Box: 8 Fold: 28 "Old Office Area"
DATE SPAN: 03/01/1976 - 03/30/1976

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous photographs and newsclippings of Aramco's "old office area" at Dhahran from 1936 to 1976.

Box: 8 Fold: 29 "Oman"

DESCRIPTION: 1 newsclippping and 1 copy article on Oman and its ruling family.

Box: 8 Fold: 30 "Persian Carpets"
DATE SPAN: 07/12/1978 - 09/20/1978

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings on Persian carpets.

Box: 8 Fold: 31 "Protocols of the Elders of Zion"
DATE SPAN: 02/01/1967 - 02/28/1967

DESCRIPTION: 1 article, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" by Christopher Sykes.

Box: 8 Fold: 32 "Questions & Answers"
DATE SPAN: 09/14/1970 - 03/09/1977

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMss, newsclippings and notes regarding how Aramco employees should answer questions about Aramco policies. Includes 1 copy TMs "Questions Likely to be Posed by Anti-Boycott Interrogators", regarding Aramco's policy about the Arab boycott towards Israel.

Box: 8 Fold: 33 "Samaritans"

DESCRIPTION: 2 news articles regarding Samaritans.

Box: 8 Fold: 34 "Samha"
DATE SPAN: 09/01/1957 - 05/31/1958

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMs report, "Notes and Information for Employees Assigned to the Arabic Field Station, Samha, Hofuf" by Harry McDonald for Aramco.

Box: 9 Fold: 1 "Saudi Arabian Government Organization"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1937]? - [04/30/1977]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMs reports and printed materials relating to the structure of the Saudi Arabian government. Includes the following items: 1 copy TMs "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Regulations for Shari'ah Pleadings" (1937); 1 copy TMs "Revision, Chronology of the Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers" (1971); 1 carbon TMs "Operations of the Saudi Arabian Coast Guard" (1957); printed charts of the structure of the Saudi government for 1939, 1961, 1973, 1977; 1 copy TMs "Ministry of Commerce (1957); 1 copy TMs "Consultative Council" (1956); 1 copy TMs "A Study of the Council of Ministers" (1957); and 1 copy TMs "Royal family of Saudi Arabia and Officials of the Government of the Kingdom" (1947).

Box: 9 Fold: 2 "Saudi Arabia - Post & Postage"
DATE SPAN: 06/25/1935 - 06/30/1986

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and printed materials relating to Saudi Arabian and Aramco postal history, especially in 1935 and 1940-44.

Box: 9 Fold: 3 "Saudi Economic Survey"
DATE SPAN: 01/04/1978 - 09/13/1978

DESCRIPTION: 3 issues of the Saudi Economic Survey from 1978.

Box: 9 Fold: 4 "Stamps"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1960]? - [01/01/1992]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous postage stamps from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan.

Box: 9 Fold: 5 "Stamps"
DATE SPAN: 01/01/0197 - 01/01/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous stamps from Europe, the United States, Republic of South Africa, Lebanon, Israel, Philipines, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

Box: 9 Fold: 6 "Symbicon"
DATE SPAN: 01/27/1988 - 03/07/1988

DESCRIPTION: Clippings, correspondence and brochures relating to Symbicon and its products.

Box: 9 Fold: 7 "Tapline"
DATE SPAN: 08/19/1948 - 07/19/1991

DESCRIPTION: Articles and correspondence relating to Tapline and Aramco in 1948 and 1991. Includes 1 copy TMs and printed version of "Pipeline Politics: America, Tapline and the Arabs" by Douglas Little (1990); several offprints of articles in the Oil and Gas Journal regarding Tapline (1948-49).

Box: 9 Fold: 8 "Tarut"
DATE SPAN: 08/01/1962 - [01/01/1970]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMss, articles and photographs, mainly of Tarut, an island off the Saudi coast in the Persian Gulf. Includes 1 TMs on Tarut by William E. Mulligan; 1 copy article on Nestorian Christians; 1 copy article on Saudi planning of towns and settlements (1962?); and 1 copy TMs report, "Tarut Island: A Preliminary study on its Planning Needs" (1962) by Reda A. Nazer.

Box: 9 Fold: 9 "Tax Laws - United States"
DATE SPAN: 04/17/1977 - 06/21/1987

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports and correspondence relating to U.S. tax laws, especially in relation to foreign income earned by U.S. citizens. Includes 1 offprint address by Suliman S. Olayan; 1 TLS from Sen. John A. Durkin; and numerous letters and reports by Aramco regarding lobbying efforts to have U.S. tax laws changed.

Box: 9 Fold: 10 "Transportation - Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1955 - 01/10/1990

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous newsclippings and copy TMss reports on transportation in Saudi Arabia, especially as effected by Aramco and the oil industry. Includes 3 copy TMs of "The Impact of Aramco on Transportation in Saudi Arabia" by William E. Mulligan.

Box: 9 Fold: 11 "Transportation - Aramco"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1951]? - 01/31/1983

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports relating to Aramco transportation issues, including purchases of vehicles from Tapline in 1951.

Box: 9 Fold: 12 "Turks in al-Hasa"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1945]? - [01/01/1960]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous TMss and copy TMss of reports on the al-Hasa district under Turkish rule.

Box: 9 Fold: 13 "University of Petroleum & Minerals"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1970]? - 09/29/1976

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles and copy TMss on the founding of the University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Box: 9 Fold: 14 "Polk, Milbry Catherine"
DATE SPAN: 06/11/1985 - 05/27/1987

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between William E. Mulligan and Milbry Catherine Polk regarding Milbry's "Arabian Transportation: An Illustrated History." Includes photograph postcards of Yemen by Polk.

Box: 9 Fold: 15 "Nonsense - Aramco I"
DATE SPAN: 11/23/1943 - 05/14/1971

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and clippings relating to Aramco's Government Relations Department. Includes correspondence to and from John O. Roberts, M. D. Carter, Georges de Bouteiller, Harry McDonald, Peter Violet, John R. Jones, G. E. Mandis, W. Jack Butler, John H. Miller, Peter C. Speers, Hamilton Osborne, K. R. Webster, and William E. Mulligan.

Box: 9 Fold: 16 "Nonsense - Aramco I"
DATE SPAN: 01/22/1956 - 01/27/1975

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence relating to Aramco's Government Relations Department. Includes biographical information on Harry McDonald, Aramco medical care, an Aramco safety poster, visits by Catrina Thomas and Paul Lund, and information on Aramco's management of the King's cooks. Includes correspondence to and from William E. Mulligan, Harry McDonald, F. W. Ohliger, Garry Owen, Peter C. Speers, John R. Jones, K. R. Webster, Frank Born, M. D. Carter, George S. Rentz, Ned A. Scardino, William L. Owen, G. E. Mandis, Paul H. Arnot, Michael Baroody, and James V. Knight.

Box: 9 Fold: 17 "Nonsense - Aramco II"
DATE SPAN: 08/06/1946 - 05/07/1985

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence relating to Aramco's Government Relations Department. Includes materials relating to the following: charges of hashish and liquor possession, Aramco's Servorgville Sun, Ras el Misha'ab's weekly reports (1952), photos of the yacht of Crown Prince Sa'ud (1950's). Includes correspondence to and from Garry Owen, F. W. Ohliger, Ahmad Zaki Yamani, Homer C. Mueller, R. M. Henry, Robert I. Brougham, and William E. Mulligan.

Box: 9 Fold: 18 "Nonsense - ARD & Pol."
DATE SPAN: 05/01/1954 - 05/20/1972

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence relating to Aramco's Arabian Research Division. Includes the following materials: information on women employees of Aramco (1947-49), Maegie Scott's bar in Mallorca, and biographical material on James V. Knight. Includes correspondence to and from F. S. Vidal, William E. Mulligan, Peter C. Speers, Victor Armany, Thomas C. Barger, Philip C. Kidd, and Alexander Iskandar.

Box: 9 Fold: 19 "Nonsense - Baba & RIM"
DATE SPAN: 10/31/1956 - 02/03/1991

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings, correspondence and copy TMss relating to Meher Baba, Sikkim and other matters. Includes information on Hope Cooke Namgyal, Queen of Sikkim. Includes correspondence to and from Harry McDonald, William E. Mulligan, Ronald and Helen Metz, Peter C. Speers, Mani Baba, and Elizabeth Patterson.

Box: 9 Fold: 20 "Nonsense - Booze"
DATE SPAN: 12/26/1956 - 07/14/1991

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings about the prohibition and brewing of alcoholic beverages, especially in Saudi Arabia. Includes 1 copy of "The Blue Flame", an manual on home making of alcohol.

Box: 9 Fold: 21 "Nonsense - British"
DATE SPAN: 08/21/1954 - 11/22/1974

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings relating to Great Britain.

Box: 9 Fold: 22 "Nonsense - Madison Avenue"
DATE SPAN: 03/29/1958 - 01/15/1986

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings of advertisements.

Box: 9 Fold: 23 "Nonsense - Misc."
DATE SPAN: 09/06/1970 - 07/13/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings on various topics, mostly relating to American advertising. Includes 1 ALS from C. Stacey Woods to John L. Kelberer.

Box: 10 Fold: 1 "Nonsense - The Mystic"
DATE SPAN: 10/28/1954 - 07/06/1976

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings relating to mysticism as well as Saudi Arabian business.

Box: 10 Fold: 2 "Nonsense - PCS & RJS"
DATE SPAN: 05/11/1956 - 04/03/1990

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence of, by or about Peter C. Speers and Robert B. Schweitzer.

Box: 10 Fold: 3 "Nonsense - Scat & Sex"
DATE SPAN: 01/24/1964 - 10/03/1984

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings relating to scatology and sex.

Box: 10 Fold: 4 "Nonsense - Titles"
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1953 - 07/17/1971

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous notes relating to book titles.

Box: 10 Fold: 5 "Nonsense - Union Leaders"
DATE SPAN: 12/21/1984 - 01/23/1988

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings relating to labor unions.

Box: 10 Fold: 6 "Nonsense - USA"
DATE SPAN: [10/01/1946]? - 12/11/1966

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings about American culture.

Box: 10 Fold: 7 "America - Articles"
DATE SPAN: 09/24/1960 - 10/19/1974

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles clipped from America Magazine

Box: 10 Fold: 8 "Asma Allah al-Hasna"
DATE SPAN: 06/23/1953 - 09/23/1953

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLSs, 1 carbon TMs and 1 AMs relating to Arabic language and Islam. Includes 1 TLS from Kenneth Cragg to William E. Mulligan, 1 TLS from Edwin E. Calverley to Mulligan, 1 AMs "homework assignment" in Arabic by Mulligan, and 1 carbon TMs by unknown author on Islamic philosophy.

Box: 10 Fold: 9 "al-Buraimi Documents - 1952"

DESCRIPTION: Copy documents relating to the al-Buraimi territorial dispute between Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Oman in 1952.

Box: 10 Fold: 10 "Campbell, Kay Hardy"
DATE SPAN: [03/01/1986]? - [03/30/1986]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 velo-bound copy TMs of "The History of the United States Consulate General, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia" by Kay Hardy Campbell. Also includes 1 TLS from Campbell to William E. Mulligan.

Box: 10 Fold: 11 "Geographical Journal"
DATE SPAN: [09/01/1945]? - [03/31/1960]?

DESCRIPTION: Articles on Arabian geography clipped from the Geographical Journal. Also includes 1 map of Southern Arabia by Wilfred Thesiger.

Box: 10 Fold: 12 "Geographical Review"
DATE SPAN: 10/01/1938 - 01/31/1964

DESCRIPTION: Articles on Arabian geography clipped from the Geographical Review.

Box: 10 Fold: 13 "Heady, H. F. - Grazing"

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMS of "Report to the Government of Saudi Arabia on Grazing Resources and Problems" by Harold F. Heady, FAO Agricultural Officer.

Box: 10 Fold: 14 "Holmes' Hasa Concession"

DESCRIPTION: 1 photocopy of the original signed agreement between Frank Holmes and the government of Saudi Arabia concerning the Hasa Concession of 1923.

Box: 10 Fold: 15 "Kennedy, John F. - Assassination"
DATE SPAN: 11/23/1963 - 11/28/1963

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy of "Assassination of a President," "a chronicle of the six days from November 23 to November 28, 1963 reprinted from the New York Times."

Box: 10 Fold: 16 "Kerr, Richard C."
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1952]? - [12/31/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMs report, "Analysis of Eolian Sand Control" by Richard C. Kerr and John O. Nigra.

Box: 10 Fold: 17 "McConnell, Phil - Mss."
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1950]? - [01/01/1990]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMs of "The Hundred Men" by Philip C. McConnell.

Box: 10 Fold: 18 "National Geographic"
DATE SPAN: 12/01/1935 - 01/31/1966

DESCRIPTION: Clippings and offprints of National Geographic articles on the Middle East and Arabia from 1935 to 1966.

Box: 10 Fold: 19 "Pelly, Lt. Col."
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1863]? - [12/31/1874]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 photocopy of "Report on the Tribes, &c., Around the Shores of the Persian Gulf" by Lt. Col. Sir Lewis Pelly. Also includes 1 copy map of the Persian Gulf from 1863.

Box: 10 Fold: 20 "Saad Sowayan - Folklore"
DATE SPAN: 01/18/1988 - 08/20/1991

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence and some printed materials relating to the study of Saudi Arab folklore by Aramco. Includes correspondence to and from William E. Mulligan, Ismail Nawwab, Saad A. Sowayan, F. S. Vidal, and Dawood Al-Shirian.

Box: 10 Fold: 21 "Saudi Arabia - Businesses"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1976]? - 07/15/1978

DESCRIPTION: Copy lists of American firms doing business in Saudi Arabia from 1976 to 1978.