Box: 1 Fold: 1 Janet Adam-Smith
Date: 1/14/1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope, 2 pp., from writer Janet Adam-Smith (1905- ), to EJ. Concerns a review by EJ of a book by the former's husband, Michael Roberts (1945- ).

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Michael Astor
Datespan: 11/4/66-11/10/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope from Michael Astor to EJ informing her that she has been awarded the 1966 Richard Hillary Literary Memorial prize for her book of poems, "The Mind has Mountains." Encloses TLS from Barclays Bank forwarding the prize money.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Sir John Betjeman
Date: 3/16/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope from the poet's secretary to EJ:

@ "Dear Miss Jennings, I am writing on behalf of Sir John to thank you for your letter of 9th January. As you may know Sir John is in very poor health now, he had another stroke soon after leaving hospital last October and I am afraid it has taken away his speech and left him partly paralysed. He was so pleased to have your letter and, as you know, he is such a great admirer of your work. I know he would like me to send you his love and his thanks."

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Maurice Bowra
Date: 10/28/67

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope from Bowra (1898-1971):

@ "Dear Miss Jennings, I have been meaning for far too long to write to you about your "Collected Poems." I have read them and reread them with some care and great gratitude and delight. I think they are really remarkable, and their apparently quiet air adds enormously to their strength in the long run."

Box: 1 Fold: 5 John Bratby
Date: November 1979

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS from the artist John Bratby, envelope postmarked November 1979. Invites EJ to sit for a portrait.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Charles Causley
Date: 9/6/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard from Causley (1917- ). Praises EJ's books, "The Animals' Arrival" (1969, 1970); and "The Secret Brother and Other Poems for Children" (1966, 1969).

Box: 1 Fold: 7 David Cecil
Date: 12/24/66

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope, 2 pp. from David Cecil (1902-1986) praising EJ's work.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 John Michael Cohen
Date: 7/27/85

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS + envelope to EJ praising her poems.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Cecil Day-Lewis
Datespan: 11/20/69-6/21/71

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TLS, 1 ACS, 1 ALS + envelope to EJ from the famous poet (1904-1972). Includes an anecdote about his slight acquaintance with T.S. Eliot:

@ "I never thought that Eliot had much influence on me techincally. I hardly knew him in the thirties; but I was always much influenced by his ideas on the poet's self-discipline....The anecdote about him I most vividly remember is that, after presenting the prizes (for the first time) at a school, I happened to have lunch with Eliot and began to boast about it. He gave me a considering look and said, "Do you do this very often?" I replied that this was the first time. He pondered for a few moments, and then said "If I were you, I would not do it too often - perhaps once a year."

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Jill Day-Lewis
Datespan: 3/26/69-6/10/71

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ACS, 1 ALS + envelope from Mrs. Cecil Day-Lewis to EJ.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Margaret Drabble
Date: 5/2/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope from the well-known novelist.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Roy Fuller
Datespan: 12/1/68-3/6/69

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS, ACS, TLS + envelopes from the celebrated poet and novelist (1912-1991).

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Roy Fuller
Datespan: 11/13/70-10/12/79


Box: 1 Fold: 14 Roy Fuller
Datespan: c.1980-10/9/85

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 ACS, 3 ALS + envelopes. Comments on EJ's poetry.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Roy Fuller
Datespan: 7/8/86-2/23/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope and ACS.

Box: 1 Fold: 16 David Gascoyne
Date: 11/17/1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains long ALS, 5 pp. + envelope and enclosure. Consists of an apology to EJ for a review he wrote of her poetry.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 John Gielgud
Date: 3/21/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope from the eminent British actor: "I am greatly touched by your beautiful little book of poems, so elegantly printed with the striking woodcut illustration." Includes news on his work for a television production of "The Tempest."

Box: 1 Fold: 18 John Gielgud
Date: 9/30/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "How very kind of you to write so warmly and enthusiastically and thank you so much for the gift of your delightful poems. Of course I agree with you about the films. I was a bit ashamed of being in Caligula. They first offered me the part of Tiberius which I turned down flat, and then I accepted the other as it was so short and (fairly) respectable. It was an extraordinary experience, though I was only in Rome for a week to do my scenes - one got quite inured to all that nudity - and it was very funny to see all the extras rush to hide their nakedness at lunch time and try to meet their wives and families in the corridors to tuck into their pizzas!"

Box: 1 Fold: 19 John Gielgud
Date: 12/14/1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ. Refers to his role in the BBC production of Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited."

Box: 1 Fold: 20 John Gielgud
Date: 4/24/1982

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ. Thanks EJ for congratulating him on winning an Oscar (Academy Award). Includes P.S. note: "Yes, wild horses would not drag me to the Award Ceremonies either in London or California. I really detest all that ...congratulation baloney and the invidious comparisons which they evoke."

Box: 1 Fold: 21 John Gielgud
Date: 5/15/83

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "How very kind of you to write to me for my birthday, although I am beginning somewhat to dread anniversaries and the speed with which they recur. So glad you enjoyed both Gandhi and Brideshead, both of which I was very proud to be associated."

Box: 1 Fold: 22 John Gielgud
Date: 4/15/?

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ. "Most heartfelt thanks for your kindness and good wishes for my birthday which I appreciated more than I can say." Dated simply, "Wotton - April 15." Possibly 1984.

Box: 1 Fold: 23 John Gielgud
Date: 5/1/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "Please forgive my tardiness in answering your very kind letter. Of course I shall be more than proud of the very flattering dedication you propose - and wish you all possible success with the coming book which I shall so look forward to reading...I do agree with you about the ugly defacement of our language. Words like AGITPROP used even in theatre notices! And how did Roumania lose its U?"

Box: 1 Fold: 24 John Gielgud
Date: 6/20/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ. Refers to the role of Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice": "Nobody (but oddly enough Olivier was an exception) seemed to be convinced by my performance.It will be interesting to know how Alec Guinness will deal with the part soon at Chichester."

Box: 1 Fold: 25 John Gielgud
Date: 9/18/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "Thank you for the copy of the poem which I think very beautiful. I have been filming in Normandy and then in Paris, both as beautiful as ever which was a delightful change - one of the films a rather interesting semi-documentary about Katherine Mansfield and her guilt-struck husband Middleton Murry - made by New Zealanders (with a French crew!) and I hope it may reach England eventually as it seemed rather interestingly conceived."

Box: 1 Fold: 26 John Gielgud
Date: 11/5/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "I feel very guilty not to have answered your kind letter before - but I have been away doing bits and pieces for television and films and have got a bit behind hand with my correspondence..."

Box: 1 Fold: 27 John Gielgud
Date: 10/20/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS + envelope to EJ: "Yes, thank you, I am excited, though somewhat apprehensive, as you can imagine. The play is not to open till early February - but we have a month's rehearsal and eleven previews so I hope by then to be ready. You are such a faithful enthusiast. I hope you will like the Exhibition if you get to see it."

Box: 1 Fold: 28 John Gielgud
Date: 2/22/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope to EJ: "Of course I am greatly relieved and gratified by the wonderful reception we have had for the play - both audiences and even the critics have been unanimously generous, and it is a great joy to act to a live audience again after all these years, although I do get very tired, but hope to be able to relax a bit now we have settled down..."

Box: 1 Fold: 29 John Gielgud
Date: 3/28/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS + envelope to EJ: "So happy to hear the play did not disappoint you. Your enthusiasm and praise are always a delight to me."

Box: 1 Fold: 30 John Gielgud
Date: 5/18/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + envelope: "You did indeed send me a birthday card to the theatre, and I should have acknowledged it long ago. But I had rather a hectic correspondence to deal with during those last weeks of the run, so you must please forgive me. I was of course greatly delighted at the unexpected success, but found the discipline of being in London again and back in a theatre after all these years a bit more of a strain than I had anticipated..."

Box: 1 Fold: 31 John Gielgud
Date: 8/7/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS + envelope: "Always you write so kindly and enthusiastically about my work. I am so glad the talk amused and interested you. An old book of mine called Stage Directions is just about to be published and I shall take the liberty of sending you a copy shortly in the hope you may like to skim through it."

@ "Stage Directions," by Sir John Gielgud (1963, 1964).

Box: 1 Fold: 32 Frederick Grubb
Date: 1/13/81

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS postcard from the writer Frederick Grubb (1930- ).

Box: 1 Fold: 33 Alec Guinness
Date: 2/24/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS + envelope from the celebrated actor Alec Guinness to EJ.

Box: 1 Fold: 34 Alec Guinness
Date: 10/5/85-10/12/85

DESCRIPTION: Contains ACS, ALS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 10/5/85: "... would like to say how very much I have enjoyed your work over the decades and what a delight it has been to see your signature in The Spectator et al from time to time."

@ 12/10/85: "How kind of you to have sent me "Extending the Territory" (what a splendid and evocative title). I have only time to quickly dip but I spy hours of constant pleasure ahead."

Box: 1 Fold: 35 Alec Guinness
Dates: 1/3/86; 3/27/86

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS + envelopes to EJ. Refers to his work filming "Little Dorrit," and thanks EJ for sending copies of her published work: "Poets in Hand," and "Roman Quartet."

Box: 1 Fold: 36 Alec Guinness
Dates: 8/1/86; 10/28/86

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS + ACS and envelopes to EJ thanking her for forwarding her published poetry.

Box: 1 Fold: 37 Alec Guinness
Dates: 11/6/86; 12/2/86

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes. Includes advice on photographers (12/2/86): "Photographers are not to be trusted. Their aim is to sell their work by making people look bizarre - I always thought that photographs taken in church were illegal unless the subject gave permission. Anyway I didn't see the Sunday supplement with you in it. You should forget the whole thing. A few years ago I had to ask the National Portrait Gallery to withdraw a photo I didn't know about which was taken through a distorting lens and showed a light bulb growing out of my bald head. They reluctantly did so."

Box: 1 Fold: 38 Alec Guinness
Dates: 1/2/87; 5/12/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 1/2/87: "Thank you for your letter and, indeed, for Selected Poems. You musn't shower me, though, with your precious gifts - I am frequently in bookshops and would always pick up anything of yours I see."

@ 5/12/87: "Excuse a hasty card; just back from U.S.A. and now packing to go to Cannes - the dreaded Film Festival. Thank you for letter and poem. I'm very impressed. The predicament of the artist and artisan in all fields. Interesting food for thought and recognisably true. Congratulations on your W.H. Smith award. So glad."

Box: 1 Fold: 39 Alec Guinness
6/28/87; 9/1/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 6/28/87 - "...Thank you for your autobiographical sketch, which I greatly enjoyed but found far too short. Could you not elaborate it into book form?...And thank you for your letter. Of course I shall be greatly honoured to have my name associated with "After a Painting is Finished."

@ 9/1/87 - "...Sad to hear of the Stratford plays. What is coarse and showy-off is what people seem to most appreciate or warm to now and it depresses me deeply..."

Box: 1 Fold: 40 Alec Guinness
9/19/87; 12/16/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 9/19/87: "In haste. Thank you for letter. I am going to be in Oxford again on Tuesday 29. Would you care for a repeat dinner at La Sorbonne that evening - at say 7:45? If so drop me a card to my home address."

@ 12/16/87: "Can only scribble slowly, badly and painfully as I bruised my right hand rather nastily in Venezuela..."

Box: 1 Fold: 41 Alec Guinness
3/25/88; 4/4/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes to EJ -

@ 3/25/88: "Thank you so much for letter and wildly over-extravagant praise for work in Little Dorrit. I don't think you need to tackle the book having had six hours of it on the screen; the melodramatic bits (omitted from film) are tedious."

@ 4/4/88: "Thank you for the poems. I find A Child Destroyed very disturbing. It, and Crucifixion 1988 are both fine....Have you read Muggeridge's "Conversion: A Spiritual Journey?"...I must have read The Cloud two or three times but never registered, which he quotes: - For not what thou art, not what thou hast been doth God regard with His merciful eyes, but what thou wouldn't be. Very comforting."

Box: 1 Fold: 42 Alec Guinness
5/22/88; 8/27/88

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes to EJ: brief notes on arriving home from various trips. Thanks EJ for sending more poems.

Box: 1 Fold: 43 Alec Guinness
3/21/89; 4/11/89; 4/22/89

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ACS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 3/21/89: "Thank you for your letter and poster. How splendid to be displayed on the Underground. And with such a fine poem. Many congratulations." Refers also to actor Daniel Day-Lewis: "I cannot believe the critics are right - he has everything, I would judge, for the part and I am sure he speaks the verse impeccably. One has to face the fact that most of the modern drama critics are jaded and with debased tastes. Poor Dan."

@ 4/11/89: "...No time to write. Life is being rather fraught. My 20 year old grandson, who went to Bangkok some months ago has been put in a psychiatric hospital there - we suspect cocaine - and it's a question of getting him out and when..."

@ 4/22/89: "In great haste. Sorry about your Oxford trouble. I suggest you go to your local police and ask their advice. Unless Oxford has a Noise Abatement Society - which London does and I'm told is helpful. I'm useless over these sorts of things. It sounds to me something your landlord should deal with when he's back."

Box: 1 Fold: 44 Alec Guinness
6/20/89; 8/12/89

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS + envelopes to EJ:

@ 6/20/89: "In haste. Have to go to London. (To see my dear friend Eileen Atkins as Virginia Woolf.) ..."

@ 8/12/89: "In haste - packing to go to Scarborough for a few days. So glad the horrid young man has departed. Thank you for poems - very sad but enjoyable."

Box: 1 Fold: 45 Peter Hall

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS to EJ from the actor and producer Peter Hall.

Box: 1 Fold: 46 Mrs. Henry Cecil Jennings (mother)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 printed juvenile birthday cards to EJ signed "Mummy."

Box: 1 Fold: 47 Jennings, Elizabeth to Parents
May 1957-October 1959

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ACS postcards from EJ to her parents, written while on a trip to Italy.

Box: 1 Fold: 48 Jennings, Elizabeth to Parents
October 1960 - June 1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ACS postcards from EJ to her parents, written from Italy. Also, 4 ACS postcards written from the Imperial Hotel, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, England.

Box: 1 Fold: 49 Laurie Lee
Postmark: 1/21/70

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to EJ from novelist Laurie Lee: "I was so pleased to get your letter which the publisher sent to the country where I have not been for some weeks. I'm particularly glad that you liked my new book (which hasn't altogether been understood)..."

Box: 1 Fold: 50 Peter Levi
April 1969-May 1982

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS + envelopes to EJ from the poet Peter Levi:

@ 4/5/69 (postmark): "My dearest Elizabeth, I have spent all afternoon writing a note about your new book for the Month....The book is marvellous. Very strong, realistic, sane & controlled but powerful & rythmic in a way that gets me completely."

@ Undated: "I should have written long ago to thank you for your kind and sparkling review of my book. At first I was too overcome to do so. It was such a friendly act, let alone all those praises. Thank you very much."

@ 5/11-17/82 (postmarked twice): "I was so very grateful to get your latest book - I would have bought it but hadn't yet - that I have been crowing over it & treasuring it. It's only now after some rereadings that I feel secure enough to say I think it's extremely good, & your best for some years...I used to feel whatever was in your poems at once, like a stone dropping into a pond, but this book more than others improves & improves with rereading...."

Box: 1 Fold: 51 David Lodge
Postmark: 5/3/84

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS from the novelist to EJ: "...We have met once, long ago, and I think it must have been at Spode. And I remember very well your most encouraging review of "The Picturegoers" in the Listener..."