Box: 1 Fold: 1 Aldrovandi, Count d'

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS with envelope from Count d'Androvandi to Cornelius Van H. Engert, mostly personal welcoming Engert to his post at the Dardanelles.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 American Commission to Negotiate Peace
DATE SPAN: 12/20/1918 - 04/14/1919

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Cornelius Van H. Engert and American representatives of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace. Includes 1 ALS from Lloyd R. Montgomery to CVHE, 1 ALS from T. E. D. Paul to CVHE, 1 TLS from J. Walton (?), 1 carbon from CVHE to John W. Garrett, 2 carbons from CVHE to Alexander C. Kirk, with an anonymous carbon excerpt by a British diplomat regarding President Woodrow Wilson. Discussion of the Paris Peace Conference, the League of Nations, and a pamphlet: "Vers un Accord Hollando-Belge par un Soldat Belge de la Guerre du Droit."

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Barton, James Levi
DATE SPAN: 01/25/1918 - 03/11/1918

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from James Levi Barton of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to Arshag K. Schmavonian of the U.S. Dept. of State, with 1 carbon from Schmavonian to Barton, and 1 copy TL from James (Viscount) Bryce to Barton, all regarding the political situation in Transcaucasia, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire. Reference to the League of Nations and William Wheelock Peet.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Brissel, Charles F.

DESCRIPTION: 1 carbon letter from Charles F. Brissel, American Consul at Bagdad, Turkey, to Henry Morgenthau regarding the American Consulate in Bagdad and the possibility of sending CVHE there.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Bristol, Mark L.
DATE SPAN: 02/04/1920 - 04/25/1920

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Rear Admiral Mark L. Bristol, U.S. High Commisioner, Turkey, to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with carbons from CVHE to Bristol and between R. A. Lambert and Major Arnold. Most of the correspondence concerns conditions in Syria, Armenia and elsewhere in Turkey, with much discussion of the American Consulate in Aleppo, Syria and the deaths of two American representatives of the YMCA in Syria, James Perry and Frank L. Johnson.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Carp, Miss B.
DATE SPAN: 01/15/1918 - 02/12/1918

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLSs from Miss B. Carp, an employee of the American Embassy in Constantinople, Turkey to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Leslie Davis, all mostly personal regarding mutual friends.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Davis, John W.
DATE SPAN: 11/07/1919 - 12/06/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from John W. Davis to Cornelius Van H. Engert with an attached carbon report by CVHE to an ambassador (Henry Morgenthau?), and 1 TLS from W. H. Buckler to CVHE passing on this letter and report. The report gives details of a conversation between CVHE and Lord Curzon regarding the future of British interests in Persia after the fall of Russia.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Dawson, T. Launcelot
DATE SPAN: 03/11/1914 - 04/16/1920

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs from T. Launcelot Dawson to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Dawson. The first ALS from Dawson is written from a Turkish prison, the second from London, both regarding the British operation of mines in the Dardanelles and the political climate in Turkey.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Dieudonnee, Marie
DATE SPAN: 11/07/1914 - 11/19/1914

DESCRIPTION: 2 printed documents filled out by hand from the American Embassy in Constantinople, Turkey requesting free and safe passage for Marie Dieudonnee (Sr. Marie Agathange) in and around the city.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Dulles, John Foster
DATE SPAN: 10/03/1916 - 03/24/1923

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from CVHE to John Foster Dulles, probably written when Cornelius Van H. Engert was temporarily stationed in Washington, D.C., containing an excerpt from CVHE's diary for the month of October, 1916 while he was serving in Constantinople. Accounts mostly involve day to day procedural problems between the American Embassy and the Turkish government.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Elkus, Abram I.
DATE SPAN: 06/06/1917 - 06/22/1917

DESCRIPTION: 2 documents from the American Embassy in Paris, 1 document from the French Embassy in Switzerland and 1 document from the British embassy in Switzerland, all regarding the passage of Abram I. Elkus through Europe in 1917 with his family. Also includes notes by Cornelius Van H. Engert in preparation for a meeting with Elkus.

Box: 1 Fold: 11.5 Garrett, John W.
DATE SPAN: 11/25/1917 - 07/15/1918

DESCRIPTION: Carbons of 3 long letters from Cornelius Van H. Engert to John W. Garrett, American Minister to at the Hague, mainly giving CVHE's analysis of Germany's relations with Turkey in the war.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Gates, C. F.
DATE SPAN: 12/28/1918 - 05/04/1920

DESCRIPTION: 1 carbon TLS from Dr. C. F. Gates to Bainbridge Colby regarding the political situation in Turkey (1920) with special discussion of Armenia. Also includes 1 carbon letter by an unknown person regarding the character of Gates, the President of Robert College of Constantinople.

Box: 1 Fold: 12.5 German Merchants In Constantinople
DATE SPAN: 02/05/1915 - 06/01/1915

DESCRIPTION: 4 carbon letters from German merchants in Constantinople to various authorities protesting high taxes placed on them by the Turkish authorities. Includes 1 carbon from the German merchants to Talaat Bey, Turkish Minister of Finance; 1 copy letter from the merchants to Lord von Wangenheim, German Ambassador to Turkey; 1 carbon from Carl Holstein, a merchant, to the head of the German Consulate regarding postal rate hikes in Turkey; and a carbon from Herman Holstein to the Turkish Minister of Communications.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Grew, Joseph Clark
DATE SPAN: 07/17/1919 - 03/06/1920

DESCRIPTION: 2 carbon reports by Cornelius Van H. Engert to Joseph C. Grew regarding Turkey and American policy there. One includes a long discussion of whether the U.S. should set up a protectorate over the whole Ottoman Empire.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Harding, Warren G.
DATE SPAN: 07/24/1922 - 10/16/1922

DESCRIPTION: 2 carbons from Warren G. Harding to Charles Evans Hughes regarding letters from Hughes to Bishop James Cannon and American policy in Turkey.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Hurgronje, C. Snouk

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy TL from Professor C. Snouk Hurgronje to Charles Crane describing Hurgronje's opinions of the Turkish Sultan's Caliphate over Islam.

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Knabenshue, Paul
DATE SPAN: [02/16/1920]? - 03/08/1920

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS and 2 carbon telegrams from Paul Knabenshue to Cornelius Van H. Engert and Jesse B. Jackson, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Knabenshue, mostly regarding the political situation in Syria, especially Beirut and Aleppo. References to Admiral Mark L. Bristol and Messrs. Perry and Johnson, the American YMCA workers assassinated in Syria.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Lahaille, Jeanne
DATE SPAN: 10/15/1918 - 03/08/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Jeanne Lahaille of the Roumanian Legation in Constantinople to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Lahaille, mostly personal. Reference to the International Black Sea Life-Saving Commission.

Box: 1 Fold: 17.5 Lambert, R. A.
DATE SPAN: 02/02/1920 - 02/11/1920

DESCRIPTION: A set of correspondence copies found together, much of which is to or from Dr. R. A. Lambert, all of which regards conditions in Syria in early February 1920 when two American YMCA workers, James Perry and Frank L. Johnson, were killed in a terrorist attack. Includes 1 carbon from R. A. Lambert in Aleppo, Syria to the American consulate in Constantinople; 1 copy letter from J. B. Jackson in Aleppo to Mark L. Bristol; 1 copy letter from William S. Dodd of Adana, Cilicia to Constantinople; 1 copy letter from Lambert to Major Nicol in Beirut; 2 telegrams from John Tyndall McCutcheon in Beirut to Constantinople; 1 copy letter from Paul Azan in Constantinople to Aleppo; and 2 copy letters from John H. Boyd to Lambert.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Long, Breckinridge
DATE SPAN: 07/01/1918 - 03/11/1919

DESCRIPTION: 4 carbons from Cornelius Van H. Engert to Breckinridge Long, mostly personal regarding his feelings about serving in the diplomatic corps during the war, especially in The Hague and Turkey. Reference to Viscount Ishii's mission to the U.S. in 1917.

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Morgenthau, Henry

DESCRIPTION: 1 TMs, 1 AMs and 1 carbon TL by Henry Morgenthau discussing his views of political situations in Europe and Asia during World War I. Includes 1 TMs of a personal narrative by Morgenthau of a battle between Turkey and several European armies in Odessa with references to the Armenian massacres (46 pp.); 1 AMs by Morgenthau, "Memo. for the President- Strictly Confidential," giving his opinions about political situations with discussions of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Russia, France, Arabs, and Jews (16 pp., probably incomplete); 1 draft TL from Morgenthau to President Wilson (1917) mostly regarding his views on the possible peace process in Europe and Asia (5 pp.).

Box: 1 Fold: 20 National Security League, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Henry L. West of the National Security League, Inc. to Cornelius Van H. Engert asking him to join the organization.

Box: 1 Fold: 21 Nubar Pasha, Boghos

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Boghos Nubar Pasha to Mihran Sevasly, both Armenian lobbyists, discussing the movement for Armenian independence and America's role for it in the peacce process. Includes 1 ANS by Arshag K. Schmavonian rebuking Nubar for his statements. References in Nubar's letter to Schmavonian (Chemavonian), Henry Morgenthau, Garegin Pasdermadjian, Mehmed Talaat Pasha, James Levi Barton, Charles Eliot, Cleveland Dodge, James Viscount Bryce, Mihran Damadian (Tamatian), the Young Turks, Russia, and Zionists (14 pp. by Nubar with envelope from U.S. State Department and 1 p. note by Schmavonian).

Box: 1 Fold: 22 Pallavicini, Count

DESCRIPTION: 1 carbon TL (translated copy) from "the Austro-Hungarian merchants of Constantinople" to Count Pallavicini, Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to Turkey, requesting that the merchants be exempted from new heavy taxes imposed by the Turkish government (5 pp.).

Box: 1 Fold: 23 Palmer, C. E. S.
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1915]? - 01/13/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from C. E. S. Palmer to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Palmer, regarding the whereabouts of Palmer's personal property which was confiscated when he was arrested by Turkish officials at the British Consulate in the Dardanelles in 1915. Also includes 1 mimeograph notice from Palmer to the captains of British vessels in the Mediterranean.

Box: 1 Fold: 24 Petros of Baz
DATE SPAN: 07/05/1918 - 09/15/1920

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous documents and correspondence between Agha Petros of Baz (aka, Petroshieff), the (Ex-)Commander-in-chief of the Assyrian Forces of Urmia, and leaders of British forces in Persia and 1 carbon intelligence report by CVHE concerning Petros. Most of the documents cover the situation of the Assyrian forces held up in refugee camps at Baqubah (Iraq) after leaving the Persian district of Urmia and relations between Assyrians and Kurds, Turks and Persians. References to Ali Ihsan Pasha, Selah-Udin Pasha, Madj-us-Saltana, Simko, Paulus Shimoon, Patriarch Mar Shimoon and others. Includes the following items:

TL from Commander British Forces in Persia to Petros (5 Jul 1918);

TLS from a British Brigadier General to Petros (12 Jul 1918);

Statement by Petros re expenses of Assyrian Army 14 Jan - 30 Jul 1918;

TLS from Petros to Brig. Gen. Herbert H. Austin (22 May 1919);

TLS from Petros to Brig. Gen. Herbert H. Austin (25 May 1919);

TLS from Lt.-Col. Sir Arnold T. Wilson to Petros (7 Jun 1919);

TMs report by Petros, "Kurdish Tribes between Rawandus & Kakho" (5 Aug 1919);

TLS from Petros to Lt.-Col. F. Cunliffe-Owen (29 Sep 1919);

TLS from Lt.-Col. Sir Arnold T. Wilson to Petros (14 Oct 1919);

TLS from Petros to Lt.-Col. F. Cunliffe-Owen (24 Nov 1919);

TLS from Petros to the Acting Civil Commisioner (24 Nov 1919);

TMs report by Petros to Lt.-Col. F. Cunliffe-Owen (24 Mar 1920);

TMs report by Petros to Lt.-Col. F. Cunliffe-Owen (15 Apr 1920);

TLS from Petros to Lt.-Col. F. Cunliffe-Owen (11 May 1920).

Box: 1 Fold: 25 Prime, Ida
DATE SPAN: 05/22/1916 - 11/27/1918

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Ida Prime at Constantinople College, American College for Girls to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Prime, both regarding an Armenian student at the College. Also includes 1 ALS from Leslie Corner of the College to CVHE, mostly personal, and 1 carbon from CVHE to a Mr. Phillips regarding the state of the College, Robert College, and the Syrian Protestant College at Beirut during the war.

Box: 1 Fold: 26 Rolin, Alberic
DATE SPAN: 03/01/1919 - 03/08/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS (with accompanying translation) from Alberic Rolin to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Rolin and 1 carbon memo from Paul L. Edwards to CVHE, all regarding the case of Armand Wolff and others allegedly blacklisted in their attempts to get French citizenship.

Box: 1 Fold: 27 Roosevelt, Theodore

DESCRIPTION: 2 copies of 1 carbon from Cornelius Van H. Engert to Theodore Roosevelt, mostly personal with discussion of CVHE's feelings about the war.

Box: 1 Fold: 28 Shepard, Lorrin A.
DATE SPAN: 03/07/1920 - 03/09/1920

DESCRIPTION: 3 carbon letters or telegrams from Lorrin A. Shepard to unknown parties regarding the safety and danger of relief convoys in Syria, with discussion of tensions between Turkish, French, and Arab interests. References to Shahin Bey, Kasikli Khan, Ali Bey, and Zia Bey.

Box: 1 Fold: 29 Shotwell, James T.
DATE SPAN: 02/03/1919 - 02/07/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from James T. Shotwell of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace to Cornelius Van H. Engert, with 1 carbon from CVHE to Shotwell, mostly personal regarding the purchase of books by mail from The Hague.

Box: 1 Fold: 30 Spanish Legation in Constantinople
DATE SPAN: 11/29/1915 - 01/18/1916

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs from J. Fernandez-Guillamel of the Spanish Embassy in Constantinople to CVHE, mostly regarding business, with references to A. Lahaille and the Banque Imperiale Ottomane.

Box: 1 Fold: 31 Stolypin, ?
5/1/1913 postmark

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Stolypin (?) to Cornelius Van H. Engert in German with accompanying English translation, mostly personal.

Box: 1 Fold: 32 Wilson, Woodrow
DATE SPAN: 06/08/1915 - 09/23/1919

DESCRIPTION: 3 copy letters from Woodrow Wilson, with 1 copy letter from William Jennings Bryan to Wilson. Includes 1 copy letter of resignation from Bryan to Wilson because of Wilson's decision to enter World War I and Wilson letter accepting Bryan's resignation; and 2 copy letters from Wilson to William Phillips concerning Wilson's desire to send American troops to Armenia.

Box: 1 Fold: 32.5 Correspondence, The Hague: Carbons & Misc.
DATE SPAN: 02/08/1918 - 09/14/1920

DESCRIPTION: Carbons from Cornelius Van H. Engert to diplomats and friends while he was at The Hague, with a few original TLSs to CVHE from others, mostly regarding American foreign policy. Includes 1 copy carbon from CVHE to Mrs. Herbert Chitty, and carbons from CVHE to M. P. Roseboom, J. de Louter, W. O'Reilly, Lt. Hugh D. Rose, Richard E. Pennoyer, Hoffman Philip, H. G. Chilton, William Phillips, Marhsall Langhorn, Arnold Robertson, Lt. B. L. Middleton, Dorothy V. Boissevain, Robert Woods Bliss, C. R. Nasmith, Charles Homer Haskins, John W. Garrett, Goerge R. Montgomery, Howard Bliss, Miles M. Shand, and James W. Gerard. Also includes 1 copy memorandum to CVHE with messages from family members to prisoners of war in Turkey, 1 ALS from Comite Armenien de la Haye, 1 TLS from Ernest Schuler of the Joint Distribution Committe of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers, 1 TLS from C. R. Nasmith, 1 TLS from Walter Lyman Brown of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, 1 ALS from S. K. Hornbeck, and 1 ALS from Lt. H. D. Rose.

Box: 1 Fold: 33 Correspondence: Carbons & Misc.
DATE SPAN: 12/05/1912 - 09/04/1918

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence of Cornelius Van H. Engert, mainly consisting of carbons from CVHE. Includes carbons from CVHE to A. Lawrence Lowell, Maurice F. Egan, John Bassett Moore, Johkheer John Loudon, William H. Buckler, Abram I. Elkus, and Edward Mann Lewis, with references to James Brown Scott, Nafiz Bey, Seifi Bey, Arshag K. Schmavonian, and British prisoners held in Turkey.

Box: 1 Fold: 34 Reports, 1839 - 1914
DATE SPAN: 11/20/1834 - 10/01/1914

DESCRIPTION: 3 copy reports to the Secretary of State by Cornelius Van H. Engert and other U.S. diplomats in Turkey, with 1 report on converts to Christianity in Turkey and 1 copy report from Sec. of State to the American Ambassador. Includes 1 copy report from David Porter to Sec. of State John Forsyth regarding U.S.-Ottoman trade negotiations (1839), 1 copy report from Oscar Straus to Philander C. Knox regarding American educational and religious institutions in Turkey, 1 copy of extract of Instructions from Knox to Silliam Woodville Rockhill, 3 copy reports on agricultural machinery in Turkey from CVHE to G. Bie Ravndal.

Box: 1 Fold: 35 Reports, 1915 - 1916
DATE SPAN: 01/14/1915 - 12/09/1916

DESCRIPTION: 4 carbon reports by Cornelius Van H. Engert and others regarding Turkey. Includes 1 carbon memorandum from the Consul General at Constantinople to the Consul at Bagdad regarding consular jurisdiction over belligerents with cover letter from John E. Osborne to Henry Morgenthau, 1 carbon copy of "An Act (by Congress) for the Improvement of the Foreign Service" (1915), 2 carbons of a report by CVHE (?) regarding the Budget of the Ottoman Government for 1916, 1 carbon draft memorandum by CVHE regarding the general situation in Turkey (1916), 1 carbon report by CVHE to Abram I. Elkus regarding the travel of neutrals (1916). Reference to the Dardanelles.

Box: 1 Fold: 36 Reports, 1917
DATE SPAN: 05/14/1917 - 12/19/1917

DESCRIPTION: 1 carbon report from Cornelius Van H. Engert to Abram I. Elkus regarding a trip he made to Syria and Palestine in early 1917 and 1 carbon report from CVHE to Robert Lansing regarding his expenses while at The Hague in late 1917. Also includes a memorandum of remittances to relief committees 1915-17. References to Hoffman Philip.

Box: 1 Fold: 37 Reports, Jan. - Sep. 1918
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1918]? - 09/20/1918

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous reports and memoranda, mostly by unknown parties mostly regarding the political situation in Europe and the Middle East during World War I. Includes 1 TMs (tentative) memorandum regarding U.S. policy towards Turkey with numerous references to statements by Woodrow Wilson, 1 carbon memorandum regarding British and Russian interests in Turkey with discussion of Armenia, the Caucasus, Georgia and the Russian Revolution; 1 signed carbon report by Addison E. Southard on military invasions of Persia by Russia, Britain and Turkey during World War I; 1 carbon report on British army operations in Eastern Turkey by Petros of Baz with references to Urmia and the Assyrians.

Box: 1 Fold: 38 Reports, Oct. - Dec. 1918
DATE SPAN: 10/28/1918 - 12/23/1918

DESCRIPTION: 5 carbon memorandums mostly by unknown parties regarding Turkey in late 1918, with much discussion of possible peace settlements which could be sought. Includes 1 carbon memorandum by an unknown party giving details about Turkish government officials including Zia Pasha, Rahmy Bey, Djavid Bey, Houloussi Effendi Sheik-ul-islam, Rechid Akif Pasha, Said Bey, Djelal Monkhtar Bey, Hairi Effendi, Rifaat Pasha and Talaat Pasha; 1 carbon the possibility of democracy being imposed on the state; 1 carbon summary of memorandum by James L. Barton, Cleveland Dodge, and William W. Peet regarding Armenian independence from Turkey; 1 carbon memorandum by CVHE regarding territorial claims in the Balkans and the Middle East, with special discussions of Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Armenia, the Caucasus, and Persia; 1 carbon containing extracts of the last listed memorandum by Cornelius Van H. Engert.

Box: 1 Fold: 39 Reports, 1919
DATE SPAN: 06/23/1919 - 11/24/1919

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy report attributed to Patrick Balfour and Georges Clemenceau giving the official British answer to the Turkish delegation at the Peace conference; 1 carbon memorandum by William F. Doty regarding American and Russian interests in Persia; and 1 copy report on American relief missions in the Caucasus, mainly consisting of a list of Americans involved.

Box: 1 Fold: 40 Reports, Jan. - Feb., 1920
DATE SPAN: 01/15/1920 - 02/28/1920

DESCRIPTION: 2 carbon reports by Cornelius Van H. Engert on the threat of Bolshevism in the Middle East, 2 copy reports from J. B. Jackson to Mark L. Bristol with copy correspondence enclosures all regarding the chaotic situation in Syria in February 1920 when 2 American YMCA workers, Frank L. Johnson and James Perry, were killed by terrorists; and a set of hand written notes about the resumption of U.S. diplomatic relations with Turkey. The copy correspondence enclosed with Jackson's report includes 3 copy letters from Lorin A. Shepard, 2 copy letters from J. E. Merrill, and 1 copy letter from John H. Boyd to R. A. Lambert. The discussion of Syria outlines tensions between Christians, Moslems, Europeans, Arabs, Turks and Armenian.

Box: 1 Fold: 41 Reports, Mar. - Apr., 1920
DATE SPAN: 03/12/1920 - 04/24/1920

DESCRIPTION: Reports and press releases relating to the Middle East in the 1920's including 1 carbon report by W. W. Cumberland on the Turkish government's finances; 1 press release from the U.S. State Department regarding its peace negotiations with Turkey, with references to Bulgaria, Greece and Armenia; 1 carbon anonymous letter to the New York Times regarding its Middle East coverage; Listings of personnel at the American and Persian Embassies in Constantinople; 1 press release fromthe U.S. State Department regarding the U.S. recognition of the Republic of Armenia; 1 report on Turkey and 1 report on Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan by an unknown person.

Box: 1 Fold: 42 Reports, Jul. - Aug., 1920
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1920]? - 08/30/1920

DESCRIPTION: Assorted reports and memos on the Middle East in 1920, including 1 copy of the reply of the Allied Powers to the President of the Ottoman Delegation to the Peace Conference in Paris, rejecting Turkey's claim that it is "justified in expecting a less severe treatment"; 2 carbon reports by Cornelius Van H. Engert for the Sec'y of State on British relations with the Kurds, with great discussion of Sheik Mahmud at Sulimanyeh, Simko, and the Assyrians; Several draft mss. on British, American, French and Italian activities in Turkey, Persia, Transcaucasia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, and Palestine, probably by CVHE.

Box: 1 Fold: 43 Reports, Sep. - Oct., 1920
DATE SPAN: 09/04/1920 - 10/23/1920

DESCRIPTION: Assorted reports and notes relating to conditions in the Middle East in 1920, with special emphasis on Mesopotamia includes 1 carbon report by CVHE on the Der-ez-Zor Incident, accompanied by handwritten notes on A. T. Wilson's account of the incident, with many references to Emir Faisal; 2 copy extracts from speech by Lt. Col. Sir A. T. Wilson in Bagdad mostly on nationalism; 1 copy of part of a report on Anatolian and Bagdad railways by M. L. Requa with discussion of the Anatolian Railway Co., the Turkish Petroleum Co., and the Deutsch Bank.

Box: 1 Fold: 44 Reports, Jul. - Dec., 1921
DATE SPAN: 07/16/1921 - 12/02/1921

DESCRIPTION: Assorted reports on conditions in the Middle East in 1921 including 1 TMs excerpt from report of Asst. Trade Commissioner Julian F. Guillespie regarding Greek and Turkish tensions over Smyrna and mineral rights; 1 TMS report by Arshag K. Schmavonian on the fiscal duties on spirits in Turkey; 1 TMs memorandum from an unknown person to a Mr. Nielson regarding customs duties in Turkey; 1 TMs report by Schmavonian on American rights in Turkey with reference to taxation.

Box: 1 Fold: 45 Reports, Undated
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1914]? - [01/01/1921]?

DESCRIPTION: Assorted reports relating to the middle east from 1914 to 1921, all undated. Includes the following items:

1 TMs fragment report on foreign religious, educational and philanthropic institutions in the Near East by an unknown person;

1 TMs notice to American citizens wishing to travel to Europe from Turkey via train;

1 TMs report on the British occupation of Transcaucasia (1919-18) by a Gen. Beach, with discussion of Azerbaijan and Georgia;

1 TMs list of Turkish Government leaders;

1 TMs essay by a U.S. State Department official, possibly a press release, regarding the U.S. position on various topics at the Paris Peace Conference;

1 TMs essay by an unknown person, "The problems presented by the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire," mainly regarding Christian populations; 1 TMs report on types of registration cases at Jerusalem, discussing the cases of Jews who have emigrated to the U.S. from Europe and then emigrated to Palestine after obtaining American citizenship;

1 TMs memorandum by Arshag K. Schmavonian on the administration of the Ottoman public debt.

Box: 1 Fold: 45.5 Reports, Holland and Belgium Claims

DESCRIPTION: 2 TMs reports by Cornelius Van H. Engert regarding Belgian and Dutch claims on land during World War I. Also included is a pamphlet, "The Campaign Against Holland" published by the General Dutch League.

Box: 1 Fold: 46 Reports, Islam

DESCRIPTION: 4 TMs reports and fragments by unknown authors regarding Islam for use by the U.S. State Department. Subjects mainly include the concept of the Caliphate and the apostate under Moslem law.