Box: 1 Fold: 1 Bateman, Henry Mayo (1887-1970)
Date: Christmas (no year)

DESCRIPTION: Contains signed Christmas card to RS from Bateman, artist and caricaturist. The latter was well-known for his humorous drawings, and contributed to leading weekly and monthly magazines of his day.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Bullett, Gerald (1893-1958)
Datespan: 10/15/28-5/9/47

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to RS from Gerald Bullet, British novelist, essayist, and critic.

@ ALS, 10/15/28 - Thanks RS for his review of Bullett's book, "The History of Egg Pandervil" (1928).

@ ACS, 5/9/47 - Apology for missing a game of billiards with RS.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Gibbings, Robert J. (1889-1958)
Date: 12/2/20

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Robert J. Gibbings, British artist. Mentions the latter's "Sweet Thames Run Softly," of which Gibbings was author and illustrator (n.d.) The note accompanies a book that Gibbings sent to RS.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Goldring, Douglas (1887-1960)
Date: 7/15/20

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Douglas Goldring, British writer. Refers to "They Went" by Norman Douglas (British novelist, 1868-1952) published by Chapman & Hall, 1921. Comments: "I don't believe there's much of a market in England for it's delightful writer..."

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Houghton, Claude (? - 1961)
Date: 2/18/50

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Claude Houghton (Oldfield), a writer and permanent civil servant in the British Admiralty. Houghton expresses his best wishes for RS's speedy recovery from a recent illness: "Look after yourself. You mean much to so many people. More than ever nowadays."

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Howell, Evelyn Berkeley (Sir) (1877-1971)
Date: 10/31/42

DESCRIPTION: Contains photostat of a "V-letter" to RS from Sir Evelyn Berkeley Howell, British Foreign Secretary to India (1930-1932). Writing from Bombay, Howell refers to his visit with the Sala Society and to RS's book on the famous English novelist and journalist, George A.H. Sala (1828-1895), entitled, "Sala: the Portrait of an Eminent Victorian" (1942).

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Leslie, Doris (1902?-1982)
Datespan: 7/1/46-11/12/46

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to RS from Doris Leslie (penname) - aka. Lady Fergusson Hannay (since 1951) - British actress and writer.

@ ALS, 7/1/46 - Lady Fergusson Hannay invites RS to dinner with the chairman of the House of Lords.

@ ALS, 2 pp., 11/12/46 - Lady Fergusson expresses pleasure in reading RS's book, "The Unseemly Adventure," (1924). Comments: "I wish you would write more books now, because there are very few who write with such whimsical humour and such very good style - and good English!" Also urges RS not to give up reviewing: "You seem to be the only real critic of literature left."

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Locke, William John (1863-1930) 1. 1908
Date: 1/31/08

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Locke, British novelist. Concerning tickets for the "Repetition Generale on Monday night."

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Locke, William John - 2.1909
Datespan: 9/24/09-12/4/09

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence from Locke to RS, primarily concerning the latter's book, "The Scandalous Mr. Waldo," and miscellaneous social matters.

@ ALS, 9/24/09 - "Thanks for letter and proofs. I'm coming into urban residence at end of nex week - so we'll fix up a lunch..." Refers also to RS's book, "The Scandalous Mr. Waldo" (1909): "Perhaps Waldo is too English for America..."

@ ALS, 9/28/09 - "I'm so sorry the Foreword has gone astray. I'll make up another - but I'll have to wait till I get to London..."

@ ALS, 12/4/09 - Refers to a RS's "The Scandalous Mr. Waldo" and sending copies to colleagues.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Locke, William John - 3. 1910
Date: 9/15/1910

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Locke. "I've been very remiss in not answering your letter but I've been worried by rehearsals here..."

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Locke, William John - 4. Undated Letters
Incomplete dates

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to RS from Locke.

@ ALS, 5/31/? - "...I should think 50 copies of the play wd. meet all requirements..."

@ ALS, Sunday - "I only came home yesterday evening...and at once set to at the proofs..." Possibly, Locke was preparing to send material to RS for publication at the latter's own press.

@ ALS, Monday - "Do forgive me. I've been away in Manchester..."

Box: 1 Fold: 12 MacFall, Haldane (1860-1928)
Datespan: 9/2/09-11/12/09

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to RS from Haldane MacFall, British novelist, art critic, and soldier.

@ ALS, 9/2/09 - MacFall refers to a recent crisis and comments: "It may be that one's hand may urge the quill to utter stronger art...but I have always found that anxiety for bread has numbed my brain's prodigality."

@ ALS, 11/12/09 - MacFall teases his friend RS about an "entanglement with a vicar's spouse."

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Mais, Stuart Petre Brodie (1885-1975)

DESCRIPTION: Contains ALS to RS from Mais, British lecturer, journalist and writer. Written from the Cavendish Hotel, London, of Rosa Lewis (1867-1952) fame. "I wish I could have come to the Odd Volumes, but I'm in Brighton for the weekend."

The Sette of Odd Volumes was a club whose members, mostly authors, met once a month to read amusing papers that would later be published.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley (1865-1948)
Undated manuscript

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMsS, 1 p., nd., by Mason, well-known British writer. The text includes dialogue, perhaps from one of Mason's short-stories or an autobiographical article.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Priestley, John Boyton (1894-1984)
Date: 12/24/31

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS to Straus from British writer J.B. Priestley. "Just to remind you that you promised to come to the luch that Charles Evans and I are giving Charles Norris....at the Garrick Club." Charles G. S. Norris was the noted American writer (1881-1945).

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Roberts, Cecil Edric Mornington (1892-1976)
Datespan: 2/26/32 - c.3/14/32

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence to RS from Cecil Roberts, British writer.

@ ALS, 2/26/32 - Thanks RS for his "prompt and splendid" notice of Roberts' recent book in the Sunday Times (London). This may have been "Spears Against Us" published in 1932.

@ ALS, 3/14/32? - "Just a line to thank you for the book."

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Storrs, Ronald (Sir) (1881-1955)
Datespan: 7/23/05-10/19/35

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence between RS and Sir Ronald Storrs, British administrator and historian.

@ Storrs to RS. TLS, 3/8/27. "Receive I pray you my delighted thanks for your novels which I trust, on the opening of my Library, to release upon an already somewhat oversexed public (God knows with what results) early next May." Also refers to RS's book, "The Unspeakable Curll" (1927).

@ Storrs to RS. TLS, 4/20/31 + enclosed correspondence from RS to Storrs (itemized below). "Turning over old papers the other day I dicovered the enclosed paroles revelatrices from yourself....I find, looking back...that our tripe after all was not such tripe and that if only our forces had been more closely canalized, perhaps we might have produced, and even been something."

@ Includes photograph, described by Storrs: "...of my annual opening of the Legislative Council...I have just inspected the Guard of Honour...and am with my A.D.C., advancing upon the Chamber to release the speech from the Throne."

@ Includes a photostat of a drawing of Storrs.

@ Enclosed are the following letters from RS to Storrs:

@ ALS, 7/23/05. Re. RS's search for rare editions of early texts, including the "Pervigilium," for Storrs. Includes reference to articles he has written on John Baskerville (1706-1775), English printer and type founder. Also refers to Louis Elzevier of the family of Dutch printers, celebrated for their editions of classical and French authors, and to the Foulis brothers, Robert (1707-1776) and Andrew (1712-1775), Scottish printers famous for their editions of the classics. Other references to mutual friends include Maurice Browne, dramatist and manager (1881-1955).

@ ALS, 9/17 [1905?] - "After incredible worries, stupendous expense, and nights of anxiety, I have obtained a copy of the Pervigilium..." Also refers to mutual friends, Maurice Browne and Louis Wilkinson. Reference also to an article on John Baskerville by RS that appeared in the Morning Leader.

@ ALS, 6/16/18 - A newsy letter including references to Louis Wilkinson and his new novel, "The Chaste Man" (1917), to the closing of Maurice Browne's Little Theatre (Chicago), to Norman Douglas, and to the knighting (1918) of Sir Stephen Gaselee, (1882-1943).

@ ALS from Storrs to RS, 10/19/35.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Wilkinson, Louis Umfreville (1881-1966)
Date: 11/29/33

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS to RS from novelist Wilkinson (aka. Louis Marlow). He was a colleague of RS's at Cambridge University. Enclosed with this letter is TMs, 2 pp., probably extracts from Wilkinson's autobiography, "Swan's Milk" (1934). References are made to numerous friends including Maurice Browne and British novelist and essayist Llewelyn Powys (1884-1939).

Box: 1 Fold: 19 [Gibbs, Philip (1877-1962)]
Date: 10/5/35

DESCRIPTION: Contains TLS, 2 pp. to RS, signed "Philip." This is possibly the British author and journalist, Philip Gibbs. Refers to RS's recently published novel, "Five Men Go to Prison" (1935). "I have just finished the book. It came by this morning's post and I have not put it down a moment, even for meals..." Also mentions RS's book, "A Whip for a Woman" (1931).