Box: 1 Fold: 1 Sabina Bailey
February 23, 1997

DESCRIPTION: ACS postcard to Michael Richey from Sabina Bailey, daughter of Harman Grisewood. Reference to preparing tombstone inscription for Grisewood who died January 8, 1997.

Box: 1 Fold: 1.1 Tom Burns

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to Michael Richey from Tom Burns:

1. ACS postcard, dated 3/14/1940.* Richey comments: "...Tom went to Spain fairly early on in the conflict (WWII) to become in due course press attache with a wide range of responsibilites. The card addressed to me from Madrid dated 14/3/40 had been re-addressed by David Jones who had a room in Tom's house at 3 Glebe Place, Chelsea.

2. ALS (4 pages/2 sheets), dated 7/4/1940.* "...The letter from Glebe Place dated 4 July '40 must have been written when Tom was on leave from Spain and I at sea. I don't know what the birthday present was - perhaps a fiver? Ann was Ann Bowes-Lyon, a cousin of the Queen (now the Queen Mother) of whom Tom at the time was much enamoured. Ann was working as a nurse in a hospital in Woolwich, where she started off in the VD ward, and hence "off the syph chaps." Charley Williams is clearly the writer and poet. Paul is my brother and this would have been before the battle of France which was the subject of his book Fighter Pilot..."

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Tom Burns to Walter Shewring (Copies)
January 28, 1981

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copy of ALS from Tom Burns to Walter Shewring, dated 1/28/1981.* Includes autograph transcription by Michael Richey. Reference to a biography on Eric Gill.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Sarah Butler
August 9, 1966

DESCRIPTION: TLS (1 page) from Sarah Butler to Michael Richey, dated 8/9/1966.* On this, Richey comments: "...This was Sarah Butler, daughter of the then Master of Trinity, Lord (R.A.B.) Butler who had for many years been my personal assistant at the Institute (of Navigation). When the Hagues left Pigotts I suggested they gave (sic.) the chapel furnishings...to Howard House the chaplaincy of Sussex University at Brighton. Donington Hall in Derbyshire was one of the houses run by the Ockenden Venture for refugee children from the camps in Germany, an organization in which I played an active part at one stage and for which Sarah was perhaps then working full time. I think she must have fetched the furnishings by car from Pigotts and taken them to Donington to sort out, finding they could not be accommodated in London. They ended up at the right place. I seem to have been sailing to the Azores and back at the time."

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Alban Evans
May 13, 1936

DESCRIPTION: TLS from Alban Evans (later Illtyd Evans, O.P.) to Michael Richey.* Includes copies of obituary in "The Tablet" (July 29, 1972). Comment by Richey: "...It is from J. Alban Evans and I think before he became a Dominican (and a very well known one). In fact I think he may only shortly before have converted from High Church Anglicanism. The letter is about the formation of Pax, the Catholic pacifist movement; the originators were I think Eric Gill, E.I. Watkin and Donald Attwater. I have a feeling (no more) that I represented Gill at the inaugural meeting. I would have been at Pigotts at the time. Alban Evans was a friend of George Speaight with whom and Anthony Foster I shared a cottage at the bottom of Pigotts hill: Bryant's Bottom the hamlet was called (who Bryant was I have no idea)..."

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Anthony Foster
Postmarked August 12, 1956

DESCRIPTION: ACS postcard from Anthony Foster to Michael Richey.* Reference to receipt of a parcel containing a picture in a damaged frame. Richey comments: "...The broken glass &c. was a package of engravings &c. which I can only think I left with Hew Lorimer (sculptor and former pupil of Gill) in 1940; he used to lend me his house in Edinburgh when I was based at Granton. The package contained at least one David Jones watercolour. Hew knew Anthony and no doubt thought this was the quickest way of getting in touch after the war..."

Box: 1 Fold: 5.1 James Gilbert
April 8, 1940

DESCRIPTION: ALS (5 pages/3 sheets) to Michael Richey from James Gilbert. Includes wedding photograph of Gilbert. Richey provides a lengthy annotation.*

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Eric Gill (Copy)
March 20, 1935

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copy of ALS (4 pages/2 sheets) from Eric Gill to Michael Richey.* Reference to work of Hubert Van Zeller. Commentary by Richey: "I was then, aged 17, at Downside, much under the cultural influence of Dom Hubert Van Zeller. It was he who put me on to Gill's writings and I had been very impressed by a little book called Sculpture. As I remember things Dom Hubert had decided to become a Carthusian and before he went off to Parkminster left me a number of his drawings including the studies for a crucifix which I had sent to Gill to see if he could carve it. I can only think the innocence of the request appealed to him more than its impertinence."

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Gill Family (Photograph)

DESCRIPTION: 1 b/w photograph of Eric Gill's grandchildren at Pigotts.* Richey's comments: "...From memory they are, left to right: boy on left Richard Hague (killed in an accident) followed (front row) by Charlotte Tegetmeier, Adam Teg, Michael Hague, Judith Teg (with unknown child); back row after Richard, Prudence Teg, Helen Pepler, and I think a Pepler. Looking out of the window Joan Hague."

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 5.

TLS 4/20/1954

TLS 6/8/1954

TLS 4/21/1955* - reference to book by Francis Thompson, to Robin Maugham and to Brighton. Richey's commentary: "Graham used to come down to Brighton quite a lot in those days where he would stay at the Royal Albion Hotel, and where I lived. We would generally meet in the Star and Garter pub (known as Dr. Brighton's) where there was a blind pianist, Johnnie, who would pass me the message that Graham was in town...A colourful Brighton resident was Robin (later Lord) Maugham, nephew of Somerset M., an indifferent novelist and playwright, whom I first met through Graham at the pub. He had a flat at the top of a large house in Hove belonging to Winefred Durnford who ran a fashionable preparatory school in London. The letter is considerably garbled. Morley would be Maugham and so on."

TLS 12/12/1955.* Richey's commentary: "This and the letters dated 16 December 55 and 16 January 56 relate to a visit to Anacapri where I spent Christmas with Graham at the Villa Rosaio. He left me in the Villa soon after Christmas. Blyth in his letter should read Bligh: I had sent him a quotation from Bligh's account of the Bounty mutiny which could be extrapolated to fit our somewhat immoderate drinking over the days we spent together. I seem to have had my wallet stolen."

TLS 12/16/1955.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 6.

TLS 1/16/1956

TLS 2/16/1956* - reference to a letter from Etienne Amyot forwarded to Greene by Richey (1/30/956, included). Richey's commentary: "...I had sent this letter on to Graham as I thought it would please him, which it did. Amyot was a musician who with his wife George was staying in Capri. Because of my wallet and exchange difficulties I had to borrow my fare back from him."

TLS 3/29/1956* - reference to the Wall family. Richey's commentary: "I gave a party at my brother's house at Wilton Row in London which Graham came to, and Barbara Wall with her two daughters Gabrielle and Bernadine. Graham took the two girls, Sonia Melchett and myself to dinner at Rules. The next day he rang up for Gabrielle's address as he wanted to send her a birthday present. I gave the address, wrongly as it turned out, substituting Road for Row or something like that and the present (a compact) went astray."

TLS 5/11/1956 from Doris Young, secretary to Greene.

TLS 8/24/1956* - Richey's commentary: "A binge in Brighton for some reason and too many nightcaps at the Royal Albion. The article I think was an account I was publishing of the escape of the German battle-cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau through the Channel. I must have spoken indiscreetly about something."

TLS 9/26/1956

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 9.

TLS 5/9/1957

TLS 5/31/1957

TLS 8/6/1957

TLS 10/17/1957* dictated.

TLS 12/9/1957 from Doris R. Young, Greene's secretary.

TLS 2/24/1958*

ALS 11/17/1958* - Richey's commentary: "Graham and Carol Reed were staying at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton working on a film script. Jeanne Stonor was the wife of Sherman (later Lord Camoys), owner of Stonor Park where Graham would be a guest from time to time. We dined at the Mascotte in Hove. Carol seemed a bit dismayed by Jeanne's views on possible leading ladies."

TLS 12/8/1958* dictated. Richey's comment: "Lucy was Graham's daughter who lived in Canada, Charlotte the daughter of Petra and Denis Tegetmeier who had been working in Canada..."

TLS 2/17/1959 from Josephine Reid, secretary to Greene.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 11.

TLS 7/28/1960* from Josephine Reid, secretary to Greene. Reference to "The Twentieth Century" forwarded by Richey to Greene, of which the former comments: "I forget why I sent the Twentieth Century, then edited by Bernard Wall."

TLS 8/8/1960.

ALS 2/27/1961(?)* Re Greene's reference to Harman Grisewood, about which Richey comments: "I am not sure why I proposed Harman Grisewood for the Villa Rosaio, nor what the Moscow proposal was."

TLS 2/7/1961

TLS 4/20/1961

TLS 10/23/1961* reference to photograph sent by Richey "...of Jeanne Stonor's doctor with whom I (Richey) had once sailed to Lisbon. He was later drowned at sea and I sent Graham the photo to hand on to Jeanne."

TLS 10/30/1961.

TLS 12/15/1961* from Josephine Reid re prospective visit by Richey to Greene's Villa Rosaio in Anacapri.

TLS 12/27/1961 from Josephine Reid.

ALS undated from this period?

TLS incomplete date June 5 with reference to "The Power and the Glory" and Greene's view of the characters he portrays.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 11.

TLS 5/7/1962 from Josephine Reid.

TLS 10/29/1962* with reference to Michael Davidson "...whom I (Richey) first met with Robin Maugham in Brighton. I must have introduced him to Graham at the Star and Garter (pub). Davidson had recently written his autobiography (The World the Flesh and Myself) the opening paragraph of which proclaims his paedophilia. But as Rene Hague, with discernment and characteristic clarity, remarks (letter dated last day of November 1975) "He was a real innocent & very noble in his disregard for the world"..."

TLS 11/12/1962* from Josephine Reid re receipt of a complimentary copy of Richey's book, "The Geometrical Seaman," about which Richey comments: "The Geometrical Seaman was a little book on early navigation instruments which I wrote with Prof. E.G.R. Taylor and was the first book to be published by the new Hollis and Carter, now owned by the Bodley Head of which Graham was a director. Largely through Graham I became general director of its nautical series."

TLS 11/26/1962 with thanks from Greene to Richey for sending the book.

TLS 1/24/1963.

TLS 9/26/1963* with reference to the Duke of Edinburgh.

TLS 8/24/1964* re Greene's prospective sojourn at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton.

TLS 11/4/1964* re book by Dr. (Dotteressa) Elisabeth Moor, later published as "An Impossible Woman: the Memories of Dottoressa Moor of Capri" (London: Bodley Head, 1975). Richey comments: "I had suggested Mike Davidson, who had fluent German, might translate and edit the book..."

TLS 9/10/1964 re Michael Davidson.

TLS 1/18/1965* re film script for a film on Joan of Arc.

TLS 11/1/1965* re David Jones commemorative publication to which the latter's friends subscribed.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 8.

TLS 2/7/1966* Reference to Greene's "The Comedians" (1966).

TL 6/18/1966, dictated.

TL 2/20/1967, dictated.

ACS postcard, postmarked 3/6/1967(?)

TLS 3/28/1967* re Richey's prospective attendance at the International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco.

TL 1/31/1969, dictated.

TL 10/3/1969 dictated. Reference to Robert Louis Stevenson's correspondence relating to his voyages in the "South Seas."

TLS 10/27/1969 dictated.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 16.

TLS 2/5/1970 dictated.* Reference to Richey's trip to Dakar about which he comments: "I had won a French award which carried with it a free flight to anywhere Air France serviced. I went to Dakar."

TLS 12/4/1970 dictated.

TLS 1/8/1971 dictated.* Reference to Dottoressa Elisabeth Moor.

TLS 1/8/1971 from Josephine Reid.

TLS 10/13/1971 dictated.

TLS 4/24/1972 dictated.* Re Hilaire Belloc's "The Cruise of the Nona" (1925).

ALS 5/8/1972 or 1973?

TLS 6/6/1973.

TLS 10/20/1973 dictated.* Reference to Greene's "The Honorary Consul," and to Lady Melchett. Richey's commentary: "Sonia Melchett's husband Julian (Lord Melchett) died suddenly in Majorca and I stayed with her at their house in Chelsea for some months afterwards. Sonia and some others (led I think by George Weidenfeld) got up a petition to present to President Kreisky of Austria, which I presume I sent to Graham to sign. He did, but I never got to Vienna."

TLS 12/19/1973. Reference to Herbert Read and to Henry Moore.

TLS 9/20/1974.* Reference to a study by Rene Hague on "The Anathemata" by David Jones.

ALS 4/7/1976.* Reference to review by Richey of "Ice Bird" by David Lewis.

TLS 3/25/1977.

TLS 3/14/1978.

TLS 12/20/1979.

ALS dated "Thursday."* Richey dates it possibly 1977 and comments: "Some confusion about dates in Monaco whilst I was at the IHB (International Hydrographic Conference). I eventually arrived with Steve (Admiral) Ritchie, on the wrong evening."

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Graham Greene (Copies)

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of correspondence from Graham Greene to Michael Richey. Itemized as follows (1 page/1 sheet, unless otherwise noted):

Total letters 16.

TLS 1/3/1981.* Reference to David Jones. Commentary by Richey: "Tom Burns and I had gone down to see Graham in Antibes for a few days, Tom as Editor of the Tablet. This was the time of "J'Accuse" and hence the Brighton Rock atmosphere."

TLS 2/26/1981.

TLS 12/17/1981.

TLS 5/3/1982.

TLS 5/15/1982.

TLS 6/7/1982 with reference to reading Dorothy Middleton.

TLS 3/26/1984* with commentary from Richey: "I am not sure about the reference to selling my shirt but probably I had told him I had had to sell everything to refit Jester. I spent that Easter at Antibes with Graham."

TLS 10/8/1984* re Greene's birthday. Richey comments: "For his 80th birthday I had a copy of Looking Back by Norman Douglas rebound. I had in fact borrowed the book from Anacapri years before and never returned it. However the friend who bound the book for me told me it had been taken from Boots' lending library. I hung on to the copy and gave Graham instead a subscription to the Catholic Committee for International Relations."

TLS 10/18/1984. Reference to artist Rene Portocarrero.

TLS 2/25/1985. Reference to a visit from Andre Raffalovich (a patron of Eric Gill's) and Canon John Gray.

TLS 4/2/1985.* Reference to Greene's book, "Getting to Know the General" and to filming of "How Father Quixote Became a Monsignor." Richey's comment: "Graham used to send me signed copies of his books as they appeared. Getting to Know the General got lost in the post."

TLS 6/6/1985. Reference to a piece by Richey, entitled, "Windward Passage."

TLS 1/27/1986.* Reference to Cuban artist Rene Portocarrero (1912-1985). Richey's comment: "Graham had a picture by the Nicaraguan (sic.) painter Portocarrero presented to him by Fidel Castro. I wondered whether this was the boy I was at school with in Switzerland, Nachito P. I never found out but a friend who worked in the Carnegie Institute (?) discovered quite a lot about the painter and I sent the dossier to Graham."

TLS 1/29/1987.* Reference to a recent sailing incident which Richey explains: "The experience was the capsize of Jester in an Atlantic storm in 1986. The film I mentioned was Therese."

TLS 8/9/1988.* Reference to the loss of Richey's boat, "Jester." Richey explains: "In 1988 I finally lost Jester in the course of the single-handed transatlantic race."

TLS 3/4/1991.* Reference to Greene's health.

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Kate Greene

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence* from Kate Greene to Michael Richey: ALS dated June 8, 1940; and ALS undated. Includes printed item: "The Fate of a Peace Effort" by John Robert Russell, Marquis of Tavistock (1940).

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Harman Grisewood

DESCRIPTION: TLS (1 page/1 sheet) from Harman Grisewood to Michael Richey (undated). Reference to Grisewood's Neapolitan ancestry, and to Tom Burns and David Jones.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Harman Grisewood - Program for Requiem Mass
January 20, 1997

DESCRIPTION: Printed program for requiem mass for Harman Grisewood.

Box: 1 Fold: 18.1 Harman Grisewood - Memorial Service Program
February 28, 1997

DESCRIPTION: Program for memorial service in honor of Harman Grisewood. The service included readings by Sir Christopher Bland, chairman of the BBC; Frank Gillard, C.B.E., former managing director, sound broadcasting, BBC; Canon Vincent Berry; Sir Roger Cary, deputy editor of "The Listener" and special assistant of public affairs, BBC; Daniel Grisewood; The Reverend Ernest Rea, head of religious broadcasting, BBC; and Fiona MacCarthy. The printed program includes memorial pieces by Humphrey Carpenter and Roger Cary; as well as excerpts from writings by Grisewood, including, "The Painted Kipper, a study of the spurious contemporary scene" (1979) and "One Thing at a Time" (1968).

Box: 1 Fold: 19 Joan Hague

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Joan Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (4 pages/4 sheets) dated Pigotts, April 24* - references to Rene Hague, Margaret Pepler, Tom Burns, Gordian Gill, Eric Gill's adopted son.

ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) dated Monday.

Box: 1 Fold: 20 Rene Hague
Christmas 1939

DESCRIPTION: ACS Christmas card from Rene Hague to Michael Richey.* Explanation by Richey: "The card was engraved by me and printed by Rene. The date is interesting and thus the text. Uncle G is Gordian Gill (ASC is Army Service Corps). Pipe is Haguespeak for paper."

Box: 1 Fold: 21 Rene Hague
November 17 (1937/8)

DESCRIPTION: ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) from Rene Hague to Michael Richey, dated November 17.* Includes xerox copy of ALS from Richey to Thomas Dilworth (a David Jones biographer) elucidating various points. Reference also to Nicolete Gray writing about David Jones. Other commentary by Richey, which also goes on to explain references made in the letter: "...from Rene Hague dated 17 November, I should think 1937 or 8. About this time Rene had joined the Communist Party (like many not for long)..."

Box: 1 Fold: 22 Rene Hague
December 5, 1972

DESCRIPTION: ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) from Rene Hague to Michael Richey, dated December 5, 1972.* References to Barbara Ward, Kenneth Thompson, and Ireland. Richey's comments: "Only One Earth by Barbara Ward and Rene Dubos was the impressive background document for the UN conference on the environment."

Box: 1 Fold: 23 Rene Hague
September 10, 1973

DESCRIPTION: ALS (5 pages/5 sheets) from Rene Hague to Michael Richey, dated 9/20/1973. Reference to his perspective on life, and to reading Evelyn Waugh's "Edmund Campion" and C.G. Jung's "Memories, Dreams, Reflections."

Box: 1 Fold: 24 Rene Hague
April-July 1974

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (1 page) dated 4/25/1974.* Richey's explanation of the letter: "I had published (in the Institute's Journal) an account of the stranding of Edward Heath's yacht Morning Cloud. I must have left my glasses at Shanagarry and phoned instructions as to where I thought they were."

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) dated 7/9/1974.* Reference to writing about David Jones, about which Richey remarks: "The little book about Dai (David Jones) might have been (in proof, for it was not published until 1975) that published by the University of Wales Press for the Welsh Arts Council. The Commentary on the Anathemata was later published by Faber and Faber. Epoch and Artist was a collection of essays by D.J. edited by Harman Grisewood and published by Faber. The rhyme I first came across in a ship's visitor's book. I thought it might amuse Rene's daughter, my god-daughter, Rosalind, then very keen on horses...(Poem Quoted)...Page appears in the letter. I gave my 21st birthday in my parents' large house in Cadogan Square in London, to which a contingent from Pigotts came, including Alec O'Hanlon who worked on the farm. Page is Page Huidekopper, then the U.S. Ambassador Joe Kennedy's secretary (now Page Wilson in Washington, D.C.) Alec finally passed out and hence Page's remark."

Box: 1 Fold: 25 Rene Hague
August 1974

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 8/23/1974.* Reference to Harman and Margaret Grisewood and to Barbara Wall.

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 8/25/1974.* References to nautical passages in David Jones' "Anathemata." Hague was in the process of writing his book, "A Commentary on the Anathemata of David Jones," (1977).

ALS (1 page) dated 8/30/1974. Reference to David Jones.

Box: 1 Fold: 26 Rene Hague
September 1974

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 9/1/1974.* Richey explains: "The postscript thanks me for sending a draft of the commentary to Graham Greene, an admirer of David's (Jones) work. Graham's unenthusiastic reaction is given in his letter of 20 September 74.

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) dated 9/27/1974. References to nautical matters and to David Jones.

Box: 1 Fold: 27 Rene Hague
October-November 1974

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (1 page) dated 10/31/1974.* Reference to death of David Jones. Also reference to Douglas Cleverdon.

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) dated 11/6/1974.* Reference to funeral for David Jones. Richey explains the letter's references: "I went to David's funeral in Brockley, where he was born, and wrote Rene an account. The two Skelton boys, John and Christopher, the former a sculptor, the latter a printer and publisher, were nephews of Eric Gill, his sister Angela's children. The Peter Levi booklet I imagine to have been the panegyric delivered at the Solemn Requiem in Westminster Cathedral on 13 December 1974 and later published by the Tablet. Maria, who comes in later, was Maria Blewitt, a close friend and associate of mine who later became Maria Pera: a past benefactor of the Hague family. The Vinland map a medieval chart with novel features which pre-supposed a hitherto unsuspected Norse school of cartography. It turns out to have been a fake, although it still has its defenders.

Box: 1 Fold: 28 Rene Hague
August-September 1975

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) 8/31/1975 - References to writing about David Jones; also to Harman Grisewood, Christopher Skelton and Peter Levi.

ALS (3 pages/2 sheets) 9/23/1975 - References to David Jones and to Herbert Kenny, former literary editor of the "Boston Globe."

Box: 1 Fold: 29 Rene Hague
October-December 1975

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/1 sheet) 10/5/1975 - Reference to Christopher Skelton.

ALS (1 page/1 sheet) 11/30/1975 - Reference to death of friend, "Mike D."

ALS (1 page/1 sheet) 12/7/1975 - Reference to funeral for "Mike D."

Box: 1 Fold: 30 Rene Hague
May-September 1976

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (1 page/1 sheet) 5/12/1976* - Questions about a picture which Richey explains: "The picture was of David Jones's painting Tristan ac Isseult in the National Museum of Wales. I answered the queries. A whipstaff, rather than a tiller would have been used, probably housed below decks. The small boat could indeed behave as depicted, a point I had discussed with David."

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) 9/28/1976* - Reference to Evelyn Waugh, Petra Tegetmeier.

Box: 1 Fold: 31 Rene Hague
November-December 1976

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

TLS (1 page) Armistice Day, 1976 - Reference to reading diaries of Evelyn Waugh.

ALS (1 page) 12/17/1976. Reference to David Jones and Harman Grisewood. Written on verso of xerox copy of a piece re the Epiphany by Hague, dated 1/6/1945.

Box: 1 Fold: 32 Rene Hague
January-February 1978

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) 1/18/1978* - Reference to Madeleine Ponsonby and to Bernard Wall.

TLS ( 4 pages/4 sheets) 2/20/1978 - Reference to Madeleine Ponsonby, Kathleen Raine, and Christopher Skelton.

Box: 1 Fold: 33 Rene Hague
June-December 1978

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) 6/9/1978 - Reference to Bernard Bergonzi on David Jones.

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) 12/12/1978* - Reference to Hague's book on David Jones, "Dai Greatcoat: A Self-portrait of David Jones in his Letters" (London: Faber and Faber, 1980).

Box: 1 Fold: 34 Rene Hague
January-February 1979

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

TLS (1 page) 1/10/1979* - Reference to reading poetry of Christopher Cauldwell (aka. Christopher St. John Sprigge).

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) 1/20/1979* - Richey explains: "I sailed the Round Britain race with Giles Chichester (son of Francis) in Gipsy Moth V and wrote an article about it for Yachting Monthly."

TLS (3 pages/3 sheets) 1/31/1979* - Reference to Harman Grisewood, and to an article in the "Observer" by Tristan Jones.

TLS (4 pages/4 sheets) 2/3/1979 - Reference to Graham Greene.

Box: 1 Fold: 35 Rene Hague
August 1979

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) 8/7/1979 - Reference to David Jones, Eric Gill and political ideologies.

TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) 8/8/1979 - Reference to Marxism, David Jones, Prudence Buhler (nee Pelham).

Includes typed carbon of letter from Robert Buhler to Rene Hague, dated 7/31/1979, forwarded from Hague to Michael Richey. Reference to lost correspondence between Prudence Buhler and David Jones.

Box: 1 Fold: 36 Rene Hague
January-February 1980

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

ALS (7 pages/7 sheets) 1/19/1980 - Reference to Helen Suggett, and to writing about David Jones.

ALS (3 pages/3 sheets) 2/27/1980 - Reference to health of his wife Joan Hague.

Box: 1 Fold: 37 Rene Hague
October-November 1980

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey:

TLS (1 page) 10/26/1980* - Reference to Richard Moorhead, who, Richey explains, "...married Kerena, daughter of Sonia (Lady) Melchett. I had suggested they spend their honeymoon at Ballymaloe (close to Shanagarry House) and gave them as a present a picture of Rene's which they could go and choose."

ALS (2 pages/2 sheets) 11/8/1980 - Reference to Hague's son, Robin.

TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) 11/14/1980 - Reference to reading Conrad's "Lord Jim."

ALS (1 page) 11/28/1980* - Richey's annotation: "As his letter...makes clear, Rene was far from well. The Tietjens was from the trilogy known as Parade's End by Ford Maddox Ford which I had sent him. I flew over to Cork for Christmas 1980 as much with the idea of giving Joan a hand as anything else. I was met at Cork airport by Michael Hague who told me Joan had died during the night. We went together to the hospital to see Rene. Rosalind had already told him of Joan's death. "What a lovely day to go to paradise" was all he said. I stayed for Joan's funeral and saw Rene afterwards. He asked about the epistle and gospel at the Requiem Mass, and the throwing of earth into the grave, a custom he was particularly fond of. I had to fly back to London a day or so later and it was clear to both of us that this would be the final parting. It was a predictably unemotional farewell, although for me this had been I suppose the deepest friendship of my life. The note by Harman Grisewood, the letters from Ken Thompson and to some extent the letters from Walter Shewring tell the rest of the story..."

Typescript by Harman Grisewood re Rene Hague (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 1/19/1981.

Box: 1 Fold: 38 Rene Hague

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Rene Hague to Michael Richey, incompletely dated:

ALS dated Maundy Thursday.

ALS dated Pigotts August 13.

ALS dated Shan(agarry) August 25.

Box: 1 Fold: 39 Rene Hague - Manuscript: "Stella Maris"

DESCRIPTION: Autograph manuscript (9 pages) by Rene Hague, entitled, "Stella Maris." Includes typescript (2 pages) of verse.

Box: 1 Fold: 40 Shirley Hazzard (Steegmuller)
November 16, 1992

DESCRIPTION: TLS (3 pages/3 sheets) dated 11/16/1992* from writer Shirley Hazzard (wife of writer Francis Steegmuller) to Michael Richey. Hazzard reminisces about her time in Capri and impressions of Graham Greene whom she met there, as well as reference to Catherine Walston.

Box: 1 Fold: 40.1 Shirley Hazzard
July 6, 1995

DESCRIPTION: TLS (2 pages/2 sheets) dated 7/6/1995, to Michael Richey from Shirley Hazzard. References to living in Capri, as well as lengthy commentary on Graham Greene and his biographers Norman Sherry and Michael Shelden. Reference also to Catherine Walston, "Dottoressa" Elisabeth Moor, and to meeting Robert Perkins, as well as the death of friend James Merrill.

Box: 1 Fold: 41 A.M. Heath
July 27, 1942

DESCRIPTION: Letter from A.M. Heath, author's agent, to Michael Richey, with congratulations on winning the John Llewelyn Rhys Memorial Prize and news of selling serial rights for Richey's work, "Sunk by a Mine."

Box: 1 Fold: 41.1 John Jay Hughes, S.J.

DESCRIPTION: 2 TLS (total: 3 pages/3 sheets) to Michael Richey from John Jay Hughes, S.J. (1928- ), dated 4/28/1969 and 5/6/1969. Hughes, a fellow sailing enthusiast, wrote to compliment Richey on his article, "Solitude at Sea." Reference also to Hughes' own book, "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void" (1968). Hughes notes in the second letter (5/6/1969) that "the Dudley Hughes you (Richey) sailed the Atlantic with (about 1957 or 1958...)is my younger brother..."

Box: 1 Fold: 42 David Jones
March-May 1940

DESCRIPTION: 2 ACS postcards from David Jones to Michael Richey.* Dated March 7, 1940 and May 30, 1940.

Box: 1 Fold: 43 David Jones - Paper re Peace
May 11, 1939

DESCRIPTION: Typescript (20 pages) of a paper by David Jones on the pursuit/preservation of peace.

Box: 1 Fold: 44 David Jones - Photograph
Summer 1955

DESCRIPTION: Photograph (b/w, 3 1/2" x 4 1/2") of David Jones, dated Harrow, Summer 1955.

Box: 1 Fold: 45 David Kindersley - Memorial Card
Ocotber 2, 1995

DESCRIPTION: Memorial card for David Kindersley.* Richey comments: "I took David's place as an apprentice to (Eric) Gill when he left. He was far and away the best letterer of his day." Note: card shows 2 photographs of Kindersley.

Box: 1 Fold: 46 Lord Lymington
June 26, 1939

DESCRIPTION: TLS (1 page) dated 6/26/1939*, from Gerald Lymington (later Earl of Portsmouth), to Michael Richey who notes: "...Gerald Lymington wrote an influential book on the necessity for what would nowadays be called organic (as opposed to intensive) farming. Northbourne was running some kind of seminar on such matters which I must have attended."