Box: 2 Fold: 18 1986 Correspondence Mo
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Anthony R. Moiso, pres., Rancho Mission Viejo, Calif.

@ A. Marcello Monarca, Questore di Roma*

@ Shirley Moore, General Services Administration, Calif.*

@ Chase Morsey, Jr.

Box: 2 Fold: 19 1986 Correspondence Mu
March-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Michael Mullen, International Mission Radio Association, Inc. (IMRA)*

@ Edmond J. Benedetti, SJ, Vatican Observatory*

@ Steven Muller, pre., Johns Hopkins Unversity, Maryland. Includes TLS copy from Muller to Egidio Ortona, pres., Honeywell Information Systems Italia, Rome.*

@ James S. Munn, lawyer, Washington, DC

@ Murphy, Peter K. - TLS copies to John McCarthy, and William Helmick*

@ Dino Monduzzi, regent, Prefecture of the Pontifical Household, Vatican - TLS copy from Peter K. Murphy.*

@ William Murphy, undersecretary, Commission for Justice and Peace, Rome - TLS copies from WAW*

@ Harrold A. Murray, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC.*

Box: 2 Fold: 20 1986 Correspondence P
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Elving Castano Palmerio

@ D.K.S.M. Perera

@ Walter Persegati, Vatican Museums - TL/TLS copy from WAW.*

@ Ambassador Rinaldo Petrignani (Italy) - invitation*

@ Fr. Edward Pietrucha, CSP

Box: 2 Fold: 21 1986 Correspondence R
January-March 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Raoul Rivalta, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., New York - Re publication of Rivalta's book, "One Day in Rome at the Vtican City State." Reference also to John Block and Gregory Peck.*

@ Edward L. Rowny, special advisor to the US presient and secretary of state for arms control matters. Provides summary of summit meeting between Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev. Reference also to Afghanistan.*

@ Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., dir. Presidential; Scehduling and Appointments*

Box: 2 Fold: 22 1986 Correspondence S
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ C.T. Sawyer, World Petroleum Congress, Washington, DC

@ Eleanor Schlafly, exec. dir., Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, Missouri

@ Tshimbalanga Shala-Dibwe, ambassador of Zaire to Vatican*

@ William L. Sharpless, Council of American Ambassadors - TL/TLS copy from WAW. Includes autobiographical sketch by WAW.*

@ Achille Silvestrini, secretary, Council for Public Affairs, Vatican City - TL/TLS copy from WAW. Re drug use in Colombia. Includes information points by WAW. *

@ Robert Snyder, Masters & Masterworks, Film/TV Productions, Calif.*

Box: 2 Fold: 23 1986 Correspondence T
January-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Bienvenido R. Tantoco, Sr., ambassador of Philippines to Vatican - telegram re tragedy of space shuttle "Challenger"*

@ Randal C. Teague, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, Washington, DC

@ Victor Tesoro, Fordham University, Italian Academy. Includes TLS copy from Tesoro to Agostino Cardinal Casaroli.*

@ Edwin W. Thomas, regional administrator, San Francisco, Calif.*

@ Alan Thomson

@ James J. Tills, pres., JFP & Associates of Florida, Inc.

@ Emanuele Torlonia

@ H. James Towey, legislative director and legal counsel to Senator Mark O. Hatfield*

@ Peter Tweedt*

@ John Twelve Trees - telegram

Box: 2 Fold: 24 1986 Correspondence U
February-July 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Sono Uchida, Japanese ambassador to Vatican*

@ John E. Upston, US ambassador, Rwanda*

@ Leo Urbaniak + photo

@ Peter Urey, Computer World - TL/TLS copy from WAW.

Box: 2 Fold: 25 1986 Correspondence V
Jaunary-June 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Vittorio Vaccari, Alitalia, Linee Aeree Italiane, SpA

@ Giancarlo Elia Valori, pres., Sirti International

@ Marten H. van Heuven, dir., Office of Western European Affairs, US State Dept. Re situation in the Persian Gulf: US, Libya, and Malta*

@ Donald Veal, Honorary Degree Committee, Office of the President, University of Wyoming

@ Zulma Vera - TL from WAW

@ George S. Vest, US ambassador, dir. gen., Foreign Service, US State Dept. - TL from WAW*

@ Nicholas G. Viglietta, pres., OSIA New York Grand Lodge Foundation, Inc.

(Order Sons of Italy in America)

@ F. Virgilii - re locating ambassador's residence, Vatican City.

Box: 2 Fold: 26 1986 Correspondence W
January-july 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ June G. Walker, exec. dir., President's Commicssion on Executive Exchange (US)*

@ Vernon A. Walters, US ambassador, US Mission to the UN - TL from WAW*

@ James D. Watkins, US Navy*

@ Faith R. Whittlesey, US ambassador, Switzerland - TL from WAW*

@ Hugo Windisch-Graetz

@ Vin Weber, US House of Representatives, Minnesota*

@ Lowell Wood, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

@ Betty and Joseph Woods

@ Owen Wormser, US Air Force*

@ Kenneth T. Wright, pres., United Republican Fund of Illinois*

Box: 2 Fold: 27 1986 Correspondence Y
January-March 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Fr. Michael Mutsuo Yanase, SJ, Life Science Institute, Sophia University, Japan

@ Henry M. Yaple, Head, Acquisitions, University of Wyoming Library

Box: 2 Fold: 28 1986 Correspondence Z
March-October 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from -

@ Diana L. Zanetti, special representative of the commissioner, Rome District, Immigration and Naturalization Service, US embassy, Rome.*

@ Archbishop Lino Zanini, delegate, Fabbrico di San Pietro in Vaticano - TL from WAW

@ Adrian Zappala

@ Del Ziegler

@ Ed Zschau, US House of Representatives, Calif.*

@ William J. Zylka - TLS copy to Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, Institute for Religious Works, Vatican - RE proposal to sell medallions with religious images on behalf of the church.*

Box: 2 Fold: 29 Unidentified 1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence signed with first names only. Includes letters from: Virginia, Flora.

Box: 2 Fold: 30 Unidentified 1982

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence signed with first names only. Includes TLS from "Tony" re Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project; ALS from "Alene."

Box: 2 Fold: 31 Unidentified 1984

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence signed with first names only. Includes letter from: James.

Box: 2 Fold: 32 Unidentified/Undated Correspondence

DESCRIPTION: Contains undated correspondence sigend by "Laetitia."

Box: 2 Fold: 34 James Baker III

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS from Baker, Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President (US). Topics include tuition tax credit legislation, 1982; recommendation of Ray Hanzlik as secretary, US Dept. of Energy. Includes xerox copy of newsclipping re Baker, entitled, "Top Reagan Administration Aides Making Their Plans to Call It Quits" (Atlanta Journal Weekend, 1/14/84).

Box: 2 Fold: 35 William Wakefield Cardinal Baum

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS, 2 TCS from Cardinal Baum to WAW. Topics include:

@ Invitation of US Secretary of State Alexander Haig to join a false Order of Malta. Includes TLS from Cyril Toumanoff, Sovereign Council, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, complaining about the false order.

Box: 2 Fold: 36 Joseph L. Bernardin

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS, 1 TL from Bernardin, archbishop of Cincinnati (later Chicago).

Box: 2 Fold: 37 George Bush

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS from George Bush to WAW:

@ "Barbara and I want to thank you and Betty for the warm welcome you extended to us on our visit to Rome..."

Box: 2 Fold: 38 Alan Brown

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to WAW. Includes TLS copy from Ronald Reagan to Brown, 12/10/85.

Box: 2 Fold: 39 Agostino Cardinal Casaroli

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 telegram, 2 TLS (copies), 1 TLS from Cardinal Casaroli, secretary of state to the Vatican. Topics include: condolences re assassination attempt on Pres. Reagan; and a dinner given by the Wilsons in honor of the cardinal. Includes text of toast given by Cardinal Casaroli at the dinner.

Box: 2 Fold: 40 R. Anthony Deibler

DESCRIPTION: Contains memoranda from Tony Deibler, regional security officer, US embassy, Vatican. Concering security matters. Includes resume.

Box: 2 Fold: 41 William de la Warr (Earl)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 7 ALS, 5 TLS from the Earl de la Warr, British House of Lords. Includes TLS from R.F. Botha, minister of foreign affairs and information, South Africa, to WAW. Also includes copy of speech by Queen Elizabeth II delivered to British House of Lords 11/20/80.

Box: 2 Fold: 42 Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz

DESCRIPTION: Contains 10 TLS from Prince Edouard de Lobkowicz. Topics concerning Lebanon and Syria; Alexander Haig's invitation to join a false order of Malta; free clinics of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Lebanon (see descriptive list with letter of 2/12/85).

Box: 2 Fold: 43 Paul Dietrich

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS from Dietrich, publisher, Saturday Review. Topics include: proposed visit of Prince angelo de Mojana di Cologna, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, to US; Villa Pacelli Foundation.

Box: 2 Fold: 44 Anneta Duveen
September 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed catalog of works by sculptress Anneta Duveen. Includes inscription from Duveen to WAW.

Box: 2 Fold: 45 Eva Gabor

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS from the actress Eva Gabor.

Box: 2 Fold: 46 John Gavin

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS, 1 TLS from Gavin, US embassy, Mexico.

Box: 2 Fold: 47 Alexander Haig

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS and printed Christmas card from the US secretary of state.

Box: 2 Fold: 48 Timothy Healy, SJ

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS from Georgetown University's president. Concerns the application for admission to university of Mjoie Joseph Tshimbalanga.

Box: 2 Fold: 49 Audrey Hepburn

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS copy and ACS from the famous actress.

Box: 2 Fold: 50 John S. Herrington

DESCRIPTION: Contains 7 TLS from Herrington, assistant to the president for presidential personnel (US), and secretary of energy. Topics: WAW's recommendations of various individuals for various positions in government including Frank Coffman to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Dept of Energy executive overview of issues to be addressed by Herrington.

Box: 2 Fold: 51 Dolores Hope (Mrs. Bob Hope)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS from Mrs. Hope. Includes TL copy from WAW to Bob Hope re leasing property.

Box: 2 Fold: 52 Michael Hornblow

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS copy from Hornblow (WAW's assistant in the Vatican) to Achille Silvestrini, secretary, Council for Public Affairs of the Church, Vatican. Also, 2 TLS to WAW. Includes ALS copy from Walter Persegati to Hornblow, secretary, Monumenti Musei e Gallerie Ponificie.

Box: 2 Fold: 53 Robert A. Huttenback

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS from Huttenback, chancellor, Unversity of California, Santa Barbara

Box: 2 Fold: 54 Joseph E. Jeffs

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Georgetown University Librarian Joseph E. Jeffs to WAW, expressing interest in having the latter's papers placed at the university library.

Box: 2 Fold: 55 Pope John Paul II

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence relating to Pope John Paul II. Includes transcription of a an address delivered by the Pope to Catholic European parliamentarians, November 1983.

Box: 2 Fold: 56 Nake Kamrany

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS from Kamrany to Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, ambassador of Saudi Arabia; 3 TLS to WAW . Includes several papers by Dr. Kamrany on independence from the USSR for Afghanistan. Kamrany is a professor of economics at the University of Southern California.

Box: 2 Fold: 57 Edward M. Kennedy

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

Box: 2 Fold: 58 Coretta Scott King

DESCRIPTION: Concerning the official observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal holiday. Includes TLS from Coretta Scott King to WAW and to Pio Laghi, apostolic nuncio, Washington, DC.

Box: 2 Fold: 59 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Kirkpatrick to WAW, as US representative to UN.

Box: 2 Fold: 60 Pio Laghi

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS from Archbishop Pio Laghi, Apostolic Delegate, Washington, DC. Includes newsclipping about Laghi. Also copy of TLS to WAW from William J. Guste, Jr., attorney general, State of Louisiana, Dept. of Justice.

Box: 2 Fold: 61 Bernard F. Law

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS from Bernard Cardinal Law, archbishop of Boston.

Box: 2 Fold: 62 Paul Laxalt

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 TLS, 1 ALS, from Senator Laxalt (Nevada), and 1 ACS from wife Carol Laxalt. Also, 1 TLS from Peter K. Murphy to Laxalt.

Box: 2 Fold: 63 Art Linkletter

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS from Linkletter to WAW with related correspondence between WAW and Lee Ray, secretary to Linkletter.

Box: 2 Fold: 64 Henry Cabot Lodge

DESCRIPTION: Contains acknowledgement card from Mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge re death of her husband.

Box: 2 Fold: 65 Roger Mahony

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 TLS from Reverend Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles.

Box: 2 Fold: 66 Timothy Manning

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS from Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Los Angeles. Includes TLS copy from Rev. James P. Noonan, superior general, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc., New York, re the appointment by Pres. Reagan of Ernest Lefever as assistant secretary of state for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs.

Box: 2 Fold: 67 Paul Marcinkus

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS copy, 8 TLS from Archbishop Marcinkus, Vatican City. Primairly concerning implied involvement of Marcinkus in several cases of fraud: the alleged defrauding of the US government by a US corporation which then concealed profits in the Institute of Religious Works; the alleged association of Marcinkus with the Italian financier Michele Sindona; and the alleged association of Marcinkus with the Mafia and other illegal operations. The last was published in a book entitled, "The Vatican Connection" written by Richard Hammer, as told by Joseph J. Coffey.

Box: 2 Fold: 68 Mark Hans

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ALS, 4 TLS to WAW from Hans, chancellor, Unversity of Texas; 1 TLS copy to David P. Gardner, Office of President, University of California, Berkeley.

Box: 2 Fold: 69 Edouardo Martinez-Somalo

DESCRIPTION: Contains telegram, 5 TLS from Archbishop Martinez.Somalo, substitute secretary of state, Vatican.