000 to use in opposing the rights of other women."

@ Poem by MVD entitled, "The Argo Navis" or "To President Hayes." Published in "Journal of the Fair, New York" (vol.1, no.23, November 18, 1878). (See also AMs of this poem in Scrapbook II, p.64b.]

@ [p.85] 2 news items re. the voyages of the steamship America under the command of the Baron de Overbeck. (The Straits Times, 2/23/1878 & 7/23/1878)

@ [p.87]

@ "The Dahlgren Claim" (Washington Post, June 11, 1878). News item re. the claim for compensation by MVD against the US govenrment for the latter's use of JAD's military inventions, including the Dahlgren gun. Several other small news items also report on this subject.

@ Letter to the editor (Natchez Sun, May 25, 1878) signed by S.P. Nutt, clarifying the legal claim of MVD and JAD's heirs for the above-mention compensation, concluding: "[JAD's] widow presents the claim because it is her duty, and in no way would she do anything to cast the slightest slur upon the fame of her distinguished husband. She is above all reproach."

@ "Our Future Admirals" (October 1878). Re. the presentation of the Dahlgren mdeal for excellency in gunnery at the Naval Training School in Providence, Rhode Island.

@ "Professor Masson" n.d. News item re. the memoir of Thomas L. Masson entitled, "A Life in Two Worlds." The article relates that "He will do nothing that is not in entire conformity to the conventionalities of "good society" and would not accept an invitation to meet the very select literary circle that holds its accustomed meeting at the house of Mrs. Dahlgren because she had not previously extended to him a social consideration or courtesy he deemed his due." Masson (1866-?) was an author, literary editor for Life magazine from 1893-1900 and a managing editor thereafter.

@ This page includes a small newspaper advertisement by William de Rohan, JAD's brother, re. "forming a party to return to the Colorado Mines, April 1."

@ [p.88a] AMsS poem by MVD entitled, "To Festive Wit."

@ [p.88b] Printed poem, probably by MVD, entitled, "Introductory to the Sessions of the Literary Society, season of 1877-78." Probably refers to the Washington Literary Society.

@ [p.88c] Printed poem, probably by MVD, entitled, "Complaint of the Cooks and Caterers of Washington Literary Society."

@ [p.91] Untitled news item reporting on the voyage of the Baron de Overbeck in the steamship America and of his being conferred the titled of Maharajah of Sabah by the Sultan of Borneo, after concluding successful negotiations for the cession of territory to the former's London-based company. Part of this land had formerly been ceded to the American Trading Company. Of Overbeck's achievement, the article states: "...this cession is one of the greatest secured by a commercial company since the days of the famous East India Company..." (Washington Post, Arpil 12, 1878)

@ [p.93] "The Boys of the Navy" (Evening Post, October 17, c.1878). Reports presentation of medals named after JAD on-board the U.S. training ship Minnesota docked in Newport, Rhode Island. Drills on this occasion included using Dahlgren guns.

@ [p.95] "A Critique on Franz Hueffer, Richard Wagner, and the Music of the Future" (The Bazaar Journal, September 26, 1879). Article by MVD.

@ [pp.96a-96b] 2 pages torn from the Congressional Record, June 12, 1878, publishing a congressional recommendation to settle the claim by MVD for compensation for the use of JAD's inventions by the US government.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Scrapbook II
Datespan: 4/21/1877-1/15/1879


@ A series of small news items reporting that MVD is to be married to one Charles W. Hoffman (December 1878). A retraction was then printed, in the Sunday Herald, shortly afterward.

@ Untitled article, n.d. re. renovations to the Dahlgren estate, "Fairview" on South Mountain., Maryland.

@ Small news item refers to MVD's manual entitled, "The Etiquette of Social Life in Washington" (Washington Post, November 29, 1878). This went into 5 successive editions, originally published in 1873, 4th edition in 1876, and 5th in 1881. It was reprinted again under a new title, "The Social-Official Etiquette of the United States" (1894).

@ "A Brilliant Gathering. The First Reunion of the Washington Literary Society." (Washington Post, December 16, 1878). Reports on a meeting at MVD's home in Washington, D.C., of the Washington Literary Society for the first time in two years.

@ News item refers to an advertisement posted in the New York Journal of Commerce by "a former citizen of Natchez, Gen. C.G. Dahlgren, who offers his recommendation for service as an accountant and expert forty years' experience in ships, shipping etc...."

@ [p.98] AMs fragment of a prose piece in MVD's hand. Begins: "The colored laundress I brought from the country with me..."

@ [p.98a] "Society" (c.December 27, 1878) News item about the eightieth birthday celebration of William Wilson Corcoran (1798-1888) a banker, philanthropist and native of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. MVD is cited as being unable to attend, although she sent him a poem to be read in his honor.

@ [p.99]

@ AMsS poem written Xmas 1878 by MVD beginning, "My dear Friend, Rev. Merrick (sp?)."

@ AMsS poem by MVD "To Mr. Corcoran on his eightieth birthday!" (c. December 1878).

@ 3 news items re. the doings of the Washington Literary Society, December 1878 through January 1879.

@ "A Contradiction" (January 1879) re. the misinformation promulgated by the Sunday Herald, December 1878 (see Scrapbook II p. 97) about the proposed marriage of MVD to Charles W. Hoffman.

@ [p.101]

@ (Catholic Telegraph, December 19, 1878). Letter to the editor re. the Washington Literary Society.

@ Includes 2 other news items re. the Washington Literary Society.

@ Untitled news item (New York Tribune, January 25, 1879). Excerpt of a dialogue about the author of the Wilmot Proviso, an anti-slavery amendment to President Polk's request for $2 million slush fund in order to bring the Mexican war to a speedy end; it never passed the Senate, 1846. It is claimed here that Samuel F. Vinton was the author: "...knowing that a Whig could not pass any such resolution, [he, Vinton, a leading figure of the National Whig Party] slipped [the proviso] to Wilmot, who proposed it." David Wilmot (1814-1868) was a senator, congressman and a founder of the Republican Party.

@ [p.103]

@ Articles from The Daily Critic (December 1878-January 1879) re. the Washington Literary Society.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 [Parnell, Charles Stewart] - Tintype

DESCRIPTION: Included with the two scrapbooks is this tintype, inscribed in the back in pencil with the name "Parnell?" Possibly picture of the famous Irish statesman Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891).