Box: 2 Fold: 70 Kernan, Thomas - Poetry (Miscellaneous MSS)

DESCRIPTION: Contains various TMsS of poetry written by TDK. Includes a poem read at his Georgetown University commencement in 1919 entitled, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam."

Box: 2 Fold: 71 Kernan, Thomas - French Institute in U.S. (Speech)
Date: 11/15/41

DESCRIPTION: Contains a speech given by TDK at a luncheon given in his honor by the French Institute in the United States, New York, November 15, 1941. Includes 2 copies of the speech, with program and invitation to the event. TDK describes his work with the Red Cross at this time, which involved aiding the evacuation of Americans and other civilians from Bordeaux and Saint Jean de Luz in occupied France.

Box: 2 Fold: 72 Kernan, Thomas - Manuscript Fragments

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous autograph manuscript fragments by TDK. Includes a fragment of a journal notebook kept by TDK during his internment at Lourdes and Baden Baden, 1942-1943.

Box: 2 Fold: 73 Kernan, Thomas - Plays at Baden Baden (Programs)
Datespan: 6/22/43-8/24/43

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 programs of plays managed by TDK while interned at Baden Baden.

Box: 3 Fold: 1 Kernan, Edward Dolan (Dr.)
Datespan: 7/19/1827-4/30/1874

DESCRIPTION: Contains various documents pertaining to TDK's great grandfather, Dr. Edward Dolan Kernan. Includes the following items -

@ ALS by Dr. John Haller (Jan van Haller) testifying to Edward Kernan's qualification to practice "physick and surgery." Confirmed by Alexander Smyth, and dated 7/19/1827.

@ ALS, dated July 24, 1862, from W.H. Geddings of the Medical Purveyor's Office to Dr. Kernan stipulating correct procedure for ordering medical supplies. Dr. Kernan was the surgeon of the 48th regiment of Virginia volunteers during the Civil War.

@ ALS, dated April 30, 1874, to TDK's grandfather, Thomas D. Kernan, from Bishop Whelan, re the death of Edward Dolan Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 2 Kernan, Edward Dolan - Receipts for Slaves
Datespan: 3/20/1838-11/5/1863

DESCRIPTION: Contains receipts pertaining to the purchase of slaves by Dr. Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 3 Kernan, Edward Dolan - Tax Receipts
Datespan: 1835-1870

DESCRIPTION: Contains receipts for tax payments by Dr. Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 4 Kernan, Edward Dolan - Miscellaneous Receipts
Datespan: 11/28/1868-1/12/1872

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous receipts pertaining to business conducted by Dr. Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 5 Kernan, Edward Dolan - Confederate Bonds
Date: 8/17/1863

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 confederate bonds bought by Dr. Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 6 Kernan, Edward O. - Miscellaneous
Date: 12/11/1894

DESCRIPTION: Contains expense statement for a suit of clothes and a shareholder's statement for Edward O. Kernan, TDK's father.

Box: 3 Fold: 7 Kernan, Elsie E. - News article

DESCRIPTION: Contains an article on TDK's paternal aunt, Elsie Eliza Kernan, commemorating 25 years of service as dramatic coach at Trinity College.

Box: 3 Fold: 8 Kernan, Lynn - Manuscripts, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMss of poetry by Lynn Kernan, TDK's second cousin - the daughter of Rev. Charles W. Kernan, who was the son of Dr. Charles K. Kernan, brother of TDK's father, Edward O. Kernan.

@ Includes ink abstract drawing.

Box: 3 Fold: 9 Kernan, Thomas Dickinson - Medical Documents, Obituary
Datespan: 1852-1896

DESCRIPTION: Contains numerous admission tickets to medical lectures attended by TDK's grandfather, Dr. Thomas Dickinson Kernan. Includes several autograph certificates verifying the latter's completion of medical courses. Includes the annual report of the Southwestern State Hospital 1896 which contains an obituary for Dr. Kernan who died June 18, 1896 (pp.4, 121-124). He was a resident physician at Southwestern.

Box: 3 Fold: 10 Stevenson, Sarah Cornelia
Dates: c. 1931-1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains a 3 page ALS from Mary Margour Kernan to her aunt, Sarah Cornelia Stevenson. Recounts the former's visit with her niece JKK who was working in Paris at the time (c.1931-1934) as secretary for the French Book Club.

@ Includes TMs carbon entitled, "Memoir of Sister Sarah Cornelia Stevenson" written at her death, giving a biographical sketch.

@ Includes newsclipping obituary.

Box: 3 Fold: 11 Kernan, Edward Dolan - Wallet

DESCRIPTION: Contains the wallet belonging to Edward Dolan Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 12 Kernan Family Genealogy: Correspondence
Datespan: c. 1962-1979

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence between various Kernan family members, including JKK and TDK concerning the family genealogy.

Box: 3 Fold: 13 Kernan Family Genealogy: Trees / Data

DESCRIPTION: Contains autograph and printed family trees for the Kernan family. Includes notes in JKK's hand, on various members of the family. Includes AMs and TMs notes on Edward Dolan Kernan. Also, obituary for Sophie Kremer Kernan (TDK and JKK's grandmother).

Box: 3 Fold: 14 Gravely Family Genealogy
No date

DESCRIPTION: Conatains genealogical data (TMss) concerning the family ancestry of TDK and JKK's mother, Rosalie Gravely Kernan.

Box: 3 Fold: 15 Marshall Family Genealogy
Date: c. 1976

DESCRIPTION: Contains genealogy data (TMs) linking Rosalie Gravely Kernan to Pocohontas through the Marshall family. The former's grandmother was Anne Marshall Barrow. Includes newsclipping re Pocahontas.

Box: 3 Fold: 16 Vierling Family Genealogy - Correspondence
Datespan: 4/16/78-9/29/77

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence with members of the Vierling and Headly families (including TL carbons from JKK) re the family ancestry.

Box: 3 Fold: 17 Vierling Family - Documents (xerox copies)
Datespan: 1817-1899

DESCRIPTION: Contains xerox copies of documents pertaining to the Vierling family -

@ - Last will of Martha Elizabeth Miksch Vierling, TDK and JKK's maternal great great grandmother.

@ - Testament of Eliza Wilhelmina Vierling Kremer, TDK and JKK's maternal great grandmother, written to her daughters Sophie C. Kremer Kernan and Sarah C. Kremer Stevenson.

@ - A circular calling meetings and handwritten articles pertaining to the Ladies Relief Association are also included. Eliza Kremer was the president of this association during the Civil War.

@ -Two inventories of goods and property made at the death of Samuel Benjamin Vierling, husband of Martha Elizabeth Miksch.

Box: 3 Fold: 18 Vierling Family Genealogy - Trees / Data

DESCRIPTION: Contains family trees, autograph and typed notes re the Vierling and Kremer families. Biographical information on Samuel Benjamin Vierling is also given.

Box: 3 Fold: 19 Old Salem History - Correspondence
Datespan: 1965-1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence between TDK, JKK and various historic societies in Old Salem, North Carolina, concerning family heirlooms - particularly those belonging to the Vierling family - that the former wished to donate. Correspondence in this file is primarily with Old Salem, Inc.

Box: 3 Fold: 20 Old Salem History - Correspondence
Datespan: 1978-1988

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence between TDK, JKK, and historic preservation societies in Old Salem, North Carolina, re the restoration of the Vierling family ancestral home, built by Samuel Benjamin Vierling in 1800. Correspondence in this file is with Old Salem, Inc., and the Moravian Archives.

Box: 3 Fold: 21 Moravian Archives Publication: Annotations
Issues: May 1985 and September 1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 issues of "Annotations" newsletter published by the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Box: 3 Fold: 22 Moravian Archives Publication: News
Issues: 11/85-9/87

DESCRIPTION: Contains issues of the Moravian Archives News.

Box: 3 Fold: 23 Old Salem, Inc. - Annual Reports
Datespan: 1976-1987

DESCRIPTION: Contains issues of the annual reports of Old Salem, Inc.

Box: 3 Fold: 24 Old Salem Gleaner
Issues: Fall 1976-Fall 1987

DESCRIPTION: Contains issues of The Old Salem Gleaner, a newsletter printed to resemble the weekly Gleaner of 1829.

Box: 3 Fold: 25 Home Moravian Church - Printed Matter
Datespan: c. 1969-1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous printed items about the Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Box: 3 Fold: 26 Friends of Old Salem - Printed Matter
Datespan: September 1979-1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains announcements for annual member reunion days.

Box: 3 Fold: 27 Old Salem, Inc. - Printed Matter
Datespan: c. 1979-1986

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous printed items produced by Old Salem, Inc., a non-profit educational organization responsible for preserving and restoring historic buildings and landscape in Old Salem.

Box: 3 Fold: 28 Old Salem - Printed Matter (Misc.)

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous brochures and tourist guides about Old Salem.

Box: 3 Fold: 29 Old Salem / Moravian Church - Newsclippings
Datespan: c. 1968-1984

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous newsclippings about Old Salem and the Moravian Church.

Box: 3 Fold: 30 Photograph: Bloy, Leon

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 b/w photograph of writer Leon Bloy.

Box: 3 Fold: 31 Photograph: Campbell, Edward Kernan
Date: c. 1926

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 silhouette of Chief Justice Edward Kernan Campbell, U.S. Court of Claims.

Box: 3 Fold: 32 Photograph: Colette

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 b/w photograph of writer Colette. Autographed: "A Madame Kernan, ce portrait qui regarde, amicalement du cote de l'Amerique. Colette."

Box: 3 Fold: 33 Photograph: John W. Daniel

DESCRIPTION: Contains 1 b/w photograph of Senator John W. Daniel. Autographed: "My T.D. Kernan with kindest regards of Jno. W. Daniel, Dec. 1881."

Box: 3 Fold: 34 Photograph: Dimnet, Ernest

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of Ernest Dimnet. Autographed: "To Miss Julia Kernan. Ernest Dimnet."

Box: 3 Fold: 35 Photograph: Fumet, Stanislas
Date: 1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of Stanislas Fumet.

Box: 3 Fold: 36 Photograph: Kernan, Mary Kremer

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photographs of Mary Kremer Kernan, TDK and JKK's great aunt, as a young woman and in childhood.

Box: 3 Fold: 37 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Early Years

DESCRIPTION: Contains primarily formal portraits of TDK, probably taken during his college days or shortly after graduation.

Box: 3 Fold: 38 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Later Years
Date: January 1975

DESCRIPTION: Contains photographs of Thomas Kernan (3 color), taken in January 1975.

Box: 3 Fold: 39 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Internment at Lourdes/Baden Baden
Date: c. November 1942-1943

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8 b/w photographs taken of TDK and fellow POW's while interned at Lourdes and Baden Baden after the Nazi invasion of France.

Box: 3 Fold: 40 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Military
Date: c. 1942-1945

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 b/w photographs of TDK in U.S. Army uniform during his service with the Office of War Information, World War II.

Box: 3 Fold: 41 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Studio Portraits

DESCRIPTION: Contains studio shots of TDK.

Box: 3 Fold: 42 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Miscellaneous (large)

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous b/w photographs pf TDK.

Box: 3 Fold: 43 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Miscellaneous (small)

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous b/w photographs of TDK.

Box: 3 Fold: 44 Photographs: Thomas Kernan - Negatives

DESCRIPTION: Contains negatives to photographs of TDK.

Box: 3 Fold: 45 Photograph: Knight, Mary

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 b/w photographs of Mary Knight.

Box: 3 Fold: 46 Photograph: Lavery, Emmet

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of Emmet Lavery.

Box: 3 Fold: 47 Photograph: Lowndes, Marie Belloc

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of Marie Belloc Lowndes, sister of Hilaire Belloc.