Box: 10 Fold: 1 Dinner for Horace Porter

DESCRIPTION: 1 printed menu: "Dinner in honour of General Horace Porter and Admiral Dewey by The Merchants Club of Chicago, Saturday, December the ninth nineteen hundred and five, The Auditorium."

Box: 10 Fold: 2 Dinner: Horace Porter Spoke

DESCRIPTION: 1 printed program: The New England Society in the City of New York, 100th Annual Festival, December twenty-second, 1905." Horace Porter delivered a speech entitled "Diplomacy and Puritanism."

Box: 10 Fold: 3 Dinner for Horace Porter

DESCRIPTION: 1 printed menu: "Naval Order of the United States, New York Commandery, Dinner in Honour of general Horace Porter , President of the Navy League of the United States, Delmonicos, February Sixth, 1906."

Box: 10 Fold: 4 Biographical Material on Horace Porter

DESCRIPTION: 1 printed pamphlet: "Horace Porter: April 15, 1837-May 29, 1921. Proceedings in Memory of Horace Porter" (New York: Union League Club, October 1921). Also, 1 printed item (copy): "Biography of General Horace Porter" (27 pages).

Box: 10 Fold: 5 Newspaper Clippings Re: Horace Porter
5/10/1862 - 4/1956

DESCRIPTION: Newspaper clippings about Horace Porter. Of interest: The 5/10/1862 issue of "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper" with coverage of Fort Pulaski. Also of note: 4/1956 "Time" article regarding Porter's search for the body of John Paul Jones.

Box: 10 Fold: 6 Elsie Porter Mende's Notebook

DESCRIPTION: Elsie Porter Mende's notebook. Also, 3 printed cards, 1 of which is an invitation to the wedding of Elsie Porter to Dr. Edwin Mende in Paris.

Box: 10 Fold: 7 Mende - Carlisle Barracks
6/10/1976 - 5/17/1977

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence regarding an award in memory of Horace Porter. Correspondents include Horace Porter Mende, U.S. Army (Carlisle Barracks), and Colonel Henry K. McHarg III.

Box: 10 Fold: 8 Mende - U.S. Grant Assoc.
11/17/1972 - 9/2/1973

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Horace Porter Mende and the Ulysses S. Grant Association, regarding research for the publication of "The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant."

Box: 10 Fold: 9 Mende - U.S. Grant III
7/31/1964 - 8/15/1964

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Horace Porter Mende and U.S. Grant III, regarding the whereabouts of manuscript material of Horace Porter.

Box: 10 Fold: 10 Mende - Historical Society of PA

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence regarding depositing the Horace Porter Papers in a historical repository. Correspondents include the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge, Horace Porter Mende, and Alice Griswold.

Box: 10 Fold: 11 Mende - Helen J. Kelly
4/5/1961 - 6/14/1961

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Edwin Mende and Helen J. Kelly regarding Porter Family genealogical information.

Box: 10 Fold: 12 Mende - Library of Congress
6/13/1938 - 10/18/1948

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence regarding the deposit of the Horace Porter Papers at the Library of Congress. Correspondents include Horace Porter Mende and Austin Roe Preston (American Consul General, Zurich, Switzerland).

Box: 10 Fold: 13 Mende - Macmillan Co.
11/29/1957 - 12/6/1957

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence of Macmillan Company requesting contact information for Elsie Porter Mende.

Box: 10 Fold: 14 Mende - National Park Service
3/7/1980 - 7/9/1980

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Horace Porter Mende and National Park Service regarding Horace Porter artifacts.

Box: 10 Fold: 15 Mende - Naval Academy
11/20/1953 - 2/9/1954

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Horace Porter Mende and U.S. Naval Academy Museum regarding research materials relating to John Paul Jones.

Box: 10 Fold: 16 Mende - Navy Department
10/12/1973 - 1/9/1974

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence between Horace Porter Mende and U.S. Navy Department regarding research materials on John Paul Jones.

Box: 10 Fold: 17 Porter, Andrew
11/26/1785 - 3/29/1921

DESCRIPTION: 1 undated engraving of Andrew Porter (1743-1813). Also, 1 Autograph Letter Signed (photocopy) dated 3/29/1921 to General Horace Porter, regarding a document by one of his ancestors. And, 1 document (photocopy) dated 11/26/1785 signed by Andrew Porter, regarding a payment.

Box: 10 Fold: 18 Porter, Andrew

DESCRIPTION: 1 document signed by Andrew Porter, regarding completion of the northern boundary line of the state of Pennsylvania. Dated Philadelphia, 11/28/1787.

Box: 10 Fold: 19 Porter Coat of Arms

DESCRIPTION: 1 engraving: Porter Family coat of arms.

Box: 10 Fold: 20 Musical Score

DESCRIPTION: 1 printed musical score: "Gov. [David Rittenhouse, 1788-1834, Gov. of Pennsylvania] Porter's March as performed by the Military Bands. Composed & arranged for the Piano by Stephen Glover."

Box: 11 Fold: 1 Invitation

DESCRIPTION: Invitation to General Horace Porter to meet with members of the New York Commandery of the Loyal Legion at a banquet before he departs U.S. to assume post as U.S. Ambassador to France. In black leather folder.

Box: 11 Fold: 2 Certificate - Bunker Hill Monument Assoc.

DESCRIPTION: Certificate of honorary membership for Horace Porter in the Bunker Hill Monument Association.

Box: 11 Fold: 3 Degree - Harvard

DESCRIPTION: Honorary degree from Harvard University granted to Horace Porter.

Box: 11 Fold: 4 Certificate - Medal of Honor

DESCRIPTION: Certificate of Medal of Honor Legion to Horace Porter. Signed by Oliver Otis Howard.

Box: 11 Fold: 5 Military Certificates
8/16/1864 - 3/13/1865

DESCRIPTION: 3 commissions promoting Horace Porter to Colonel, Lieutenant, and Brigadier General. All 3 signed by both Andrew Johnson and Edwin M. Stanton.

Box: 11 Fold: 6 Certificates - MOFW & SAR
4/17/1891 - 4/13/1897

DESCRIPTION: 1 certificate dated 4/13/1897 to Horace Porter from Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States. Also, 1 certificate dated 4/17/1891 to Horace Porter from the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Box: 11 Fold: 7 Military Certificates
4/11/1862 - 5/6/1864

DESCRIPTION: 2 military certificates regarding Horace Porter's promotions to Major and Captain. Signed by Andrew Johnson and Edwin M. Stanton.

Box: 11 Fold: 8 Certificate & Degree
2/6/1868 - 6/1906

DESCRIPTION: 1 certificate of membership dated 2/6/1868 for Horace Porter to the Society of the Army of the Cumberland; signed by Philip Henry Sheridan. Also, 1 honorary degree dated 6/1906 granted to Horace Porter by Princeton University; signed by Woodrow Wilson.

Box: 11 Fold: 9 Certificate - Ordre National

DESCRIPTION: Certificate conferring U.S. Ambassador to France Horace Porter the Grand Croix of l'Ordre National de la Legion d'Honneur.

Box: 11 Fold: 10 Certificates & Degree
6/1/1860 - 6/24/1908

DESCRIPTION: 1 certificate dated 6/1/1860: Honorary Membership for Horace Porter in the Dialectic Society, United States Military Academy. 1 degree dated 1860 granted to Horace Porter by the United States Military Academy, West Point. Also, 1 certificate dated 1908.

Box: 12 Fold: 1 Sword

DESCRIPTION: 1 sword (made in France) with mother-of-pearl grip and engraved on the scabbard: "Presented to General Horace Porter by his Staff, Grand Marshal Inaugural Parade Washington, D.C. March 4th, 1897.

Box: 12 Fold: 2 Sword - Fort Pulaski

DESCRIPTION: 1 sword with ivory grip and metal Eagle pommel (probably American made) captured from the Confederates at the fall of Fort Pulaski and presented to Horace Porter. Engraved on the scabbard is the following: "Fort Pulaski April 11th, 1862, Gen. Q. A. Gilmore to Lieut. Horace Porter, For gallant and meritorious conduct."

Box: 12 Fold: 3 Sword

DESCRIPTION: 1 sword and scabbard, marked on the blade "Artilleria Fabrica de Toledo ano de 1882.

Box: 12 Fold: 4 Sword - Civil War
1861 - 1865

DESCRIPTION: 1 sword and scabbard, much used, probably General Horace Porter's "working" sword during the Civil War.

Box: 12 Fold: 5 Sterling Cup

DESCRIPTION: 1 sterling (925 fine) loving cup (7" high), engraved: "Presented to Gen. Horace Porter by the Veterans of the Civil War on the occasion of laying the corner stone of Memorial Hall, October 2nd 1908, erected by the citizens of Allegheny County, Penn."

Box: 12 Fold: 6 Sterling Cup

DESCRIPTION: 1 sterling cup (7" high) with three stag horn handles, marked May 5th, 1897/ General Horace Porter/ and an engraved portrait of the General. On the bottom is "From Grenville M. Dodge." Grenville Mellen Dodge (1831-1916) was a civil engineer, railroad builder and politician, who had a distinguished military career as both a soldier and engineer during the Civil War.

Box: 12 Fold: 7 Sterling Cup

DESCRIPTION: 1 three armed Tiffany & Co. sterling (925 fine) loving cup (9" high), engraved: "This Cup will ever bear testimony to the esteem and affection in which is held General Horace Porter by those who composed his Staff on the occasion when he, Grand Marshall of the great parade of the Business Men's Republican and Sound Money Association in the City of New York, October 31st, 1896 marched upwards of one hundred thousand past the reviewing stand at Fifth Avenue and Twenty Fourth Street in Seven and one half hours - an unprecedented record." The names are engraved between the two other arms.

Box: 12 Fold: 8 Batton

DESCRIPTION: 1 ivory and gold gilt batton with a central plaque engraved: "Presented by the Business Mens Republican and Sound Money Association to General Horace Porter, Grand Marshall Business Mens parade October 31st, 1896."

Box: 12 Fold: 9 Album

DESCRIPTION: 1 album with covers of silver, and on the front cover in relief is the American eagle clutching enameled ovals of the French and American flags, below which is the following inscription: "A souvenir to General Horace Porter LLD from many of his friends of the Union League Club on the occasion of his departure as Ambassador to the Republic of France New York May 3rd 1897." With 18 vellum pages with painted miniature reproductions of the menu, a list of of toasts, and 16 pages of signatures of his many notable friends, including President William McKinley, John Sherman, Elihu Root, Thomas Nast, U.S. Grant Jr., and Whitelaw Reid, among others. It reads like a "Who's Who" of New York of the time.

Box: 12 Fold: 10 Sterling Cup

DESCRIPTION: 1 sterling silver loving cup (6" high) and in relief is the presentation: "Horace Porter from the Montauk Club, May 1, 1897."

Box: 12 Fold: 11 Flask

DESCRIPTION: 1 sterling silver and glass flask (6 1/2" high, 3 1/2" wide, 1/2 pint) with "Chairman of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company, a Mark of Esteem by his Fellow Directors, May 1897; and the name Horace Porter appearing on the reverse.

Box: 12 Fold: 12 Badge

DESCRIPTION: 1 sterling silver clip badge (approx. 3" x 2") on the front of which is engraved: "General Horace Porter 'Every man should take off his hat when the starry flag moves by . . .'" On the reverse is engraved: "Dinner to General Benjamin Harrison, April 3rd, 1896, A.W.S."

Box: 12 Fold: 13 Binoculars

DESCRIPTION: 1 pair of binoculars in original leather case, circa 1897. The binoculars are covered in mother-of-pearl. A few small pieces of the mother-of-pearl have chipped off.

Box: 12 Fold: 14 Metal Tube

DESCRIPTION: 1 seventeen inch metal tube on which is painted: "Brevet Brigadier General Horace Porter". The tube contained his appointment document.

Box: 12 Fold: 15 Hat Box

DESCRIPTION: 1 painted black metal hat box, circa 1860.

Box: 12 Fold: 16 General's Cloth Ceremonial Hat

DESCRIPTION: 1 General's ceremonial hat with plumes [in display cabinet], together with two large ceremonial epaulets, last worn by General Horace Porter at a Court ball at St. Petersburg in 1902. They also appear to have been worn by General Porter in his portrait.