Box: 10 Fold: 57 Sir Gerald Kelly
Letter(s) dated 11/9/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Sir Gerald Kelly to Shane Leslie, with references to some mutual acquaintances as follows: "...I never had the pleasure of meeting your wife, but I do know Hazel Lavery and thought she was a nuisance. A beautiful nuisance but a nuisance!...Dear Elsie Scott, a most unreasonable creature and a she-devil, but what wet eyes. I had not heard from her for ages but she wrote me a letter a few days ago...She signed herself Elsie Lucas-Scudamore, I don't know where the Lucas comes from, but she is evidently well..."

Box: 10 Fold: 58 Michael Kelly
Letter(s) dated 1/13/1922

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Michael Kelly to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 59 Arthur Kemp
Letter(s) dated 11/4/1938

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Arthur Kemp to Shane Leslie re the disposition of documents and souvenirs relating to their volunteer services during World War Two.

Box: 10 Fold: 60 Sybil Kemp

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Sybil Kemp to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 61 Anselm Edward John Kenealy
Letter(s) dated 2/17/1921

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Anselm E.J. Kenealy, archbishop of Simla: "Many thanks for your two papers for the S. Times. I shall keep my part of the contract in due course & let you have a paper on "Pen Years in India"..."

Box: 10 Fold: 62 Elsie (Hope) Kerry
Letter(s) dated 6/24/1917-3/1/1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 dated ALS, 1 undated ALS from Elsie (Hope) Kerry, wife of the 6th marquis of Landsdowne.

Box: 10 Fold: 63 Henry William Edmund Petty-Fitzmaurice Kerry
Letter(s) dated 12/10/1919-12/29/1930

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Henry William Edmund Petty-Fitzmaurice Kerry, 6th marquis of Landsdowne, to Shane Leslie. Reference to Dr. John Leslie of Torbert (ALS 12/10/1919): "It is curious there should have been two Dr. J.L.s living in Ireland about the same time. I thought when I wrote that Torbert was in Scotland, but I see it is in Co. Kerry, which I should have known!..."

Box: 10 Fold: 64 Geoffrey Keynes
Letter(s) dated 4/5/1968

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Geoffrey Keynes to Shane Leslie, with comments on Michael Holroyd's biography of Lytton Strachey.

Box: 10 Fold: 65 John Maynard Keynes
Letter(s) dated 3/17/1936-5/2/1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains the following correspondence from John Maynard Keynes to Shane Leslie -

1. TLS 3/17/1936 - "My dear Leslie, I am glad to hear that my formula has pleased Gertrude. is there anything further that I should now do? Does she now want me to draw up the matter in actual legal terms which can be incorporated in a will, or have I supplied sufficient material for her own lawyers to see to that?"

2. TLS copy 5/2/1944 - "My dear Leslie, It would certainly be most interesting to have a proper account of old Jerome, and as the Prime Minister wants it you must certainly do your best to get the material together. When you ask me how best to set about it it is a matter of some difficulty. All that is now such a long time ago that there is no-one living I suppose whose actual memories could help you..."

Box: 10 Fold: 66 John Maynard Keynes - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letter(s) dated 4/27/1944-5/4/1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains copies of 2 ALS (4/27/1944 includes a typescript copy) from Shane Leslie to John Maynard Keynes, concerning Leonard Jerome: "Dear Keynes, Once you sent me a book about Wall St. with a portrait of my grandfather old Leonard Jerome. The Prime Minister, who is also his grandson, sent for me to say how anxious he is for Mr. Jerome's life to be written and gave me what papers he had. We came to the conclusion that he had retired to this country under a monetary cloud. I was dining at Downing St. last night and Jack Churchill suggested I should try to recover the records from the Stock Exchange in N.Y I wonder whether there is any possibility of doing so through the financial world or do you think that past secrets are buried?..."

Box: 10 Fold: 67 Leonie King

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ALS from Leonie King Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 68 Tarka King

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Tarka King, son of Anita (Leslie) King to Iris Leslie (undated). Includes TL carbon (5/12/1969) from Tarka King to Anita (Leslie) King recounting his visit to the U.S. Refers to meeting William Jerome.

Box: 10 Fold: 69 Tarka King - Corres. to Shane Leslie
Letter(s) dated 5/17/1965-7/23/1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Tarka King to Shane Leslie (5/17/1965 & 7/23/1970). Includes autograph school essay by Tarka King, entitled "My Summer Holidays."

Box: 10 Fold: 70 Rudyard Kipling - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letter(s) dated 8/13/1930

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Shane Leslie to Rudyard Kipling re Moreton Frewen: "Dear Mr. Kipling, To thank you for your courtesy in allowing me to use your letters to poor old Moreton...Oswald Frewen and myself went through the archives at Brede and found some very fantastic material - but what a life - it was worthier of making a novel from your pen than of being trimmed into a biography..."

Box: 10 Fold: 71 Ronald Knox

DESCRIPTION: Contains typed copies of a letter in verse from Ronald Knox to Shane Leslie, and a reply from the latter, also in verse. Includes newsclipping about Knox.

Box: 10 Fold: 72 John Krol
Letter(s) dated 11/22/1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from John Krol, archbishop of Philadelphia to Shane Leslie: "...It was most thoughtful of you, and I might add characteristic, to forward to me a copy of the letter which His Eminence Dennis Cardinal Dougherty sent to you...concerning Vatican City and Rome..."

Box: 11 Fold: 1 Robin Laffan
Letter(s) dated 8/30/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Robin Laffan to Shane Leslie: "...You will have seen that the Prime Minister was at Ronnie's Requiem yesterday. That must have been a unique gesture in our history. I am so very glad that the panegyric was given by Fr. d"Arcy, the perfect man for the task..."

Box: 11 Fold: 2 Mrs. C.M. Laing - Corres. from Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated c.1957-1960

DESCRIPTION: Contains 30 ALS (some in fragments/pages missing), 2 ACS postcards from Iris C. Leslie to her mother, Mrs. C.M. Laing.

Box: 11 Fold: 3 Mrs. C.M. Laing - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letter(s) dated 10/22/1958-11/22/1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Shane Leslie to his mother-in-law, Mrs. C.M. Laing. Includes small AN about Mrs. Laing entitled, "Mrs. Laing's Memories of Ely Cathedral."

Box: 11 Fold: 4 Charles Miskin Laing - Correspondence regarding
Letter(s) dated 11/14/1939-11/17/1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from P.E. Roberts, senior tutor, Worcester College, Oxford, to Mrs. Laing, re a memorial for her husband, Charles Miskin Laing.

Box: 11 Fold: 5 Sir Hercules Languishe (transcription)

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph transcription by Shane Leslie of a letter he received from Sir Hercules Languishe concerning sailing for the America Cup. Undated.

Box: 11 Fold: 6 G.E. Larkin
Letter(s) dated 6/11/1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from G.E. Larkin to Shane Leslie with congratulations on his marriage to Marjorie Ide.

Box: 11 Fold: 7 Phoebe Latham
Letter(s) dated 1/4/1957-1/21/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS from Phoebe Latham, lectures officer for the National Book League, to Shane Leslie and Marjorie Ide (Frazer) Leslie (married first to Donald Frazer). Re inviting Shane Leslie to speak at the National Book League.

Box: 11 Fold: 8 Xenia Lathom
Letter(s) dated 9/14/1930-12/10/1936

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8 ALS from the Countess of Lathom to Shane Leslie.

Box: 11 Fold: 9 Xenia Lathom
Letter(s) dated 3/11/1937-10/19/1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS from the Countess of Lathom to Shane Leslie.

Box: 11 Fold: 10 Xenia Lathom
Letter(s) dated 1/15/1940-2/16/1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8 ALS from the Countess of Lathom to Shane Leslie.

Box: 11 Fold: 11 Xenia Lathom - Corres. regarding
Letter(s) dated 10/24/1939-10/25/1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Henry C. Guest(?) to Shane Leslie re financial matters relating to the Countess of Lathom. Includes ALS reply from Shane Leslie.

Box: 11 Fold: 12 Hazel Lavery

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, 4pp/2 sheets from Hazel Lavery to Shane Leslie re a visit to Ireland by the British Royal family: "...they have been trying to keep that yacht race matter very quiet - and for various reasons it is better not to emphasise the affair - people get the idea that the Royal family would not be safe in Ireland..."

Box: 11 Fold: 13 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence from Shane Leslie
Letter(s) dated 9/23/1920-2/28/1934

DESCRIPTION: Contains 22 dated ALS from Shane Leslie to Hazel Lavery. Includes ALS fragment, first page missing.

Box: 11 Fold: 14 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence from Leonie Leslie

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Leonie Leslie to Hazel Lavery: "Dear little Hazel, I enjoyed Sunday's dinner - & I just want to tell you that I think you are not only a bewitching syren (sic) - but a Real Good Sort too!"

Box: 11 Fold: 15 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence received (transcriptions)
Letter(s) dated 11/20/1911-7/6/1931

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph transcriptions by Shane Leslie of letters to Hazel Lavery from the following eminent individuals (abbreviations possibly Sir Shane's) -

1. Hon. Maurice Baring (7/6/1931) - "Thank you for yr beneficence in giving my bk to the PM of Eng & Scotd. If he wd like a copy you must let me give him one (pd) don't know him & perhaps that wd be CHEEK! I will write yr name in it saying I didn't give it to you or to the PM or to Mr. Baldwin or to L George but they all bought it & then what happened then? Or I cd sign a statement in his copy to say you bought the book but I wrote it or that I wrote the bk & you bought it..."

2. Hilaire Belloc (6/17/1926) - "It was angelic of you to (invite me to) your table at the Mansion House then, all among the great, but the Sea will hold me either on its surface or within its depths. I haven't seen you for a year and the result is that I have grown sour & bitter & crabbed like Philip Snowdon. But unlike him I haven't got a butler(?). The Portuguese, when I was with them, had a revolution & kicked out all the Parliament - to the huge joy of everyone. The PM ran up a tree & then disappeared. He's never been seen since. Your Humble Slave H. Belloc."

3. Lord Berners (Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson) (10/30/1924) - "I am glad Diana's descents into mines, teaparties with (...?) and chats with millgirls have been crowned with success - & I am sure Margot's fur motoring cap was largely responsible for Asquith's defeat. In spite of what our Lord sd people do continue to be guided by appearances. Lady Colefax was here & now Evan Morgan dressed as a priest may be seen carrying a sheaf of lilies to some wayside shrine. So you see it is all very picturesque & charming.

4. Stanley Owen Buckmaster, 1st Baron of Cheddington (2/6/1922), includes autograph copy in pencil - "An unusually happy evening. There is still pleasure in the world if we can only gather it. You are far too generous in the things you say. I never quite understand why it was I never seemed to think like an Englishman until one day after a meeting about Ireland an Irishwoman came to me with tears in her eyes and said you're never an Englishman or you would not speak like that & I remembered for the first time that my father's mother was a purebred Irish girl - Perhaps it's that. At any rate success & what English people call sanity have always found in me an enemy, I simply hate them. I prefer Ruskin's appeal when he said everyone should ask themselves, "Have I a friend, have I a cause, have I a faith I am ready to die for?"

5. Winston Churchill, 4 letters (11/8/1924, 11/12/1924, 2/27/1929, undated), including reference to Irish politics - "...I have practically always repeated what I said again & again in the House during the passage of the Bill, namely that we never contemplated the "mutilation" of Ulster. I think the Free State are making a frightful mistake in forcing this partition of their country. But of course, if they insist, the Treaty must be executed even though it be to the lasting injury of Irish unity..."

6. Tim Healy, 2 letters (3/25/1924 which includes pencil copy; 12/20/1929) - "Since your letter came I have been mentally prostrated owing to the Queenstown tragedy. I am quite disabled from writing you in any sprightly tone as I should wish. Since the Phoenix Park murders in 1882 I have never felt so downhearted..." (3/25/1924).

7. Reginald McKenna (6/17/1923) - fragment.

8. George Bernard Shaw, 2 letters -

@ 11/20/1911: "The frightful truth is that I am too completely out of date to know Walton's work. If he is a successful fashionable painter my terms for 32 hours sitting...2000 pounds down in advance of a royalty of 15 percent on the proceeds of the exhibition of the picture. If he is a man of genius tell him I gave a month to Rodin and immortality..."

@ 12/17/1924: "Excellent. Many thanks. It will help me to sustain my recent & totally unfounded reputation for erudite scholasticism. I shall be able to stop those allusions which proclaim the accomplished Thomist in general conversation..."

9. Lytton Strachey (6/6/1924): "Dear Lady Lavery, Your letter of last Friday has only just reached me. It was not forwarded to me at once, as they thought I was returning, but I was too ill to move. I'm afraid you may have thought me a traitor and that my illness was caused by the small and unCanadian nature of your party; but not at all. I really did get some horrid chill or other and was obliged to take to my bed. I was miserable, thought of your delicious food and conversation...with gnashing of teeth, wondered whether B. Shaw was there and what happened..."

10. William Butler Years (11/25/19--): "Thank you so much. I know of course quite well that this honour is given to me far less as an individual than as a representation of Irish literature as part of Europe's welcome to the Free State. People here are grateful to me for having won them the recognition & life is very pleasant. I have always so written as to express something not myself - the seemingly person's side is a mirage, the reality is a part of Ireland..."

Box: 11 Fold: 16 Hazel Lavery - Memoir by Shane Leslie

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph manuscript by Shane Leslie with the following introductory lines: "This is a souvenir of Hazel Lavery not a sepulchre. Not the usual ripe sheaf of biography but a handful of flowers and leaves from several hands..." (10 sheets). Includes references to Hazel Lavery's attitude and involvement in Irish politics and the formation of the Irish Free State. Includes references to Winston Churchill and Michael Collins.

Box: 11 Fold: 17 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence regarding (a)
Letter(s) dated c.1/23/1922

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Juliet Duff to Leonie Leslie with reference to a dinner given by Hazel Lavery attended by Winston Churchill and Michael Collins (9pp/5 sheets; page 5 missing). This letter is quoted by Sir Shane in his autobiography, "Long Shadows" (1966), p.142.

Box: 11 Fold: 18 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence regarding (b)
Letter(s) dated 6/18/1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Shane Leslie to Audrey Morris reminiscing about Hazel Lavery and shedding light on her relationship with Irish political figures Michael Collins and Kevin O'Higgins (8pp/4 sheets): "My dear Audrey, I have been talking about your proposed life of Hazel Lavery with my hostess. We agree that it is an excruciatingly difficult book to write especially as so much MS material has disappeared...We think that much is quite impossible to tell. Remember Miss Collins is alive and the widow of Kevin O'Higgins. If Hazel's correspondence with those Irishmen Collins and Kevin were published or even their relations were truly portrayed there would be woe in Dublin and much protestation. Both were hopelessly in love with Hazel in the style of Tristram with the wife of King Mark because they had drunk a poisonous drug not intended for them...The Republicans intercepted her letters to Collins & decided to shoot them both..." References also to involvement of Winston Churchill and Charles Londonderry.

Box: 11 Fold: 19 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence regarding (c)

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Shane Leslie from ?, with reference to Hazel Lavery.

Box: 11 Fold: 20 Hazel Lavery - Correspondence regarding (d)
Letter(s) dated 6/9/1922

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph copies by Shane Leslie and Iris Leslie of a letter found with Michael Collins after he died "...returned to Hazel Lavery to whom they were written about a picture painted by John Lavery (burnt in parts by fire)." The prose poem was by Shane Leslie, entitled, "To a portrait of Hazel Lavery as Leda."

@ Includes autograph copies by Shane and Iris Leslie of a letter from the former to John Lavery, dated 6/9/1922, about the latter's painting of Hazel Lavery.

Box: 11 Fold: 21 John Lavery - Corres. to Shane Leslie (transcription)
Letter(s) dated 3/17/1921

DESCRIPTION: Contains the autograph transcription by Shane Leslie of "A typical letter from John Lavery..." re "the Riviera scene": "Thank you very much but as Huck Finn says: Being rich is not what it is cracked up to be. It is just a worry and a sweat and a wishing ye was dead all the time - and being on the senile list at the Royal Academy brings it home...Now that I see what the Riviera can do for the aged in Art I regret the past ten winters spent in Morocco. When the twilight descends, fairyland appears in all its mystery in this land, and the jaded painter is revived and stimulated..."

Box: 11 Fold: 22 John Lavery - Corres. Received (transcriptions)
Letter(s) dated 11/6/1922-1/3/1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph transcriptions by Shane Leslie of correspondence to John Lavery -

1. From Lady Gregory, 11/6/1922: "I daresay you know that the Provisional Government is about to take up the matte of the Lane pictures..."

2. From Winston Churchill, 1/5/1935: "I learned with the keenest sorrow the melancholy news of Hazel's death. The loss of this brilliant delightful captivating being strikes her friends a grievous blow..."

3. From Ramsay Macdonald, 1/8/1935: "I really do not know how to explain what is in my heart both for H and you. And really what can one say for you know it? I never believed she could get better, but her death is none the less very sad. You must feel it terribly..."

Box: 11 Fold: 23 Margery Lawrence
Letter(s) dated 9/25/1939-10/9/1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS from Margery Lawrence to Shane Leslie, with detailed accounts of personal doings.

Box: 11 Fold: 24 Rosamund Lehman
Letter(s) dated 6/10/1954-10/30/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains 7 ALS from Rosamund Lehman to Shane Leslie.

Box: 11 Fold: 25 Vivien Leigh - Corres. to Oswald Frewen
Incomplete date: December 3.

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS (5pp/3 sheets) from actress Vivien Leigh to Oswald Frewen, addressed from Beverly Hills, California: "My darling Relic, At last a letter from you. I was so relieved & thrilled to get it & realise you have had no time - poor darling. It is quite dreadful being here, away from all our friends, & one feels that one will grow apart, as life at home at the moment cannot help but change them..." References to Charles Boyer; plans for marriage; and acting in a new film, "Waterloo Bridge."

Box: 11 Fold: 26 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 9/4/1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie re death of a friend.

Box: 11 Fold: 27 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 4/2/1971-12/10/1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, relating events of a visit to the U.S., and staying with a friend, Bill Vincent.

Box: 11 Fold: 28 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 1/24/1972-9/21/1972

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, includes birthday greetings to Shane Leslie (9/21/1972).

Box: 11 Fold: 29 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 5/23/1973-4/28/1975

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie re another visit to the U.S. (5/19/1974), and the death of friend, Peter Wilson (4/28/1975).

Box: 11 Fold: 30 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 7/9/1976-12/18/1976

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, including family news.

Box: 11 Fold: 31 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 1/14/1977-8/29/1977

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, including news of her children Tarka and Leonie King.

Box: 11 Fold: 32 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 9/7/1977-12/13/1977

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, with several references to family matters, including housing and residency status for Tarka King. Relating to this, see also 2 TLS from solicitor Charles Caplin, (10/31/77 & 11/14/77). Also reference to the disposition of Shane Leslie's papers (see P.S. for 10/7/1977).

Box: 11 Fold: 33 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 1/9/1978-12/15/1978

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie, with letters 1/28/78 & 2/6/78 particularly referring to the portrait of Winston Churchill painted by Graham Sutherland and afterwards destroyed by Lady Churchill (newsclippings enclosed with 2/6/78).

Box: 11 Fold: 34 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie
Letter(s) dated 2/2/1979-2/20/1979

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie. Letter 2/2/1979 includes newsclipping about a fire at Brede Place, former home of the Frewen family (though not at the time of this fire).

Box: 11 Fold: 35 Anita Leslie - Corres. to Iris C. Leslie

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8 ALS with incomplete dates from Anita Leslie to Iris Leslie.