Box: 15 Fold: 18 Vatican Foreign Policy
Datespan: 9/30/50-10/3/50

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence, typed and printed information concerning the foreign policy of the Vatican from c. 1940-50. Includes TLS from Claude Bowers to CBL; "An Outline of the Relations of the United States with the papal States, 1848-1870 and the Missions of Myron C. Taylor, 1940-1950" by the Division of Historical Policy Research, Office of Public Affairs, State Dept., June 1950; a report by CBL on relations between Joachim von Ribbentrop and Pope Pius XII; reprint of letters exchanged between Harry Truman and Myron C. Taylor on the latter's retirement as the personal representative of the US president to the Vatican (1/18/1950). Also includes newsclippings re the Vatican.

Box: 15 Fold: 19 Associations - Correspondence
Datespan: c.1950-66

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence, solicitations, newsletters, brochures related to miscellaneous clubs and associations of which CBL was a member or invited member.

Box: 15 Fold: 20 Donations - Receipts/Solicitations
Datespan: c.1956-65

DESCRIPTION: Contains receipts and fund-raising solicitations received by CBL from various charities and organizations.

Box: 15 Fold: 21 Alfalfa Club
Datespan: 1/17/48-1/22/55

DESCRIPTION: Contains guest lists for the 35th and 42nd anniversary dinners of the Club. Includes reprint of the acceptance speech of Merle Thorpe on his nomination for the US presidency by the Alfalfa Club (1955).

Box: 15 Fold: 22 Alibi Club
Datespan: c.1884-11/15/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains receipts for membership dues; dinner program for Leverett Saltonstall (1966); and member lists from 1884-1957.

Box: 15 Fold: 23 Chevy Chase Club
Datespan: 3/28/44-6/8/65

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence relating to membership and member nominations. Includes correspondence from CBL recommending the nomination to membership of Jose A. Mora, minister and charge d'affairs to US from Uruguay (1948).

Box: 15 Fold: 24 Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc.
Datespan: 3/69-1/9/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsletters and reports.

Box: 15 Fold: 25 Commission on White House Fellows
Date: 12/12/67

DESCRIPTION: Contains letter from the Commission and list of participants.

Box: 15 Fold: 26 Joseph C. Grew Program of Japanese and Asian Affairs
Datespan: 10/18/61-1/28/63

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and information concerning the establishment of the Joseph C. Grew Program of Japanese and Asian Affairs at the Feltcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. Includes correspondence from Joseph Grew to James M. Gavin (TLS 1/4/60, 11/9/60); J. Graham Parsons to CBL (TLS 11/9/61); Robert B. Stewart (dean, Fletcher School); Thomas Cabot (TLS 11/21/62).

Box: 15 Fold: 27 Harvard Club
Datespan: 10/28/47-12/12/61

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and list of members in France 1960-61.

Box: 15 Fold: 28 Knights of Malta
Datespan: 5/12/59-6/29/59

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence re CBL's nomination to the Knight's of Malta. Includes TLS from Robert Murphy 6/29/59; TLS from Clarence B. Hewes 6/8/59; and information on the knighthood.

Box: 15 Fold: 29 Metropolitan Club
Datespan: 4/13/44-5/25/67

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence re member nominations to the club. Includes ALS from Charles S. Whitehouse to CBL 10/16/47.

Box: 15 Fold: 30 Princeton University/Dulles Oral History Project
Datespan: 8/20/65-9/21/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and typed statements proposing the establishment of an oral history project at the John Foster Dulles Library of Diplomatic History, Princeton University.

Box: 15 Fold: 31 St. George's School
Datespan: 1/11/45-11/30/65

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence relating to St. George's School, Newport, R.I., of which CBL is an alumnus. Includes alumni directory 1965.

Box: 15 Fold: 32 Carl Schurz Foundation
Datespan: 2/10/54-9/12/55

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from the Carl Schurz Foundation. Includes booklet commemorating 25 years of the foundation.

Box: 15 Fold: 33 University Club
Datespan: 9/9/48-4/11/62

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence re the club: membership dues, nominations. Includes receipts.

Box: 15 Fold: 34 Book Orders
Datespan: 9/1/43-5/11/67

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous book orders. Arrangement is chronological.

Box: 15 Fold: 35 Book Lists
Datespan: c.1933-68

DESCRIPTION: Contains book/reading lists of interest to CBL.

Box: 15 Fold: 36 Magazine Subscriptions
Datespan: c. 1941-66

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence concerning subscriptions to various magazines of interest to CBL.

Box: 15 Fold: 37 Travel: England
Datespan: 4/19/62-8/6/62

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence, receipts, etc. concering CBL's trip to England.

Box: 15 Fold: 38 Travel: Switzerland
Datespan: 8/49-6/64

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence, hotel receipts, information, etc. concerning CBL's trips to Switzerland.

Box: 15 Fold: 39 Travel: Miscellaneous
Datespan: c.1955-64

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous notes, receipts for travel.

Box: 15 Fold: 40 Travel: Brochures
Datespan: c.1961-66

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous printed travel brochures.

Box: 15 Fold: 41 Travel: Maps

DESCRIPTION: Contains travel information maps.

Box: 16 Fold: 1 Documents - Elsie S. Lyon
Datespan: c.1940-1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains cancelled passports.

Box: 16 Fold: 2 Documents - Cecil B. Lyon
Datespan: 1941-50

DESCRIPTION: Contains passports.

Box: 16 Fold: 3 Documents - Cecil B. Lyon - I.D./Passes
Datespan: c.1940-1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous identification cards and passes.

Box: 16 Fold: 4 Documents - Cecil B. Lyon - Driver's License Data
Datespan: 1/8/43-8/26/63

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and documentation concerning driver's licenses.

Box: 16 Fold: 5 Medical Data - Cecil B. Lyon
Datespan: c.1940-1960

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous correspondence concerning health. Includes teeth x-rays.

Box: 16 Fold: 6 Birthday Paraphernalia - Cecil B. Lyon
Datespan: c.Birthday 11/8/47-11/8/68

DESCRIPTION: Contains poems commemorating CBL's forty-fourth birthday. Includes telegrams for birthdays celebrated while in Ceylon (1964-68).

Box: 16 Fold: 7 Biographical Data - Elsie Sturgis Lyon

DESCRIPTION: Contains biographical information.

Box: 16 Fold: 8 Biographical Data - Cecil B. Lyon

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous biographical information. Includes outline of professional posts held, particularly chronology of Foreign Service tours.

Box: 16 Fold: 9 Lyon Family - Genealogical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous genealogical information on the Lyon family. Includes reminiscences re family lineage by Margaret Perry, dictated December 1960.

Box: 16 Fold: 10 Publishers - Correspondence (Misc.)
Datespan: 2/4/36-1/17/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence with various book and magazine publishers concerning article submissions by CBL.

Box: 16 Fold: 11 Manuscripts by CBL - Autobiography

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs early draft of CBL's autobiography.

Box: 16 Fold: 12 Manuscripts by CBL - Diary 1967 (Fragment)
Datespan: 6/17/67-6/26/67

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs diary fragment written by CBL while in Ceylon.

Box: 16 Fold: 13 Manuscripts by CBL - Bogota
Datespan: 4/9/48-4/18/48

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence and carbon TMs of article by CBL, probably for the Foreign Service Journal.

Box: 16 Fold: 14 Manuscripts by CBL - "By Way of Mention"


Box: 16 Fold: 15 Manuscripts by CBL - "Decatur House"


Box: 16 Fold: 16 Manuscripts by CBL - re Foreign Service
Date: 7/21/47

DESCRIPTION: TMs of article probably for Foreign Service Journal reporting the successive resignations from the State Dept. and Foreign Service of Dean Acheson, Spruille Braden, George Messersmith, Robert Scotten, Pierre Boal, Hallett Johnson and Norman Armour, among others mentioned.

Box: 16 Fold: 17 Manuscripts by CBL - "Four East 63rd St."

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs draft of fiction.

Box: 16 Fold: 18 Manuscripts by CBL - "Gratitude"
Date: c. 1933-38

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs anecdote of experiences in China, c.1933-38.

Box: 16 Fold: 19 Manuscripts by CBL - "The Harder Task"

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs fragment of fiction.

Box: 16 Fold: 20 Manuscripts by CBL - "Inter-American Conference at Rio de Janeiro"
Confernce date: August 1947

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs article by CBL reporting on the Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Continental Peace and Security held in Rio de Janeiro, August 1947.

Box: 16 Fold: 21 Manuscripts by CBL - Biography of Augusto B. Leguia, President of Peru

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs and AMs drafts and notes for a biography on Augusto B. Leguia, president of Peru (1919-1930).

Box: 16 Fold: 22 Manuscripts by CBL - "London"
Date: 7/16/54

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs of anecdotal article.

Box: 16 Fold: 23 Manuscripts by CBL - "The New Germany"
Publication date: 1/31/55

DESCRIPTION: Contains issue of The Department of State Bulletin w/ CBL's article appearing on p.183.

Box: 16 Fold: 24 Manuscripts by CBL - "Pages from a Diary"
Date: 7/28/37

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs of anecdotal fragment written in Peking.

Box: 16 Fold: 25 Manuscripts by CBL - "Peak Thought"
Datespan: 9/20/32-9/25/32

DESCRIPTION: Contains article by CBL printed in the South China Morning Star newspaper, Hong Kong. Includes a letter from the editor of "Chop Sticks" a monthly magazine re the article.

Box: 16 Fold: 26 Manuscripts by CBL - "The Peerless Scholar and Historian"
Publication date: 8/25/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains article on Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Box: 16 Fold: 27 Manuscripts by CBL - "Peiping Weekend"
Undated/Peking Years c.1933-38

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs written about experience while in Peking.