Box: 6 Fold: 8 Speech: Yale Drama School 1934 (Xerox fragments)

DESCRIPTION: Contains xerox copies of some pages from PB's speech to the Yale Drama School in 1934. Many lines are underscored in ink.

@ Includes ANS from PB to his mother, Mary Agnes Quinn Barry:

" Dear Mother - Patty Duke finally sent me the enclosed which you had sent by her months ago - it's marvellous! You should keep these papers with the rest of the speech. Love Phil."

Box: 6 Fold: 9 Speech by Ellen S. Barry: Theater Hall of Fame 1979
Date: 11/18/1979

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs of acceptance speech by ESB for PB's posthumous election to the Theater Hall of Fame, 1979. Includes invitation card listing other 1979 inductees.

Box: 6 Fold: 10.1 Manuscript Notes (Miscellaneous)
c. 1935-44

DESCRIPTION: Contains notebook with fragments of autograph pencilled notes by PB. Enclosed in an envelope annotated by ESB listing the contents of the book:


(Second Threshold)

The History of Clancy

(Here Come the Clowns)

Most Unfortunate

(The Philadelphia Story)

Bright Star

I have another book to show you too.

@ See next Folder 6:10.2 containing 2 pp. torn from this notebook.

Box: 6 Fold: 10.2 Manuscript Notes (Miscellaneous)
c. 1938-39

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 pp. torn out of notebook in Folder 6:10.1; approximately dated by Roppolo as 1938 (p.104). Entitled, "Daughter" (re "Stern Daughter"/"Second Threshold"), and "The History of Clancy" (re "Here Come the Clowns").

@ PB apparently kept voluminous notes when preparing his plays (see Roppolo, p.104).

@ Includes autograph note by ESB on blue envelope: "2 pp. PB. Small notebook photostated for book Brendan Gill."

Box: 6 Fold: 10.3 Manuscript Notes re "Second Threshold"

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Cass Canfield, Harper & Harper: "Dear Ellen: Enclosed is a page from the manuscript of Phil's play, THE SECOND THRESHOLD which you sent some time before we published the book..."

@ Includes 1 photograph of the page entitled, "Daughter" (see Folder 6:10.2), + xerox copies.

Box: 6 Fold: 11 Manuscript Notes (Miscellaneous)

DESCRIPTION: Contains notebook with autograph notes by PB. Includes notes for "White Wings."

Box: 6 Fold: 12 Manuscript Notes (Miscellaneous)

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph notes:

@ AMs, 1 p., "Where now the willing fountain that flashed first for, then after us?..."

@ AMs, 1 p., dialogue between characters, Mike, Dexter, and George from "The Philadelphia Story." Written on the back of an ALS from Guido Pantaleoni to PB, praising one of his plays (unnamed).

@ TMs, 1 p., announcing the marriage of PB and ESB.

Box: 7 Fold: 1 "Figure of a Girl" - Newsclippings

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings about the opening of the play in Boston. It would later be presented in New York, opening at the Lyceum Theatre, 2/9/49, under the title, "My Name is Aquilon." Both productions were by the Theatre Guild.

Box: 7 Fold: 2 "Here Come the Clowns" - Revivals: Newsclippings

DESCRIPTION: Contains clippings about revivals of PB's play, one of which was by a school drama workshop.

Box: 7 Fold: 3 "Holiday" (Phoenix Repertory Co., 1973) - Playbill
December 1973

DESCRIPTION: Contains Playbill Magazine showing cast for the play performed by the Phoenix Repertory Company in 1973.

Box: 7 Fold: 4 "Holiday" (Phoenix Repertory Co., 1973) - Program
December 1973

DESCRIPTION: Contains souvenir program for the production of "Holiday" by the Phoenix Repertory Company.

Box: 7 Fold: 5 "Holiday" (Phoenix Repertory Co., 1973) - Clippings

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings of reviews for the Phoenix Repertory Company production of "Holiday." Includes copy of a review by Kevin Sanders for ABC TV, sent to ESB with a note from Robert Freedman.

Box: 7 Fold: 6 "Holiday" (Phoenix Repertory Co., 1973) - Reviews
January 1974

DESCRIPTION: Contains various magazine reviews.

Box: 7 Fold: 7 "Holiday" (1983) - Program
June-July 1983

DESCRIPTION: Contains program for the production by the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Box: 7 Fold: 8 "The Joyous Season" (1934) - Review

DESCRIPTION: Contains review by Stark Young in The New Republic for the play.

Box: 7 Fold: 9 "Liberty Jones" (1941) - Playbill
Debut 2/5/41

DESCRIPTION: Contains Playbill Magazine showing cast for the play when it first opened at the Shubert Theatre, February 5, 1941.

Box: 7 Fold: 10 "Philadelphia Story" (Long Wharf Theatre, 1978) - Corres.
October 1978

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS to ESB from Edgar Rosenblum, executive director of the Long Wharf Theatre, which was to tour with the play. Includes printed brochure about NAMCO (National Artists Management Company).

Box: 7 Fold: 11 "Philadelphia Story" - Reminiscence by Ellen Barry
October 1980

DESCRIPTION: Contains xerox copy of TMs of and article on the reminiscences of ESB concerning the origin of "Philadelphia Story." References to Hope and Edgar Scott - the former being the inspiration for Tracy Lord.

Box: 7 Fold: 12 "Philadelphia Story" (Gala) - Photograph

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of PB at the gala for the play.

Box: 7 Fold: 13 "Philadelphia Story" (1980) - Programs
November-December 1980

DESCRIPTION: Contains programs for Lincoln Center Theater Company production of the play.

Box: 7 Fold: 14 "Philadelphia Story" (1980) - Notice
November 1980

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed announcement for the Lincoln Center Theater Company production.

Box: 7 Fold: 15 "Philadelphia Story" (1980) - Newsclippings
November 1980

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings of reviews for the Lincoln Center Theater Company production.

Box: 7 Fold: 16 "Second Threshold" (New York, 1951) - Correspondence
November 1950-January 1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains congratulatory correspondence to ESB from friends concerning the production and opening of the play in New York, January 1951. Includes:

@ Sarah and Anthony Beauchamp - ALS + envelope, undated.

@ Alfred de Liagre, Jr., who staged the play - ANS.

@ Armina Marshall (Langner), associate director of the Theatre Guild - TLS 1/3/51.

@ Gerald Murphy - ALS + envelope, 1/17/50.

@ John O'Hara - TLS.

@ Edgar Scott - ALS, 2pp., 1/3/51.

@ Robert Sherwood to John P. Marquand - 1 TL carbon, 12/6/50; 1 TL copy, 1 9/51.

@ Donald Ogden Stewart - ALS + envelope, 11/3/50.

Box: 7 Fold: 17 "Second Threshold" (New York, 1951) - Correspondence
c. December 1950-January 1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains telegrams to ESB re the opening of "Second Threshold," in New York, January 1951. Includes -

@ Charlie and Barbara Addams, Buford Armitage, Sam Behrman, Millicent and Clive Brook, John Mason Brown, Babs Caulkins, Ruth Chatterton, Janet Cohn, Marc Connelly, Paul and Mary Crabtree, Patricia Donovan, Midge and Sherman Ewing, Harold Freedman, Patricia and husband "Frere" Frere, Harold K. Guinzburg, Theresa Helburn, Loretta Howard, Polly Howard, Sherlee Weingarten Lantz, Lawrence and Armina Marshall Langner, Nedda and Joshua Logan, Mary and Os Lord, Jeff Lynn, Kitty and Gilbert Miller, Kitty Murphy, Valentina and George Schlee, Hope Scott, Bunny Semple (nephew of ESB), Edith and Lorenzo Semple, Irene Selznick, Madeline and Robert Sherwood, Donald Ogden and Ella Stewart, Poppi and Joe Thomas.

Box: 7 Fold: 18 "Second Threshold" (London, 1952) - Correspondence
c. September 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and telegrams sent to ESB about the opening of the play in London in September 1952. Includes -

@ Philip Barry, Jr., and wife Patric, Sarah (actress and daughter of Winston Churchill) and Tony Churchill (ACS), Clive and Millicent Brook (2 telegrams), Beatie and Jean Deleon, Jose Ferrer (telegram), Patricia Frere and husband (2 telegrams), Harold and May Freedman (telegrams), Katherine Hepburn (telegram), Robert Rooner (ALS), Margaret Shepherd (telegram), Donald Ogden Stewart (telegram).

Box: 8 Fold: 1 "Second Threshold" (New York, 1951) - Playbill
Opening date: 1/2/1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 Playbills for the play at the Morosco Theatre, New York.

Box: 8 Fold: 2 "Second Threshold" (New York/Boston 1951-52) - Newsclippings
c.April 1951-September 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings about the New York 1951 opening of the play, as well as of the later Boston production in 1952. The Sherwood production also toured London in 1952, with Clive Brook as Josiah Bolton.

Box: 8 Fold: 3 "Second Threshold" - Betsy von Furstenberg (Life article)
Issue for 1/29/51

DESCRIPTION: Contains an issue of "Life" magazine featuring von Furstenberg in the role of Thankful Mather.

Box: 8 Fold: 4 "Second Threshold" (London 1952) - Photographs
September 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains 28 b/w photographs taken of the full cast during various scenes of the London production. Includes Clive Brook and Margaret Johnston.

Box: 8 Fold: 5 "Second Threshold" (London/Brighton 1952) - Newsclippings
September 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings about the play on tour in England in 1952 (at the Vaudeville Theatre in London, and in Brighton).

Box: 8 Fold: 6 "White Wings" - Cartoon

DESCRIPTION: Contains clipping of a magazine cartoon of a scene from the play.

Box: 8 Fold: 7 "Without Love" (1942) - Program

DESCRIPTION: Contains souvenir program for the play, profiling the actors and actresses, including Katherine Hepburn and Elliott Nugent.

Box: 8 Fold: 8 "You and I" - Telegrams
c. February 1923

DESCRIPTION: Contains telegrams congratulating PB on the opening of his play. Includes John Mason Brown, Charles Hopkins, Edgar Scott.

Box: 8 Fold: 9 "Emperor of China" by Jean Pierre Aumont - Production Contract
Date: 3/16/48

DESCRIPTION: Contains the Dramatic Production Contract between Jean Pierre Aumont, author of "The Emperor of China," and PB and ESB, for stage adaptation. The play would be performed as "Figure of a Girl," in Boston, and as "My Name is Aquilon," in New York, 1949.

Box: 8 Fold: 10 "Foolish Notion" (1945) - Investment Agreement; Production data
Datespan: 1/2/45-9/10/45

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and contracts concerning the acquisition of interest in the management of the play. Includes TLS from Lawrence Langner (1/2/45). Also includes production cost estimates, and a cancelled check to the Theatre Guild from the Barrys for $12,500.

Box: 8 Fold: 11 "Foolish Notion" (1945) - Production Contract (copy)
Datespan: 1/2/45-11/2/45

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copies of the investment agreement between PB and the Theatre Guild in the production of the play, as well as the Dramatic Production Contract. See also Folder 8:10.

Box: 8 Fold: 12 "Foolish Notion" (1945) - Tax Deduction Application
Datespan: 8/31/45-5/21/52

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of an application made by PB, Tallulah Bankhead, and the Theatre Guild to the New York State Tax Commission for a tax deduction under the Unincorporated Business Tax Law, Article 16-A.

Box: 8 Fold: 13 "Holiday" (1978) - Filming Agreement
Datespan: 6/18/78-7/25/78

DESCRIPTION: Contains unsigned copy of the agreement for film adaptation of the play between ESB and her sons Philip S. Barry and Jonathan Barry with Columbia Pictures.

Box: 8 Fold: 14 "The Joyous Season" - Investment Agreement, Profit/Expense Statements
Datespan: 10/29/45-6/24/46

DESCRIPTION: Contains production agreement between PB, ESB and Arthur Hopkins, who produced the play starring Ethel Barrymore. Includes statements of cash receipts and disbursements for 1945 and 1946.

Box: 8 Fold: 15 "Liberty Jones" - Production Contract
Date: 11/28/40

DESCRIPTION: Contains a carbon copy of the production contract between PB, ESB and the Theatre Guild.

Box: 8 Fold: 16 "Liberty Jones" - Investment Agreement 1940
Date: 12/6/40

DESCRIPTION: Contains letter of agreement to invest in the play signed by PB, ESB and a Theatre Guild representative.

Box: 8 Fold: 17 "Liberty Jones" - Investment Agreement Modification
Date 2/5/1941

DESCRIPTION: Contains letter of agreement to modify the preceding investment agreement signed 12/6/40 (Folder 8:16). Signed by PB, ESB and the Theatre Guild.

Box: 8 Fold: 18 "Liberty Jones" - Samuel French Named Agent
Date: 6/1/41

DESCRIPTION: Contains agreement between PB, ESB and Samuel French naming the last as agent for the play.

Box: 8 Fold: 19 "Philadelphia Story" - Production Contract 1939
Date: 1/16/39

DESCRIPTION: Contains production contract signed by PB, ESB, and the Theatre Guild.

Box: 8 Fold: 20 "Philadelphia Story" - Investment Agreement 1939
Date: 1/19/39

DESCRIPTION: Contains letter of agreement from the Theatre Guild to PB concerning investment in the play.

Box: 8 Fold: 21 "Philadelphia Story" - Film Rights (Katherine Hepburn)
Date: 3/15/40

DESCRIPTION: Contains photostat of a letter of agreement from Katherine Hepburn to PB and ESB concerning reselling the motion picture rights of the play to the Barrys.

Box: 8 Fold: 22 "Philadelphia Story" - Film Rights Contract
Datespan: 2/28/40-4/1/40

DESCRIPTION: Contains photostats of film rights contracts signed by PB, ESB and Loew's Inc.

Box: 8 Fold: 23 "Philadelphia Story" - Samuel French Named Agent
Date: 6/1/41

DESCRIPTION: Contains contract naming Samuel French the agent for the play.

Box: 8 Fold: 24 "Philadelphia Story" - Production Contract
Date: 11/2/49

DESCRIPTION: Contains the production contract signed between PB and the American Theatre Society, Inc.

Box: 8 Fold: 25 "Poor Richard" (retitled, "The Youngest") - Dramatic Contract
Date: 3/27/23

DESCRIPTION: Contains a Standard Form of Minimum Dramatic Contract for PB's play entitled, "Poor Richard," later retitled and performed as "The Youngest."

Box: 8 Fold: 26 "Second Threshold" - Production Agreement for England
Date: 9/15/52

DESCRIPTION: Contains a carbon copy of an agreement between PB, Robert Sherwood and Jack De Leon Ltd., London, to stage the play in England. Includes TLS from Harold Freedman to ESB.