Box: 4 Fold: 13 Compton-Burnett, Dame Ivy, 1959
02/26/1959 - 10/20/1959

DESCRIPTION: 3 ALSs from Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett to CS regarding the BBC adaptation of her novel, A Heritage and its History.

Box: 4 Fold: 14 Compton-Burnett, Dame Ivy, 1962 - 1967
02/18/1962 - 12/16/1967

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALS from Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett to CS regarding a play by Compton-Burnett and a book sent by CS to Compton-Burnett.

Box: 4 Fold: 15 Compton-Burnett, Dame Ivy, Regarding
02/11/1971 - 03/06/1973

DESCRIPTION: 4 TLSs from Elizabeth Sprigge regarding a biography of Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett. Includes articles by CS about Compton-Burnett's life and career.

Box: 4 Fold: 16 Connolly, Cyril

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs and 1 ACS from Cyril Connolly to CS. References to Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies, W. H. Auden and John Sutro.

Box: 4 Fold: 17 Connolly, Cyril, Regarding
02/15/1967 - 06/09/1975

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous correspondence regarding the death of Cyril Connolly, including letters from Dierdre Connolly regarding the Cyril Connolly Fund. Includes an interview by CS of Connolly about the life of EW and an articleby Connolly on EW's papers.

Box: 4 Fold: 18 Cooper, Alfred Duff, 1st Viscount Norwich

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Alfred Duff Cooper to CS regarding Crossroads to Israel.

Box: 4 Fold: 19 Cooper, Diana, Viscountess Norwich
03/17/1953 - 11/28/1975

DESCRIPTION: 8 ALSs from Lady Diana Cooper to CS regarding personal matters, Evelyn Waugh's biography and his letters.

Box: 4 Fold: 20 Cooper, Diana, Viscountess Norwich -regarding

Box: 4 Fold: 21 Coward, Noel

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Noel Coward to CS regarding a previous meeting between the two.

Box: 4 Fold: 22 D'Arcy, Rev. Martin C., S. J.
07/18/1950 - 10/27/1975

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALS from Rev. Martin C. D'Arcy, S. J. to CS with carbons from CS mostly regarding a biographical program on BBC about Evelyn Waugh and concerning an article written in Books & Bookmen by Auberon Waugh about CS.

Box: 4 Fold: 23 Debrett's Peerage, Ltd.
01/31/1978 - 10/03/1978

DESCRIPTION: 6 TLSs from Debrett's Peerage Ltd. regarding an essay Debrett's asked CS to write on Nancy Mitford's U and Non-U book, Noblesse Oblige. Includes a transcribed conversation between Alan S. C. Ross, Philip Howard and Richard Buckle.

Box: 4 Fold: 24 De Gaulles, Le General Charles

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Le General Charles De Gaulles to CS declining an offer to appear on the BBC.

Box: 4 Fold: 25 Devonshire, Deborah (Mitford), Duchess of
07/17/1973 - 10/26/1975

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Deborah (Mitford) Duchess of Devonshire to CS regarding the death of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh's biography.

Box: 4 Fold: 26 Dor, Moshe
10/17/1975 - 07/20/1976

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs from Moshe Dor at the Israeli Embassy in London to CS regarding anti-Zionist actions at the UN Assembly. Reference to the assassination of Lord Moyne.

Box: 4 Fold: 27 Driberg, Tom, Lord Bradwell
01/10/1967 - 07/14/1974

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Tom Driberg, Lord Bradwell to CS regarding an article of Driberg's in the Observer about Evelyn Waugh. Transcript of interview by CS of Driberg about Waugh with references to Waugh's biography.

Box: 4 Fold: 28 Dru, Alexander "Alick"
05/19/1954 - 01/06/1981

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALSs from Alexander Dru to CS regarding Evelyn Waugh's biography, with references to Auberon Waugh and Sir Harold Acton. Includes a list of Aubrey Herbert's papers and letters from Gabrielle Dru after Alick's death.

Box: 4 Fold: 29 Duff, Lady Juliet
11/17/1955 - 09/23/1965

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs from Lady Juliet Duff to CS praising him for a recent book and a recent radio broadcast. Includes a program from her funeral in 1965.

Box: 4 Fold: 30 Dufferin & Ava, Maureen, Marchioness of
February 11 [?]

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Maureen Marchioness of Dufferin & Ava to CS regarding Mark Sykes, CS's son.

Box: 4 Fold: 31 Duggan, Alfred
07/31/1963 - 10/27/1975

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLSs from Alfred Duggan to CS regarding Persia and the Persian Question and Evelyn Waugh's biography. Reference to Robert Byron and Four Studies in Loyalty.

Box: 5 Fold: 1 Eliot, T. S., 1952
11/06/1952 - 11/27/1952

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs from Thomas S. Eliot to CS asking CS to join a literary dining, to which CS declines. Includes a ticket to "The Lying in State of His Majesty King George VI" with the names of CS, John Hayward and Eliot.

Box: 5 Fold: 2 Eliot, T. S., 1953 - 1954
06/08/1953 - 07/07/1954

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS and 2 ACS from Thomas S. Eliot to CS regarding Two Studies in Virtue and a trip to the U.S. by Eliot.

Box: 5 Fold: 3 Eliot, T. S., 1955

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from Thomas S. Eliot to CS regarding Dates & Parties and a television version of the Trachiniae produced by CS. (Dated 10 Sept 1955).

Box: 5 Fold: 4 Eliot, T. S., 1962
04/13/1962 - 04/20/1962

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS and 2 ALSs from Thomas S. Eliot to CS regarding a trip Eliot made to the U.S. and an invitation from Eliot to the Sykes' for dinner.

Box: 5 Fold: 5 Eliot, T. S., undated

DESCRIPTION: 2 Christmas cards from Thomas S. Eliot to CS.

Box: 5 Fold: 6 Eliot, T. S., Regarding
01/04/1965 - 11/00/1966

DESCRIPTION: 2 programs for the funeral of Thomas S. Eliot and a letter from the T. S. Memorial Fund. 1 TLS from Valerie Eliot to Camilla Sykes about Eliot's death.

Box: 5 Fold: 7 Elwes, Freya (Sykes), Lady, 1974 - 1977
11/22/1974 - 09/20/1977

DESCRIPTION: 13 ALSs from Lady Freya (Sykes) Elwes to CS with carbons from CS. Most of the letters concern William Carter, a half-brother to CS and Freya Elwes. Reference to Sir Richard Sykes and to Lady Diana Cooper.

Box: 5 Fold: 8 Elwes, Freya (Sykes), Lady, 1978 - 1979
08/29/1978 - 11/27/1979

DESCRIPTION: 11 ALSs from Lady Freya (Sykes) Elwes to CS with carbons from CS mostly regarding their half-brother, William Carter. References to Sir Mark Sykes, Sir Richard Sykes, Ann Carter, and Angela Countess of Antrim.

Box: 5 Fold: 9 Elwes, Sir Richard
10/30/1952 - 06/25/1966

DESCRIPTION: 6 ALSs from Sir Richard Elwes to CS regarding a script Elwes was helping CS to edit. Referenceto Two Studies in Virtue and to the Duke of Bedford. Includesw funral notices for Guy Elwes.

Box: 5 Fold: 10 Encounter
08/17/1954 - 03/20/1969

DESCRIPTION: 7 TLS from Irving Kristol and others at Encounter, all of them regarding reviews written by CS for the publication.

Box: 5 Fold: 11 Fielding, Daphne
07/16/1950 - 12/17/1975

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALSs from Hon. Daphne Fielding to CS regarding Nancy Astor's death, Evelyn Waugh's The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold and EW's biography. Reference to Laura Duchess of Marlborough.

Box: 5 Fold: 12 Fleming, Ann
02/14/1967 - 04/30/1975

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs from Ann Fleming, Mrs. Ian Fleming, to CS regarding Evelyn Waugh and his biography. References to David Astor.

Box: 5 Fold: 13 Forbes, Alastair
02/06/1972 - 07/11/1980

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs and 1 TLS from Alastair Forbes to CS discussing Nancy Astor's friendship with Queen Marie of England, Randolph Churchill's politics and David Astor's view of Adam von Trott zu Solz.

Box: 5 Fold: 14 Ford, Sir Edward
08/19/1971 - 06/27/1977

DESCRIPTION: 6 ALSs and 2 TLS from Sir Edward Ford to CS regarding Nancy Astor's biography by CS and a biography of her by Rosina Harrison, "Rose: My Life in Service." Ford objected to the latter biography and to excerpts of it being read on BBC.

Box: 5 Fold: 15 Franks, Brian
09/15/1960 - 12/14/1979

DESCRIPTION: 11 TLSs from Brian Franks to CS mostly regarding Nancy and Evelyn Waugh's biography. References to Roy Farran and Michael Astor.

Box: 5 Fold: 16 Fulford, Roger
12/25/1972 - 10/27/1975

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALSs from Roger Fulford to CS regarding his days with Evelyn Waugh at Lancing and Waugh's biography, Nancy Astor and the Cliveden Set, Tormented Loyalty and Randall Antrim.

Box: 5 Fold: 17 Gardiner, Rolf
07/26/1969 - 04/17/1970

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALS from Rolf Gardiner to CS regarding Tormented Loyalty and a book by Gardiner. References to Nancy and Die Leit.

Box: 5 Fold: 18 Georgii, Ursula
01/30/1950 - 05/03/1980

DESCRIPTION: 16 ALSs from Frau Ursula Georgii to CS mostly regarding personal matters.

Box: 5 Fold: 19 Gielgud, Sir John
09/14/1951 - 06/05/1954

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLSs and 1 ALS from Sir John Gielgud to CS. In 1 TLS Gielgud rejects the radio script for Helena, in the other TLS he thanks CS for his praise of Gielgud's performance in The Cherry Orchard. Reference to Patience Collier.

Box: 5 Fold: 20 Greene, Graham, 1950's

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS and 2 ALSs from Graham Greene to CS regarding Crossroads to Israel.

Box: 5 Fold: 21 Greene, Graham, 1967 - 1968
01/11/1967 - 01/13/1968

DESCRIPTION: 3 TLSs and 1 ALS from Graham Greene to CS regarding a piece by Greene for a memorial BBC broadcast about Evelyn Waugh. Includes a letter about Waugh in Yugoslavia. References to Nancy Mitford and Sir Alexander Korda.

Box: 5 Fold: 22 Greene, Graham, 1974 - 1975
01/18/1974 - 07/20/1975

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs, 1 TL and 1 ACS from Graham Greene to CS mostly regarding Evelyn Waugh's biography. References to John Sutro and Sir Alexander Korda.

Box: 5 Fold: 23 Greene, Graham, Regarding
02/00/1949 - 11/00/1976

DESCRIPTION: A copy of The Month with an article by Graham Greene, "The Hint of an Explanation", 2 newsclippings about Greene, and 1 TMs and 1 AMs of an article by CS on Graham Greene and Evelyn Waugh.

Box: 5 Fold: 24 Greenidge, Terence
10/11/1966 - 01/25/1967

DESCRIPTION: 3 ALSs from Terence Greenidge to CS regarding a BBC broadcast about Evelyn Waugh. Includes a transcript of an interview of Greenidge and a letter from a Hollywood friend of Greenidge about Waugh. References to A Handful of Dust and Brideshead Revisited.

Box: 5 Fold: 25 Grisewood, Harman, 1950 - 1955
08/30/1950 - 09/13/1955

DESCRIPTION: 14 ALSs and 1 ACS from Grisewood to CS regarding the dedication of Dates & Parties to Grisewood and T. S. Eliot's "A Cocktail Party". Refernce to W. H. Auden.

Box: 5 Fold: 26 Grisewood, Harman, 1956 - 1959
02/06/1956 - 10/23/1959

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs and 1 ACS from Harman Grisewood to CS, mostly personal. References to Derek Verschoyle, Hilaire Belloc and Michel de Bedoyere.

Box: 5 Fold: 27 Grisewood, Harman, 1961 - 1965
06/18/1961 - 12/25/1965

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Harman Grisewood to CS regarding a BBC production with Evelyn Waugh.

Box: 5 Fold: 28 Grisewood, Harman, 1966 - 1970
09/14/1966 - 09/01/1970

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALSs, 2 ACSs and 4 TLSs from Harman Grisewood to CS mostly personal, with discussions of Tormented Loyalty, David Astor and Nancy Astor.

Box: 5 Fold: 29 Grisewood, Harman, 1971 - 1972
03/11/1971 - 11/01/1972

DESCRIPTION: 7 TLSs and 1 ALS from Harman Grisewood to CS mostly personal. References to David Astor and the Defamation Committee, Bernard Wall, Msgr. Ronald Knox and Russian literature.

Box: 5 Fold: 30 Grisewood, Harman, 1973 - 1979
05/24/1973 - 09/24/1978

DESCRIPTION: 6 TLSs and 3 ALSs from Harman Grisewood to CS reagrdiong Grisewood's stroke. References to Evelyn Waugh's biography.

Box: 5 Fold: 31 Grisewood, Margaret
07/05/1974 - 03/05/1979

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALSs from Margaret Grisewood to CS with carbons from CS mostly regarding her living situation.

Box: 5 Fold: 32 Guinness, Sir Alec
02/23/1963 - 10/13/1975

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALSs and 1 telegram from Sir Alec Guinness to CS with carbons from CS regarding Evelyn Waugh's biography and the Wardour Church Appeal Committee. Reference to Edith Sitwell.