Box: 1 Fold: 52 1985 Correspondence Hi
January-August 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Edward V. Hickey, Jr., asst. to US president - TL copies from WAW.*

@ Dane Hill, administrator, World Bank - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ William J. Hilsman, U.S. Army (retired).

Box: 1 Fold: 53 1985 Correspondence Ho
Feb.-Dec. 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Marcia Lou Hobbs - TL copy from WAW.

@ Sister Pat Hogan, dir., Elementary Religious Education, Diocese of Orange, Calif.

@ Marc L. Holtzman

@ Craig N. Horak

@ John A. Hoyt, Jr., attorney, New York.

Box: 1 Fold: 54 1985 Correspondence Hu-Hy
March-october 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Roger W. Hunt, Hunt & Haugaard, attorneys at law, South Dakota. Includes correspondence from the following re the invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR: Norman Bernard Thirion, International Banking Services, to WAW; Gen. Abdul Wali to WAW, copy; E.T. Barwick, E.T. Barwick Industries, Inc., Georgia, to Prince Bandar Ibn Sultan, copy.*

@ John W. Hyland, Jr., pres. Board of Trustees, American Academy in Rome.*

Box: 1 Fold: 55 1985 Correspondence I-J
Dec. 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ George Emile Irani, Ph.D., University of Southern California. Reference to Gregory Peck.*

@ Ambassador and Mrs. Jaime Ingram Jaen*

Box: 1 Fold: 56 1985 Correspondence K
April-Dec 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Jim Kelly

@ Michael J. Kelly, Kelco Industries, Inc.*

@ Peter D. Kelly

@ G.A. Keyworth, II, Science Advisor to US president *

@ G.N. Knauer, Past Resident in Classics at the American Academy in Rome. Includes TLS copy from Peter K. Murphy.*

@ Anthony S. Kochanek, Jr., deputy dir., Office of Western European Affairs, State Dept.*

@ Donald M. Koll, chairman and chief exec. officer, Koll Company.

@ George J. Kowals, Jr., US Global Strategy Council. Includes paper by Kowals, "Towards a Cohesive United States Global Strategy: The Case for a National Strategy Council."*

Box: 1 Fold: 57 1985 Correspondence L
May-July 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Fr. Francois Laisney, district superior, Society of Saint Pius X, Texas.*

@ Rosalio Castillo Lara

@ Bernard F. Law - telegram from WAW.*

@ Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky, Major Archbishop of Liviv of Ukrainians*

@ J. Neil LeVecke, LeVecke Corporation, Calif.

@ Nicholas Lignola

@ Raquel Lombardo de Betolaza, Uruguay ambassador to Vatican.*

@ Charles Long, exec. vice pres., Citicorp, New York.*

@ Francisca Longas, superior general, Carmelitas Misioneras, Rome.

@ Rev. D. Simon Lourdusamy*

@ Richard G. Lugar, chairman, US Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations.*

Box: 1 Fold: 58 1985 Correspondence Mad-Man
September-November 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Sister Marie Madeleine, Saint John's Hospital and Health Center.

@ Michael J. Mansfield, US ambassador, Tokyo.*

@ J. Jerome Mansmann, Mansmann, cindrick & Huber, Penn.

Box: 1 Fold: 59 1985 Correspondence Mar-Maz
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Marchesa Maria Cristina Marconi*

@ Mamile Marois - TLS copy from WAW

@ Stuart W. Martin

@ William F. Martin, special assistant to the president for national security affairs (US) *

@ Vilma S. Martinez, chair, Achievement Council, Calif.

@ Leon E. Martiny, US Navy

@ Frank Herbert Mason - re restoration of Sistine Chapel. Includes TL copies from Mason to Carlo Pietrangeli, dir. general, Museo del Vaticano; Massimo Roscigno, vice consul of Italy; Agostino Cardinal Casaroli, secretary of state, Vatican.*

@ William W. Massengill, vice pres., Kaiser Aluminum, Calif. Includes TLS from Massengill to Hector Riesle, US ambassador to Italy. Re creating aluminum industry in Chile.*

@ Gino Massimi

@ Carl F. Massopust, consultant. Includes TLS copy from Massopust to Rev. Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles.*

@ Voytek Matushevski, Steinway Artist*

@ Paul Augustin Mayer

@ Romano L. Mazzoli, US House of Representatives, Kentucky*

Box: 1 Fold: 60 1985 Correspondence Mc
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Dennis P. McAuliffe, administrator, Panama Canal Commission*

@ Theodore E. McCarrick, bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey*

@ James F. McCarthy, secretary to the cardinal, New York*

@ John McClaughry

@ Donald R. McClelland, exhibition coordinator, Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service. Re plans to exhibit drawings and watercolors from the Vatican collection in the US. Includes TLS copies from Peter K. Murphy to McClelland; Bernard Cardinal Law, archbishop of Boston, to Murphy.*

@ E.S. McClenahan

@ Bonnie McClure (Mrs. Arthur M. MccClure)

@ Richard McCormack

@ G.W. Hank McCullough

@ Glen McDaniel, pres., Saint John's Hospital and Health Center Foundation, Calif.

@ Edward A. McDermott, Hogan & Hartson

@ Patrick J. McDonald. Re employment with the US embassy, Vatican. Includes TLS copies from John Spellman, governor, Washington; Donald R. Burrow, US Dept. of Revenue to Ralph Munro, secretary of state, Washington.*

@ W.L. McDonald, US Navy.

@ Robert McFarlane, National Security Advisor (US)*

@ Peter McPherson, administrator, US Agency for International Developement, Washington, DC. includes TLS from Edouard Cardinal Gagno to Peter K. Murphy.*

Box: 1 Fold: 61 1985 Correspondence Me
March-August 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Larry K. Mellinger, vice president and chief financial officer, Gruma Corporation.

@ Thomas M. Messer, dir., Guggenheim Museum, New York*

Box: 1 Fold: 62 1985 Correspondence Mi
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ J. William Middendorf, II, US ambassador to Peter K. Murphy, deputy chief of mission, Vatican.*

@ Andrea Miller, coordinator, School of Journalism, University of Southern California.

@ George F. Miller, Southern Seas Productions International Pty, Limited, Australia

@ Ann Miller (Mrs. Richard K. Miller)

@ Roy D. Miller, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

@ Jeffrey A. Mirus, Christendom College, Virginia

@ Joseph N. Mitchell

@ Toru Miyoshi, supervisor, fifth district, Calif.

Box: 1 Fold: 63 1985 Correspondence Mo
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Noel Moholy, O.F.M., St. Boniface Friary, Calif.

@ Guy V. Molinari, US House of Representatives. Includes TLS copy from Molinari to Maxwell M. Rabb.*

@ Dino Monduzzi, regent, prefecture of the Pontifical Household - TLS copies from Peter K. Murphy.

@ Joseph A. Montemarano, pres., Order Sons of Italy in America New York Grand Lodge Foundation Inc.

@ James M. Montgomery, acting asst. sec., Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, State Dept. - TLS copy to Richard G. Lugar, chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations, US Senate.*

@ Mrs. John I. Moore, vise pres., Los Angeles Pops Orchestra.

@ Shirley Moore, General Services Administration, San Francisco

@ Manuel D. Moreno, bishop of Tuscon, Ariz.*

@ Edward A. Morris, World Wide Products Publications Division.

@ John H. Morse.

Box: 1 Fold: 64 1985 Correspondence Mu
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Michael Mullen, pres., IMRA - re honorary degree nomination of WAW at St. John's University, New York.*

@ Steven Muller, pres., Johns Hopkins University. Includes TLS copy from Muller to Pope John Paul II on the latter's 65th birthday.*

@ Jimmy Murphy

@ Maureen Murphy

@ Owen J. Murphy

@ Virginia Murphy

@ William Murphy, undersecretary, Justice and Peace Commission, Vatican.*

Box: 1 Fold: 65 1985 Correspondence N-O
January-November 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Barbara Nauer, Catholic Writer and Artist Guild Celebrations New Orleans, Inc. - TL copy from WAW.

@ John Cardinal O'Connor, archbishop of New York.*

@ Merelyn O'Donnell (Mrs. W. Malcolm O'Donnell), Ladies of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

@ Helen O'Flynn, chairman, Patrons Committee, Santa Susanna Guild, Rome.

Box: 1 Fold: 66 1985 Correspondence Pa-Pe
January-June 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Paolo Pacitto - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Pietro Cardinal Parente - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Edward Patterson.*

@ Pietro Cardinal Pavan *

@ Claiborne Pell, US Senate, Rhode Island.*

@ Gene Pell, acting direction, Voice of America.*

@ Dr. George Pennebaker, Regent, Regents of the University of California.*

@ Walter Persegati, secretary, Vatican Museums.*

@ Nathan Perlmutter, national director, Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, New York. *

Box: 1 Fold: 67 1985 Correspondence Pi
Jaunary-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Stacy T. Picascia, chief of Police, City of Seal Beach, Calif. - TLS copy from Peter K. Murphy, charge d'affaires, a.i., US embassy, Vatican.*

@ Don Mario Picchi

@ Edward Petrucha, Santa Susanna Church. Includes attached TLS from one Harold M. Williams, pres., J.Paul Getty Trust + borchure.*

@ Marion Pike

@ Giovanni Pinto

Box: 1 Fold: 68 1985 Correspondence Pl-Po
January-may 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Jayne H. Plank, dir., Intergovenmental Affairs, State Dept.*

@ Ugo Cardinal Poletti, pres., Italian Episcopal Conference - TLS copy from Peter K. Murphy.*

@ Salvatore Porcari Li Destri, Italian ambassador - resume attached.*

@ John Edward Porter, US House of Representatives.*

@ Trevor Povah*

@ Tom L. Powers, vice pres., AT&T and Philips telecommunications, B.V.

@ Luigi P. Pozzo.

Box: 1 Fold: 69 1985 Correspondence Q
January-May 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Robert T. Quinlan, Catholic Relief Services, US Catholic Conference, Rome.*

@ Thomas H. Quinn, O'Connor & Hannan, attorneys at law, Washington, DC.

Box: 1 Fold: 70 1985 Correspondence Ra-Re
March-October 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Glen Regan, secretary, Patrons of the Vatican Museums, Calif.*

@ Donald Reidhaar, general counsel, University of California - TLS copy from WAW. + attachements re litigation.*

@ Robert R. Reilly, special asst. to the US president for public liaison.*

@ James M. Rentschler, US ambassador.*

@ George Resnick, asst. dir. admin., American Academy of Rome.*

Box: 1 Fold: 71 1985 Correspondence Rh-Ri
March-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Charles A. Rhoads, Jr., vice pres., Juman Resources, Pennzoil Company - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Michael Rhode, Jr., secretary, Panama Canal Commission - Re employment inquiry of Marjory Appel.*

@ Rozanne L. Ridgway, asst. secretary, Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs, State Dept.*

@ Charles P. Riesbeck, Jr., supreme secretary, Knights of Columbus, Connecticut.*

@ Robert Riley, White House - TLS copy from WAW + attachments as follows: TLS copy from Maurice Marois, founder of the Institut de la Vie, Paris, to WAW; TLS copy from Frederick Seitz, president emeritus, Rokefeller University, to Evan Galbraith, US ambassador, Paris; Leon N. Cooper, co-director, Center for Neural Science, Brown University, Rhode Island, to Galbraith.

Box: 1 Fold: 72 1985 Correspondence Ro
March-November 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Pier Luigi Robiglio

@ Gilbert A. Robinson

@ Paul H. Robinson, Jr., US ambassador, Ottawa.*

@ Dr. Robert L. Rod. Includes TLS copy from Julian Dixon, US congressman.*

@ James S. Rosebush, deputy asst. to US president.*

@ Arthur Ross, Arthur Ross Foundation, New York.*

@ William V. Roth, Jr., US Senate, Delaware - TLS to George P. Shultz, re appointment of Patrick Balestrieri as assistant to WAW at US embassy, Vatican.*

@ Edward L. Rowny, special asst. to the president and the secretary of state for arms control matters, State Dept.*

Box: 1 Fold: 73 1985 Correspondence Ru-Ry
January-August 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Charles B. Runnels, vice chancellor, Pepperdine University, Calif. Re commencement address to be given by WAW. *

@ Duke Galeazzo Ruspoli di Morignano, Rome - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Prince Sforza Ruspoli, Rome - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., dir., Presidential Appointments and Scheduling.*

@ John A. Ryan

@ Mary A. Ryan, exec. dir., Bureau of European and Canadian Affairs, State Dept. *


Box: 1 Fold: 74 1985 Correspondence Sa-Se
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Don Giulio Sacchetti, governor, Vatican City State.*

@ Norman St. John-Stevas, M.P., House of Commons, England.*

@ Duke Forese Antonino Salviati, Rome*

@ Lt. General Mohamed Ali Samantar, first vice pres., Minister of Defense, Somali Democratic Republic - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ J.M. Samios, Legislative Council, Australia - TLS copy*

@ Peter V. Sampo, pres. Thomas More Institute of Liberal Arts, New Hampshire.

@ Vittorio Santiccioli

@ Paul S. Sarbanes, US Senate, Maryland*

@ Rev. Robert J. Sarno, Rome

@ Ambassador Richard Schifter, Bureau of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, State Dept.*

@ Rabbi Alexander Schindler - TLS copy from WAW

@ Jeremiah Schnee, special assistant to secretary Robert Anderson*

@ William Schreyer, Merrill, Lynch & Co.

@ Kristie Schulte (student)

@ Robert Scio' - TLS copy from WAW

@ Al Scott - TLS copy from WAW

@ Emmons Sebenius

@ Philip H. Sechzer, dir., Dept of Anesthesiology, Maimonides Medical Ctr., New York.

@ Wes Seegers, E.F. Hutton & Company, Inc., Calif.

Box: 1 Fold: 75 1985 Correspondence Sh-Si
January-October 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Michael J. Sherlock, exec. vice pres., Operations and Technical sercies, Nation Broadcasting Company (NBC).*

@ John D. Shors to Peter K. Murphy re Heart Clinic at Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Rome*

@ Loyd C. Sigmon

@ Walter J. Silva, consul general, US consulate, Naples.*

@ Archbiship Achille Silvestrini, secretary, Council for the Public Affairs of the Church, Vatican*

@ William E. Simon - Includes TLS copy to Eugene Clark. Also includes paper by Simon: "Analysis of the First Draft of the Bishop's Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy."

@ Robert L. Sinsheimer, chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz.*

Box: 1 Fold: 76 1985 Correspondence Sk-Sp
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Robert A. Skeris, consiliaris, Consociatio Internationalis Musicae Sacrae (CIMS).

@ Calvin J. Smith - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Loren A. Smith, chairman, Administrative Conference of the US, Washington, DC.*

@ T. Burton Smith, White House *

@ William French Smith, attorney general.*

@ Robert Smolik, US consul, Trieste.*

@ Bonnie M. Smotony, secretary, Board of Regents, University of Southern California - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Robert Snyder, Masters & Masterworks, Film/TV Productions.*

@ Irving Soboroff, Shaxted Company.

@ Charles Sorel

@ Antonio Sozzani, pres., Banque Indosuez - Italia

@ Giovanni Spadolini - TLS copy from WAW

@ Stuart K. Spencer, Spencer-Roberts & Associates, Inc. - re assisting the Italian Christian Democratic party in the elections.*

@ Ronald Spiers, assist. sec. of state for Security Affairs, State Dept.*

Box: 1 Fold: 77 1985 Correspondence St
January-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ R.G. Staker, R.G. Staker Inc., consultants, nuclear power operations.

@ Frank D. Stella, pres. F.D. Stella Products Company.

@ Joseph E. Stewart - TLS copy to Maxwell Rabb.*

@ Alfons Cardinal Stickler, archivist and librarian of Holy Roman Church, Vatican Library - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Ted E. Stivers, consultant.

@ F. Kristian Storm, assoc. prof. of surgery, University of California, Los Angeles.

@ Domenic F. Stranieri

@ Robert P. Strub. Includes TLS copy from Strub to Alfons Cardinal Stickler.*

Box: 1 Fold: 78 1985 Correspondence T
August-December 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Edward Teller. Re recommending Dr. Dixy Lee Ray for the position of Science Advisor to President Ronald Reagan. Includes TLS copy from Teller to Reagan.*

@ Rosalie Turton, Columbian Monument Foundation, Inc.

Box: 1 Fold: 79 1985 Correspondence V-W
March-January 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Vittorio Vaccari

@ Nicholas Veliotes, US ambassador, Egypt - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Jerome Vereb - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Dr. Hans Burchard von Harling

@ Baron Berthold Von Stohrer, managing dir., Contraves Italiana SpA, Rome - TLS copy from WAW.

@ Terry Waite, secretary for Anglican Communion Affairs, England - TLS from personal assistant Stella Taylor.*

@ Vernon A. Walters, US ambassador at large, State Dept. *

@ James D. Watkins, admiral, US Army.*

@ Howard Wilson, Members of the Marine Security Guard Detachment, US embassy, Vatican.

@ Pete Wilson, US Senate, California*

@ Jackie Wolcott, White House Liaison*

Box: 1 Fold: 80 1986 Correspondence A
January-December 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Weston Adams, US ambassador, Malawi.*

@ Howard P. Allen, Southern California Edison Company.

@ Edwin H. Allinson, financial assistant - re expenses for 75th birthday party for Prsedient Ronald Reagan.*

@ Julian Amery, British M.P.*

@ S.E. Joseph Amichia - TLS copy from WAW.

@ A. Donald Anderson*

@ Annelise Anderson, research fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

@ Carl Anderson, White House - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Robert Anderson, chairman, Global Economic Action Institute, New York.

@ Dwayne and Inez Andreas - cable.

@ Giulio Andreotti, leader, Italian Christian Democratic party*

@ Walter H. Annenberg*

@ Luis Cardinal Aponte Martinez*


Box: 1 Fold: 81 1986 Correspondence Ba-Bi
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Audrys Juozas Backis, undersecretary, Council for the Publis Affairs of the Church, Vatican - TLS copy from Peter K. Murphy, minister counselor, US embassy, Vatican.*

@ Alfred Balitzer, Dept. of Political Science, Claremont McKenna College. Re proposals for a Reagan Scholarship program.*

@ Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia.*

@ Harry G. Barnes, Jr., US embassy, Santiago, Chile.*

@ William Barnes, president, Esso Italiano SpA.

@ Laura Barrington

@ Ken Barun, director of projects, Office of the First Lady, White House*

@ Regis N. Barwig, Community of Our Lady, Wisconsin*

@ Mario Basile

@ Count Henri de Beaumont

@ Arnold Beckman, Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, Calif.

@ Barbara Berman, Berman & Levin, attorneys at law, New Jersey

@ Sergio Bernal Restrepo, SJ, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome

@ Libby Berry

@ Mark J. Biedlingmaier, special asst. and delegation liaison officer, US Delegation to the Negoitiations on Nuclear and space Arms with the Soviet Union.*

Box: 1 Fold: 82 1986 Correspondence Bl-Bo
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Morton C. Blackwell, pres., International Policy Forum, Virginia

@ John R. Block, US secretary of agriculture.*

@ David Boileau, dir., Human Services, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Washington, DC.

@ Thomas A. Bolan, counsellor at law, New York.*

@ Roland Bordelon, Catholic Relief Sercies, New Delhi, India - TLS copy from WAW. Includes copies of correspondence between WAW and Peter McPherson, dir., Agency for International Development; and Edmond Benedetti, SJ, Vatican Observatory.*

@ Stephen W. Bosworth, US ambassador, Manila - TLS copy from WAW.*

@ John D. Boyce, KGCHS.

Box: 1 Fold: 83 1986 Correspondence Br-Bu
March-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Dorothy E. Bresnahan

@ Estelle S. Brettman

@ Shelby T. Brewar, Combustion Engineering, Inc., Connecticut*

@ Winifred J. Croccoli, US embassy, Mexico City*

@ Don Brody

@ Susan L. Brody, Susan L. Brody Associates, Inc.

@ Catherine Brown

@ Dean G. Brown, pres., Rancheros Vistadores, Calif.

@ Willie Lewis Brown, Jr., Regent, Regents of the University of California. Re apartheid in South Africa.*

@ Count Bernardino Bucci-Casari

@ M. Buck, pres., Maison F. Mathieu, Belgium.

@ Ellen and Werner Buckhold

@ Alessandro Capece Minutolo di Bugnano

@ Victor Bujold, Dove Industries

@ Helen Anne Bunn

@ Admiral E.A. Burkhalter, chief of staff, Defense Intelligence Agency - TLS copy from WAW*

Box: 1 Fold: 84 1986 Correspondence Ca-Ch
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Andrea Caggiati, Italian ambassador, Vatican.*

@ Egle G. Camozzo - TL copy from WAW.

@ Anthoy V. Campise*

@ B. Capomazza di Campolattaro, Italian ambassador*

@ Lawrence R. Carew, senior advisor, governmental affairs, Turner Broadcasting International Ltd.*

@ Fred N. Carlisle

@ Gerald P. Carmen, US ambassador, Switzerland*

@ Beatrice Castro

@ Count Francesco Cavaletti de Rossi

@ Carlos Chagas, pres., Pontifical Academy of Science, Vatican*

@ Jane Chase

@ Maurice Chase, asst. to pres., Loyola Marymount University, Calif.*

@ Gazi Chidiak, Lebanese ambassador to Vatican*

@ David Chow

Box: 1 Fold: 85 1986 Correspondence Cl-Cu
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Frank W. Clark, Jr., attorney at law, Los Angeles.

@ John Coffin

@ R. Taylor Cole, James B. Duke Professor Eritus, Duke University.

@ Arthur L. Conrad, pres., Heritage Foundation.*

@ Sophie Consagra, pres., American Academy, Rome.*

@ Elaine Crispen, press secretary to First Lady (US)*

@ Helder de Mendonca e Cunha, ambassador of Portugal, Vatican*

@ Julio Cura, rector major, Congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, Rome.

Box: 2 Fold: 1 1986 Correspondence Da-Di
January-December 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Ivan Dacko, chancellor, Rome.*

@ Mary D'Adam, US embassy, political section, Mexico*

@ Romeo dalla Chiesa

@ Wanda d'Angelo, asst. to WAW, Vatican.*

@ William E. Dannemeyer, US House of Representatives*

@ Count Aldo da Prato, pre., Lions Club Roma Palatinum

@ Prince Enrico D'Assia, Rome*

@ Mrs. Ralph K. Davies

@ Thomas C. Dawson, deputy asst. to US pres.*

@ Merrill C. Dean*

@ Rev., Dennis M. Delaney, sec. to cardinal, Catholic Center, Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri.

@ Fausto Solaro Del Borgo

@ Mario de Luca, dir., Bank of Rome

@ Angelo de Mojana di Cologna, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Includes TLS copy from de Mojana to Ronald Reagan.

@ Douglas Denby, pres., John Cabot International College, Rome

@ A. Zorilla de Sant Martin, embassy of Uruguay to Vatican*

@ Armand Deutsch

@ Salvatore Dino

Box: 2 Fold: 2 1986 Correspondence Do-Du
Feb.-May 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Diane Ruth Downey

@ Ricahrd E. Doyle, SJ, vice president for academic affairs, Fordham University*

@ W.G. Dunnington, Jr., The Brook, New York

@ William J. D'Urso, Interdome, Washington, DC

@ Mose Durst, senior dir., Global Economic Action Institute, New York

Box: 2 Fold: 3 1986 Correspondence E
April-May 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ John J. Eddy, US consul general, Dhahran*

@ Adrian Egan, Human Life International, Washington, DC

@ Emile Eid

@ Jerry B. Epstein

Box: 2 Fold: 4 1986 Correspondence Fa-Fl
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Alberto Falck, pres., UCID Lombarda, Union Cristiani Impreditori e Dirigenti*

@ Stefan Falez

@ Paolo Farrugia, embassy of Malta to Vatican - TLS/TL copy from WAW *

@ Alfonso Felici, United Italians for Reagan

@ David C. Fields, dir., Diplomatic Security Service, State Dept. TLS/TL copy from WAW *

@ Guy W. Fiske

@ William H.G. FitzGerald, publisher, Sovereign Militarity Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Washington, DC.

@ James P. Flowers, pres., Polaris Productions, Inc.*

Box: 2 Fold: 5 1986 Correspondence Fo-Fu
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ John P. Foley, Titular Archbishop of Neapolis in Proconsulari - TLS to Peter K. Murphy, charge d'affairs, a.i., US embassy, Vatican*

@ Albert P. Folsom, Aricana Resources, Inc., Canada

@ Riccardo Fontana, Council for the Public Affairs of the Church, Vatican - TLS/TL copy from WAW

@ Mario Forte, Associazione Centro Elis, Rome

@ S. Forte, gen. manager, Italy, Trans-World Airlines.

@ Fernand Franck, secretary general, Pontificium Opus a Propagatione Fidei - TLS/TL copy from WAW.

@ John E. Freeh, dir., Tenley Study Center, Washington, DC

@ William French Smith III. Includes copies of correspondence from Peter K. Murphy to Smith; from Smith to President Ronald Reagan. Re presentation of the Prince of Peace Prize to Pope John Paul II.*

@ Richard T. Frick, Jr., pres., The Brook, New York

@ Thomas A. Fuentes, chairman, Republican party of Orange County, Calif.*

Box: 2 Fold: 6 1986 Correspondence Ga-Gl
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Count Enrico Galeazzi, architect of the apostolic palace*

@ Alain-Marie Galichon, pres., Club of Rome

@ Rev. Javier Garcia, Centro de Estudios Superiores Legionarios de Cristo, Rome

@ Harry S. Gartsman, pres., Hasgar Industries, Inc., Calif.

@ Felice Gianani, dir., Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI)

@ James G. Gillen

@ Guilford Glazer

Box: 2 Fold: 7 1986 Correspondence Gr-Gu
March-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Robert Keith Gray, chariman, Gray and Company

@ Peter Greenhalgh, dir., Arbuthnot latham Bank Ltd., England

@ V. William H. Greenway

@ William E. Gressman, attorney, State Dpt.

@ R.J. Grigsby -TLS/TL copy from WAW

@ Judge James C. Gulotta, Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit, Louisiana*

@ William J. Guste, Jr., attorney general, Louisiana*

Box: 2 Fold: 8 1986 Correspondence Ha-Hi
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Ivo Hadjiev

@ Pierre M. Hafner, Geneva - TL copy to Ronald Reagan.*

@ Willis W. Harman, regent, Regents of University of California*

@ Theodore Healey - TLS/TL copy from WAW

@ Karl Heinan - TLS/TL copy from WAW

@ Fr. Raymond G. Helmick, SJ, Jesuit Community, Boston College

@ Paul Herrold, financial consultant, Merrill Lynch

@ James A. Hickey, archbishop of Washington, DC*

@ Jennifer Hirshberg, White House*

Box: 2 Fold: 9 1986 Correspondence Ho-Hu
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Marcia Hobbs, WAW's daughter - TLS/TL copy from WAW *

@ Sister Pat Hogan, Doicese of Orange, Marywood Center, Calif.

@ Charles D. Hollister, dean of graduate studies, Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution, Mass.

@ H. Allen Holmes, dir., Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, State Dept.*

@ Marc L. Holtzman

@ Msgr. Daniel F. Hoye, gen. sec., National Conference of Catholic Bishops, Washington, DC.

@ Sir Peter Hudson, sec. gen., Order of St. John, England.

@ Theodore L. Huller, chancellor, University of California, Riverside.

@ James G. Huntington, photographer liaison, Architectural Digest, Calif.

Box: 2 Fold: 10 1986 Correspondence I
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Fred C. Ickle, US undersecretary of Defense*

@ Sian Imber, John F. Saldino, Inc., New York

@ George E. Irani, University of Southern California*


Box: 2 Fold: 11 1986 Correspondence J
January-May 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Jaime Ingram Jaen, Panamanian ambassador to Vatican *

@ George D. Jaels

@ Joseph R. John, pres., J.R.J. and Associates, Inc., Calif.

@ Henry B. Johnson

@ Earl Jorgensen - TLS/TL copy from WAW

Box: 2 Fold: 12 1986 Correspondence K
March-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ G.I. Kambites, St. Panteleimon Orthodox Clinic, Uganda

@ Nake M. Kamrany, chairperson, Committee for a Colition Government of Free Afghanistan.*

@ James A. Kelly*

@ Michael J. Kelly, kelco Industries, Inc.*

@ Allen J. Kessel

@ Joachim Koehn, Pontifical German-hungarian College, Rome

@ Arnold Kramish

@ John Cardinal Krol, archbishop of Philadelphia - telegram from WAW

Box: 2 Fold: 13 1986 Correspondence La-Li
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Robert E. Lamb, Assistant Secretary of State for Administration and Security, US State Dept.*

@ David Lane, British ambassador to Vatican*

@ Fr. Robert A. Lange, St. Leo's Catholic Chruch, Virginia - TL/TLS copy from WAW.

@ Pat Laughron, The Brook Club, New York

@ Elaine Laudate, secretary to Marcia Wilson Hobbs (pres.,), Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.*

@ Fr. Ignatius Ting Pong Lee, Claretian Juridical Institute, Rome.

@ Richard D. Legon, vice pres., Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, Washington, DC *

@ John F. Lehman, Jr., secretary, US Navy*

@ Douglas B. Leonnig, US embassy, Berlin*

@ Werner Levi, University of Hawaii at Manoa

@ Joan F. Lewis

@ J. Hugh Liedtke, chariman, Pennzoil Company, Texas*

@ Nicholas Lignola, Naval Supply School, Georgia

Box: 2 Fold: 14 1986 Correspondence Lo-Ly
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Richard P. Longaker, provost and vice pres. academic affairs, Johns Hopkins University*

@ Prince Rupert Lowenstein, England*

@ Ignacio Lozano, "La Opinion," Calif. TL/TLS copy from WAW.

@ Myroslav Ivan Cardinal Lubachivsky, Major Archbishop of Lviv of the Ukrainians - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Richard E. Lyng, secretary, US Dept. Agriculture - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

Box: 2 Fold: 15 1986 Correspondence Ma
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Frank M. Machak, information and privacy coordinator, US State Dept.*

@ Silvano Maggiani, priore conventuale, Curia Generalizia e Procura Generale, Rome - telegram

@ Luciano Magnesi - TL/TLS copy from WAW.

@ Bernardo Gaitan Mahecha, Colombian ambassador to Vatican*

@ Rev. Roger Mahoney, archbishop of Los Angeles - TLS copy to James Loughran, SJ, pres., Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. Includes copy of Mahoney's commencement address to Loyola Marymount University, 5/17/86.*

@ Francis X. Maier, National Catholic Register.*

@ Marshall Manley, pres., The Home Group, Inc.

@ John J. Maresca

@ Rev. Msgr. Jacques Martin, prefetto della Casa Pontificia - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Joseph Mathiam, ambassador of Senegal to vatican*

Box: 2 Fold: 16 1986 Correspondence Mc
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Berta McCann

@ Rev. Theodore E. McCarrick, Bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey*

@ Glen McDaniel, pres., St. John's Hospital & Health Care Foundation, Calif.

@ Edward A. McDermott. Re Villa Pacelli Foundation.*

@ Sanford N. McDonnell, chairman, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Missouri - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Lloyd McGovern, Beta Rho Association, Stanford University

@ Carol McKillop - TL/TLS copy from WAW.

@ Cynthia McMahon, secretary to J. Hugh Liedtke, Pennzoil Company - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

@ William McNutt III, Colin Street Bakery, Texas

@ M. Peter McPehrson, administrator, Administration for International Development, Washington, DC*

Box: 2 Fold: 17 1986 Correspondence Me-Mi
January-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Ramona and Michael Meese*

@ Sherman Melinkoff - telegram from WAW

@ Salvatore Meo, pres., Ponificia Facolta' Teologica "Marianum" Rome - telegram.

@ Francesco Merloni*

@ Rev. Donald P. Merrifield, SJ. chancellor, Loyola Marymount University, Calif.*

@ Sally Ann Metzler

@ J. William Middendorf, II, US Representative to the European Communities*

@ Daryl Miller, assoc. dir. of music/organist, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Chruch, Florida.

@ George F. Miller

@ Thomas Heinkel Miller, dir. of forensics, University of California, Los Angeles.

@ General & Mrs. John H. Mitchell, HQ US Commander, Berlin.*