Box: 4 Fold: 25 Newsclippings - "Roman Quarry and Other Sequences"
Date: 8/22/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains a review by David Blamires in "The Tablet" (8/22/81) of DJ's book, "The Roman Quarry and Other Sequences," edited by HG and Rene Hague (London: Agenda Editions, 1981).

Box: 4 Fold: 26 Newsclippings - Reviews: Books about David Jones
Date: 8/22/80

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 reviews in "The Tablet" 8/22/80 of Rene Hague's "Dai Greatcoat: A Self-portrait of David Jones in his Letters" (London: Faber and Faber, 1980); and of John Matthias' "Introducing David Jones: A Selection of his Writings," (Faber and Faber, 1980).

Box: 4 Fold: 27 Newsclippings - William Etty
No date

DESCRIPTION: Contains magazine clipping of an article on the painting of William Etty. An accompanying note by HG reads: "Reproductions of Etty's paintings kept by David."

Box: 5 Fold: 1 "The Anathemata" - MSS
Datespan: 1949-1983

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of typescript entitled, "Part of the Anathemata - Fragments of an attempted writing by David Jones 1949." Over 43 pp. of verse with textual notes. Includes ALS 1/18/56 from DJ to HG accompanying the manuscript. A note by HG on the original envelope reads: "Typescript of part of the Anathemata with a manuscript letter from David sending it to me. This should be available to scholars & researchers," dated August 1983.

Box: 5 Fold: 2 "The Anathemata" - Manuscript Corrections

DESCRIPTION: Contains 9 pp. AMs pencil corrections by DJ for "The Anathemata." Note by HG on the original envelope (filed in curatorial file): "David's MS corrections to the Anathemata which he sent me."

Box: 5 Fold: 3 "The Anathemata" - Review by Harman Grisewood

DESCRIPTION: Contains manuscript (part typed, part autograph) of a review of "The Anathemata" by HG. 9 pp.

Box: 5 Fold: 4 "The Anathemata" - Review

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of a typescript of a review of "The Anthemata," possibly by Rene Hague. Marginalia is in Hague's handwriting. 11 pp.

Box: 5 Fold: 5 "The Dying Gaul" - Correspondence with Faber & Faber
Datespan: 8/26/76-12/12/78

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence between HG and Faber and Faber, publishers of "The Dying Gaul and Other Writings," edited by HG (1978). Includes 4 TLS from Peter du Sautoy, chairman of Faber and Faber, as well as from Rosemary Goad. Also includes xerox copy of TLS from Douglas Cleverdon to the publisher.

Box: 5 Fold: 6 "The Dying Gaul" - Correspondence re Permissions
Datespan: 6/26/75-9/24/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to HG from journals and the BBC concerning permissions to publish works by DJ in "The Dying Gaul."

Box: 5 Fold: 7 "Epoch and Artist" - Correspondence by T.S. Eliot
Datespan: 4/10/56-12/18/57

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from T.S. Eliot to HG about the publication of "Epoch and Artist: Selected Writings" by DJ (London: Faber and Faber, 1959). Total 9 TLS dated as follows -

@ 4/10/56

@ 6/27/56

@ 10/17/56

@ 12/10/56

@ 12/12/56

@ 6/11/57

@ 11/20/57

@ 12/3/57

@ 12/18/57

@ Includes TLS from Valerie Fletcher (married T.S. Eliot in 1957) 4/24/56.

Box: 5 Fold: 8 "Epoch and Artist" - Correspondence from Faber and Faber
Datespan: 4/18/58-7/9/68

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence concerning the publication of "Epoch and Artist: Selected Writings" by DJ and edited by HG (London: Faber and Faber, 1959).

Includes 11 TLS to HG from Charles Monteith and 2 TLS from Ann Faber, as well as correspondence from Rosemary Goad, secretary to Monteith.

Box: 5 Fold: 9 "Epoch and Artist" - Correspondence from Publishers
Datespan: 4/25/56-9/12/58

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from various publications regarding permissions to reprint works by DJ in "Epoch and Artist." Includes TLS from Thomas F. Burns, 9/16/57.

Box: 5 Fold: 10 "Epoch and Artist" - Preface by David Jones
Dates: 8/26/58-8/29/58

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of typescript (10 pp.) of the preface by David Jones. Includes TLS from Rosemary Goad (Faber and Faber) to HG: "As promised on the telephone this morning I'm enclosing a carbon copy of Mr. Jones's preface. I'm afraid you'll find a few gaps where we haven't been able to read his writing!"

Box: 5 Fold: 11 "Epoch and Artist" - Welsh Poetry
First published 1/5/57

DESCRIPTION: Contains the 1/5/57 issue of "The Tablet" (pp.10-12) in which DJ's essay "Round About a Burning Tree" was first published. It appears in "Epoch and Artist" entitled, "Welsh Poetry" (Section 1, page 56).

Box: 5 Fold: 12 "Epoch and Artist" - George Borrow on Wales
First published 1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs originally published as "Introduction to George Borrow's Wild Wales," 19 pp. It appears in "Epoch and Artist" entitled, "George Borrow and Wales" (Section 1, page 66).

Box: 5 Fold: 13 "Epoch and Artist" - Religion and the Muses
First published 1941

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs originally entitled, "Epoch, Church and Artist," 12 pp. It appears in "Epoch and Artist" entitled, "Religion and the Muses" (Section II, page 97).

Box: 5 Fold: 14 "Epoch and Artist" - Heritage of Early Britain
First published October 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains galley proof for the essay originally entitled, "Britain through the Ages," published in the "Dublin Review" October 1952. It appears in "Epoch and Artist" entitled, "The Heritage of Early Britain" (Section III, page 196).

Box: 5 Fold: 15 "Epoch and Artist" - Arthurian Legend
Dates: 1/21/39; 12/25/48

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 essays by DJ reviewing 2 studies by Charles Williams on Arthurian legend - "The Arthurian Tradition," (The Tablet, 1/21/39), a review of "Taliessin Through Logres"; and "The Arthurian Legend - A Study of the Posthumous Fragments by Charles Williams" (The Tablet, 12/25/48). The latter essay by DJ was published in "Epoch and Artist" (Section III, p.202).

Box: 5 Fold: 16 "Epoch and Artist" - A Note on Mr. Berenson's Views
First published 1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains galley proof of DJ's essay originally published in The Dublin Review, entitled, "Berenson's Aesthetics and History." In "Epoch and Artist," the essay is entitled, "A Note on Mr. Berenson's Views" (Section IV, p. 267).

Box: 5 Fold: 17 "Epoch and Artist" - Christopher Smart
First published January 1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs of the essay that first appeared in The Tablet under the current title. In "Epoch and Artist," the essay appears in Section IV, p.280.

Box: 5 Fold: 18 "Epoch and Artist" - Eric Gill, an Appreciation
Dates of first publication: 11/30/40; 3/13/48

DESCRIPTION: Contains issues of The Tablet in which two essays on Eric Gill by DJ are published: "Eric Gill, An Appreciation," (issue 11/30/40); and "The Letters of Eric Gill, An Appreciation," (issue 3/13/48). The former appears under its original title in "Epoch and Artist" (Section IV, p.296).

Box: 5 Fold: 19 "Further Note on the Great Divorce"

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 pp. typescript.

Box: 5 Fold: 20 "The Heart of Time" by J. Mambrino (Tranl. by D. Jones)
Datespan: 11/3/75-1/15/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains several AMs drafts (designations given below) of a translation by DJ of a poem by his friend Father Jean Mambrino. Includes 1 ANS and 2 TN by HG annotating the manuscripts which apparently presented something of a mystery initally because both inspiration and style seemed so foreign to DJ's. HG's note on 1/15/76, however, explains the context of the manuscripts:

@ "And what a surprising discovery the authorship is. Bernard Wall was a close friend of Fr. Jean Mambrino who I think died only a few years before Bernard. Bernard often spoke of Fr. Mambrino and showed me some of his letters. I knew he had met David but I did not know - until now - that Fr. J.M. knew David's work as thoroughly as he did; nor that he admired David's writing as intensely as he did.

@ "The Bard of the Passion, he calls him. No one else has said just that. The more one reads David the more it becomes clear that one cannot get very far into the heart of his writing without appreciating the depth and long continuance of his contemplation of the Passion. And the poem becomes highly perceptive when one understands what it is about and that it was a poem written for David. And evidently David by his translation of the poem responded to Mambrino's acute perception."

@ Includes the original AMS of the poem by Fr. Mambrino (in French, inscribed to DJ and dated August 1956) along with a TCS to DJ which reads: "Dear David, Yesterday afternoon was delightful. I wish I could thank you. Here is at least the promised poem, as a vanishing echo of a secret I cannot tell... God bless you. Jean."

@ The manuscripts in this folder have been designated as follows for inventory purposes. The order does not necessarily reflect original intention of the authors.

@ MSS designated (A) has 6 parts marked A1 - A6, including autograph note by HG.

@ MSS designated (B) has 6 parts marked B1 - B6, including 1 autograph and 1 typed note by HG.

@ MSS designated (C) includes typed note by HG; ANS from Fr. Mambrino to DJ; and AMS of poem (in French).

@ MSS designated (D) is 1 p. typescript of the poem in English.

Box: 5 Fold: 21 "In Parenthesis" - Fragments (copy)

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Thomas Dilworth to HG enclosing xerox copies of 10 manuscript pages by DJ of "In Parenthesis."

Box: 5 Fold: 22 "The Pursuit of Peace"
Date: 5/11/1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains 19 pp. mimeograph copy of an unpublished essay by DJ. See also related material in next folder (5:23).

Box: 5 Fold: 24 "The Roman Quarry"
Datespan: 4/16/80-5/9/80

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from Rosemary Goad (Faber and Faber) concerning the publication of "The Roman Quarry and Other Sequences." The book was, however, not published by Faber but by Agenda Editions, 1981. Includes copy of a typed report by Peter du Sautoy on "The Roman Quarry," when considered for publication by Faber.

Box: 5 Fold: 25 "The Roman Quarry" - Page Proofs (copy)
Date: c.1980-81

DESCRIPTION: Contains xerox copy of page proofs for the front matter of the book, "The Roman Quarry," by DJ. Includes foreword by HG and introduction by HG and Rene Hague. Also includes TMs of the foreword by HG.

Box: 5 Fold: 26 "Somewhere on the Western Front"

DESCRIPTION: Contains carbon copy of a typescript prepared by Rene Hague of an account by DJ of his experiences during World War I. 7 pp.

Box: 5 Fold: 27 Poems Celebrating the Marriage of Harman and Margaret Grisewood
Date: September 1940

DESCRIPTION: Contains typed copies by Rene Hague of two poems written by DJ on the occasion of the marriage of Harman and Margaret Grisewood.

Box: 5 Fold: 28 David Jones: Statement to Dr. Crichton Miller, psychologist
Undated: c. 1946-47 Bowden House period

DESCRIPTION: Contains 22 pages of autograph notes made by DJ about his sessions with Dr. Crichton Miller, one of the psychologists treating him at Bowden House, a nursing home at Harrow-on-the-Hill, after his nervous breakdown in 1946. Includes 2 autograph copies by DJ of a statement by Dr. James C. Woods written 11/20/1941 disqualifying him from military service.

@ A typed note by HG accompanies the file: "These notes are not yet suitable for inspection by the general public though they contain material which will be of considerable biographical importance; and the passages about painting are of great interest...But in ten or fifteen years the same sensitivities will probably not apply and the notes should then take their place among David's other papers as part of the archive..." dated 1/27/76.

@ For further information on the Bowden House period, see pp.131-141 in "Dai Greatcoat..." by Rene Hague.

Box: 5 Fold: 29 Painted Inscription/Manuscript
Date: 11/9/63

DESCRIPTION: Contains photogaph of a painted inscription by DJ on the reverse of which are AMS notes by DJ regarding the inscription.

Box: 5 Fold: 30 David Jones: Manuscript Fragments

DESCRIPTION: Contains 20 pages of AMs fragments by DJ.

Box: 5 Fold: 31 David Jones: Manuscript Fragments

DESCRIPTION: Contains 15 loose pages with accompanying identifying note by HG: "Loose sheets with David's handwriting."

Box: 5 Fold: 32 Art by David Jones - Sketches: Women

DESCRIPTION: Contains 7 sketches of women in pencil and ink.

Box: 5 Fold: 33 Art by David Jones - Miscellaneous Sketches/Painting

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 pp. of unfinished sketches.

Box: 5 Fold: 34 Art by David Jones - Inscriptions (Pencil drafts)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 7 pp. of primarily pencil drafts for his painted inscriptions.

Box: 5 Fold: 35 Art by David Jones - Unidentified (geometrical)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 pencil drafts of a geometrical design or compass (?) points.

Box: 5 Fold: 36 Art by David Jones - Paintings (Photographs)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 b/w photographs of paintings by DJ including one of "The Mother of the West" (1942); and 2 color photographs of paintings on the theme of the crucifixion. Includes photograph of a chart or map drawn by DJ delineating French and German Romance literature.

Box: 5 Fold: 37 Art by David Jones - Prints

DESCRIPTION: Contains prints of 4 paintings by DJ. Includes one that he designed especially as a Christmas card for Faber and Faber, 1961, signed by Charles Monteith.

Box: 6 Fold: 1 Correspondence: RH to HG
Date: St. Stephen's Day 1967

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS addressed from Shanagarry, dated St. Stephen's Day 1967.

Box: 6 Fold: 2 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 2/26/72-12/31/72

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS addressed from Shanagarry.

Box: 6 Fold: 3 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 2/2/74-12/14/74

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS, 1 TLS addressed from Shanagarry. Inlcudes references to the work of DJ.

Box: 6 Fold: 4 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 1/4/75-5/24/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS, 4 TLS addressed from Shanagarry. TLS dated 5/1/75 and 5/17/75 include carbon duplicates. TLS carbon dated 5/24/75 is addressed to Mollie Elkin. This copy was sent to HG. Refers to DJ's poem, "The Kensington Mass."

Box: 6 Fold: 5 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 6/11/75-8/25/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 TLS, 2 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 7/4/75, 7/9/75, 7/28/75, 8/7/75, 8/25/75. TL dated 6/11/75 is a carbon, no original.

Box: 6 Fold: 6 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 9/8/75-12/29/75

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 TLS, 2 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 9/22/75, 10/10/75, 10/14/75, 12/29/75. Also includes 2 ink inscriptions for Christmas greetings by RH. TLS carbon dated All Saints 1975 is to Mollie Elkin.

Box: 6 Fold: 7 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 1/19/76-3/15/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS, 2 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. 2 TLS dated 3/15/76, 3/28/76 are carbons, originals not included. The latter TLS, 3/28/76, concerns the disposition of DJ's papers. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 1/19/76, 3/15/76, 3/18/76.

Box: 6 Fold: 8 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 4/26/76-12/25/76

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 TLS, 5 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. TLS dated 4/26/76 is a carbon, no original. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 4/8/76, 6/9/76, 8/12/76, 9/22/76, 11/3/76. Includes ALS from Joan Hague to HG 8/30/76.

Box: 6 Fold: 9 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 1/2/77-5/11/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS, 1 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 1/2/77, 2/7/77. Includes 1 TLS 5/11/77 to Leslie Hope.

Box: 6 Fold: 10 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 6/7/77-8/29/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS, 3 TLS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 6/7/77, 8/29/77. A xerox copy of ALS from Rosalind Hague to RH and Joan Hague 5/31/77 is attached to TLS 6/7/77.

Box: 6 Fold: 11 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 9/15/77-10/28/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 TLS, 1 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 9/16/77, 9/25/77, 10/13/77, 10/23/77, 10/28/77.

Box: 6 Fold: 12 Correspondence: RH to HG
Datespan: 11/9/77-12/18/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS, 2 ALS addressed from Shanagarry. Includes carbon duplicates of the following letters dated 11/9/77, 11/18/77, 12/2/77.