Box: 1 Fold: 1 Butler, William John (1818-1894)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from Butler to RW.

Butler was educated at Westminster and Trinity College, Cambridge; M.A. 1844; M.A. Oxford, 1847; honorary canon of Christ Church, 1872; vicar of Wantage, 1846; founder, 1850, and warden till death of sisterhood of St. Mary's, Wantage; elected proctor for clergy of Oxford 1874; canon of Worcester 1880; appointed dean of Lincoln, 1885. His "Life and Letters" appeared 1897. (Source: Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part I From the Beginning to 1900.)

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Claughton, Thomas Legh ((1808-1892)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS from Claughton to RW -

@ Summerhill, 11/10/1857 (written on the printed announcement of an annual meeting for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts to be held in the music hall at Kidderminster, 11/17/1857): My dear Mr. Woodward - It would give us much pleasure if you would dine with us...and accompany us to this meeting...

@ Kidderminster, 7/10/1861: My dear Sir - I return you my sincere thanks for your truly kind donation of 5 (pounds)...

@ Kidderminster, 3/26/1865: My dear Sir - I am constrained once more to ask you for help to a good work. I have undertaken the chaplaincy to the workhouse; and the first want I find is of a proper chapel...

Claughton was brother of Piers Calverley Claughton (1814-1884), archdeacon of London, 1870; educated at Rugby and Trinity College, Oxford; B.A., 1831; fellow, 1832-42; M.A., 1833; public examiner, 1835; select preacher, 1841, 1850, 1860 and 1868; professor of poetry, 1852-7; ordained, 1834; vicar of Kidderminster, 1841-67; bishop of Rochester, 1867-77; first bishop of new diocese of St. Albans, 1877-90; published sermons and religious writings. (Source: Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part I, From the Beginnings to 1900.)

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Lord Alwyne Compton, Bishop of Ely (1825-1906)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Rt. Rev. Lord Alwyne Compton.

Compton was born in 1825, son of 2nd Marquis of Northampton. He married Florence, daughter of Rev. Robert Anderson, 1850. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge; ordained, 1850; became honorary canon of Peterborough, 1856-75; archdeacon of Oakham, 1875-79; H.M.'s High Almoner, since 1882; dean of Worcester, 1879-85; prolocutor of the Lower House of Canterbury, 1880-86. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Creighton, Louise

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS from Creighton to Mrs. Robert Woodward -

@ The College, Worcester, 12/14/1890 w/ envelope: Dear Mrs. Woodward - Your letter was forwarded to me from Cambridge this morning, as we returned here on Friday. This will I fear be our last residence; you can believe that we are very sorry to leave Worcester...

@ Langdale Lodge, The Avenue, Cambridge, 2/18/1891 w/ envelope: My dear Mrs. Woodward - Many thanks. I am afraid I wish that we had been left in peace, but I suppose we must do our duty. With love to your children, yours very sincerely, Louise Creighton.

@ Bishop's House, Kennington Park, S.E. (crossed out), 2/19/1908: Dear Mrs. Woodward - I am afraid that I am engaged already on all the three dates you mention. May I venture to suggest that you should not ask more than one speaker from a distance. P.A.C. speakers are being very hard worked just now...

@ The College, Worcester, 4/12/? : Dear Mrs. Woodward - It is very good of you to think of inviting our children but I feel very shy of accepting & burdening you with these wild creatures...

@ The College, Worcester, undated: Dear Mr. Woodward - As you will perceive the old clothes have come. Will you please see that the boys wash and brush before meals & are not always little pigs & be very stern with them if they are wild...

@ Louise Creighton, wife of the Bishop of London; born in Sydenham, July 7, 1850; the tenth child of Robert von Glehn; married Mandell Creighton, then fellow and tutor of Merton College, Oxford, January 8, 1872. She was educated at home. She is the mother of three sons and four daughters. Mrs Creighton published biographies on the Black Prince, Sir Walter Raleigh, and the Duke of Marlborough, as well as books on the history of England. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Gaul, William Thomas

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS w/ envelope from W.E. Torr introducing Rt. Rev. William Thomas Gaul, Bishop of Mashonaland, South Africa. Enclosing signed card from the latter: With all kind regards & my humble blessing...

@ The Bishop of Mashonaland, South Africa was consecrated 1895. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin (M.A.); ordained, 1873; vicar of Bloemfontein, 1875-80; rector of All Saints, Dutoitspan, 1880-84; rector of Kimberley, 1884-95; archdeacon of Kimberley, 1887-95. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Gore, Charles

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS w/ envelope from Rt. Rev. Charles Gore, Bishop of Oxford: Dear Mrs.(?) Woodward - This will be very appealing. I have noted the engagement.

@ Gore was born 1853, son of Hon. Charles Alexander Gore. He received his education at Harrow and Balliol College, Oxford. He became a fellow at Trinity College, Oxford, 1875-95; vice-principal of Cuddesdon College, 1880-83; librarian of Pusey Library, Oxford 1884-93; vicar of Radley, 1893-94; canon of Westminster, 1894-1902; honorary chaplain to the Queen, 1898-1900; Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, 1900-01; Chaplain in Ordinary to the King, 1901; editor of Lux Mundi; bishop of Worcester, 1902-04; bishop of Birmingham, 1905-11. (Source: Who's Who 1912.)

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Gott, John (1830-1906)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodward, from Rt. Rev. John Gott, Bishop of Truro (from 1891). Incomplete dates; acknowledging various invitations to visit Arley Castle.

@ Gott was born December 25, 1830, youngest son of William Gott, Wyther Grange, Yorkshire, and of Margaret Ewart, Mosley Hill, Liverpool. He married Harriet, daughter of Whitaker Maitland, Loughton Hall, Essex, 1858. He was educated at Winchester; Brasenose, Oxford; and Wells. He was ordained assistant curate of Great Yarmouth, 1857; chaplain of the Wherrymen's Church, Yarmouth; perpetual curate of Bramley, 1865; vicar of Leeds; rural dean, 1873; chaplain to the bishop of Ripon; dean of Worcester, 1885. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Gray, Andrew E.P.

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RW from friend Gray who sends birthday greetings in an amusing letter complete with marginalia as explained by Gray: You said, when we were with you, that you liked marginal contents, so I hope you will be pleased with this letter.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Howson, John Saul (1816-1885)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS from Howson to RW. Addressed from Liverpool, all concern the nomination of students for free education in area middle schools.

@ Howson received an M.A., 1841, D.D. 1861 from Trinity College, Cambridge; principal of Liverpool College, 1849-66, Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge, 1862; vicar of Wisbech, 1866; dean of Chester, 1867-85; assisted in restoration of Chester Cathedral; participated in the Chester educational institutions; contributed to Smith's "Dictionary of the Bible." (Source: Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part I, From the Beginning to 1900.)

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Ingram, Arthur Foley Winnington

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Rt. Rev. Arthur F.W. Ingram, 2nd. Bishop of Stepney (since 1897) -

@ Oxford House, Bethnal Green, 6/6/1896: Dear Mrs. Woodward - Thank you very much for your kind letter. I will try to fit in the Friday...

@ 2 Amen Court, St. Paul's, 5/2/1899 w/ envelope: Dear Mrs. Woodward - Thank you very much for your very kind letter. It is so nice not to be forgotten by old friends...

@ 2 Amen Court, St. Paul's, 5/25/1899: Dear Mrs. Woodward - I should so much like to see you again, but I am engaged on Monday evening...

@ The Haughs, Upton on Severn, 8/2/1899 w/ envelope: Dear Mrs. Woodward - Thank you so much. This year I have filled up all my time in Scotland, but (next?) time I shall remember your kind invitation...

@ 2 Amen Court, St. Paul's, 3/22/1901 w/ envelope: My Dear Mrs. Woodward - Just a word or two, in the midst of calls innumerable, to thank one of the last of my old friends for her most sypathetic message...The work looms very large; but as one of my old Lichfield friends writes to me - "It is safer to rule a kingdom when God calls us to it, than to shepherd half a dozen sheep if His call is wanting."

@ Ingram was born in Worcestershire, January 26, 1858, the fourth son of Rev. E. Winnington Ingram, Stamford Rectory, and Ribbesford House, and of Louisa, daughter of Rt. Rev. Bishop Pepys, Worcester. Ingram was educated at Marlborough College and Keble College, Oxford. He was a private tutor, 1881-84; curate at St. Mary's Shrewsbury, 1884-85; private chaplain to the bishop of Lichfield, 1885-89; head of Oxford House, Bethnal Green, chaplain to the archbishop of York and bishop of St. Albans, 1889; rector of Bethnal Green, 1895; rural dean of Spitalfields, 1896; canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1897. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Joyce, Frederick Wayland (1852-1934)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from Joyce to Mrs. Robert Woodward. Addressed from Burford Rectory, concerning the restoration of a fresco in Arley Church.

@ Joyce was born at Burford Rectory, Salop, November 26, 1852, son of Rev. Preb. James Wayland Joyce, rector of Burford and of Annie Elizabeth James. In 1893 he married Maud Elizabeth, daughter of FitzRoy Paley Ashmore, barrister-at-law. He had one son and two daughters. He was education at Haileybury and Keble College, Oxford, receiving a B.A., 1876; M.A. 1887. He was deacon, 1877; priest, 1878; assistant curate of St. Mary the Less, Lambeth, 1877-83; rector of Burford, Salop, 1883-97; rural dean of West Burford, 1892-97; vicar of Harrow, 1897-1923; rural dean of Willesden, 1902-14; rural dean of Harrow, 1914-23; prebendary of St. Paul's, 1908-23. (Source: Who Was Who, 1929-1940.)

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Knox, Edmund Arbuthnott

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RW from Rt. Rev. Edmund A. Knox, Bishop of Coventry (since 1894). Addressed from Church House, Dean's Yard, Westminster, (2/8/1900): Dear Sir - I am much interested to hear of your intention of forming in Kidderminster a church schools board. But I doubt whether our Birmingham experience is likely to help you. We (I mean our Board) are in close touch with all our schools, and by helping them with grants from time to time, and skilled advice have saved several. But we manage none.

@ Knox was born in Bangalore, December 6, 1847; son of Rev. G. Knox. He married twice, in 1880 to Ellen Penelope French (died 1892), and in 1895 to Ethel Mary Newton. He was educated at St. Paul's School and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. He received his B.A., 1868, M.A. 1870, and Hon. D.D. 1894. He was fellow, tutor, and dean of Merton College, Oxford; rector of Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicester, 1884-91; vicar of Ashton, Birmingham, 1891-94; honorary canon, Worcester Cathedral, 1894. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Legge, Augustus

DESCRIPTION: Contains 6 ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Rt. Rev. Hon. Augustus Legge, Bishop of Lichfield (since 1891) -

@ The Palace, Lichfield, 5/19/1901 w/ envelope: My dear Mrs. Woodward - I must thank you & Mr. Woodward very sincerely for your pleasant hospitality & great kindness in tending(?) me those long distances over the hills of your beautiful corner of Staffordshire. It is these circumstances that carry a Bishop through his work & refresh him on his way...

@ The Palace, Lichfield, 10/9/1903 w/ envelope: My dear Mrs. Woodward - It will be a great pleasure to accept your kind invitation to Arley for Sunday 8th. Nov. and I hope that Mrs. Legge may be able to come too...

@ The Palace, Lichfield, 7/26/1904: My dear Lea - I am much obliged for your letter & will obey orders. I do not know what facilities there will be for going & coming but I can reach Arley Station at 12:50 & should very much like to catch a train at Kidderminster at 4:35 which would bring me home in good time. At what town is the wedding service?...

@ The Palace, Lichfield, 7/30/1904 w/ envelope: My dear Mrs. Woodward - It is very kind of you to offer me such...hospitality...

@ The Palace, Lichfield, 9/12/1912: My dear Mrs. Woodward - It is such a pleasure to hear from you that I must thank you for the very kind letter that accompanies your request for votes. My answer will seem ungracious, for it is that I always send my voting paper when it arrives to the Committee for their use, as I am an avowed objector to canvassing for charities...

@ Legge was born November 28, 1889, sixth son of the 4th Earl of Dartmouth. He married Fanny Stopford in 1877. He was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, receiving second class in law and history in 1861. He was ordained in 1864; honorary canon of Rochester and chaplain to Bishop Thorold of Rochester, 1877-91; vicar of Lewisham, 1879-91; rural dean of Greenwich, 1880-86, and of Lewisham, 1886-91. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Lichfield, J.

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to RW signed by J. Lichfield (Bishop of Lichfield?) -

@ Eccleshall, Staffordshire (crossed out), 9/30/1863, w/ envelope: Dear Sir - Your letter has found me today engaged in Diocesan work in Derbyshire. I beg of you to accept, & to present to Mrs. Woodward, my best thanks for your very kind & considerate invitation...

@ Eccleshall, Staffordshire, 10/20/1866: My dear Sir - I have great pleasure in accepting your & Mrs. Woodward's invitation, a very kind one, for the evening of Monday the 8th of Octr. after the confirmation which I hope to hold in Arley Church at 3 p.m. on that day. I am much obliged by the considerate offer of the use of your carriage & horses but I hardly expect to be obliged so to trouble you...

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Maclagan, William Dalrymple

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Most Rev. William D. Maclagan, Bishop of York (since 1891). Addressed from Bishopstowe, Lichfield, 3/19/1891: My dear Mrs. Woodward - I should prefer to dine at 6:30 pm. I shall arrive about 5. Ask(?) Mr. Woodward (to) kindly find out for me how I can most readily(?) return to Lichfield next day? Mrs. Maclagan is very sorry that she cannot accompany me, having friends staying with her...

@ Maclagan was born in Edinburgh, 1826, the fifth son of David Maclagan, M.D. He was married twice, to Sarah Kate Clapham, 1860 (died 1862), and to Augusta Barrington, 1878, successively. He was educated in Edinburgh, and Peterhouse College, Cambridge, graduating with honors in mathematics, 1856. He served in the Indian Army, 1847-52, retiring as lieutenant. He was ordained deacon, 1856; priest, 1857; became rector of Newington, 1869; vicar of Kensington, 1875; bishop of Lichfield, 1878. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 16 McNeile, Hugh (1795-1879)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to RW from McNeile:

@ Albury House, Liverpool, 9/14/1867: My dear Sir - Would it not be advisable for us to make some arrangements...for the management of Mrs. Edwards' little annuity?...

@ Albury House, 9/23/1867: My dear Mr. Woodward - I sent your note to Mrs. Edwards for her perusal, and you will see by the enclosed that she wishes to withdraw her application for some change in the management of her little Railway property, and to leave it as it is...

@ McNeile earned an M.A. at Trinity College, Dublin, 1821, and D.D. in 1847. He was ordained, 1820; became canon of Chester, 1845-68; dean of Ripon, 1868-75. He was a strong evangelical, and published sermons and religious works. (Source: Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Part I, From the Beginnings to 1900.)

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Macrorie, William Kenneth

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Rt. Rev. William K. Macrorie, Canon of Ely (since 1892). Addressed from the College, Ely, 8/29/1893: My dear Mrs. Woodward - I regret to say that it is quite out of my power to accept your most kind & tempting invitation - I cannot tell you how many similar ones I have been obliged to decline on the ground of my "residence" here - I am responsible for all the sermons in the cathedral till the end of November, & I feel it a duty to be on the spot - I am afraid that, if I really held out any hopes of coming to Arley this autumn, it must have been under the genial influences of the surroundings that day & with the glamour of early recollections of your beautiful home in my mind...

@ Macrorie was born in Liverpool, February 8, 1831, eldest son of David Macrorie, M.D. He married Agnes Watson in 1863. He was educated at Winchester and Brasenose College, Oxford where he earned his M.A. He became bishop of Maritzburg, 1869-1892; canon of Ely in 1892. (Source: Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Paget, Francis

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 ALS to RW from Very Rev. Francis Paget.

@ Christ Church, Oxford, 2/11/1897: My dear Mr. Woodward - I willingly assent to your son's entrance for Responsions in March, and I hope that he will be sucessful, so that I may look forward to admitting him to residence in October...

@ Christ Church, Oxford, 1/28/1898, w/ envelope: My dear Mr. Woodward - Thank you heartily for the very kind and welcome gift of a couple of wild duck. Mrs. Paget is away from home for a week or ten days: - else I should have her true thanks to send with my own...

@ Christ Church, 6/1/1901 on black-bordered mourning stationery w/ envelope: Dear Mr. Woodward - Will you give me the pleasure of your company at dinner...

@ Paget was born March 20, 1851, second son of Sir James paget. He was educated at St. Marylebone, All Souls Grammar School, Shrewsbury School, and Christ Church, Oxford. He was a tutor at Oxford, 1876; Oxford preacher at Whitehall, 1882-83; examining chaplain to Bishop of Ely,; vicar of Bromsgrove, 1883-85; regius professor of pastoral theology and canon of Christ Chruch, 1885; chaplain to Bishop of Oxford, 1892; dean of Christ Church since 1892. He was married to Helen Beatrice Church in 1883. (Source, Who's Who, 1901.)

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Pearce, Ernest Harold

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward from Rt. Rev. Ernest H. Pearce, Bishop of Worcester (since 1919). Addressed from Hartlebury Castle, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, 10/8/1919: My Dear Mrs. Woodward - Many thanks for your very kind invitation which I gladly accept...

@ Pearce was born in London, July 23, 1865, eldest son of James Pearce. He received his education at Christ's Hospital. He became deacon, 1889; priest, 1890 (Canterbury); assistant master, S.E. College, Ramsgate, 1889-90; assistant master, Christ's Hospital, 1891-92; and among many other positions, the following: treasurer of Westminster Abbey, 1912-16; canon of Westminster, 1911-19; archdeacon, 1916-18; sub-dean, 1918-19; chaplain to the king, 1918-19; bishop of Worcester 1919. (Source: Who's Who, 1922.)

Box: 1 Fold: 20 Randolph, Berkeley William (1858-1925)

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Mrs. Robert Woodward. Addressed from Hilton House, Lincoln, 6/3/1887 w/ envelope: Dear Mrs. Woodward - The Bishop is very sorry that your kind letter was left unanswered. He wishes me to say that he cannot come to Arley...

@ Randolph was born March 10, 1858, son of Rev. Cyril Randolph, , rector of Chartham, Kent. He was educated at Haileybury; Balliol College, Oxford, receiving a B.A., 1879, M.A., 1884, D.D., 1901. He was ordained deacon, 1881 (Canterbury); priest, 1882; fellow, St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, 1880-83; principal of St. Stephen's House, Oxford, 1884-85; domestic chaplain to Bishop King of Lincoln, 1885-90; examining chaplain, 1890-1910; vice-principal of Ely Theological College, 1890-91; honorary fellow of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, 1884; principal of Ely Theological College, 1891-1911; canon of Ely, 1910; warden of the Community of St. Mary, Wantage, 1911. He was also a prolific writer. Randolph died January 9, 1925. (Source: Who Was Who, 1916-1928.)

Box: 1 Fold: 21 John Henry Trollope (1851-1915)

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS from John Henry Trollope, second Baron Kesteven.

@ Casewick House, Stamford, 6/27/1905: Dear Sir - I got the "number" nails from A & H Stores (tools depart.) - I have not used them for trees...I think they would do for trees....

@ Casewick, Stamford, 9/13/14 w/ envelope: Dear Woodward - I am very sorry to hear of your accident. If I hear of any military job I will let you know...

@ Trollope was born September 22, 1851, eledest son of the first Baron Kesteven and of Julia Sheffield. He was educated at Eton and Magdalene College, Cambridge. He served in South Africa, 1900. (Source: Who Was Who, 1897-1916.)

Box: 1 Fold: 22 Wilson, James Maurice

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to Mrs.(?) Robert Woodward from Wilson. Addressed from 14 College, Worcester, 4/23/1916: Dear Mrs. Woodward - Miss Dorothy S. Wise...made a very beautiful profile medallia of Bishop Brideaux...

@ Wilson was born November 6, 1836, son of Rev. Edward Wilson, vicar of Nocton, Lincoln. He married twice, to Anne Elizabeth Moore, 1868, and to Georgina Mary Talbot, 1883. He had two sons and three daughters. He was educated at King William's College, Isle of Man; Sedbergh School; St. John's College, Cambridge. He was a fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1860; National Science and Mathematics Master of Rugby School, 1859-79; headmaster of Clifton College, 1879-1890; Hulsean lecturer, Cambridge, 1898; Lady Margaret Preacher at Cambridge, 1900; lecturer on pastoral theology, Cambridge, 1903; vicar of Rochdale, archdeacon of Manchester, 1890-1905, canon of Worcester since 1905. (Source: Who's Who, 1922.)

Box: 1 Fold: 23 Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 ALS to RW from Rt. Rev. Huyshe W. Yeatman-Biggs, Bishop of Worcester (since 1904).

@ Dartmouth House, Blackheath Hill, S.E., w/ envelope postmarked 4/7/1907: My dear Mr. Woodward - I was grateful to you for your speech at the educ. council...

@ Hartlebury Castle, Worcestershire, 3/20/1913 w/ enevelope: My dear Mr. Woodward - Your kind & true letter is one of the comforts which friends are giving us at this time - He was a great Bishop all the more so because of his disdain of personal adverisement...

@ Yeatman-Biggs was born at Manston House, Dorset, February 2, 1845, the youngest son of Harry Farr Yeatman, J.P. He was educated at Winchester; Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1869; was curate of St. Edmund, Salisbury; chaplain to the bishop, 1875; clerical secretary of the diocesan synod; vicar of Netherbury, Dorset, 1877; vicar of Sydenham, 1879; proctor for diocese of Rochester in convocation; examining chaplain to the bishop of Winchester; bishop suffragan of Southwark, diocese Rochester, 1891-1904. He was married to Barbara, daughter of 4th Earl of Dartmouth, 1875 (died 1909). He had 2 sons and 1 daughter. (Source: Who's Who 1912.)