Box: 1 Fold: 52 John Mole

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope from poet John Mole to EJ, thanking her for a review of his poetry.

Box: 1 Fold: 53 Charles Monteith
March - September 1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS from Charles Monteith of Faber and Faber, Ltd. to EJ.

Box: 1 Fold: 54 Richard Pasco
June 1982 - July 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS + envelopes from the actor:

@ 6/7/82, 4 pp.: "...knowing how much you were looking forward to the visit of the Pope that you might have managed to see something of the justifiably enormous welcome & friendliness shown to him - especially by the young - on television if you were not able to see him in person. I have enormous admiration for him & only wish his prayers & efforts for peace in the world would bear some fruit..."

@ 7/5/85: "Whilst obtaining my copy of your new book, "In Shakespeare's Company," Roger told me that you'd been kind enough to buy a copy of "Players of Shakespeare" & that you would like me to sign my somewhat brief essay on "Timon"..."

Box: 1 Fold: 55 Jerzy Peterkiewicz
June 1982 - September 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from a young Polish student proposing a thesis on the poet Philip Larkin.

Box: 1 Fold: 56 Ruth Pitter

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS from the poet to EJ, thanking her for a contribution.

Box: 1 Fold: 57 Craig Raine
November 1984 - January 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS to EJ from the poet writing from Faber and Faber, Ltd., concerning suggestions and contributions from EJ for a poetry anthology and other publications of the company.

Box: 1 Fold: 58 Anne Ridler

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from the poet and playwright to EJ with reference to the church attended by T.S. Eliot, and to criticism by Peter Levi of a new translation of the English Bible. Ridler worked for Eliot at Faber and Faber, Ltd.

Box: 1 Fold: 59 Alfred Leslie Rowse

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope from the eminent writer and historian to EJ -

@ Dear Miss Jennings, Ages since we met, at Oxford, but nice to read your piece about Oxford poets, as it is always a pleasure to read your poems. (If you haven't got it, I will send you my "A Life: Collected Poems;" it has all my inner life, as the history books have the outer.) You ask why so many promising young poets shut up today. A large part of the answer is the utterly discouraging state, not only of criticism but of the whole contemporary fashion about poetry. You know that writing poetry is a sensitive plant. There is far too much fungus criticism that kills the plant. It certainly discourages the writers..."

Box: 1 Fold: 60 Alfred Leslie Rowse

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ -

@ Dear Elizabeth, You must not let those people upset you, though they irritate like gnats. One must remember how third-rate they are, and I always make the point about them. That puts them in their places...as I have inscribed my book to you, "Never give up, and never give in"... "

Box: 1 Fold: 61 Michael Schmidt
June 1970 - January 1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 TLS, 2 ALS from EJ's publisher Michael Schmidt at Carcanet Press. Reference (11/15/85) to the reprinting of "Extending the Territory," and "Collected Poems" (1967). Includes ALS from EJ.

Box: 1 Fold: 62 Charles Sisson

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard from the poet to EJ praising "the new flow of life" in her poems.

Box: 1 Fold: 63 Stephen Spender

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope from the poet to EJ: "I am sorry not to have answered your letter which got lost among the papers on my desk. I am afraid Friday won't do as I meet Arthur Calder-Marshall then..."

Box: 1 Fold: 64 Stephen Spender

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "Thank you for your letter. It is nice to hear from you. I am sorry things have been so distressing; and I do hope you are better now. I'm not sure how much help I can be but do come and have lunch here one day whenever you feel like it. Please ring me and we can fix a day."

Box: 1 Fold: 65 Enid Starkie

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope, 1 TCS from the writer and literary critic Enid Starkie, concerning the return of a book that EJ borrowed.

Box: 2 Fold: 1 Anthony Thwaite

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard to EJ from the poet: "Thank you for your very nice letter about my Poems, and Ann's Gosse." Reference to the photograph (see postcard) of Edmund Gosse and his father Philip Henry Gosse taken by Thwaite's wife.

Box: 2 Fold: 2 Thomas Tomlinson
May 1970 - June 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS, 1 ACS from Oxford friend "Tommy" Tomlinson to EJ sojourning in Spain. Includes newsclipping from the "Daily Telegraph," of a review by EJ of "The Golden Chain," by Anthony Rossiter. Other reviews in the clipping include Roy Fuller on Hilaire Belloc and Dame Veronica Wedgewood on a biography of Charles V.

Box: 2 Fold: 3 John Wain

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope from the poet to EJ: "Just a note to send you our good wishes and express our disappointment at having seen so little of you this summer..."

Box: 2 Fold: 4 John Wain
Postmark: 5/10/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard to EJ: "You sent me a very kind message when I got my CBE, and from the months I have taken to reply I am afraid lest you think I don't appreciate your good wishes. But I am always very behind with everything, and in the first few months of this year was even more overworked than usual. I hope your lovely poetry is still flowing as strongly as ever - I am putting some in an enormous anthology I am doing for OUP - that was part of the overwork."

Box: 2 Fold: 5 John Wain

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope to EJ: "I was very pleased recently to get a copy of Extending the Territory sent to me through the post. I am reading and re-reading the poems and letting them build up in my mind; the process is not finished yet, so I won't, at the moment, start putting them in any kind of order of preference or anything like that. But I am very much impressed by them. It is very good to see that you are writing as well as ever."

Box: 2 Fold: 6 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
March - May 1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS + envelopes to EJ from Dame Wedgewood, a respected writer and historian -

@ 3/6/69, 1 p.

@ 3/22/69, 5 pp. - Offers advice on EJ's manuscript for her autobiography: "I feel it would not be the right thing for you to publish it now - the popular approach to autobiography is so very different from what it used to be; its very virtues would lead to misunderstandings - coarse and silly reviews."

@ Postmarked 5/5/69, 2 pp. - Sends farewell wishes as EJ embarks on a holiday to Sitges, Barcelona.

Box: 2 Fold: 7 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June - August 1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS, 1 TLS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 6/19/69, 2 pp. - with praise for EJ's poems and encouragement: "I think the danger is the sin called Accidia (badly translated as Sloth) - but I think it really means that awful temptation to let go & stop trying because one has lost faith in one's work and in all effort as being not worthwhile. For creative people I think its the deadliest of the five Deadly Sins, & horribly insidious..."

@ 6/23/69, 1 p. - More comments and compliments on EJ's poems, especially, "Every Changing Shape," "Revelation," and Weeping."

@ 7/4/69, 4 pp. - Comments on EJ's poetry and advises: "...The other comforting thing - though this may sound a bit malicious - is that if one looks at the fluent writers who never know these agonies of self-criticism and failures of self-confidence - they mostly get very banal & even rank bad. So when you feel simply bloody about everything - say to yourself, "I'm feeling like this because I'm really very good," and it will be true and may cheer you up."

@ 8/4/69, 2 pp. - Acknowledges the receipt of more poems from EJ and assures: "Of course I don't get upset by your telling me these things. We all have these distressing secrets - either more or less troublesome to us. It is part of the human condition - the fearful antagonism between man as spirit & man as animal, very few people fully resolve it. The most sensitive and imaginative suffer most."

Box: 2 Fold: 8 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
April - May 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 4/4/70, 2 pp. - Encouragement about rejections, and recommendation of a counsellor.

@ 4/18/70, 3 pp. - "I am so terribly sorry about the continual deep depression and I do admire your courageous fight against it."

@ 4/24/70, 3 pp. + typed quotation of a prayer by Thomas a Kempis.

@ 5/29/70, 2 pp. - Greetings sent to EJ on her arrival in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.

Box: 2 Fold: 9 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 6/2/70, 5 pp. - Advice and encouragement concerning EJ's biographical work on T.S. Eliot.

@ 6/6/70, 3 pp. - More encouragement on the Eliot book.

@ 6/9/70, 2 pp., + newsclipping about John Donne.

@ 6/10/70, 1 p.

Box: 2 Fold: 10 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June 11-15 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS (2 pp.), 2 telegrams, 1 ANS with page proofs from EJ's collection of poems entitled, "Lucidities," ALS (2 pp.).

Box: 2 Fold: 11 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June 16-24, 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ACS postcard, 1 ALS, 2 telegrams welcoming EJ home from Sitges, Barcelona.

Box: 2 Fold: 12 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
July - August 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS + envelopes to EJ primarily concerning the latter's book on T.S. Eliot.

Box: 2 Fold: 13 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
September - December 1970

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS + envelopes to EJ. References to her work on T.S. Eliot and to a joint holiday proposed by EJ: "You see - as I keep telling you - I am not half as nice as I seem or as you think I am. I am moody, given to fits of depression & bursts of temper, in many ways very selfish; basically also a very solitary character in spite of the surface sociability. All this makes me not at all a nice travelling companion..."

Box: 2 Fold: 14 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
January - Febraury 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS, 2 ALS + envelopes to EJ -

@ Postmarked 1/13/71: Includes typed quotation and clipping of a poem.

@ 2/25/71, 4 pp.: "You have been truly wonderful in this long ordeal of the strike. You have every reason to be proud of yourself for bearing up so bravely and the culminating triumph was your having these 2 calm & friendly sessions with Dr. S..."

@ Undated; probably hand-delivered during the postal strike referred to in the preceding letter, 4 pp.

Box: 2 Fold: 15 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
April - May 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 TLS to EJ -

@ Postmarked 4/7/71: Sending Easter greetings.

@ 5/3/71: "Here is another check "on account" for the lovely fat MS you are keeping for me..."

@ 5/10/71: "I am typing because this is a business letter..."

Box: 2 Fold: 16 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June 1-4, 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS, 2 ACS + blank postcards written to EJ on holiday in Guernsey.

Box: 2 Fold: 17 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
June 5 - 11, 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 1/10/85: "This in haste to thank you for your kind & beautiful letter which I know I did not answer. I have been so stupid & bothered about a lot of minor details..."

@ Postmarked 2/28/85: "I love your letters & long to see you. I am not really ill - but suffer from tiresome nervous reactions, getting all jumpy, & stammering - it is perfectly absurd, but the doctor assures me it will get better..."

@ Postmarked 3/5/85: "Just to thank you for your lovely warm-hearted letters..."

Box: 2 Fold: 18 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
July - September 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS + envelopes, 1 page each.

Box: 2 Fold: 19 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
November 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 TLS w/ enclosures, 3 ALS + envelopes to EJ. TLS 11/1/71 includes TLS from Jack Lambert of The Sunday Times (London) concerning the publication of EJ's poem, "The Middle of the Night;" and TLS from Thomas Lask of The New York Times concerning three poems by EJ, "Mozart's Horn Concertos," Tulips," and "Two Views."

Box: 2 Fold: 20 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
December 1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS + envelopes, 1 telegram to EJ.

Box: 2 Fold: 21 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
January 1972

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 ALS + envelopes to EJ primarily offering comments on poems the latter had given her to review.

Box: 2 Fold: 22 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
January - March 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS, 1 ACS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 1/10/85: "This in haste to thank you for your kind & beautiful letter which I know I did not answer. I have been so stupid & bothered about a lot of minor details..."

@ Postmarked 2/28/85: "I love your letters & long to see you. I am not really ill - but suffer from tiresome nervous reactions, getting all jumpy, & stammering - it is perfectly absurd, but the doctor assures me it will get better..."

@ Postmarked 3/5/85: "Just to thank you for your lovely warm-hearted letters..."

Box: 2 Fold: 23 Dame (Cicely) Veronica Wedgewood
c. 1969-1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains undated or incompletely dated correspondence to EJ. Includes 1 ALS, 2 ACS postcards, 1 blank postcard written to EJ while Dame Wedgewood was in India. Also, 6 ALS + envelopes, dates unclear.

Box: 2 Fold: 24 Correspondence Received - Miscellaneous

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous correspondence to EJ from the following -

@ Sister M. Carmilla, A.C., ALS 11/14/81, addressed from the Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, India.

@ Andrew Harvey, ACS, postmarked, 5/10/1979.

@ T.D.R. Hockaday, Oxfordshire Health Authority, TLS 4/2/84.

@ Angus M. Kennedy, Oxford Polytechnic, ALS 4/23/79, expressing generous concern about possible copyright infringement incurred by using copies of EJ poetry for classes.

@ Rev. Michael Mayne, TLS 5/15/84 inviting EJ to give a reading at Great St. Mary's Church, Cambridge.

@ H.K. Mishra, Dept. of English, Berhampur University, India, TLS, 3/31/81.

@ Juliet Palmer, ACS postcard, postmarked 11/8/19--.

@ Dr. Seymour Spencer, TLS 6/3/70.

@ Harold Wilson, British prime minister, via secretary, R.J. Dawe (sp?), TLS 8/26/1968.

Box: 2 Fold: 25 Correspondence Received - Fanmail

DESCRIPTION: Contains fan letters to EJ.

Box: 2 Fold: 26 Correspondence Received - Unidentified

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from individuals signing first names only.

Box: 2 Fold: 27 Organizations

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from various cultural organizations concerning readings, recordings and publishing of poems by EJ. Includes the Greater London Arts Association, the Southern Arts Association, and the Tate Gallery, London.

Box: 2 Fold: 28 Publishers (A-G)

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from EJ's various publishers. Arranged alphabetically by publisher name. Includes, TLS 9/8/69 from Clive Allison of Allison & Busby Limited Publishers re "Michelangelo's Sonnets" translated by EJ; TLS 4/19/72 from Christopher Busby of Christopher Busby & John Rose Limited/Literary Agents, re a book in progress, "The Inward War"; ACS 4/19/84 from Roger Pringle of the Celandine Press re sequence of poems entitled, "In Shakespeare's Company"; TLS 7/15/68 + contract from Peter du Sautoy of Faber and Faber, Ltd. re the publication of a volume of poems edited by EJ entitled, "A Choice of Christina Rossetti's Verse"; 2 TLS from James Gibson 5/30/70 and 5/19/72, respectively, re publishing poems by EJ in anthologies including "Let the Poet Choose" (1973).

Box: 2 Fold: 29 Publishers (L-V)

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to EJ from various publishers. Arranged alphabetically by publisher name. Includes, TLS 2/5/80 from Steve Lewis, editor of Allusions Magazine of New Writings. Includes a copy of Allusions, number 1; TLS 1/29/81 from Munksgaard International Publishers Ltd., re EJ's "Collected Poems" (Macmillan, 1967); TLS 3/27/84 from Anne Harvey of Pegasus; TLS 5/3/79 from James Vinson re biographical sketch of EJ for the reference book, "Contemporary Poets" (St. James Press, 1980).

Box: 2 Fold: 30 Publisher: Daily Telegraph - Reviews (Galley Proofs)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 galley proofs for book reviews written by EJ for the Daily Telegraph.

@ "Charlotte Mew and her Friends" by Penelope Fitzgerald.

@ "The Force of Poetry" by Christopher Ricks.

@ "The Re-Creation of a Landscape" By James A. Heffernan.