Box: 1 Fold: 1 Correspondence: Stephen Decatur to Keith Spence
Letter date: January 9, 1804

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph transcription of a letter from Decatur to Keith Spence, father of Robert Traill Spence, about whom the letter is written; and grandfather of Carroll Spence. Addressed from the U.S. Ship Congress, in Tunis Bay, Decatur commends Spence's son Robert for a "manliness of conduct that will make every American proud of him"; as well as reporting wounds he (Decatur) received during a battle in Tripoli. In 1804, Decatur was the captain in command of a gunboat division in Tripolitan waters. The letter also mentions Captain James Barron, who later killed Decatur in a duel near Bladensburg, Maryland (March 22, 1820).

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Correspondence: William Spence to Robert Traill Spence
Letter dates: Sept. 13, 1810 & Oct. 20, 1811

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, sewn & glued together, 4 sheet/8 pages, from William Spence, maternal uncle of Robert Traill Spence, as follows -

@ 1. ALS dated 9/13/1810, addressed from Bath, Easton, England to Robert Traill Spence then residing in England just before the War of 1812, at the Tavistock Hotel, Covent Garden, London. Re an invitation to his nephew to visit him and the Traill family before his departure from England.

@ 2. ALS dated 10/20/1811, addressed from Castle Ashby. Written in response to a letter from his nephew; reporting on a recent trip around England and Scotland; and other family matters.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Correspondence: Robert Traill Spence to John Langdon
Letter dates: May 22, 1807 & May 6, 1812

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 4 sheets/8 pages, from Robert Spence to John Langdon, governor of New Hampshire (1805-09 & 1810-11). In the 1807 letter, Spence urges Langdon to exert his influence on President Thomas Jefferson to quash an alleged implication of Spence's support of Aaron Burr in New Orleans. In the 1812 letter, Spence expresses his admiration for Langdon and his thanks for the latter's influence in securing him promotions and various privileges in the U.S. Navy, including dismissal of charges of implications with Burr. He further seeks appointment as U.S. consul to London. Includes references to Jefferson and James Madison.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Addresses re Francis T. Morales
11/10/1822 - 12/13/1822

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 items as follows -

@ 1. Newspaper article in Spanish and English by Robert Traill Spence addressed to General Francis T. Morales of the Spanish Army, protesting against the latter's hostile actions against American merchants and commercial concerns in Venezuela and other Spanish territories: "As Commander in chief of the Royal Forces, ineffectually employed in Venezuela, you are accountable to your King only, for your proceedings against his subjects - But for acts of rapacity, cruelty and oppression exercised against Foreigners - for their illegal imprisonment - for the seizure and confiscation of their property - for their degradation under the aforesaid proclamation, you are answerable to the world..."

@ 2. Address, 2 sheets/4 pages, to "Robert T. Spence, Esq., Commander of the U.S. Ship Cyane," dated November 30, 1822, from Caracas. A petition signed by 23 American citizens acknowledges Spence's protest of November 10th, and further requests assistance against the threatening decree of General Morales, (from p.3): "...when assailed by the enactment of a Decree so perverse and unwarrantable as the one in question, which demands, loudly demands, the attention of our Government, to arrest the atrocity of him who prescribed "Slavery and Death" to peaceable Foreigners and Americans, especially in the honorable career of industry and commerce...We as Citizens of the U(nited) States would consider it a peculiar favour, if you would remain at the Port of La Guayra or on the adjacent Coasts, until we have the pleasure to hear of the destruction of the Spanish Army..."

@ Address, 2 sheets/4 pages, to Robert Traill Spence. Dated December 13, 1822, from La Guayra. Being similar in content to the preceding: a petition signed by 26 American merchants urging swift action by Spence against Morales.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Address by Carroll Spence to Maryland Legislature
Date: July 4, 1842

DESCRIPTION: Contains political speech in Spence's hand. Composed in the year of his election to the Maryland legislature. 10 sheets/15 written pages.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Address by Carroll Spence to Maryland Voters

DESCRIPTION: Contains a printed pamphlet address by Spence "...to the Voters of Maryland in Reply to an Address of the Scott Correspondence Club of Maryland." The tone is extremely pro-Franklin Pierce. Indeed, when Pierce won the presidential election, he rewarded Spence with the U.S. ambassadorship to Turkey in 1853. 15 pages.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland
Dates: 8/28 & 9/1/1853

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 items as follows -

@ 1. ALS, 2 sheets/3 pages, dated August 28, 1853, to Carroll Spence from John M. Caffrey, president, Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland. Re congratulations to Spence on his appointment as U.S. consul to the Sublime Porte in Constantinople, and conference of the LL.D. (Some thirty years later, Spence was to donate several fine European paintings to the college.)

@ 2. Vellum certificate for LL.D. degree from Mount St. Mary's College, in ornate calligraphic form, conferred on Carroll Spence, and signed by President John M. Caffrey. Dated September 1, 1853.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Correspondence to Carroll Spence
Dates: 3/10/1854-5/19/1858

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 items as follows -

@ 1. ALS in French, 1 page, to Spence from the Prince Duke of Rohan-Rohan, as president of the Universal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts and Industry, London, notifying the former of his election as honorary president of the society. Dated from London, March 10, 1854.

@ 2. ALS, 2 sheets/3 pages, to Spence from General G.E. Haug, a Hungarian revolutionary exile, addressed from Pera in Istanbul, dated May 3, 1856. Contains a lengthy description of life in exile and expresses appreciation of Spence's liberal sympathies: "The life of an exile is not a bright existence. Day by day he has to bury another hope, to mourn for another death; derision and persecution are his companions, ignorance and egotism his enemies, his party at home deserts him, the government repudiates him, a homeless nomad he wanders from land to land, from nation to nation... Having received so many tokens of your liberal simpathies I am too poor in diction to express you the gratitude which I deeply feel...Indeed I am proud of having been so kindly distinguished by a statesman and representative of the great American republic."

@ 3. ALS, 2 sheets/4 pages, to Spence from General Haug, addressed from Rhodes, dated May 19, 1858. Describes his visit to Rhodes; mentions intention of buying land there; collecting coins and other antiquities with Italian nobleman, Marchese Antinori; and thanks Spence for his advice and continued friendship.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Address by Gen. Joseph Wysocki to Carroll Spence
Dated March 14, 1854

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph address in French, 3 sheets/6 pages, to Spence as minister plenipotentiary of the U.S., by Gen. Joseph Wysocki, a Polish patriot of the Polish revolution of 1830, who joined the Hungarian revolution of 1848. Appeals to the U.S. to support the cause of a reconstituted Polish government based on Western ideals. Refers also to the Crimean War and Russian absolutism. Dated from Constantinople, March 14, 1854.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Article by Carroll Spence
Date: April 5, 1854

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed newspaper article by Carroll Spence in Greek.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Correspondence to Carroll Spence
Datespan: 5/20/1854-12/15/1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains 13 ALS in French to Spence as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary (EEMP) from various European diplomatic functionaries, re his departure and other local/international matters.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Correspondence: Sir Henry Bulwer to Carroll Spence
Letter date: June 4, 1854(?)

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 1 page, to Spence from Sir Henry Bulwer, British commissioner to the Romanian Principalities and later British ambassador to the Sublime Porte. Signature clipped. Addressed from Bucharest, as follows -

@ "My dear Sir, The Kaimakan (sp?) will call on you today at one o'clock when I feel sure that for the moment at least you will forget the past & convince him of the truth (which no one knows better than myself) that there are no Gentlemen more polished in manners than American gentlemen & if I may venture to make an exception, especially those of the South..."

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Correspondence to Carroll Spence
Datespan: 9/17/1854 - 5/30/1858

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 letters directed to Spence as U.S. representative/EEMP to the Sublime Porte as follows -

@ 1. ALS, 1 page, to Spence from Hungarian revolutionary leader Louis Kossuth. Signature clipped. Adrressed from London, 9/17/1854.

@ "Sir: Relying on your liberal sentiments I have taken the liberty of directing to the address of your Excellency a package containing 500 copies of my Hanley speech, and would request the favour to have them handed over to the gentleman (not unknown to your Excellency) who shall have the honor of presenting a duplicate of this my reqpectful note, and who will pay the expenses. I avail myself of this opportunity or assuring your Excellency of the high esteem and particular consideration with which I have the honor to be....(missing text)"

@ 2. ALS, 1 page, incomplete date, December 11.... Correspondent not identifiable.

@ 3. ALS, 2 sheets/2 pages, in French, to Spence from Ali Ghalib Pasha, son in law of the Sultan Abdul Meghid. Expresses appreciation of condolences sent by Spence on the death of Ali Ghalib Pasha's father, the Grand Vizier Rashid Pasha. Dated from Constantinople, May 30, 1858.

@ 4. ALS, 1 sheet/2 pages, to Spence from Sir Austen Henry Layard, English archeologist and later ambassador to Turkey. Re dinner engagement. No date.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Addresses re Greeks and Hungarians
Dates: 4/12/1854-12/22/1856

DESCRIPTION: Contains the following items -

@ 1. Address to Carroll Spence, in English, 3 sheets/6 pages. Dated April 12, 1854. Signed by 31 prominent Greeks from the Greek community in Smyrna, Turkey. A petition against the impending business and religious persecution of the Ottoman government, and for protection from the U.S.

@ 2. Address from Spence in response to the preceding petition, 2 sheets/4 pages. Dated April 24, 1854. Retained copy. Although sympathetic to the problems faced by the Orthodox Greeks, Spence explains that as a government official, he cannot offer the desired protection - "There is however a Greater Power which will be invoked, and I trust not in vain, by your Church for its suffering children, by the grace of which you will be enabled in the day of trial to stand up manfully under the misfortunes which now press heavily upon you. To that power your wives and children must look for that protection which I am sorry to say my country is not permitted to extend to you. Believe me gentlemen I deeply sympathise with you in your distress..."

Throughout his later career as EEMP to Turkey, however, Spence was to do his utmost through personal means and diplomatic influence to assist numerous European political refugees in Turkey and to further religious toleration in the Ottoman Empire.

@ 3. Autograph signed address from Spence to Hungarian exiles (from the 1848 revolution led by Louis Kossuth) in Turkey. Dated from the U.S. Legation in Turkey, December 22, 1856. 2 sheets/4 pages. Expresses regret and sympathy concerning an unsuccessful mission to the U.S. by a representative for the exiles to elicit financial support for their cause, specifically to erect a Christian church and schoolhouse in Turkey. In conclusion, Spence enclosed a donation of 500 piastres as a contribution to the prospective church and school.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Address by Carroll Spence re Religious Toleration in Turkey
Dates: 11/6/1855-3/3/1856

DESCRIPTION: Contains part of a printed pamphlet containing the following items -

@ 1. Letter to Spence from 4 signatories: G.E. Haug, Count Joconoe Liberali, Dr. Vittorio Bosi, Dr. Lodovico Angelis. Notifying Spence of the granting of "freedom of conscience to all of the subjects of the Ottoman Empire" by the Sultan. Dated February 29, 1856.

@ 2. Letter from Spence to the preceding in acknowledgement. Dated March 2, 1856.

@ 3. Address by Spence to Faud Pasha, Turkish minister of foreign affairs. Preceding the events denoted by the foregoing 1856 letters, Spence admonishes the Turkish government for the "abrogation of the Mahomedan law, making it a capital offence, for a Mussulman to renounce Islamism..."

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Auxiliary Bible Society of Constantinople Annual Report

DESCRIPTION: Contains two copies of the First Annual Report of the Auxiliary Bible Society of Constantinople. Carroll Spence served as president. Rev. W. William Goodell took a prominent role in the organization as the senior American clergyman in Turkey for many years.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Holy Sepulcher, Certificate of Visit by Carroll Spence
February 19, 1856

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed certificate of Carroll Spence's visit to the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Signed the the chief secretary, Father Joseph Cellarius. Dated February 19, 1856.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Invitations to Carroll Spence
Dates: 1/31/1856; 7/10/1856

DESCRIPTION: Contains two invitations in French (autograph and printed) to a dinner and ball given by the Turkish sultan and minister of foreign affairs.

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Carroll Spence Departure from Constantinople: Correspondence
Dates: 12/1/1856-11/28/1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 letters to Spence concerning his departure from Constantinople as EEMP, as follows -

@ 1. ALS, 1 sheet/2 pages, in French, dated from Constantinople, December 1, 1856. To Spence from Georg Kmety (1810-1865), Hungarian general (Revolution of 1848), and, at the time of writing, pasha in Turkey: "Je pars aujourd'hui en laissant toutes mes souhaits pour le bonheur de votre Excellence, et en la priant de vouloir me conferrer son bienveillant souvenir..."

@ 2. ALS, 1 sheet/2 pages, dated from Pera, November 28, 1857. To Spence from Signor Mossi, minister from Sardinia: "My dear Sir, I am really very sorry not to be able to bid you and kind Mrs. Spence farewell. I would have liked very much to thank you again and again for the friendly feelings you have never ceased to show towards me. But am in bed, and was almost constantly sick since I last saw you. Tomorrow by nine o'clock I must go and take my leave from the Sultan, and I really don't know how I shall be able to perform this last duty of mine in Constantinople. It is very likely I shall fail after the reception. But at any rate I shall do so on Sunday morning. Excuse me if unfortunate circumstances do not allow me that pleasure. I hope to meet you in some other place perhaps in Turin..."

@ 3. ALS, 1 sheet/1 page, undated, first page possibly missing. To Spence from his successor, James Williams. Williams later became a Confederate agent in Europe where he died in 1869: "I cannot close without thanking you for the reputation you have left behind you, and to which as your successor I have fallen heir. I am quite sure that I will never be able to sustain it. All the Ministers speak of you with great respect and many of them with kindess..."

Box: 1 Fold: 20 George Maghieru - Correspondence
Datespan: 5/261856-10/26/1856

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 important autograph copies of correspondence, in French, sent by General George Maghieru to the Ottoman minister of foreign affairs. Contents summary is included. A seventh letter is listed by not extant. Correspondence includes information pertaining to the diplomatic relations between European powers and Turkey, during and after the Crimean War (peace being signed on March 30, 1853). Also includes information about Romanian principalities and the formation of the modern Romanian state. The correspondence may have been given to Carroll Spence by Maghieru because of the former's interest in Romanian politics, as well as in Maghieru's return to his native country. (See also Folder 1:21 for more information about Maghieru and his association with Spence.)

Box: 1 Fold: 21 George Maghieru - Correspondence to Carroll Spence
Dates: 7/16/1857 & 12/18/1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, total of 4 sheets/6 pages, dated Constantinople, July 16, 1857, and Bucharest, December 18, 1857, respectively. From General Maghieru to Spence. Maghieru was an important figure in the Romanian revolution of 1848. Spence had obtained Maghieru's release from Turkish house custody, so the latter was able to take a leading role in the unification of the Romanian Principalities after the Crimean War. As a token of appreciation, Maghieru presented Spence with a sword he had used in the earlier Romanian revolution of 1821.

@ Folder also includes newspaper clipping in English about Maghieru and transcribing the above-cited letters to Spence. Spences notes about Maghieru and a complete typed transcription of the letters are also included.

Box: 1 Fold: 22 Correspondence: Veley Pasha to Carroll Spence
Dates: 5/26/1857-8/3/1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to Spence from Veley Pasha (son of the Grand Visier, Mustapha Pasha), governor of Crete. Date from Candia, Crete, May 26, 1857 and August 3, 1857, total of 3 sheets/5 pages. Expresses appreciation of Spence's support and approval of his implementation of new laws regarding civil and religous freedom for Turkish citizens (cf. letter cited below from Spence), and the hope that he can implement further liberalization of his domain. Includes typed transcription of the letter from Spence, to which Veley Pasha was responding: "Excellency, Your Excellency is doubtless aware of the fact that I exerted myself strenuously to procure from his I. Majesty, the Sultan the enjoyment of religious freedom for all the subjects of the Ottoman Empire. By complying with their request and the promulgation of the Hatti Scheriff, his I. Majesty gave the Christian world a proof of his desire to promote the happiness and welfare of his subjects..."

@ Also includes translated transcriptions by Spence of Veley Pasha's correspondence (typed and autograph).

Box: 1 Fold: 23 Correspondence: Elizabeth B. Kontaxaki to Carroll Spence
Dates: 7/28/1857 & 10/2/1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to Spence from Elizabeth B. Kontaxaki, an ethnic Greek woman, active in political, religious and educational interests of Greeks in Crete. She was well acquainted with Veley Pasha and Spence, as well as the Greek Patriarch and numerous foreign diplomats. Her letters to Spence detail reforms by Veley Pasha (also former Turkish ambassador to England and France); report on Pasha's admiration of American political ideas and of Spence, as well as on Pasha's proposal to obtain Cretan marble for the Washington Monument (then under construction) and coins for Spence's collection. Kontaxaki's letters total 8 sheets/17 pages, dated from Candia, July 28 and October 2, 1857. An autograph note by Spence about the letters and Kontaxaki is included: "These letters were written to me by Miss Kontaxaki, one of the most remarkale and best informed women with whom I ever became acquainted. She was educated by Mr. Hill at Athens. Her parents were killed by the Turks, and she escaped death by the merest accident. She spoke several languages with fluency and devoted herself to advancing the political and educational interests of the Greeks in Candia. For that purpose, she came to Constantinople and by her eloquent advocacy of the cause of its inhabitants elicited the sympathies and the influence of (...) and myself in behalf of her people - At her request I opened a correspondence with Veley Pasha (the son of Mustapha Pasha, for many years Governor General of Candia, but at that time Grand Vizier). Veley Pasha was one of the most enlightened Turks of the empire. He filled the post of minister to England and France and on the appointement of his father as Grand Vizier, he was sent to Candia as Governor General. Influenced by Miss Kontaxaki, he became a reformer..."

@ The folder includes excerpts of the Kontaxaki letters to Spence, in Spence's hand.

Box: 1 Fold: 24 Correspondence: Prince George B. Stirbey to Carroll Spence
Date: August 27, 1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 2 sheets/4 pages, to Spence from Prince George B. Stirbey, whose father was ruler of Wallachia. Addressed from Bucharest. Discusses political matters relating to the Romanian Prinicipalities and appreciation of Spence's friendship.

Box: 1 Fold: 25 Address to Carroll Spence from American Community, Turkey
Dated December 12, 1857

DESCRIPTION: Contains address of appreciation to Spence from 17 members of the American community presented in anticipation of his departure as American ambassador to Turkey. Signatories include Rev. William Goodell, D.O., his son William Goodell, M.D., John Porter Brown (a leading American orientalist and diplomat), and Josiah Peabody. The address is in the hand of John Porter Brown. 2 sheets/3 pages.

Box: 1 Fold: 26 Correspondence: Hagi Meryat Ahmed Khan to Carroll Spence
Dated March 15, 1858

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 1 sheet/2 pages, to Spence from the Persian minister to Turkey, Hagi Meryat Ahmed Khan. In French, addressed from Constantinople. Re continued good relations between the U.S. and Persia.

Box: 1 Fold: 27 Correspondence: Mohammed Ali to Carroll Spence
Dated August 25, 1858

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 1 sheet/2 pages, to Spence from Mohammed Ali, grand admiral and minister of the Turkish navy. and brother-in-law of Sultan Abdul Meghid. Sends salutation: "My Dear Sir, I have had the pleasure to learn good news of your health and that of your family, and thank you for your kind remembrance. Having learned that you are still in Europe and residing in Florence, I avail myself of the present opportunity to recall myself of your friendly recollection and to assure you of the sentiments of respect and friendship which I always entertain for you. Mohammed Pasha, in whose mission you were so good as to take so kind an interest, has just returned from the United States, having enjoyed good health during his absence and been much gratified by the attention and evidence of friendship towards his govt. as well as for himself which he received from the government and people of the United States..."

Box: 1 Fold: 28 Newspaper editorials re departure of Carroll Spence from Turkey

DESCRIPTION: Contains two newspaper editorials in Italian concerning the departure of Carroll Spence as U.S. EEMP to Turkey. Typed translation of both also included.

Box: 1 Fold: 29 Newspaper editorials re departure of Carroll Spence from Turkey

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 newspaper editorials, in English, concerning the departure of Carroll Spence as U.S. EEMP to Turkey.

Box: 1 Fold: 30 Correspondence: S. Bassett French to Carroll Spence
Dated November 5, 1877

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 1 page, to Spence from S. Bassett French, secretary of the Robert E. Lee Monument Association, on association letterhead, addressed from Richond, Virginia.

@ "Honble. and Dear Sir, I am instructed by the Board of Managers respectfully to ask your opinion on the models presented in the competition for the Equestrian Statue of Genl. Lee...Your long residence in Europe and the large opportunities which you have so diligently utilised will give to your judgement so large a value in the estimate of the Board that I am instructed to urge upon you a compliance with the wish herein communicated."

Box: 1 Fold: 31 Correspondence: George A. Hanson to Carroll Spence
Dated June 26, 1878

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 2 sheets/3 pages, to Spence from George A. Hanson, soliciting a subscription for biographies of himself and his father, Robert Traill Spence, to be published in an upcoming edition of "Cyclopedia of Representative Men of Maryland and the District of Columbia," by the National Biographical Publishing Company. Addressed from Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland.

Box: 1 Fold: 32 Correspondence: John H.B. Latrobe to Carroll Spence
Dated January 15, 1881

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 1 page, to Spence from John H.B. Latrobe, Maryland attorney and president of the American Colonization Society - "Many thanks for the letters and papers relating to the then infant settlement of the Am. Col. Society, found among the papers of your late distinguished father Captain Robert Traill Spence when he visited the West coast of Africa in the United States frigate Cyane in 1823. Among the early friends of Liberia, your father's name has always occupied a very high place, and that his son should have placed in the keeping of the Am. Col. Society the interesting documents we received from you is extremely gratifying..."

Box: 1 Fold: 33 Correspondence: J.R. Soley to Carroll Spence
Dated November 19, 1888

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS, 1 page, to Spence from J.R. Soley, librarian at the Navy Department, re acquiring papers of Spence's father, Robert Traill Spence, and grandfather, Keith Spence, "both...well known...to every student of American Naval history..."

Box: 1 Fold: 34 Address from Dr. Luigi Chierici to Carroll Spence

DESCRIPTION: Contains a printed pamphlet containing an address of praise, in Italian, to Spence from Dr. Luigi Chierici. An autograph note on the pamphlet cover by Spence explains his association with Chierici. Additionally, a typed transcription in English of the pamphlet is included.

@ Spence's note - "This pamphlet was addressed to me by Dottore Luigi Chierici, one of the most distinguished and prominent revolutionaries of Bologna - On his arrival in Constantinople he sought and obtained from me the protection of the Legation of the United States. He was a man of great information, of refined tastes, and a most agreeable companion..."

Box: 1 Fold: 35 Carroll Spence: Communications in Constantinople (transcriptions)

DESCRIPTION: Contains a typed transcription, in English, of correspondence and addresses exchanged between Spence and acquaintances during his tenure as U.S. minister to Turkey. Original letters are extant in preceding folders. Includes newspaper clippings of articles about Spence. Correspondents include Dr. Luigi Chierici, G.E. Haug, George Maghieru, Ali Ghalib Pasha (son-in-law of the Sultan Abdul Meghid), Prince de Rohan-Rohan, and Veley Pasha (governor general of Candia).

Box: 1 Fold: 36 Carroll Spence: Persian Army Certificate

DESCRIPTION: Contains a certificate conferring the rank of general on Col. Carroll Lewis by Ferouk Khan, chief minister to the shah of Persia. The conferral was apparently at the request of Carroll Spence. Includes an autograph translation into French.

Box: 1 Fold: 37 Correspondence: Robert Traill Spence to Mrs. Stewart

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 2 sheets/3 pages, from Robert Traill Spence to Mrs. Stewart, wife of a fellow naval officer. Undated. Includes autograph note, probably by Carroll Spence - "...letter written to Mrs. Comder. Stewart in answer to one written by her asking Captain Spence's advice relative to a misunderstanding with her husband Comder. Stewart..."

Box: 2 Fold: 1 Carroll Family Mansion (Newspaper clipping)

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clipping featuring the Carroll family mansion in Baltimore, Maryland.

Box: 2 Fold: 2 Robert Cutt - Genealogical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph note about Robert Cutt and related genealogical information.

Box: 2 Fold: 3 Cutt Family - Genealogical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph notes about the Cutt family, re epitaphs.

Box: 2 Fold: 4 Cutt Family Tree (Genealogy)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 autograph family trees of the Cutt family, specifically showing the heirs of Joseph Whipple and Hannah Brackett, and connection of Cutt family with the Traill family.

Box: 2 Fold: 5 John Langdon - Genealogical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph genealogical notes about John Langdon.

Box: 2 Fold: 6 Lowell and Spence Family Relations - Genealogical Info.
September 1891

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed newspaper clipping giving information about the relationship of James Russell Lowell and Rev. Robert T.S. Lowell and Robert Traill Spence - the former were nephews to Spence.

Box: 2 Fold: 7 Carroll Spence - Biographical

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph geneological notes about Carroll Spence. Includes clipped printed article concerning a gift by Spence of three paintings to Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland. Also, small newspaper clipping of an article in Italian about Spence (?).

Box: 2 Fold: 8 Charles Lowell Stewart Spence - Obituary
Died July 20, 1887

DESCRIPTION: Contains two newspaper clipping obituaries.

Box: 2 Fold: 9 Mary Clare Spence - Last Will and Testament
Signatory datespan: November 1849-February 1889

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph copy of the last will and testament of Mary Clare Carroll Spence, daughter of Nicholas Carroll of Baltimore and the widow of Robert Traill Spence.

Box: 2 Fold: 10 Robert Traill Spence - Biographical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph notes about Robert Traill Spence.

Box: 2 Fold: 11 Robert Traill Spence - Biographical Information
September 1891

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclipping about Robert Traill Spence, especially about his naval career.

Box: 2 Fold: 12 Robert Traill Spence - Obituaries
Died 9/26/1826

DESCRIPTION: Contains various newspaper clippings containing obituary for Spence.

Box: 2 Fold: 13 Whipple and Spence Family - Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains a fragment of a printed report from the Whipple and Farragut Schools in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Gives information about William Whipple and Robert Traill Spence.

Box: 2 Fold: 14 Robert Traill - Genealogical Information

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph genealogical notes about Robert Traill and the Whipple and Cutt families. Robert Traill had married Mary Whipple, daughter of William Whipple married to Mary Cutt, daughter of Robert Cutt.