Box: 10 Fold: 6 Cahir Healy
Letters dated 10/14/1947-4/4/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, TLS from Cahir Healy to Shane Leslie re Irish political situation. References to political prisoners at Parkhurst (1947), and to the Roger Casement case.

Box: 10 Fold: 7 Patrick J. Healy
Letters dated 11/26/1918-11/17/1935

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS, 3 TLS from Patrick J. Healy to Shane Leslie with much reference to Irish politics and the attitude of U.S. statesmen towards Ireland. Special references to Eamon de Valera.

Box: 10 Fold: 8 William T. Cardinal Heard
Letters dated 2/14/1951-6/22/1962

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS, 1 TLS from Cardinal Heard to Shane Leslie. ALS 11/25/1962 includes color photograph of Cardinal Heard (?) and colleagues.

Box: 10 Fold: 9 Millicent Hearst
Letters dated 11/2/1951-2/17/1966

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 TLS from Millicent Hearst to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 10 John Carmel Heenan
Letters dated 11/16/1954-11/14/1973

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from John Carmel Heenan, Bishop of Leeds and later Archbishop of Westminster, to Shane Leslie. Includes TLS to Iris C. Leslie (11/14/1973) attaching a typescript of a letter he received from Shane Leslie (11/17/1954). Printed invitation card also included in this folder (6/1/1965).

Box: 10 Fold: 11 Benjamin Heiley, Bishop of Savannah, Ga.
Letter dated 10/11/1921

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Benjamin Heiley to Shane Leslie, declining to write an article for the "Dublin Review." (6 pp/3 sheets)

Box: 10 Fold: 12 William A. Hemmick
Letters dated 10/19/1917-1/24/1967

DESCRIPTION: Contains 9 ALS from Msgr. William A. Hemmick to Shane Leslie, with news from the Vatican.

Box: 10 Fold: 13 William A. Hemmick
Incomplete dates

DESCRIPTION: Contain 5 ALS (no years shown) from Msgr. William A. Hemmick to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 14 William A. Hemmick - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letters dated 7/31/1961-5/17/1968

DESCRIPTION: Contains 12 ALS from Msgr. William A. Hemmick to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 15 Lady Herbert of Lea

DESCRIPTION: Contains AN by Lady Herbert of Lea (?) re the death of her son.

Box: 10 Fold: 16 Elsie Hetherington
Incomplete dates (c.1939-45)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS from Elsie Hetherington to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 17 Sir John Heygate
Letter date 6/6/1967

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Sir John Heygate to Shane Leslie: "Dear Sir Shane, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of the first edition copy of your novel "The Cantab" recently, and I was wondering whether you would be so kind and write your name in it for me?..."

Box: 10 Fold: 18 Arthur William Hill
Letter dated 11/24/1915

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Arthur William Hill to Shane Leslie, including tree talk and news of Kings College, Cambridge.

Box: 10 Fold: 19 Joseph Hoare
Letter dated 5/1/1910

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Joseph Hoare, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois.

Box: 10 Fold: 20 Maude Hobson

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Maude Hobson to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 21 Vyvyan Holland
Letters dated 3/12/1926-6/11/1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS with ALS fragment (first page missing), from Vyvyan Holland to Shane Leslie. References to the former's translations of French literature, as well as to the latter's novel, "The Cantab."

Box: 10 Fold: 22 Vyvyan Holland - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letters dated 11/12/1925-7/12/1929

DESCRIPTION: Contains 13 dated ALS, 1 undated ALS from Shane Leslie to Vyvyan Holland. Includes printed invitation card.

Box: 10 Fold: 23 Vyvyan Holland - Corres. from Shane Leslie (transcriptions)
Letters dated 7/10/1925-2/21/1926

DESCRIPTION: Contains typed transcriptions of 3 letters from Shane Leslie to Vyvyan Holland.

Box: 10 Fold: 24 Leigh Holman
Incomplete date

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Shane Leslie from Leigh Holman re Vivien Leigh: "Dear Shane, I was very glad to hear from you. Your memories of Vivien go back to our earliest days. With Oswald gone and Clare worse than gone there are not so many that remember Vivien as a young and enchanting girl who did not suggest at least to me, someone who would seep up the people of the United States, Latin America and Australia as her devoted admirers and return here as her adorable self. She and I were at home at Brede and the Well House but she was at home anywhere..."

Box: 10 Fold: 25 Joseph Hone
Letters dated 5/11/1954-1/27/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS to Shane Leslie from Joseph Hone, re obtaining material on Horace Cole.

Box: 10 Fold: 26 Elsie Hope - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letter dated 7/23/1908

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Shane Leslie to Elsie Hope: "...I took thirteen weary months to come to my decision. It is extraordinary what strange arguments and counter arguments will struggle in one's mind if one leaves it open to a question of this kind. However the end came and I believe I could not have chosen otherwise. I am content to await the result. Somehow I always felt it would be easier to give up everything and join an order of the church than do half measures. I have got to study here and abroad for four years and then I hope to enter the Dominican order..."

(See also: Elsie (Hope) Kerry)

Box: 10 Fold: 27 William Hope-Jones
Letters dated 11/24/1930-8/25/1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 TLS, 1 ALS, 1 ACS postcard from William Hope-Jones to Shane Leslie, with news about Eton College, and reference to the latter's book, "The Oppidan."

Box: 10 Fold: 28 Ethelbert Horne
Letters dated 8/18/1920-1/23/1947

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS to Shane Leslie from Ethelbert Horne from Downside Abbey, with news of a plane crash on school grounds, reference to a biography on Cardinal Gasquet by Shane Leslie, and writing articles for the Dublin Review.

Box: 10 Fold: 29 Leonie Horsmann

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS from Leonie Horsmann to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 30 Leonie Horsmann - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letters dated 12/17/1952-7/3/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS from Shane Leslie to Leonie Horsmann.

Box: 10 Fold: 31 W. Hume
Letters dated 11/2/1917-5/12/1919

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS (ALS 4/13/1919 includes carbon copy) from W. Hume to Shane Leslie. It appears the former was assistant to the Archbishop of New Orleans, and imparts much news about Catholic matters in New Orleans, politics, etc.

Box: 10 Fold: 32 W. Hume - Corres. from Shane Leslie
Letters dated 9/19/1917-8/26/1919

DESCRIPTION: Contains 10 ALS from Shane Leslie to W. Hume.

Box: 10 Fold: 33 Lord Hunsdon, Herbert Cokayne Gibbs
Letter dated 3/16/1932

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Lord Hunsdon to Shane Leslie re bimetallism.

Box: 10 Fold: 34 Peggy Hunt
Letters dated 4/18/1948-1/21/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 TLS from Peggy Hunt to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 35 R. Hutchinson

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Major General R. Hutchinson to Shane Leslie, attaching typescript of an interview he gave while on mission in U.S. The interview regards to the Sinn Fein and Irish independence; an autograph note in Shane Leslie's hand introduces Hutchinson: "Major General Hutchinson late chief of staff in Ireland and now on a confidential mission to American gave the following interview while in Washington." Includes ALS (5/17/1918) from Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 36 Sir Julian Huxley
Letter dated 4/4/1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Sir Julian Huxley to Shane Leslie: "Dear Shane Leslie, Many thanks for sending me your extremely interesting article in the Dublin Review. I have long wanted to know more about Mivart, who clearly was a man of almost too great character! I am delighted to know that you go on being interested in birds and Eton! I have just sent in an extract from a new book of mind (sic) for young Crowther to publish in the new magazine which he is getting out at Eton. With best wishes..."

Box: 10 Fold: 37 Henry Clay Ide
Letter(s) dated 1/3/1912-6/5/1912

DESCRIPTION: Contains 12 dated ALS, 3 undated ALS from Shane Leslie to his father-in-law, Henry Clay Ide. Includes letters re his proposed marriage to Marjorie Ide.

Box: 10 Fold: 38 Lord Ilchester, Giles Stephen Holland Fox-Strangways
Letter(s) dated 9/14/1938-9/19/1938

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Lord Ilchester to Shane Leslie, concerning the Fitzherbert and Fox families.

Box: 10 Fold: 39 John Ireland
Letter(s) dated 11/4/1913-12/13/1913

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from John Ireland, Archbishop of St. Paul, to Shane Leslie, re the latter's book in progress about Cardinal Manning.

Box: 10 Fold: 40 Bruno Scott James
Letter(s) dated 12/10/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Msgr. Bruno Scott James to Shane Leslie, expressing enjoyment in reading the latter's "Ghost Book," and relating some paranormal experiences of his own.

Box: 10 Fold: 41 Fr. Bede Jarrett
Letter(s) dated 1/3/1917-1/31/1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Fr. Bede Jarrett to Shane Leslie, relating his experiences while visiting the U.S.

Box: 10 Fold: 42 Mildred Jeffreys
Letter(s) dated 1/3/1959-1/6/1959

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Mildred Jeffreys to Shane Leslie, with information about her family, especially her great-great aunt Letitia Foster.

Box: 10 Fold: 43 Gwendolin Jellicoe
Letter(s) dated 5/5/1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Gwendolin Jellicoe to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 44 Patricia Jellicoe
Letter(s) dated 6/31/1964

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Patricia Jellicoe to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 45 Roy Harris Jenkins
Letter(s) dated 11/5/1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Roy Harris Jenkins to Shane Leslie: "...Thank you so much for writing about Dilke...I had long wondered what was the source of your belief that Manning thought Dilke innocent..."

Box: 10 Fold: 46 Alice Jerome
Letter(s) dated 3/26/1936-4/14/1945

DESCRIPTION: Contains 11 ALS from Alice Jerome to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 47 William Travers Jerome
Letter(s) dated 9/10/1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from William Travers Jerome to Shane Leslie. Includes news of a paranormal experience: "...your most uncanny statement about seeing the Baker girl on Wednesday, August 22d. the night before you left. Your spoke of seeing a shadow following the motorcycle. Exactly one week from that night, namely, August 29th. the girl was riding behind a boy friend on a motorcycle and was killed in their collision with the evening freight train as it was crossing the road just a short distance from the Baker house..."

Box: 10 Fold: 48 Evelyn Jones
Letter(s) dated 6/5/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Evelyn Jones, wife of Sir Lawrence E. Jones, to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 49 Sir Lawrence E. Jones
Letter(s) dated 11/22/1956

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Sir Lawrence E. Jones to Shane Leslie, re a story the former had written.

Box: 10 Fold: 50 James Joseph
Letter(s) dated 2/19/1954-2/12/1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS from James Joseph, Bishop of Ardagh to Shane Leslie, with several references to the latter's writings about distinguished churchmen such as cardinals Manning, Gasquet, and Gibbons.

Box: 10 Fold: 51 Lesley Jowitt
Letter(s) dated 6/15/1947-9/8/1959

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS from Lesley Jowitt, wife of William Baron Jowitt, Viscount of Stevenage.

Box: 10 Fold: 52 Count Kano
Letter(s) dated 6/9/1941-6/13/1941

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from Count Kano to Shane Leslie: "Dear Mr. Leslie, Just a line to thank you. Very good fruit was born as a result of your role as go-between. The parties had a full hour's conversation and my friend was deeply impressed." Includes 2 TLS to Shane Leslie from the prime minister's office re the meeting with Count Kano.

Box: 10 Fold: 53 Isabelle B. Kautz

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS, 2 TLS from Isabelle Kautz to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 54 Doris Keane
Letter(s) dated 7/9/1937-8/8/1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from Doris Keane to Shane Leslie.

Box: 10 Fold: 55 John Keating
Letter(s) dated 2/8/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from John Keating, National College of Art, Dublin, to Shane Leslie: "...In reply to your letter concerning O'Hanlon. I am hot aware of his private financial circumstances. He has a scholarship here. He shows little desire to discover any talent he may have by study..."

Box: 10 Fold: 56 Denis Kelly
Letter(s) dated 5/18/1921

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from Denis Kelly, bishop of Ross, to Shane Leslie, re Irish politics: "...Sinn Fein took the mails from yesterday's train. Last Saturday I had a similar note from Sir H(orace) Plunkett, and wrote immediately to the Hon. Sec. Rev. A.S. Duncan-Jones...I did my little best for Ireland...Lady Sykes rightly describes Unionists without vision destroying Geo. Wyndham's policy. want of vision among some Nationalists destroyed the Convention and has been the immediate cause of present troubles. I mad an effort to present these troubles, and am utterly helpless even to aid in undoing them. I admire the efforts of yourself, Sir Horace, and all the promoters of the Meeting, and hope (against hope) that you may succeed..."