Box: 7 Fold: 21 Mary Joseph, Sister
11/00/1952 - 03/02/1953

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLSs from Sister Mary Joseph at the Gallery of Living Catholic Authors asking CS to join the gallery. Reference to A Song of a Shirt.

Box: 7 Fold: 22 Matthews, Thomas S.
06/00/1965 - 03/04/1980

DESCRIPTION: 6 TLSs and 8 ALSs from Thomas S. Matthews to CS regarding Matthews' biogarphy of T. S. Eliot and CS' biographies of Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Astor. References to James Joyce and Matthews' Jacks or Better. Article by Matthews on Sir Winston Churchill.

Box: 7 Fold: 23 McLaren, Moray
06/06/1966 - 04/17/1967

DESCRIPTION: 11 TLSs from Moray McLaren to CS regarding a BBC production on Evelyn Waugh. Includes essays by McLaren on Waugh and their friendship.

Box: 7 Fold: 24 Mitford, Nancy, 1947 - 1953
01/30/1947 - 11/21/1953

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Nancy Mitford to CS while she is travelling in Paris with Evelyn Waugh. References to Robert Byron and Four Studies in Loyalty.

Box: 7 Fold: 25 Mitford, Nancy, 1955 - 1956
09/06/1955 - 04/10/1956

DESCRIPTION: 3 ALSs from Nancy Mitford to CS regarding the publication of CS' Dates & Parties. References to Evelyn Waugh, Jessica Mitford and Deborah (Mitford) Duchess of Devonshire.

Box: 7 Fold: 26 Mitford, Nancy, 1962 - 1967
07/18/1962 - 04/04/1967

DESCRIPTION: 6 ALSs from Nancy Mitford to CS regarding Venice, Versailles and Evelyn Waugh. References to Robert Byron, Deborah (Mitford), Duchess of Devonshire and Lady Diana (Mitford) Mosely.

Box: 7 Fold: 27 Mitford, Nancy, 1970
03/06/1970 - 11/12/1970

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs from Nancy Mitford to CS discussing Paris and her illness. Reference to Evelyn Waugh's letters to Mitford, John Jolliffe and A. D. Peters.

Box: 7 Fold: 28 Mitford, Nancy, 1971 - 1972
04/05/1971 - 12/15/1972

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from Nancy Mitford to CS mostly regarding her severe illness. References to Billa and Roy Harrod and John Sutro.

Box: 7 Fold: 29 Mitford, Nancy, Regarding
04/25/1967 - 11/30/1982

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous materials conerning Nancy Mitford and her relationship with CS and Evelyn Waugh. Includes a BBC interview of Mitford by CS about Waugh, 1 AMs by Mitford about her works about English aristocracy, and an article by Mitford on Waugh in French.

Box: 7 Fold: 30 Montgomery of Alamein, Bernard Law, 1st Viscount
10/25/1949 - 02/21/1950

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Bernard L. Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein to David Astor about when he is available to be interviewed by CS fro the BBC. Includes 1 ALS from David Astor to CS regarding the interview.

Box: 7 Fold: 31 Mortimer, Raymond
11/17/1952 - 04/13/1967

DESCRIPTION: 2 ACSs and 3 TLS from Raymond Mortimer to CS regarding A Song of a Shirt and a Sunday Times article on Evelyn Waugh. References to Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett and Beatrix Lehmann.

Box: 7 Fold: 32 Mosley, Diana (Mitford), Lady
02/00/1967 - 12/23/1976

DESCRIPTION: 9 ALSs from Lady Diana (Mitford) Mosely to CS regarding CS' biographies of Nancy Astor and Evelyn Waugh. Refereces to Sir Harold Acton, Sir Oswald Mosely, Nancy Mitford and J. Hamish Hamilton

Box: 7 Fold: 33 Mountbatten of Burma, Louis, 1st Earl

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Lord Louis Earl Mountbatten of Burma to CS granting permisssion to use the contents of one of the Earl's letters in a book (Evelyn Waugh's biography?). Reference to Charles Hayden.

Box: 7 Fold: 34 Moyne, Bryan Guinness, 2nd Baron
12/28/1946 - 08/25/1977

DESCRIPTION: 8 ALS from Bryan Guinness 2nd Baron Moyne to CS regarding Robert Byron and Four Studies in Loyalty. Reference to John Russell.

Box: 7 Fold: 35 Murray, John Grey
09/24/1951 - 07/27/1955

DESCRIPTION: 5 TLSs from John Grey Murray to CS and Lady (Aliki?) Russell regarding books by Lady Russell to be reviewed by CS: Traveller's Prelude and Within the Taurus.

Box: 8 Fold: 1 New English Review
01/18/1949 - 06/07/1950

DESCRIPTION: 8 TLS to and from The New English Review during CS' brief career as Literary Editor of the magazine (approx. November 1949 - June 1950). Includes 4 TLSs from Charles Petrie, former Literary Editor.

Box: 8 Fold: 2 Nicoloson, Sir Harold, 1930 - 1950
09/23/1930 - 06/14/1950

DESCRIPTION: 5 TLSs from Sir Harold Nicolson to CS regarding the Middle East and a review by Nicolson of Four Studies in Loyalty. Reference to Lady Sybil Colefax.

Box: 8 Fold: 3 Nicolson, Sir Harold, 1952 - 1953
09/05/1952 - 04/17/1953

DESCRIPTION: 5 TLSs from Sir Harold Nicolson to CS regarding CS' writing and Two Studies in Virtue. Reference to Vita Sackville-West.

Box: 8 Fold: 4 Nicolson, Sir Harold, 1954 - 1962
09/07/1954 - 06/13/1962

DESCRIPTION: 7 TLS from Sir Harold Nicolson to CS mostly regarding writing and writers. References to Vita Sackville-West, Philip Toynbee and Ivy Compton-Burnett's Manservant & Maidservant.

Box: 8 Fold: 5 Nicolson, Nigel
05/04/1966 - 08/11/1979

DESCRIPTION: 5 TLSs from Nigel Nicolson to CS regarding the death of Sir Harold Nicolson and Nigel Nicolson's book, Portait of a Marriage. Includes 2 ALSs from Bruce Nicolson. Reerences to Vita Sackville-West.

Box: 8 Fold: 6 Nine

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs from Peter Russell at Nine Magazine conerning reviews wirtten by CS.

Box: 8 Fold: 7 Nowell-Smith, Simon
02/20/1961 - 06/07/1961

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from Simon Nowell-Smith to CS regarding an essay by CS on Edward VIII to be published in a book. References to Philip Magnus.

Box: 8 Fold: 8 The Observer
10/08/1949 - 09/07/1955

DESCRIPTION: 18 TLSs from The Observer to CS mostly regarding reviews written by Cs for the magazine. (For correspondence from The Observer, also see David Astor).

Box: 8 Fold: 9 O'Faolain, Sean
02/07/1967 - 04/15/1967

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Sean O'Faolain to CS regarding a review written by O'Faolain of Evelyn Waugh's Helena for a BBC tribute to Waugh.

Box: 8 Fold: 10 Olivier, Sir Laurence
11/13/1953 - 08/04/1966

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs from Sir Laurence Olivier to CS moslty social . Reference to a radio script.

Box: 8 Fold: 11 Parkes, James W.
11/08/1965 - 12/10/1966

DESCRIPTION: 15 TLSs and 1 ALS from James Parkes to CS regarding Crossroads to Israel and Zionism. Includes many essays and articles by Parkes about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Box: 8 Fold: 12 Perowne, Stewart
06/06/1952 - 07/16/1959

DESCRIPTION: 2 ACSs and 2 ALSs from Stewart Perowne to CS mostly personal.

Box: 8 Fold: 13 Peters, A. D., 1952 - 1959
08/08/1952 - 09/09/1959

DESCRIPTION: 45 TLSs from A. D. Peters and others in the agency to CS regarding original publication of Two Studies in Virtue, Character & Situation, Orde Wingate's and Edward VII's biographies and Crossroads to Israel.

Box: 8 Fold: 14 Peters, A. D., 1960 - 1969
11/14/1960 - 10/16/1969

DESCRIPTION: 55 TLSs from A. D. Peters and others in the agency to CS regarding the publication of Orde Wingate's and Nancy Astor's biographies. Essay by Peters about Evelyn Waugh. References to Adelaide Lubbock.

Box: 8 Fold: 15 Peters, A. D., 1970 - 1981
03/10/1970 - 01/22/1981

DESCRIPTION: 71 TLSs from A. D. Peters and other in the Agency to CS regarding publication of Nancy Astor's and Evelyn Waugh's biographies, with film rights to Orde Wingate's biography discussed. References to the diaries of Hilaire Belloc.

Box: 8 Fold: 16 Peters, A. D., Contracts
10/15/1953 - 01/05/1972

DESCRIPTION: 13 contracts between A. D. Peters and CS regarding the publication of Edward VII's, Orde Wingate's, Nancy Astor's and Evelyn Waugh's biographies.

Box: 8 Fold: 17 Peters, A. D., Royalties
04/26/1954 - 12/22/1979

DESCRIPTION: Royalties statements from A. D. Peters to CS for Orde Wingate's, Adam von Trott zu Solz's, Nancy Astor's and Evelyn Waugh's biographies.

Box: 9 Fold: 1 Pope-Hennessy, Dame Una

DESCRIPTION: ACS from Dame Una Pope-Hennessy to CS wish ing him good luck.

Box: 9 Fold: 2 Powell, Anthony, 1951 - 1955
08/03/1951 - 12/12/1955

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs and 1 ALS from Anthony Powell to CS regarding Powell's A Question of Upbringing and CS' A Song of a Shirt.

Box: 9 Fold: 3 Powell, Anthony, 1962 - 1972
07/16/1962 - 08/08/1972

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs from Anthony Powell to CS The Kindly Ones, Evelyn Waugh's divorce from Evelyn Gardner, and Henry James. Reference to John Heygate.

Box: 9 Fold: 4 Powell, Anthony, 1975
03/23/1975 - 12/22/1975

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs and 1 ACS from Anthony Powell to CS regarding Robert Byron, Four Studies in Loyalty, Evelyn Waugh's biography and Auberon Waugh.

Box: 9 Fold: 5 Powell, Anthony, 1978 - 1979
02/27/1978 - 12/28/1979

DESCRIPTION: 3 ACSs and 1 TLS from Anthony Powell to Cs regarding Evelyn Waugh's biography. References to Dame Ivy Compton Burnett and Virginia Woolf.

Box: 9 Fold: 6 Powell, Anthony, 1980
01/03/1980 - 01/07/1980

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Anthony Powell to CS regarding Evelyn Waugh's Officers and Gentlemen. Includes reviews by CS of Powell's Faces in My Time and Messengers of Day.

Box: 9 Fold: 7 Pryce-Jones, Alan
10/07/1975 - 12/18/1975

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLs from Alan Pryce-Jones to CS regarding Evelyn Waugh's biography. Reference to Adrain Lyttelton.

Box: 9 Fold: 8 Queen Elizabeth II
02/22/1973 - 06/16/1977

DESCRIPTION: 1 invitation and 1 set of menu, seating arrangement and guest list to 2 dinners given by the Queen. Includes a note written by the Queen Mother about those present.1AL thanking CS on behalf of the Queen for a copy of Nancy, signed Patrick (22 Mar 1973).

Box: 9 Fold: 9 Rice, David Talbot
11/27/1949 - 12/21/1949

DESCRIPTION: 3 ALSs from David Talbot Rice to CS regarding Robert Byron and Four Studies in Loyalty.

Box: 9 Fold: 10 Roberts, Cecil
03/26/1952 - 08/13/1967

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Cecil Roberts to CS regarding Four Studies in Loyalty in Italy. Reference to Sir Max Beerbohm and an essay on Roberts and Evelyn Waugh's friendship.

Box: 9 Fold: 11 Robson, Dame Flora
04/15/1955 - 07/08/1984

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALSs from Flora Robson to CS regarding a BBC production of Seclusion.

Box: 9 Fold: 12 Rosebury, Eva, Countess of
08/23/1948 - 08/09/1974

DESCRIPTION: 12 ALSs from Eva, Countess of Rosebury, aunt of CS, mostly regarding family matters. Reference to Orde Wingate's biography.

Box: 9 Fold: 13 Roth, Cecil
09/10/1951 - 06/22/1956

DESCRIPTION: 10 TLSs from Cecil Roth regarding Spes Israelis and Life of Menasseh ben Israel. Includes a TMs of Roth's The Resettlement of the Jews in England in 1656.

Box: 9 Fold: 14 Russell, Dorothea, Lady
08/23/1958 - 10/20/1968

DESCRIPTION: 4 TLSs from Lady Dorothea Russell, mother of Camilla Sykes, to CS regarding problems of her husband's estate. Includes a biographical sketch of Lady Russell by CS and correspondence regarding parking fines received by CS while at Lady Russell's estate.

Box: 9 Fold: 15 Russell, Flora
06/27/1954 - 01/05/1957

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Flora Russell to CS regarding a possible visit by her to Parkminster Sussex cloisters, off-limits to women. Reference to Dorothy Baker.

Box: 9 Fold: 16 Russell, Sir John
01/31/1952 - 03/23/1981

DESCRIPTION: 22 ALSs and TLSs from Sir John Russell to CS mostly personal and referring to his diplomatic career. Includes 3 TMs of articles by Russell on Persia.

Box: 9 Fold: 17 Schulenburg, F. W.

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from F. W. Schulenburg to CS describing the life of Wassmuss, a German diplomat in the 1920's (2 pp.).

Box: 9 Fold: 18 Scrope, Pattle (Sykes)
10/19/1949 - 03/03/1976

DESCRIPTION: 12 ALSs from Pattle (Sykes) Scrope, CS' twin sister, to CS, mostly personal.

Box: 9 Fold: 19 Simpson, Ronald

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Ronald Simpson to CS regarding a BBC production.