Box: 4 Fold: 10 Address to the American Marketing Association
DATE SPAN: 03/16/1938 - 03/16/1938

DESCRIPTION: Address by MQ to the American Marketing Association.

Box: 4 Fold: 11 Dr. Dale and MQ: "Debate Screen and Education"
DATE SPAN: 04/02/1938 - 04/02/1938

DESCRIPTION: Reprint from the Motion Picture Herald.

Box: 4 Fold: 12 "What the Industry Faces in 1939"
DATE SPAN: 12/16/1938 - 12/16/1938

DESCRIPTION: An outline of problems and possibilities in production, distribution and exhibition, due for action in the New Year.

Box: 4 Fold: 13 "A Reply to Walter Wanger's Plea for Propaganda . . ."
DATE SPAN: 01/21/1939 - 01/21/1939

DESCRIPTION: Reprint from the Motion Picture Herald. MQ presents answer to Hollywood producer, declaring exhibition's rights and screen's interests.

Box: 4 Fold: 14 Miscellaneous Addresses by Martin Quigley in 1939
DATE SPAN: 03/31/1939 - 07/16/1939

DESCRIPTION: Addresses by MQ during 1939. Includes notes for the Center Club 03/31, Princeton University, 04/29, Chilean Reception to American Motion Picture Industry, 07/16.

Box: 4 Fold: 15 Address to Graduates, Niagara University
DATE SPAN: 07/10/1940 - 07/10/1940

DESCRIPTION: Copies of MQ's address to the graduates of Niagara University in 1940. Also, copies of MQ's editorial on "Grapes of Wrath."

Box: 4 Fold: 16 "Motion Picture and Morality"
DATE SPAN: 11/16/1941 - 11/16/1941

DESCRIPTION: Address at the Seventh Annual Congress of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.

Box: 4 Fold: 17 "The Screen-Content and Function"
DATE SPAN: 05/29/1943 - 05/29/1943

DESCRIPTION: Reprint from the Motion Picture Herald.

Box: 4 Fold: 18 "The Song of Bernadette"
DATE SPAN: 02/05/1944 - 02/05/1944

DESCRIPTION: Article by MQ, published by America.

Box: 4 Fold: 19 Miscellaneous Speeches by Martin Quigley in 1946
DATE SPAN: 05/24/1946 - 11/17/1946

DESCRIPTION: "A Holy Crusade," Address for the Catholic Press Association, Boston, 5/24. Address at the Diocesan Directors' Convention, New York 9/25. "The Challenge of The Times," address before the Alumni Association Catholic University of America, New York 11/17

Box: 4 Fold: 20 Miscellaneous Speeches by Martin Quigley in 1947
DATE SPAN: 01/14/1947 - 10/31/1947

DESCRIPTION: "The Movies as Entertainment," address at the Boston Institute for Religious and Social Studies, 1/14; ""Previewing Motion Pictures," address for previewing groups on 7/9; "The Challenge of the Popular Media," Buffalo 9/23; Imp Entertainment Film,PhilNov

Box: 4 Fold: 21 Editorials by Martin Quigley in 1947
DATE SPAN: 08/23/1947 - 11/10/1947

DESCRIPTION: Texts and related correspondence of two of MQ's 1947 editorials. Includes "Let's Get Going" and "Aftermath of the Washington Inquiry." Letters from noted figures from major motion picture companies.

Item list:

TLS from Spyros P. Skouras to MQ. 08/26/1947

TLS from N. Peter Rathvon to MQ. 08/26/1947

Box: 4 Fold: 22 Address to the Graduates of Belmont Abbey College
DATE SPAN: 07/08/1948 - 07/08/1948

DESCRIPTION: MQ's address to the graduates of Belmont Abbey College and High School, North Carolina. It was entitled "The Crisis of Times."

Box: 4 Fold: 23 Miscellaneous Addresses by Martin Quigley in 1949
DATE SPAN: 03/07/1949 - 07/28/1949

DESCRIPTION: Address delivered at the "Round Table Luncheon, " 3/7; Address delivered for the North Carolina Laymen's Association, 4/7; "Showmanship," Address delivered for the Meeting of Theater Circuits, New York, 7/28.

Box: 4 Fold: 24 "The Production Code, Its Characters and Purposes"
DATE SPAN: 02/01/1950 - 02/27/1950

DESCRIPTION: Text and related correspondence of "The Production Code . . . ," written by MQ for International Film Review. Letters from William H. Mooring, Andre Ruszkowski, Rev. Paul Facey, and Fred Niblo.

Item list:

TLS from Msgr. McClafferty to MQ. 02/13/1950

TLS from Will Hays to MQ. 02/27/1950

Box: 4 Fold: 25 "Christianity in Motion Pictures Today"
DATE SPAN: 09/02/1951 - 09/02/1951

DESCRIPTION: Text for an address delivered by MQ on The Catholic Hour, transmitted through the NBC Network, on September 2, 1951, at 2 P.M.

Box: 4 Fold: 26 "Red," Article on Maurice Kann
DATE SPAN: 05/16/1952 - 05/16/1952

DESCRIPTION: Article on the death of Maurice Kann, familiarly known as "Red," published in the Motion Picture daily.

Box: 4 Fold: 27 "Purpose of Art and the Principles of Morality in . . "
DATE: 03/07/1953

DESCRIPTION: "A Discussion of the Purpose of Art and the Principles of Morality in Relation to Screen Entertainment," address by MQ at the St. Paul's Guild, in New York City.

Box: 4 Fold: 28 "The Motion Picture Production Code"
DATE SPAN: 04/01/1954 - 04/30/1954

DESCRIPTION: Booklet entitled "The Motion Picture Production Code: Its Character and Its Purposes."

Box: 4 Fold: 29 "Careers Of Influence"
DATE SPAN: 10/08/1955 - 10/08/1955

DESCRIPTION: Address at Villanova University.

Box: 4 Fold: 30 "The Movie Code -- A Commentary in Perspective"
DATE SPAN: 01/23/1956 - 03/10/1956

DESCRIPTION: Two articles about the Production code: "The Motion Picture Production Code" and "The Movie Code, A Commentary In Perspective."

Box: 4 Fold: 31 "The Decency Campaign --Inside and Out"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1934]? - [06/19/1934]?

DESCRIPTION: Article written by MQ, released to the press on July 19, 1934.

Box: 4 Fold: 32 "Decency in the Movies"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1940]?

DESCRIPTION: A reply by MQ, to criticism of the Production Code.

Box: 4 Fold: 33 Address by MQ on the Faith in Our Time Series
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Address delivered on the Faith in Our Time series, produced by the National Council of Catholic Men in Cooperation with the mutual broadcasting System.

Box: 4 Fold: 34 "Morals and Movies"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1960]?

DESCRIPTION: Article for the Paulist Feature Service.

Box: 4 Fold: 35 "The Production Code"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1955]?


Box: 4 Fold: 36 "The Public's Mandate on Motion Pictures"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Originally reported in the Box Office Check Up.

Box: 4 Fold: 37 Short Stories by Martin Quigley
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Two short stories by MQ, "Bluff" and "A Lode of Life."

Box: 4 Fold: 38 "So Far So Good"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1960]? - [12/31/1960]?

DESCRIPTION: Drafts for the editorial of the 45th anniversary of MQ in the motion picture industry.

Box: 4 Fold: 39 "Sight and Sound"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Unidentified article.

Box: 4 Fold: 40 Personal Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 11/15/1960 - 11/20/1960

DESCRIPTION: MQ's correspondence on personal matters. Includes letters regarding his uncle, Father Patrick F. Quigley, letters regarding the death and burial of Peter Daly, copy of a letter from Terry Ramsaye to Mrs. Quigley, and copy of a letter to Cardinal Cicogna

Item list:

TLS from MQ to Gertrude Quigley.

Box: 4 Fold: 41 Honorary Degree at Loyola University
DATE SPAN: 05/03/1938 - 05/03/1938

DESCRIPTION: Copy of TLS by C.A. McQuillan, S.J., President of Loyola University, notifying MQ that he has been nominated as a candidate for the Honorary Degree of Doctor in Literature. Also, copy of the citation readwith conferring of Honorary degree on June 12,1938

Box: 4 Fold: 42 Honorary Degree at Niagara University
DATE SPAN: 07/10/1940 - 07/10/1940

DESCRIPTION: Citation read with conferring of honorary degree in Doctors of Laws on MQ. Also, text of the address delivered by MQ at Niagara University. In addition, press release regarding the event.

Box: 4 Fold: 43 Knights of Malta
DATE SPAN: 01/13/1941 - 01/13/1941

DESCRIPTION: TLS from George McDonald, Master of the American Chapter of the Knights of Malta, informing MQ that he has been elected as a member of that organization, and instructing him in his initiation procedures.

Box: 4 Fold: 44 Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
DATE SPAN: 11/04/1953 - 08/28/1956

DESCRIPTION: 5 TLS from Frank M. Folsom, Lieutenant of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, regarding MQ's advancements in rank. MQ received the decoration of Knight Commander, Knight Commander with Star, and the Knight Grand Cross.

Box: 4 Fold: 45 Knight Officer of the Order of Merit
DATE SPAN: 02/26/1961 - 07/29/1961

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence regarding the decoration of Knight Officer of the Order of Merit, bestowed upon MQ by the President of the Republic of Italy.

Box: 4 Fold: 46 Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice
DATE SPAN: 05/28/1956 - 07/06/1956

DESCRIPTION: TLS from Most Rev. Philip J. Furlong, congratulating MQ for receiving the decoration "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" from his holiness Pope Pius XII, and related press releases.

Box: 4 Fold: 47 Certificate of Commission as Kentucky Colonel
DATE SPAN: 07/07/1955 - 07/07/1955

DESCRIPTION: Certificate of MQ's commission as a Kentucky Colonel, signed by the governor of Kentucky, Charles K. Connell.

Box: 4 Fold: 48 Christmas Greetings
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Christmas greetings from MQ.

Box: 4 Fold: 49 Martin Quigley's Curriculum Vitae
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Numerous versions of MQ's curriculum. Includes biographical scketches and accounts of origins of the Quigley family.

Box: 4 Fold: 50 Mass Cards
DATE SPAN: 11/30/1963 - 11/30/1964

DESCRIPTION: Mass cards sent to the Quigley family when MQ died.

Box: 4 Fold: 51 Photographs I
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Ten photographs of MQ's testimonial luncheon.

Box: 4 Fold: 52 Photographs II
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous photographs. One four by three of Joseph Kennedy, five four by five, two seven by four, and ten eight by ten. Includes photos of MQ at ceremony at Loyola U. dinner parties and business meetings.

Box: 4 Fold: 53 Clippings / 1911
DATE SPAN: 10/14/1911 - 12/19/1911

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings.

Box: 4 Fold: 54 Clippings / 1912
DATE SPAN: 04/12/1912 - 04/12/1912

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings.

Box: 4 Fold: 55 Clippings / 1919
DATE SPAN: 11/29/1919 - 11/29/1919

DESCRIPTION: Clipping with picture of MQ, Jane Novak and Marshall Neilan.

Box: 4 Fold: 56 Clippings / 1925
DATE SPAN: 04/09/1925 - 04/09/1925

DESCRIPTION: Clipping from a French newspaper, regarding MQ.

Box: 4 Fold: 57 Clippings / 1930
DATE SPAN: 02/17/1930 - 11/21/1930

DESCRIPTION: Clippings regarding the Production Code.

Box: 4 Fold: 58 Clippings / 1932
DATE SPAN: 05/14/1932 - 05/14/1932

DESCRIPTION: Clipping of MQ's "Portents of Danger."

Box: 4 Fold: 59 Clippings / 1933
DATE SPAN: 10/02/1933 - 10/04/1933

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and press releases regarding Catholic views on motion pictures morality.

Box: 4 Fold: 60 Clippings / March 1934
DATE SPAN: 03/12/1934 - 03/27/1934

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings regarding movies and morals.