Box: 3 Fold: 32 Correspondence: Fraser, Hugh
Datespan: 12/6/74-2/20/75


@ 12/6/74: "Thank you so much for your letter. I shall certainly get to the Memorial Service for David..."

@ 2/20/75: "I think your memo for the guidance of David Jones' heirs and successors is admirable and I congratulate you on it. How very typical of the dear man to die intestate, but I think really your proposals are better than anything he would have been able to devise because of his great humility."

Box: 3 Fold: 33 Correspondence: Hagreen, Philip
Dates: 2/7/82; 2/14/82

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to HG. Hagreen, an artist, was a friend and contemporary at Pigotts farmhouse in Buckinghamshire where Eric Gill established a small, private artists' residence that included Rene and Joan Hague, as well as DJ and various members of the Gill family. It was at Pigotts that the printing press of Hague & Gill was set up, later moving to High Wycombe from 1936 to 1941 when it closed down after Gill's death.

@ ALS 2/7/82 - "Dear Harman - I can't address you as tho I were a stranger for we were both close friends of David's. I write to you because - when Rene was gathering matter for a big life of David, which came to nothing, I was able to tell him about how David suddenly became a master. I was sharing a workshop with him on Ditchling Common & now I am the sole survivor from Eric's enterprise. I must have written about twenty letters to Rene. I learn from Rosalind [Hague] that they may still exist & may be in yr care. Is this so?..."

@ ALS 2/14/82 - "Dear Harman - Great thanks for yr letter - I am glad to know that my letters, and other stuff about David, are suitably lodged."

Box: 3 Fold: 34 Correspondence: Hills, Paul
Date: 2/19/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains long ALS to HG, 4 pp. Hills is one of what John Matthias describes as the "third generation" of David Jones critics, which also includes Thomas Dilworth, John Peck, Jeremy Hooker, Neil Corcoran, Vincent Sherry, Kathleen Staudt, Patrick Deane and others: "It is with this generation, I feel, that David Jones criticism comes fully of age....In the work of these critics...criticism finally begins fully to recognize the poet and artist as a major figure who requires no special pleading, whether by Roman Catholics, Welshmen or historians of The War, but only a depth of understanding equal to his vision" (Matthias, "David Jones: Man and Poet," pp.19-20).

@ This letter concerns Hills' work on a catalog of DJ's artwork, possibly published later as "David Jones" (London: The Tate Gallery, 1981). See annotation by Samuel Rees in "David Jones: Man and Poet" by John Matthias, p.527.

@ Excerpt of the letter:

@ "I first met David in 1968 and visited him regularly until three weeks before he died. He seemed particularly pleased that I was trying to track down and catalogue his paintings and I well remember the interest in his eye when I was able to show him photographs of paintings that he had not seen for decades..."

Box: 3 Fold: 35 Correspondence: Hodgkin, Edward ("Teddy")
Datespan: c.1953-86

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS, 1 TLS to HG concerning DJ: contribution to the fund; obituary; and research on DJ by Thomas Dilworth.

Box: 3 Fold: 36 Correspondence: Honeyman, Stanley (a)
Datespan: 03/23/70-12/6/71

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence (TLS) from Stanley Honeyman to HG concerning fund raising for DJ, as well as other matters related to his welfare. Includes carbon copies of letters sent by Honeyman to Louis Cowan of The Chilmark Press and to Richard Burton, soliciting contributions to an annuity fund for DJ. In a short ANS to HG following the letter to Burton (10/12/71), Honeyman wrote: "Thought you would like to know - the Burton 1000 pounds is safely tucked away in our account at Coutts [Bank]." Also, xerox copy of TLS sent by Honeyman to Douglas Cleverdon and of ALS from Cleverdon to Honeyman concerning an exhibition of artwork by writer-illustrators held by the National Book League which would feature work by DJ.

@ Stanley Honeyman implemented the so-called "David Jones Fund," an annuity fund of bequests and contributions from friends of DJ. In "Dai Greatcoat..." Rene Hague describes Honeyman's role (pp.201-202): "David moved in April 1964 to a large room...at the Monksdene Hotel, in the flat suburban part of Harrow. There he remained until his slight stroke and fall in 1970, after which he spent his last four years in the Calvary Nursing Home of the Blue Sisters, on Sudbury Hill, Harrow. It was at this time that his need of money became pressing....In 1964 Helen Sutherland died and left David 6,000 pounds. At this point Stanley Honeyman stepped in, arranging for the raising of more money and for the purchase of an annuity."

@ Concerning the annuity fund for DJ, see also correspondence from Douglas Cleverdon, Folder 3:20.

Box: 3 Fold: 37 Correspondence: Honeyman, Stanley (b)
Datespan: 8/23/73-11/4/73

DESCRIPTION: Contains several TLS to HG and to solicitor Ben G. Jones of Linklaters and Paines, concerning the drawing up of a will for DJ.

@ TL copy to Ben Jones from Honeyman 9/13/73, seems to sum up the situation: "Harman Grisewood and I are still spending an enormous amount of time trying to resolve the question of David Jones' will. We have quite frankly come to the conclusion that dear old David will never, repeat never, settle down to drawing up a detailed will and testament in the usual way because of the temperamental and psychological difficulties of which we are all aware."

Box: 3 Fold: 38 Correspondence: Honeyman, Stanley (c)
Datespan: 11/18/74-12/16/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS and TLS copies to HG and Anthony J. Hyne concerning the disposition of DJ's estate.

@ Honeyman's letter to Hyne of 11/27/74 sets the tone for all correspondence regarding this matter: "[HG] and I will try and commit to paper in the form of a memorandum our joint assessment of David's attitudes, instincts and intentions regarding his possessions and this will be sent to you all as soon as possible. It will take a little time because we shall want to be as accurate and dispassionate as possible, and this is not easily achieved with a man who did not fall into any of the normal human categories."

@ Includes 4 copies entitled, "Memorandum re Possible Disposition of the Estate of David Jones." Also, includes 4pp. entitled, "Memorandum - David Jones," outlining recommendations for the disposition of specific categories of items, e.g., DJ's books and paintings.

Box: 3 Fold: 39 Correspondence: Honeyman, Stanley (d)
Datespan: 1/9/75-11/19/85

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from Honeyman to HG along with copies of TLS to Anthony Hyne, Nicolete Gray, and Kenneth Clark, concerning DJ's estate. Includes a xerox copy of TLS reply from Lord Clark to Honeyman 9/10/75 offering advice on the disposition of DJ's paintings.

@ A letter to note is the xerox copy of a TLS from Honeyman to W.A. Twiston-Davies, president of the National Museum of Wales, expressing his disappointment, at the discovery by Nicolete Gray who visited the museum while doing research for a book on DJ's paintings, that "not a single David Jones picture is on view." Honeyman concluded the letter as follows, "I have one consolation. On David's instruction, Ben Jones, Harman Grisewood and I produced a draft will providing for him to leave all his visual works to your Museum which in the event remained unsigned and David died intestate. At the time we were all disappointed at your loss but quite clearly divine powers intervened to put these possessions into more caring hands. I intended to follow David's wishes by leaving my personal modest collection and the considerable amount of archival material in my possession to you but they will now go elsewhere."

Box: 3 Fold: 40 Correspondence: Honeyman, Jacqueline
Date: 2/20/75


Box: 3 Fold: 41 Correspondence: Hyne, Anthony J.
Datespan: 1/29/75-9/15/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains 12 TLS, 3 ALS to HG concerning the disposition of DJ's estate. References to his sisters Mollie Elkin and Stella Wright, as well as to Christopher T.S. Belk, solicitor for DJ's estate and affairs. Includes xerox copy of TLS from Hyne to Stanley Honeyman 11/14/75.

Box: 3 Fold: 42 Correspondence: Jones, Ben G. / Linklaters & Paines
Datespan: 4/7/70-6/1/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from solicitor Ben G. Jones to HG concerning the drawing up of a will for DJ. Includes xerox copy of TLS from Stanley Honeyman to Ben Jones.

Box: 3 Fold: 43 Correspondence: Lewis, Saunders
Datespan: 5/16/59-12/6/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS to HG regarding the matter of DJ's will. The final letter, 12/6/74 expresses deep regret that he will be unable to attend DJ's memorial service.

Box: 3 Fold: 44 Correspondence: Moray, Barbara (Countess of)
Datespan: 3/24/70-12/17/71

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS postcard concerning DJ's welfare. The Countess of Moray was a friend and benefactress of the poet. In a letter (11/5/64) to Rene Hague, DJ wrote of her: "She came to visit me on my birthday...She's a wonderful person and has been very kind to me. I especially love her straightforwardness and total lack of affectation about anything" ("Dai Greatcoat..." p.216).

Box: 3 Fold: 45 Correspondence: Orr, Peter
Datespan: 9/10/70-9/7/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS postcard, 7 TLS to HG. Concerns DJ's welfare. ALS dated "Sunday 10th September" was probably sometime in 1970 after DJ had suffered a stroke and fall. Includes reference to Edward MacLellan, DJ's doctor during his last four years at Calvary Nursing Home in Harrow. Also reference to Jack Sweeney, a friend of DJ's.

@ Peter Orr was another caring friend of DJ's who made several recordings of interviews with DJ for the British Council and later broadcast by the BBC. Orr was head of recorded sound for the council in 1975.

Box: 3 Fold: 46 Correspondence: Pollen, Daphne
Datespan: 12/5/74-12/16/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS postcard concerning the memorial service for DJ. Arthur and Daphne Pollen were old friends of DJ's with whom he had stayed in June 1941.

Box: 3 Fold: 47 Correspondence: Richey, Michael
Datespan: 3/1/66-7/3/89

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ALS 3/1/66 to HG. Includes xerox copy of ALS from Rene Hague to Richey about Communism and Eric Gill; and copy of ALS 7/3/89 from Richey possibly to Thomas F. Burns. Both copies were forwarded by Richey to HG.

@ In her memoir on Rene Hague, Barbara Wall describes Richey: "...retired director of the Royal Institute of Navigation and well-known navigator in ocean races; after leaving Downside was apprenticed to Gill at Pigotts and remained close a friend of Joan and Rene until their deaths; his wartime service was in the navy as a minesweeper. Rene always referred to him as Mike R...." ("Rene Hague - A Personal Memoir," p.22).

Box: 3 Fold: 48 Correspondence: Rothenstein, Sir John
Dates: 4/9/70; 12/19/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to HG concerning DJ's welfare, and the possibility of exhibiting some of his paintings at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. Sir John was director of various art galleries including the Tate Gallery, London, 1938-64, was a member of the British Council, and was the author of many books on art, including one on Eric Gill (1927).

Box: 3 Fold: 49 Correspondence: Sandars, Nancy K.
Datespan: 4/23/70-4/27/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS to HG re her contribution to the DJ fund and later, about the disposition of DJ's papers. Sandars (1914 - ) is an archaeologist and historian.

Box: 3 Fold: 50 Correspondence: Skelton, John
Date: 8/15/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from sculptor John Skelton, brother of Christopher Skelton, to HG concerning a memorial stone he designed for DJ. Includes a xerox copy of the design. John Skelton also carved a memorial stone for Bernard Wall.

Box: 3 Fold: 51 Correspondence: Stone, Janet
Dates: 4/2/70-4/12/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS postcards to HG referring to visits to DJ shortly after his stroke and fall. Stone, a photogrpher, was the wife of Reynolds Stone a wood engraver.

Box: 3 Fold: 52 Correspondence: Stoneburner, Tony
Datespan: 7/2/69-3/6/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS to HG and 1 ALS xerox copy to Rene Hague, concerning work on "A List of Letters by David Jones, " (Granville, Ohio: Limekiln Press, 1977). This lists 700 letters to about 75 individuals. See annotation by Samuel Rees in John Matthias' "David Jones: Man and Poet," p.514.

Box: 3 Fold: 53 Correspondence: Sweeney, Jack
Dates: 8/11/72-12/13/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to HG, the latter one concerning attendance at DJ's memorial service.

Box: 3 Fold: 54 Correspondence: Wall, Bernard
Date: 5/4/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to HG with reference to DJ. Includes attached copy of TLS from Louis G. Cowan to Charles Monteith sending a contribution to the DJ fund, dated 4/29/70. Bernard Wall and his wife Barbara were neighbours of DJ along with Rene and Joan Hague and the Gill family at Pigotts from 1958 to 1963.

Box: 3 Fold: 55 Correspondence: Walton, Leonard
Datespan: 11/17/80-8/2/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS, 1 ACS postcard to HG concerning DJ. Includes several items by or about DJ -

@ Printed article in "The Harrovian" (11/15/80) about DJ's picture, "Tree at Harrow."

@ Copies of 4 ALS from DJ to Walton dating 11/10/63, 5/8/67, 5/11/67, 6/22/67. Also, copy of 1 ACS postcard postmarked 1974.

Box: 3 Fold: 56 Correspondence: Webb, Edward
Dates: 5/8/70, 5/11/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to HG concerning the welfare of DJ.

Box: 3 Fold: 57 Correspondence: Wright, Stella
Date: 11/9/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to HG thanking him for organizing DJ's papers.

Box: 3 Fold: 58 Correspondence: Wynne-Williams, Valerie
Dates: 10/29/74; 12/11/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to HG concerning the death of DJ. The wife of Michael Wynne-Williams, she was called "Elri" (Welsh for Valerie) by DJ. In a key letter to HG dated 6/27/59 (see pp.176-178, "Dai Greatcoat...") DJ describes his feelings for her -

@ "I know that an involvement in "Welshness" has an awful lot to do with my intrication with Elri...I'm paying dearly for my doctrine of signa! She's the only Welsh woman I've ever met really, and it came about through those letters to the Times in such a "fatalistic" and unplanned manner that perhaps I may be forgiven for mistakenly thinking that it must in some way be significant and not without meaning."

Box: 4 Fold: 1 Correspondence: 1964
Datespan: 2/11/64-5/12/64

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous correspondence regarding DJ:

@ TLS 2/11/64 to HG from Elizabeth Barber, general secretary of The Society of Authors, concerning DJ.

@ TLS 5/8/64 to HG from the BBC concerning recordings of DJ reading from his poetry.

Box: 4 Fold: 2 Correspondence: 1970-1979
Datespan: 3/29/70-8/10/79

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous correspondence regarding DJ. Arranged chronologically. Includes -

@ AN concerning a contribution from Lady Helen Asquith to defray hospital expenses for DJ, dated 4/10/70.

@ ALS (n.d.) and TLS (3/29/70) from William Cookson, editor of "Agenda," the London poetry magazine.

@ ALS 9/16/70 to HG from Philippa Farel, also a friend of DJ: "Lucy Dynevor told me about David's unfortunate accident. We are so sorry about his plight & would gladly help in any way we can." Lucy Dynevor, wife of Lord Dynevor, was the daughter of Sir John Rothenstein, head of the Tate Gallery, London.

@ ALS 4/1/70, 2 pp., to HG from Sir Julian Hall who according to HG "was very fond of David." Sir Julian also lived at Northwick Lodge at Harrow. The house was owned by E.V. Plumtre, mentioned in the letter.

@ ALS 3/1/70, to HG from John Ulbright.

@ TLS 8/25/72 to HG from Dr. Edward MacLellan concerning the health of DJ.

@ ALS 11/27/74 to HG from Alun Oldfield Davies, controller of BBC, Wales: I write not only as a friend but as President of the National Museum to seek your advice & guidance about David's pictures & drawings..."

@ 2 ALS 12/31/74, 12/19/74, 2 pp., to HG from Sara Pugh Jones concerning the publication of letters from DJ to HG. Reference also to Aneirin Talfan Davies.

@ 2 TLS 12/12/75, 12/18/75 to HG from W.H. Kelliher, assistant keeper, department of manuscripts, British Library. Concerning the disposition of DJ's papers.

@ TLS 2/14/76 to HG from Mark Heathcoat-Amory w/ reply from HG: "I have been appointed by the Executors to edit the letters of Evelyn Waugh...If you have kept anything that Waugh wrote to you, would it be possible to send it to me here?"

@ TLS 3/8/78 on letterhead of The Times, to HG from Philippa Twomey, a colleague of HG's at The Times.

Box: 4 Fold: 3 Correspondence: 1981-1985; n.d.
Datespan: 12/29/81-8/7/85; n.d.

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous correspondence regarding DJ. Includes undated correspondence. Arranged chronologically. Includes -

@ ACS 12/29/81 to HG from John B. Breslin, former literary editor of "America Magazine" and an associate director of Georgetown University Press. Includes attached article printed in "America Magazine" on DJ by Breslin.

@ ALS 8/3/81 to HG from Michael Stancliffe re "The Roman Quarry."

@ ALS 8/7/85 to HG from Tom Durham.

@ 2 ALS from Marie Miller (later Mrs. Paul Dean), an American student proposing a thesis on DJ.

Box: 4 Fold: 4 Correspondence: Cambridge University
Datespan: 6/11/81-9/16/83

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence concerning the disposition of DJ's estate, from Cambridge University -

@ Jeremy Lewison, curator, Kettle's Yard.

@ D.J. McKitterick, assistant under-librarian, Rare Books Dept. Includes a xerox copy of a typed inventory prepared by HG of papers of DJ deposited at the library.

Box: 4 Fold: 5 Correspondence: Coutts & Co., London
Datespan: 4/3/70-9/1/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence with HG concerning the "David Jones Fund." Includes some balance statements.

Box: 4 Fold: 6 Correspondence: Civil List Pension
Datespan: 1/4/53-3/3/65

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence regarding the Civil List Pension for DJ. Includes correspondence, in particular, with officials at 10, Downing Street, such as Sir Anthony Bevir (3 TLS). Also, from writer, educator, and publisher, Sir Herbert Read (1893-1968), ACS 9/15/53 to HG.

@ Regarding DJ's Civil List Pention, see also correspondence with Lord Kenneth Clark (3:19), and T.S. Eliot (3:27).

Box: 4 Fold: 7 Correspondence: Faber and Faber, Ltd.
Datespan: 4/16/70-6/25/80

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from Charles Monteith (TLS 4/16/70) re contribution to the DJ fund, and from Rosemary Goad at Faber and Faber. Goad's correspondence concerns various publications on the works of DJ including "Introducing David Jones," by John Matthias and "Dai Greatcoat..." by Rene Hague.

@ Includes xerox copy of TLS to Goad from Matthias 6/12/78 outlining his book.

@ Includes copy of a review by HG of "Dai Greatcoat," published in "The Tablet."

Box: 4 Fold: 8 Correspondence: Golgonooza Press
Dates: 6/10/77; 6/21/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to HG concerning unpublished work by DJ that could be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal "Sophia Perennis" for the centenary of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy.

@ The association of DJ with Coomaraswamy is described by Thomas R. Whitaker in his essay "Homo Faber, Homo Sapiens" (in "David Jones: Man and Poet" by John Matthias, p.466) -

@ "Though modern in its reliance on mediating signs, David Jones' quest for meaning led him toward a Christian orthodoxy that approximates what Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Eric Gill's most immediate intellectual master, called the philosophia perennis. The result was an apparent tension between epistemology and ontology at the center of his thinking about man-the-maker. He could propose that the thought we discover through our inductive making must be incarnational in mode and transcendental in final reference. No skeptic or agnostic would accept that yoking of the empirical to the theological. Nor would Gill or Coomaraswamy have put the matter in that way: though seekers themselves, they preferred the clarity of axioms and deductive consequences..."

Box: 4 Fold: 9 Correspondence: National Library of Wales
Datespan: 12/6/74-9/1/86

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence concerning DJ's estate -

@ TLS 12/6/74 to HG from David Jenkins, librarian - "I do not know if you are aware of the discussion which David and I had concerning his papers. Our failure to achieve the desired solution for both of us was his fear of legal documents which required a personal signture. I earnestly hope that the National Library of Wales will be able to acquire his manuscripts and letters, plus one or two of his paintings."

Box: 4 Fold: 10 Correspondence: Ulster Museum
Dates: 9/17/70; 4/9/71

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to HG concerning an exhibition of DJ's paintings.

Box: 4 Fold: 11 David Jones - Biographical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of typed biograhical data on the life and works of DJ.

Box: 4 Fold: 12 David Jones - Contributions to Periodicals

DESCRIPTION: Contains typed alphabetical list of periodicals that have published work by DJ from 1938-1978.

Box: 4 Fold: 13 "David Jones: Man and Poet" by John Matthias

DESCRIPTION: Contains xerox copy of a typed list of contributors scheduled to appear in Matthias' book on DJ.

Box: 4 Fold: 14 David Jones - Lecture by Harman Grisewood, Cambridge University

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs of lecture on DJ given by HG at Cambridge University. 41 pp.

Box: 4 Fold: 15 David Jones - Notes About
Dated from 4/23/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous typescript notes about DJ -

@ Typescript entitled, "Visit from Mrs Shepherd on the afternoon of April 23, 1970." 3 pp. Concerns Mrs. Shepherd's recommendations for new lodgings for DJ after his fall.

@ Typed notes, 1 p. about "The Anathemata."

@ Inscription drafted in HG's hand.

Box: 4 Fold: 16 David Jones - Dustjackets
Publication date: 1959

DESCRIPTION: Contains dustjacket for DJ's book, "Epoch and Artist" a selection of writings edited by HG, published by Faber and Faber, 1959.

Box: 4 Fold: 17 David Jones - Notices/Advertisements
Datespan: 1970-1977

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed notices for various events relating to DJ and his work. Includes notice for a performance by Tom Durham of passages of DJ's writings. Also announcement of a study by Rene Hague published by Christopher Skelton entitled, "A Commentary on the Anathemata of David Jones," 1977. Notices for exhibitions of DJ's artwork are also included.

Box: 4 Fold: 18 David Jones Society Newsletter
Datespan: November 1976-May 1978

DESCRIPTION: Contains issues 5 through 13 of the David Jones Society Newsletter, compiled by David Blamires.

Box: 4 Fold: 19 David Jones - Old Testament

DESCRIPTION: Contains a personalized copy of the Old Testament belonging to DJ; with flyleaf dated 1935. Includes a typed note by HG dated 10/26/83: "This book offers something of a mystery - the book itself and the use David made of it. It was evidently important to him as a book because he doctored it with his own inimitable surgery even to the point of tearing out the distinctive "Everyman" end papers which were an inoffensive Pre-Raphaelite design..."

Box: 4 Fold: 20 Newsclippings - David Jones Obituaries/Misc.
Datespan: 12/17/54-1/4/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings/printed articles about DJ. Includes -

@ "In Memory of a Maker," by Peter Levi. Text of a sermon delivered in Westminster Cathedral at the Solemn Requiem for DJ, 12/13/74. Reprinted in "The Tablet" 1/4/75.

@ News articles covering the restrospective exhibition of DJ's artwork at the Tate Gallery, 1954.

Box: 4 Fold: 21 Newsclippings - "The Anathemata"
Date: 11/29/1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings/printed articles about DJ's "The Anathemata" published by Faber and Faber, 1952. Includes essay by Thomas Dilworth published in "English Language Notes," entitled, "David Jones's Use of a Geology Text for The Anathemata."

Box: 4 Fold: 22 Newsclippings - "The Dying Gaul"
Datespan: 6/15/78-10/9/80

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings/printed articles about DJ's "The Dying Gaul and Other Writings," edited by Grisewood (London & Boston: Faber & Faber 1978). Includes a review by Philip Toynbee.

Box: 4 Fold: 23 Newsclippings - "Epoch and Artist"
Dates: 5/8/59; 5/22/59

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings/printed articles about DJ's "Epoch and Artist: Selected Writings," edited by Harman Grisewood (London: Faber & Faber, 1959).

Box: 4 Fold: 24 Newsclippings - "In Parenthesis"
Datespan: 6/25/38-4/6/62

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings of reviews for DJ's book, "In Parenthesis," (London: Faber and Faber, 1937.)