Box: 3 Fold: 35 Benjamin S. Lyman
June 29, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 6/29/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Benjamin S. Lyman, recounting his departure from Deerfield and journey by steamboat to Newburgh, New York, where he stayed with Mr. Delano for a few weeks before going on to Philadelphia to obtain employment with his uncle Mr. Lesley, a topographical engineer.

Box: 3 Fold: 36 Benjamin S. Lyman
July 4, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 7/4/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Benjamin S. Lyman. Reference to continued employment under his uncle Mr. Leslie, topographical engineer, and to friends Sterrow Higginson and Barlow. Also refers to the Kansas Free State issue: "...I am glad that Concord has done so well about Kansas, but I am afraid that few towns will follow her example. I heard read, the other day, a capital speech of Emerson's (Ralph Waldo Emerson) about the attack upon Sumner (Charles Sumner, see description for Folder 3:7)..."

Box: 3 Fold: 36.1 Benjamin S. Lyman
Postmarked July 27, 1856?

DESCRIPTION: ALS (undated, with envelope postmarked 7/27/1856?) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Benjamin S. Lyman, with news about his work assisting his uncle Mr. Lesley in geological surveying. Also reference to presidential candidacy of John Charles Fremont: "...With regard to Fremont I know very little. It seems to me a great advance upon the common custom of selecting a military man for a president to take such a man as him. Yet I don't know as his career has been such as to peculiarly fit him for such a post. But at any rate it has made him known and favorably known to a large part of the population - and that is saying a good deal for a presidential candidate..."

Box: 3 Fold: 37 Benjamin S. Lyman
September 8, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/8/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Benjamin S. Lyman, with news of the completion of his employment with Mr. Lesley, topographical engineer, and of the subsequent fact that he is now on the look out for teaching positions.

Reference also to Charles Sumner and Kansas affairs: "...I heard Mr. Furness (William H. Furness (1802-96), clergyman and anti-slavery advocate) preach yesterday morning and evening. He delivered very fine sermons...In the morning, he touched on the subject of Kansas, and handled it very well. After the morning services we were very much surprised to see Charles Sumner coming out of the church. Quite a crowd gathered about him of friends and strangers, to speak with him or to see the great man. He looked pretty well, and everybody seemed very glad to see it..."

Other news included about friend Mitchell and impressions of Philadelphia from where Lyman was writing: "...This city differs from New York and Boston more I think than those do from each other. The streets and buildings have the utmost uniformity. The streets, with only one or two exceptions, are laid out in rectangles, and almost all the dwelling houses are three story brick ones. The population is not nearly as much crowded as in New York, and covers an immense space. The public squares are a marked feature of the city. They are numerous, though not large and are filled with large, shady trees. There are in them, too, various kinds of animals that are very tame, such as squirrels, gray and black, and some deer and peacocks...."

Box: 3 Fold: 38 Benjamin S. Lyman
September 14, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/14/1856) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Benjamin S. Lyman, with news of employment as teacher in Mr. Short's school in Philadelphia and of living comfortably at the house of his uncle Mr. Lesley. Also reference to Charles Sumner: "...Mr. Sumner is staying, just now, close by this house. I had the pleasure of meeting him last Tuesday. I have the pleasure of hearing Mr. W.H. Furness (William H. Furness) preach on Sundays. He alludes frequently to political matters. It must have been hard for you to come away when you were so near without visiting Kansas. Although I am now quite comfortably situated I would be right glad to go there to fight or to carry help to the men there if a company large enough to do any good were to be formed. From what I saw a few days ago, in a newspaper, I hope that the danger is past, but I have not for three or four days read much in the papers, and do not know the state of things there..."

Finally, mentions possibility of going to China on business for Mr. Delano of Newburgh, New York.

Box: 3 Fold: 39 S. Helen Moore
September 29, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/29/1854, with envelope and transcription of verse enclosed) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin S. Helen Moore. Reference to death of Ariana Walker.

Box: 3 Fold: 40 S. Helen Moore
November 26, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/26/1854) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin S. Helen Moore. Reference to death of Ariana Walker and to the coming ordination of Mr. Conway.

Box: 3 Fold: 41 S. Helen Moore
January 9, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 1/9/1855) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin S. Helen Moore. Reference to Ariana Walker, Mr. Conway, and to quitting her work as teacher at "the colored school...I might have many schools yet that would be first among them in my love and thoughts. I confess now I have expended more for it, tho' you know I am by no means rich, than I ever received. Our funds were low & would permit me no increased compensation. And lastly, four miles in the wintry weather was more than my health would endure - joined to our unsparing (to ourselves) method of teaching. The duties of the school are by no means all, for the homes have to be visited and the parents taught likewise in other ways. It was indeed a cross to relinquish my labor in this promising field, but it was presented me and I must needs bear it cheerfully. Meanwhile all I can gain in knowledge thro' teaching & other ways will enrich me for them if I can ever return..."

Reference also to attending a gathering at the home of popular novelist Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth (1819-99).

Box: 3 Fold: 42 S. Helen Moore
Postmarked November 4, 1855?

DESCRIPTION: ALS (undated, with envelope postmarked 11/4/1855? Page missing?) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin S. Helen Moore. Reference to spending time with Mr. Conway at home of Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth whose last novel, ("The Missing Bride" 1855) "...has passed thro' 5 editions in two weeks..." and who, according to Moore, "feels a deep interest" in Sanborn. Also mentions the progress of Conway after his election as pastor; and receiving a "very loving and interesting letter" from Mary Frank Littlehale about her visit to England and Europe.

Box: 3 Fold: 43 Mary Ann Peabody
May 11, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 5/11/1856) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Mary Ann Peabody, with news of illness of Mrs. Walker (mother of Ariana Walker?).

Box: 3 Fold: 44 Helen M. Sanborn
October 15, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 10/15/1852) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his sister Helen M. Sanborn writing from home in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

Box: 3 Fold: 45 Helen M. Sanborn
November 5, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/5/1852) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Helen M. Sanborn. Reference to their brother Charles Sanborn who seems likely to settle in Boston. Mentions receiving a note from Sarah Cram. Also reference to election of Franklin Pierce as 14th U.S. president: "...so we are to have Gen. Pierce for our next president. There is a great shortening of some faces and a corresponding elongation of others at this result..."

Box: 3 Fold: 46 George C. Sawyer
October 16, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 10/16/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer. Refers to his studies in Greek, and expresses an opinion on Mr. Hoyt (J.G. Hoyt, with whom Sanborn also studied Greek at Exeter).

Box: 3 Fold: 47 George C. Sawyer
December 16, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 12/16/1955, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer. Reference to "the Academy" (Phillips Academy?) in Exeter and to Mr. Hoyt (J.G. Hoyt), and to various Harvard classmates including Edwin Morton, Francis C. Barlow and Perkins.

Box: 3 Fold: 48 George C. Sawyer
January 11, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 1/11/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer, describing his new life as tutor(?) at the Phillips(?) Academy in Exeter. Reference also J.G. Hoyt and to Edwin Morton.

Box: 3 Fold: 49 George C. Sawyer
February 25, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 2/25/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer with news about Exeter. Reference to writings of Carlyle (Thomas Carlyle?) and to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Also refers to Edwin Morton.

Box: 3 Fold: 50 George C. Sawyer
April 20, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 4/20/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer. Reference to teaching Greek at the Phillips Academy in Exeter. Also mentions Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Hiawatha." Reference to J.G. Hoyt: "...Mr. Hoyt, as perhaps you know, has received an (sic.) proposal to be one of the editors of a Republican paper, to be published at Cleveland during the coming Presidential campaign. The men who are undertaking to establish the paper are the leading Republicans, Seward (William Henry Seward (1801-72) senator), Giddings (Joshua Reed Giddings (1795-1864, congressman and abolitionist), etc....".

Reference also to Theodore Parker whose lecture in Exeter "was well received and enjoyed by many who differ widely from his general views, and even from portions of the lecture itself. I wont (sic.) undertake to count how many men there are in this country who could have kept so variously constituted an audience attentive for two hours, and without notes. The heart of the country is moved, and still moving. Might there not be hope for Fremont (John Charles Fremont) as our next president, as the Republican candidate?..."

Includes news of Edwin Morton who was apparently engaged to marry Gerrit Smith's daughter.

Also addresses the popular interest in spiritualism: "...Have you seen anything at all of the phenomena of table tipping, rapping &c, miscalled spiritual communications? Or have you taken enough interest in a matter, which some persons, and I just at present of the number, feel called upon to come to some conclusion about, either of settled, satisfied (for the time being) ignorance or of a belief in its being caused by some such force little known as the Odylic force..."

Box: 3 Fold: 51 George C. Sawyer
May 12, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 5/12/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer with news of his work at the academy (Phillips?) in Exeter, and of J.G. Hoyt.

Box: 3 Fold: 52 George C. Sawyer
September 12, c.1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/12/1855?, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer, probably writing at the beginning of his first term as tutor at the (Phillips?) Academy in Exeter. Reference to colleague Mr. Hoyt (J.G. Hoyt, also a former tutor of Sanborn's).

Box: 3 Fold: 53 George C. Sawyer
September 30, 18?

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/30/18?, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer, recounting the last weeks of his summer vacation - an excursion into Vermont. Reference to J.G. Hoyt, to Sanborn's work for the Kansas Free State, and to John Charles Fremont.

Box: 3 Fold: 54 George C. Sawyer
November 15, 18?

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/15/18?, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George C. Sawyer, with news of his teaching experiences at the (Phillips?) Academy in Exeter.

Box: 3 Fold: 55 Frederick A. Smith
September 25, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/25/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Frederick A. Smith, sending condolences on the death of Ariana Walker and reminiscing about his acquaintance with her as a cousin and friend. Enclosed also is Smith's calling card (with envelope).

Box: 3 Fold: 56 George H. Stevens
June 27, 1853

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 6/27/1853, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Harvard classmate George H. Stevens. Reference to Exeter and Harvard classmates Willard Bliss, Edwards (?) and Brown (?). Describes his summer travels to Newark (New Jersey) and other places on the East Coast. Reference also to Wendell Phillips and desire to hear him lecture, as well as to Harriet Beecher Stowe's book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

Box: 3 Fold: 57 Lucy Thayer
November 1, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/1/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer. Reference to death of Ariana Walker, illness of Catharine Cram, and to other acquaintances including the Walker family and Charles Sanborn.

Box: 3 Fold: 58 Lucy Thayer
December 3, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 12/3/1854 and continued on 12/7/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer. Reference to Lyceum lectures in Nashua, New Hampshire: "...the first was by Henry Ward Beecher upon the Ministry of the Beautiful. He said one thing that was very true. How many beautiful things there are in nature around us that are passed by unnoticed and some persons would gaze with delight upon a picture and exclaim how beautiful it was, when they had passed the very spot that the picture was taken from and thought only of the wet, disagreeable walking. The next lecture is to be by Mr. Solger a German, upon the state of Europe which I think he might make very interesting..."

Reference to birthday of Ariana Walker.

Box: 3 Fold: 59 Lucy Thayer
January 10, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 1/10/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer. Reference to death of Mr. Walker (father of Ariana Walker), and illness of his wife, Mrs. Walker. Mentions a lecture by reformer and women's rights advocate Lucy Stone (1818-1893) given for Thayer's reading circle.

Box: 3 Fold: 60 Lucy Thayer
March 4, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 3/4/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer, expressing regret at news of illness of Mrs. Walker (mother of Ariana Walker?). Reference to visit from Mrs. Cram and Martha. Also reference to George Walker, brother of Ariana Walker. Mentions reading and enjoying the works of Bayard Taylor (1825-1878).

Box: 3 Fold: 61 Lucy Thayer
March 26, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 3/26/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer. Reference to a new school in Nashua, about which Sanborn had apparently inquired in a previous letter. Reference also to mutual acquaintances Mrs. Walker and Mary Ann Peabody.

Box: 3 Fold: 62 Lucy Thayer
September 18, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/18/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer, proposing a meeting in Nashua. Reference also to the Walker family.

Box: 3 Fold: 63 Lucy Thayer
November 11, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/11/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer, with news of a recent visit to Peterborough where she visited the Walker family and reminiscences of Ariana Walker. Reference also to illness of Sarah Cram. Mentions also other acquaintances including Dr. and Mrs. Smith and Kate Smith. Reference to hearing a lecture by William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879) abolitionist and journalist: "...William L. Garrison lectured on Anti Slavery in Keene. I like to hear anyone so earnest and zealous on their subject although I did not agree with him in all his views...."

Other lecturers scheduled at the Lyceum include: "...Rev. E.H. Chapin delivers the first (lecture), the next is a poem by Suze, then a lecture from Bayard Taylor, Holmes, Phillips, Huntington, King etc...."

Box: 3 Fold: 64 Lucy Thayer
January 13, 1856

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 1/13/1856, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Lucy Thayer, with news that she has received a letter from Mary Ann Peabody to say that Mrs. Walker's health has improved. Reference also to improvement of Sarah Cram's health and to Helen Moore. Mentions not having read the latest poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, referring probably to "The Song of Hiawatha" (1855). Also mentions wishing to read works by Mary Ashton Rice Livermore (1820-1905), abolitionist, lecturer and suffragist.

Box: 3 Fold: 65 Florence Ellen Titton (sp?)
November 14, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/14/1852, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Florence Ellen Titton (sp?). Reference to attending lessons given by Sarah Cram.

Box: 3 Fold: 66 Helen Wall
June 12, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 6/12/1855) to Franklin B. Sanborn from Helen Wall. Reference to Sanborn's school in Concord and to his proximity to Ralph Waldo Emerson: "...I trust your school is going on prosperously and that you find it pleasant as at first the afternoon walks with the wise Emerson must repay you for all the toils of the day, tho' the keeping pace with your class must added to your other duties invoke much fatigue..."

Box: 3 Fold: 67 George A Wentworth
January 15, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 1/15/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from friend George A. Wentworth, regarding tuition at Harvard College. Reference also to the "Academy" in Exeter (presumably the Phillips Academy?) where Wentworth has been studying, and to J.G. Hoyt who has been invited to teach in Worcester for a higher salary.

Box: 3 Fold: 68 George A Wentworth
April 23, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 4/23/1855) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George A. Wentworth mentioning eagerness to attend Harvard College, but reciting, also, financial concerns.

Box: 3 Fold: 69 George A. Wentworth
May 6, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 5/6/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George A. Wentworth, writing about nearing the end of his education at the "Academy" in Exeter (Phillips Academy?), and concerns about upcoming final examinations. Reference also to financial prospects for entering Harvard College.

Box: 3 Fold: 70 George A. Wentworth
June 4, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 6/4/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George A. Wentworth, expressing more concerns about taking his final examinations at the Exeter (Phillips?) Academy. Reference also to local political news: "...The legislature meets on Wednesday next. The session will be very interesting. It is difficult to predict who will be senator. Frank Clarke has a good chance to be one. I hope men will represent us who belong to Charles Sumner's backbone party..."

Box: 3 Fold: 71 George A. Wentworth
July 2, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 7/2/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George A. Wentworth. Description of celebration by the Golden Branch, a literary society of which Wentworth was a member. Reference also to the election of Senators John Bell (1797-1869) and John Parker Hale (1806-1873): "...You have seen that Bell & Hale are elected senators; I should have preferred Hale for the long term, but I am content with the revolution, and will not find fault with the election. I doubt not Bell will be found true to his (past/post?), and a strong opponent to slavery..."

Also, reference to reading works of Thomas Carlyle: "...I took out his history of the French Revolution, and found it so dry to me then that I threw it aside, and resolved to have nothing to do with his works; about a year ago I got discussing the merits of Carlyle with Stephenson when he showed me a passage in one of his books that completely closed my mouth. I then read his article on Sir Walter Scott, and ever since I have placed him at the head of prose writers. I like his essays the best, Emerson (Ralph Waldo Emerson), I think takes the next place; his essay on Nature is the finest thing I ever read..."

Box: 3 Fold: 72 George A. Wentworth
August 21, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 8/21/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from George A. Wentworth requesting advice on whether or not to accept an offer for a teaching position at $22 for three months.

Box: 3 Fold: 73 The Misses Whitney
December 28, 18?

DESCRIPTION: Autograph invitation (with envelope) from the Misses Whitney to Franklin B. Sanborn.

Box: 3 Fold: 74 S.W. Young
September 19, 1853

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/19/1853, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from friend S.W. Young, reflecting on his education thus far and prospects for entering college, as well as possibility of being engaged to be married.

Box: 3 Fold: 75 S.W. Young
November 4, 1853

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/4/1853, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from S.W. Young, thanking Sanborn for sending him the catalog for Harvard College. although he is still undecided about attending college at all. Mentions planning to learn the trade of shoe-making in the winter "...as it seems by far the most lucrative employment in these parts..." and also because he is concerned about being able to care for his parents.

Also requests that Sanborn forward some books to him, including sermons by Theodore Parker.

Encloses an autograph poem signed and dated by Young (5/13/1853).

Box: 3 Fold: 76 S.W. Young
October 29, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 10/29/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from S.W. Young, expressing concern that the books he borrowed from Sanborn and attempted to return have been lost.

Box: 3 Fold: 77 Unidentified: Lucy / Louy / L.A.L. (Leavitt?)
February 7, 1855

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 2/7/1855, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin "Lucy" or "Louy." Pencil note on envelope indicates initials "L.A.L.," probably a member of the Leavitt family. Writes to thank Sanborn for sending books including one by John Ruskin. Reference also to attending opera performances including one by Italian soprano Giulia Grisi (1811-69), as well as hearing about a lecture by Henry Ward Beecher on patriotism which she did not attend, and a lecture by George Curtis. Also informs Sanborn of receiving a daguerreotype of Ariana Walker from Helen Moreton.

Box: 3 Fold: 78 Unidentified: Sarah Jane (Leavitt?)
November 2, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/2/1852, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his cousin Sarah Jane. Possibly the sister of Lucy/Louy in preceding letter (folder 3:77) who mentions Sarah Jane; and both are likely members of the Leavitt family. Writes of domestic news from Hampton Falls and mentions at the end the progress of presidential elections involving Franklin Pierce (1804-1869) and Winfield Scott (1786-1866).

Box: 3 Fold: 79 Unidentified: S.E.S. (Sarah Elizabeth Sanborn?)
May 4 or May 9, 18?

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 5/4/1850, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from his sister Sarah Elizabeth Sanborn, signed, S.E.S., concerning her assistance to him and expressing her disappointment that instead Sandborn had accepted assistance from George Walker.

Box: 3 Fold: 80 Unidentified: Unsigned
September 12, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 9/12/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn. An unsigned letter of condolence on the death of Ariana Walker.

Box: 3 Fold: 81 Unidentified: (Signature Unclear)

DESCRIPTION: 2 ALS (dated 9/27/1852? and 4/19/1853) to Franklin B. Sanborn; signature unclear. The writer expresses well wishes for Sanborn's academic life at Harvard College and advises him to guard his health with care. Also asks if Sanborn would write a hymn for his ordination service.

Box: 3 Fold: 82 Unidentified: "Bud"
June 30, 1854

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 6/30/1854, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn from "Bud," with news from the Phillips Academy (?) in Exeter and the progress of his studies.

Box: 3 Fold: 83 Unidentified
November 28, 1852

DESCRIPTION: ALS (dated 11/28/1852, with envelope) to Franklin B. Sanborn, signed "Anna's Lallie" (?), with reference to a translation of the German poet Wolfgang Muller.

Box: 3 Fold: 84 Harvard College

DESCRIPTION: Various autograph and printed items pertaining to Franklin B. Sanborn's student days at Harvard College:

- Membership acknowledgement letter to Sanborn from the Harvard Natural History Society, dated 11/8/1853.

- First term bill receipt for the sum of $51.38, dated 1/19/1853.

- Autograph note signed by J.G. Hoyt (who tutored Sanborn privately for a time), dated 8/10/1852: "...This may certify that the Bearer Frank B. Sanborn, has "revised & corrected" his knowledge of Beck's Metres of Horace..."

- Permission from C.C. Felton to Sanborn to make up an omitted exercise, dated 9/26/1853.

- ALS from Sanborn to the president of Harvard College petitioning for financial aid, dated 10/25/1852.

- Printed course schedule for the second term at Harvard College, 1953-54.