Box: 1 Fold: 47 Aelfric Manson

DESCRIPTION: ALS* (2 pages/1 sheet with envelope), undated, from Aelfric Manson to Michael Richey. Reference to distinction between Dominicans and Benedictines.

Box: 1 Fold: 48 Jacques Maritain
May 2, 1945

DESCRIPTION: TLS (1 page), dated 5/2/1945, in French.* Richey comments: "In the Garrick House days Jacques Maritain, the eminent French scholastic philosopher was due to call on Bernard Wall and I had been asked to go down into the street to intercept him and show him the way. I found a somewhat puzzled Frenchman and ventured "Monsieur Maritain?" "C'est moi meme," he responded. That was virtually the extent of our conversation but for me it was like greeting Aristotle. Shortly after the fall of Rome to the Allies I was able to visit the city while my ship was being refitted in Taranto. I saw that Maritain had been appointed French Ambassador to the Holy See and wrote to congratulate him, reminding him of our previous encounter. His charming reply from the Embassy was clearly banged out on his own typewriter."

Box: 1 Fold: 49 Fiona MacCarthy
February-March 1989

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Fiona MacCarthy to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) dated 2/6/1989

ACS postcard, dated 3/17/198

Reference to her biography of Eric Gill, "Eric Gill: A Lover's Quest for Art and God" (1989). Also refers to Walter Shewring.

Box: 1 Fold: 50 Prudence Pelham (Buhler)
December 22, 1947

DESCRIPTION: ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) from Prudence Pelham (later married to Robert Buhler) to Michael Richey.* Richey recounts: "...Prudence Pelham was the talented and beautiful daughter of the Earl of Chichester, referred to several times in Rene's (Hague) letters. She was greatly loved by David Jones. At the outbreak of war Prudence married Guy Branch who was then in the Royal Air Force and shortly afterwards was shot down. He made his way back from France but was soon afterwards posted as missing presumed lost. Prue spent the rest of the war expecting he might turn up. She died of disseminated sclerosis in 1952. Her later marital arrangements are explained in a letter from Robert Buhler to Rene Hague. Buhler was professor of painting at the Royal College of Art. Prudence had been a lettering student of (Eric) Gill's and after the war wanted to carve Guy's tombstone. I accompanied her to Dieppe, where she had French cousins, on a mission to find Guy's grave which she finally located in a German cemetery in France, the tombstone erected to Brauch but which she could identify by the identification number. The family seat, Falmer House near Brighton, was requisitioned by the army during the war and bought by Brighton Corporation after it. Mill House in the village continued to be used by the family. On this occasion I must have arrived without notice; Prue and her mother were there but so far as I remember Prue had to be away next day to see doctors."

Box: 1 Fold: 51 Margaret Pepler
July 16, 1940

DESCRIPTION: TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 7/16/1940,* from Margaret Pepler to Michael Richey. The latter explains: "This was Hilary Pepler's youngest daughter. I was based sweeping (mines, not streets) out of Granton, near Glasgow; Margaret was in a play."

Box: 1 Fold: 52 Adelaide Richey
April-June 1940

DESCRIPTION: 3 ALS* to Michael Richey from his mother Adelaide Richey, dated 4/4/1940, 5/10/1940, 6/27/1940. Richey explains: "(The letters) are all from the blackest period of the war, just after the French collapse. I was at sea and my brother Paul back, seriously wounded, from the Battle of France. Mickie R. referred to in the letters is Micky Robinson, Paul's brother-in-law who was to be killed a year later. Lady Robinson was his Mother. Young Rawlinson was Peter (now Lord) Rawlinson, later Attorney General; his brother Michael became a monk at Downside but left and was killed early in the war."

Box: 1 Fold: 53 George Richey

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to Michael Richey from his father George Richey: ALS dated 7/5/1940; telegram dated 7/4/1940.

Box: 1 Fold: 54 "Sketch: Mysterium Fidei" by Michael Richey
December 1940

DESCRIPTION: Piece by Michael Richey, entitled, "Sketch: Mysterium Fidei" published in "The Adelphi" (December 1940).

Box: 1 Fold: 55 "Sunk by a Mine" by Michael Richey

DESCRIPTION: Autograph manuscript by Michael Richey, entitled, "Sunk by a Mine" (6 pages).

Box: 1 Fold: 56 "Sunk by a Mine" by Michael Richey

DESCRIPTION: Typescripts (2 copies) for "Sunk by a Mine" by Michael Richey.

Box: 1 Fold: 57 "Sunk by a Mine" by Michael Richey
May 11, 1941

DESCRIPTION: Newspaper clipping of "Sunk by a Mine" by Michael Richey, printed in the "New York Times Magazine" (May 11, 1941).

Box: 1 Fold: 58 "A Taste of the Antarctic" by Michael Richey

DESCRIPTION: Typescript of piece by Michael Richey, entitled, "a Taste of the Antarctic" (3 pages). Broadcast by the BBC. Richey notes: "Its chief interest is that it was read by Ludovic Kennedy whilst I was at sea. It was his first broadcast but he was to become one of the best known broadcasters of his time."

Includes printed transcription.

Box: 1 Fold: 59 Letter to the Editor of "The Tablet" by Michael Richey
January 7, 1950

DESCRIPTION: Issue of "The Tablet" (Vol.195, No.5720, January 7, 1950) featuring letter to the editor by Michael Richey, entitled, "The Church and Capitalism."

Box: 1 Fold: 59.1 Article on Michael Richey: "Last But Not Least"
February 1997

DESCRIPTION: Copy of printed article on Michael Richey by Herb McCormick, entitled, "Last But Not Least," (in "Cruising World," February 1997).

Box: 1 Fold: 60 Paul Richey
January 27, 1940

DESCRIPTION: ALS (4 pages/4 sheets) dated January 27, 1940, to Michael Richey from his brother Paul during his service in the Royal Air Force.

Box: 1 Fold: 61 Paul Richey
July 5, 1950

DESCRIPTION: ALS (8 pages) dated July 5, 1940*, to Michael Richey from his brother Paul. Reference to experiences as a fighter pilot and mention of writing a book some day. Richey notes: "Paul's book Fighter Pilot about the Battle of France was to become a bestseller."

Box: 1 Fold: 62 Paul Richey
March 8, 1940

DESCRIPTION: ALS (3 pages) dated March 3, 1940, from Paul Richey to his parents George and Adelaide Richey.

Box: 1 Fold: 63 Paul Richey - Memorial Card
February 23, 1989

DESCRIPTION: Memorial card for Paul Richey. Includes print of drawing by David Jones, "St. Paul Breaks Bread in the Boat," (1937).

Box: 1 Fold: 64 Richey Family - Photograph

DESCRIPTION: Color photograph of nephews of Michael Richey, as he explains: "The car was my brother Paul's splendid Rolls Royce, the occupant of the front seat my Mother and the boys behind, in order, my nephews Peter and Simon and Timothy Radcliffe, now Master General of the Dominican Order."

Box: 1 Fold: 65 Lewis Ritchie
April 10, 1946

DESCRIPTION: TLS from Lewis Ritchie to Michael Richey.* Richey notes: "Ricci (as he then spelled his name) was a retired Paymaster Captain Royal Navy, well known as an author under the name Bartimeus. He worked at the outbreak of war at the Ministry of Information in London. Barbara Wall describes (see Sherry Vol 2, p.37) a visit we made together to the Ministry to see Tom Burns and Graham Greene who also worked there. It was Ricci Tom took me to see some time later when I had decided to try to go minesweeping and who was able to arrange for me to join the Royal Naval Patrol Service. I must have bumped into (then) Ritchie again just after the war."

Reference is made to the second volume of Norman Sherry's "Life of Graham Greene."

Box: 1 Fold: 66 Walter Shewring
March 1981-April 1983

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Walter Shewring to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) dated March 20. Reference to Shewring's translation of Homer's "Odyssey."

ALS (3 pages/2 sheets) dated March 24, 1981.

ALS undated.

ACS dated April 20, 1983.

Richey notes: "Walter Shewring was for many years senior classics master at Ampleforth. He was closely associated with Gill and became his literary executor. He edited the Letters of Eric Gill and wrote perceptively about his ideas, particularly in a small book of essays entitled Making and Thinking for which he used as a frontispiece a photograph of an inscription by Gill with a carving by me; this is the photograph he refers to in his letter dated Whitsunday. The picture of Rene by David Jones was used for the (Rene Hague) obituary in the Ampleforth Journal. Walter's letters, one of them anyway, is (sic) largely concerned with his translation of the Odyssey for Oxford University press, on which I had made some suggestions on nautical terminology."

Box: 1 Fold: 67 George Speaight
October 1, 1984

DESCRIPTION: TLS (1 page) dated October 1, 1984* from George Speaight to Michael Richey. Reference to Peter Hebblethwaite who married his daughter (Margaret), to Gordian Gill and to Barbara Wall. Richey notes: "George was brother of Robert, one of Gill's earlier biographers. He was at Pigotts working on the farm for some time and we, with Anthony Foster, shared a cottage. I am Godfather to his son; Barbara Wall, incidentally, Godmother to his daughter."

Box: 1 Fold: 68 Denis Tegetmeier
July 19, 1940

DESCRIPTION: ALS* (1 page) dated July 19, 1940 from Denis Tegetmeier at Pigotts, to Michael Richey. Reference to illness of Eric Gill.

Box: 1 Fold: 69 Kenneth Thompson
January-February 1981

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALS dated January 24, 1981 (2 pages/1 sheet) and February 13, 1981 (2 pages/1 sheet), from sculptor and letter-carver Kenneth Thompson to Michael Richey. Reference to Barbara Wall, Rene Hague's death and Hague family (Rosalind and Michael Hague), and Teilhard de Chardin.

Box: 1 Fold: 70 Hubert Van Zeller
December 29, 1934

DESCRIPTION: ACS* postcard, postmarked 12/29/1934, from Hubert Van Zeller to Michael Richey. Richey explains: "Fr. Bernard must have been at Mount St. Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire, Cistercian monastery where I was probably visiting with an eye to the main chance."

Box: 1 Fold: 71 Bernard Wall

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Bernard Wall to Michael Richey.*

TLS (2 pages with envelope) postmarked 1/24/1936. Requesting a visit to Downside "just to write"; and discussing sculpting with the mind versus the hand.

TLS (3 pages, undated) addressed from Fribourg, Switzerland. Discussing his definition of "vocation."

TLS (4 pages, undated) addressed from Fribourg, Switzerland. Discussing his definition of having a job.

Richey notes: "(The letters) clearly relate to my presumed religious vocation or otherwise. Fr. Steuart was the distinguished Jesuit counsellor and writer on the spiritual life whom I must have harried at some stage. Nicky B. is Nicholas Berdyaev. It looks as though the idea of joining the Walls in Fribourg had been mooted, though by whom is not clear."

Box: 1 Fold: 72 Annotations to the Correspondence

DESCRIPTION: Copies of typed annotations to the correspondence in this collection, kindly provided by Michael Richey.

Box: 1 Fold: 73 John Robert Russell

DESCRIPTION: Photograph (b/w) of John Robert russell, Marquis of Tavistock and later Duke of Bedford.

Box: 1 Fold: 74 Printed item - Christmas Hymns

DESCRIPTION: Unbound pages of small booklet(?) of Christmas hymns.