Box: 7 Fold: 1 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1947]? - 10/07/1984

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports and clippings regarding Aramco history and operations. Includes productivity statistics for 1938 to 1946; 1 copy TMs yearly accountability report for the Government Relations Organization (1972); 1 copy report by David S. Dodge on the Badanah Pump Station of the Trans-Arabian Pipe Line Company (1950); 1 copy TMs memo by William A. Eddy about the use of Saudi Arabs as supervisors; 1 carbon TLS regarding a limousine of King 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Sa'ud with 7 photos of the car (1948); 1 copy TMs speech by Ali I. Naimi to Aramco Annuitants (1984); and 1 copy TMs account of a visit by Crown Prince Sa'ud ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz to Dhahran (1947).

Box: 7 Fold: 2 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 04/01/1944 - [01/01/1982]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and reports regarding Aramco history and operations. Includes 1 list of Aramco staff (1944); 1 copy TMs report on Aramco's Labor Relations Developments (1966); clippings of Aramco advertisements used to recruit American workers (1970's); and 1 copy TMs employee statistics (1966).

Box: 7 Fold: 3 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 12/21/1975 - 12/28/1976

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and reports regarding Aramco and Saudi Arabia. Includes 2 copy TMss quarterly reports for the Board of Directors of Aramco (1976).

Box: 7 Fold: 4 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 04/11/1945 - 07/29/1983

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and reports regarding Aramco's history and organization. Includes 1 copy TMs report on Aramco's AR-17 Budgets & Programs Status (1976); 2 copy TMss of speeches given at Aramco Annuitant meetings (1972 & 1976); 1 copy TMs Aramco manpower summary (1978); 1 copy TMs Aramco donations budget (1978); and 1 copy TMs intelligence report by the U.S. Legation in Jeddah on "Attitude of Fanatical Wahhabis of the Interior of Saudi Arabia" towards Aramco by William A. Eddy (1945).

Box: 7 Fold: 5 "Aramco - Telephone Directory"
Feb. 1978

DESCRIPTION: 1 bound issue of the Aramco telephone directory for February, 1978.

Box: 7 Fold: 6 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 12/20/1944 - 12/31/1985

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and reports regarding the history and organization of Aramco and Saudi Arabia. Includes 1 blueprint plan of Dhahran's residential area; 1 copy TMs U.S. State Department report on Bahrain, Dhahran and environs by Parker T. Hart (1944); and 1 copy TMs U.S. State Department report on the visit of King 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Sa'ud to Dhahran by J. Rives Childs (1947).

Box: 7 Fold: 7 "Aramco"
DATE SPAN: 02/11/1939 - 09/23/1991

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and reports regarding the history and organization of Aramco and Saudi Arabia. Includes 1 copy TMs report on King 'Abd al-'Aziz ibn Sa'ud's visit to Dhahran by F. W. Ohliger (1939) and 1 copy TMs "Aramco: an Overview" by unknown (1987).

Box: 7 Fold: 8 "Aramco Handbook"
DATE SPAN: 06/17/1974 - 03/22/1977

DESCRIPTION: Various carbon and copy TMss of essays and correspondence for and about the Aramco Handbook of 1976, many of them probably by William E. Mulligan and Peter C. Speers.

Box: 7 Fold: 9 "Aramcon's Life"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1948]? - 06/11/1983

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous TMss and pamphlets regarding the living conditions for Aramco employees, mainly in the 1960's. Includes instructions on respecting the rites of Islam, recommendations to wives of Aramco employees moving to Saudi Arabia (1948, etc.), instructions on how to react to riots, the Annual Report for the Pakistani Community High School of al-Khobar (1970), and numerous programs to entertainment productions for Aramco employees, including Nativity celebrations.

Box: 7 Fold: 10 "Arabian Commercial"
DATE SPAN: 08/29/1975 - 06/09/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous pamphlets and clippings regarding doing business in Saudi Arabia. Includes 2 pamphlets "Practical Guide to United States Laws Dealing with Foreign Boycotts" (1978); 1 copy TMs "An Employee Orientation Program for Saudi Arabia" prepared for Fluor Corporation by William R. Brown (1975); 1 pamphlet "Construction Costs in Saudi Arabia" (1976); and 1 copy TMs "Foreign Capital Investments in Saudi Arabia" (1972).

Box: 7 Fold: 11 "Architecture - Saudi Arabia"
DATE SPAN: 05/21/1975 - 05/21/1975

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous notes, clippings and photographs of old architecture in Saudi Arabia.

Box: 7 Fold: 12 "'Asir and thereabouts"

DESCRIPTION: Several carbon TMss reports on the history of the 'Asir highlands between the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Box: 7 Fold: 13 "Aviation in the Middle East"
DATE SPAN: [04/01/1977]? - [04/30/1977]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous notes, reports, clippings and photographs of pilots and aviation in Saudi Arabia in the 1940's to the 1970's.

Box: 7 Fold: 14 "Bahrain"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1923]? - 02/20/1987

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous newsclippings and reports regarding Bahrain, including a census by the Bahraini government (1950), and various materials on the pearl industry in Bahrain and on the causeway built between bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the 1980's.

Box: 7 Fold: 15 "Bedouin"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1943]? - 03/10/1985

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles and photographs on Saudi Arab, Iraqi, Syrian and other Arab bedouin tribes including articles by Henry Field and J. B. Glubb, "Camel Brands and Graffiti from Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Arabia" and "The Yezidis, Sulubba, and Other Tribes of Iraq and Adjacent Regions."

Box: 7 Fold: 16 "Bedouin"
DATE SPAN: 06/07/1947 - 08/14/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports, articles and photographs of Saudi Arab bedouins, including reports on Aramco interaction with bedouin tribes (1965-66).

Box: 7 Fold: 17 "Briefing"
DATE SPAN: 01/13/1970 - 08/07/1976

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles and correspondence regarding briefing materials for new employees of Aramco beginning work in Saudi Arabia, much of it regarding Aramco's business arrangements with the Saudi government.

Box: 7 Fold: 18 "By-lines, etc."
DATE SPAN: 11/25/1951 - 04/17/1977

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous TMss reports, articles and speeches by William E. Mulligan and others regarding Aramco and Saudi personalities. Includes materials on King Sa'ud ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz, Herb Blank, Al Zadorkin, H. St. John B. Philby's "Mesopotage" manuscript, and boundary discussions for Saudi Arabia held in Nice, France in January 1955 attended by William E. Mulligan and George S. Rentz.

Box: 7 Fold: 19 "By-lines, etc."
DATE SPAN: 04/16/1975 - 07/30/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous newsclippings and carbon TMss articles by William E. Mulligan, mostly for "The Arabian Sun."

Box: 7 Fold: 20 "Church & Arabia"
DATE SPAN: 03/27/1963 - 03/06/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous TMss, articles, ephemera and photographs regarding Christianity in the Middle East, including photographs of churches in Bahrain and materials on Mons. Luigi Magliacani, Vicar Apostolic of Arabia.

Box: 7 Fold: 21 "Church & Arabia"
DATE SPAN: 09/23/1948 - 04/28/1979

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence, articles and reports regarding Christian churches (primarily Catholic) in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, North Yemen, South Yemen, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Includes correspondence from Fr. John G. Nolan of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, Edward T. O'Meara, S.T.D. of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Raymond Weiss, Fr. Gene Watrin (with enclosed photo of Watrin with Mother Teresa), Mons. Luigi Magliacani, Fr. Timon Costello, and William E. Mulligan.

Box: 7 Fold: 22 "Dammam Building, Dammam"
DATE SPAN: 10/30/1954 - 02/22/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous photographs, correspondence and reports dealing with the history of Aramco's operations in Dammam, especially in the "Dammam Building".

Box: 7 Fold: 23 "Dhahran Airfield"
DATE SPAN: 08/06/1945 - 06/07/1961

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and reports regarding the establishment and maintenance of an American military airbase in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia during World War II and into the 1960's. Includes a copy of the agreement between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and 1 copy TL from William Eddy to Shaikh Yusuf Yassin.

Box: 7 Fold: 24 "Fiftieth Anniversary"
DATE SPAN: 04/06/1984 - 05/25/1984

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and TMss relating to the writing of articles for a special Aramco 50th anniversary issue of Aramco World, mostly by William E. Mulligan and Paul Hoye, with discussion of Frank Jungers.

Box: 8 Fold: 1 "GAO in the 1970's"
DATE SPAN: 04/17/1974 - 10/22/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports regarding the history and operations of the Government Affairs Organization of Aramco, also known as the Government Relations Department at earlier times.

Box: 8 Fold: 2 "History Project"
DATE SPAN: 06/16/1987 - 03/27/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and TMss regarding Aramco's history and a project to collect information on that history. Includes TMss by William E. Mulligan and others; an interview with W. L. "Larry" Crampton; 1 copy photograph of King 'Abd al-'Aziz, Yusuf Yassin, F. W. Ohliger, Max Steineke and others together; and 1 TLS from Peter C. Speers.

Box: 8 Fold: 3 "History Project"
DATE SPAN: 03/02/1985 - 11/23/1990

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and reports relating to an Aramco history project conducted in part by William E. Mulligan. Includes correspondence about Italian workers for Aramco in the 1940's; correspondence from Joseph A. Mahon, James P. Mandaville, William E. Mulligan, Paul H. Arnot, Fred Abbott, U. S. Armstrong, and Alex Peale; oral history transcripts of interviews with Donald R. Fate, Paul H. Arnot, and John P. Lunde.

Box: 8 Fold: 4 "Interview with Mulligan"

DESCRIPTION: 1 TMs transcript of oral history interview of William E. Mulligan by Andre Noor, mainly regarding Aramco's dealings with the Saudi Ministry of Finance.

Box: 8 Fold: 5 "Islam"
DATE SPAN: 07/13/1968 - 03/02/1986

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous pamphlets and newsclippings explaining the rudiments of Islam.

Box: 8 Fold: 6 "Islam"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1968]? - 12/13/1987

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous pamphlets and newsclippings explaining the rudiments of Islam.

Box: 8 Fold: 7 "Italian Air Raid, 1940"
DATE SPAN: 06/23/1972 - 01/22/1983

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and TMss regarding Italian bombing raids on Bahrain and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1940. Includes correspondence from James P. Mandaville, Kevin Patience, Antonio Cumbat, and William E. Mulligan.

Box: 8 Fold: 8 "Italians of Eritrea"
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1945]? - [10/01/1992]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence, articles and TMss relating to a history of Italian craftspeople brought to Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia at the close of World War II to work on Aramco projects.

Box: 8 Fold: 9 "Jiddah"
DATE SPAN: 10/09/1946 - 06/12/1986

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence and copy TMss regarding Aramco's early business in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia (1940's).

Box: 8 Fold: 10 "al-Kharj"
DATE SPAN: [10/01/1951]? - 03/05/1986

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles, copy TMss and correspondence regarding agricultural projects and life in the al-Kharj region of Saudi Arabia, many consisting of accounts by Mildred Montgomery Logan.

Box: 8 Fold: 11 "Kuwait"
DATE SPAN: 08/01/1950 - [01/01/1979]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMs and 1 printed article, with other miscellaneous items, on Kuwait. Includes 1 offprint of "The Olcott Memorial Hospital in Kuwait, Arabia" by Eleanor Taylor Calverley, M.D. (1950) and 1 copy TMs of "Kuwait, Past and Present" by K. G. Fenelon.

Box: 8 Fold: 12 "Material for Articles"
DATE SPAN: [04/01/1976]? - 07/07/1989

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous materials, mainly consisting of handwritten notes by William E. Mulligan on various Aramco historical topics.

Box: 8 Fold: 13 "McDonald Letters"
DATE SPAN: 11/07/1948 - 01/23/1990

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMss transcriptions of correspondence from Harry McDonald to William E. Mulligan, mostly personal with numerous anecdotes regarding Aramco and its employees. Also includes 1 photograph of Betty George.

Box: 8 Fold: 14 "Middle East & USG"
DATE SPAN: 11/25/1945 - 09/09/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous clippings and correspondence regarding Arabists working in the U.S. State Department. Includes a letter to the editor of the New York Times Magazine by Parker T. Hart regarding an article by Joseph Kraft.

Box: 8 Fold: 15 "Middle East Curriculum"

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMss and printed materials relating to a possible development of Middle East educational materials for American schools by Aramco.

Box: 8 Fold: 16 "Military Peacekeeping"
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1967]? - 02/28/1984

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous articles, newsclippings and notes regarding Israel and U.N. Peacekeeping forces in the Middle East. Includes 1 offprint of "Israel and the Arab World: The Crisis of 1967" by Michael Howard and Robert Hunter, Number 41 of the Adelphi Papers.

Box: 8 Fold: 17 "Military Peacekeeping"
DATE SPAN: 08/26/1982 - [02/01/1983]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TMs of "Military Peacekeeping in the Middle East" by William E. Mulligan, with some newsclippings.

Box: 8 Fold: 18 "Miscellaneous"
DATE SPAN: 01/04/1976 - 04/11/1992

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous newsclippings and pamphlets, including 1 copy TMs of "Columbus and the Arabs: North African Interaction with the New World va the Spanish" by Laurence Michalak.

Box: 8 Fold: 19 "Motion Pictures"
DATE SPAN: 09/24/1953 - 09/11/1992

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence and newsclippings regarding motion pictures on Saudi Arabia, mainly productions by Aramco, with materials on "Island of Allah." Includes correspondence to and from Robert L. Norberg, Linda Hannah, Ismail I Nawwab, and William E. Mulligan.

Box: 8 Fold: 20 "Mulligan Correspondence, 1992 - "
DATE SPAN: 12/31/1991 - 02/10/1993

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence and clippings to William E. Mulligan, mostly from 1992. Includes obituaries and eulogies for Mulligan (including 1 TMs obituary by James V. Knight), and correspondence from Robert L. Norberg, Harry McDonald, and Thomas Pledge.

Box: 8 Fold: 21 "Mulligan in Palestine"
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1978]? - 02/05/1980

DESCRIPTION: Photographs, newsclippings and other materials relating to a trip William E. Mulligan made to Israel in the late 1970's.

Box: 8 Fold: 22 "Mulligan - Speech Notes"
DATE SPAN: 06/27/1977 - 06/28/1981

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous notes by William E. Mulligan used for speeches.

Box: 8 Fold: 23 "Mulligan - Speech Notes"
DATE SPAN: [03/01/1970]? - 05/25/1980

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous notes by William E. Mulligan used for speeches.

Box: 8 Fold: 24 "Natural History"
DATE SPAN: [08/01/1971]? - 03/30/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous TMss notes and newsclippings regarding the natural history of Saudi arabia, including 1 issue of "Notes & Records," a publication of the Arabian Natural History Association (1971).

Box: 8 Fold: 25 "Numismatics"
DATE SPAN: 05/29/1936 - 02/06/1978

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMs reports and newsclippings regarding the coinage of Saudi Arabia.

Box: 8 Fold: 26 "Oil - General"
DATE SPAN: 06/21/1976 - 06/18/1991

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous copy TMss and newsclippings relating to the oil industry in the 1970's and 1980's. Includes 1 copy TMs of "Presentation by Thomas C. Barger on International Oil" (1977).

Box: 8 Fold: 27 "Oil & the U. S. Government"
DATE SPAN: 03/01/1947 - [06/01/1978]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous printed reports and newsclippings regarding relations between the Unites States and Saudi Arabia and the oil industry. Includes 1 printed report, "Report to the Congress: Critical Factors Affecting Saudi Arabia's Oil Decisions" by the GAO (1978?); 1 pamphlet, "Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and Middle Eastern Oil Production: A Background Memorandum on Company Policies and Actions" (March 1947); 1 U.S. Senate committee publication, "Hearings on Petroleum Arrangements with Saudi Arabia: Memorandum on Behalf of Arabian American Oil Company, the Bahrain Petroleum Company Limited, and California Texas Oil Company Limited" (1948) by Charles E. Hughes, Jr.; and 1 U.S. Senate publication, "Additional Report of the Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program... Navy Purchases of Middle East Oil" (1948).