Box: 1 Fold: 1 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Bernard ________ ? 1905-1
DATE SPAN: 06/29/1905 - 12/31/1907

DESCRIPTION: Letters, mostly from "Salem," but one from Ireland where Bernard had just gone on the S.S. Arabic of White Star Line. Personal matters.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Clare of S.S.S., 1902-1909
DATE SPAN: 04/11/1902 - 11/11/1909

DESCRIPTION: Letters received from a nun at "Carmel," Caroline & Biddle, Baltimore. Nothing mundane is ever covered in these letters; they are entirely exalted.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters received from Cora Crampton, 190
DATE SPAN: 04/30/1907 - 12/25/1910

DESCRIPTION: Letters received from Cora Crampton.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from William T. Connolly, 1896-1
DATE SPAN: 06/16/1896 - 05/30/1916

DESCRIPTION: Connolly wrote always from Lowell, Mass., over the entire twenty years.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from F. J. Danahy, 1904-1910
DATE SPAN: 12/20/1904 - 12/23/1910

DESCRIPTION: Danahy was apparently a secular priest in Newton Upper Falls, MA.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Sister M. Augustine Foisy,
DATE SPAN: 12/22/1906 - 10/23/1911

DESCRIPTION: She wrote always in French, always from the Convent of the Visitation, next door.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Eliza & Ellen Jenkins, 1905
DATE SPAN: 07/15/1905 - 07/23/1908

DESCRIPTION: These letters all came from "Edgewood," Roland Park P.O., Baltimore.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Col. D.S. Lamson, 1906-1910
DATE SPAN: 11/17/1906 - 03/28/1910

DESCRIPTION: Lamson wrote from Weston, MA.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Rebecca Ord Peshine, 1905-1
DATE SPAN: 02/20/1905 - 02/21/1926

DESCRIPTION: Mrs. Peshine was obviously well-to-do, lived in Santa Barbara, and sometimes wrote from Europe or while visitng Washington.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Susie C. Scruggs, 1905-1907
DATE SPAN: 01/29/1905 - 10/02/1907

DESCRIPTION: Letters from Susie C. Scruggs.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Ltrs re John H. Drury, a man in his 90s
DATE SPAN: 03/04/1911 - 03/25/1914

DESCRIPTION: Fr. Shandelle got mixed up in this because Mr. Drury, a well-to-do but eccentric man about ninety-four, ended up in Georgetown Hospital two or three times. Sheahan was Drury's nephew, in Chicago, whom Shandelle obviously kept informed. Drury died in 1914.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Margaretta Symons, 1906-190
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1906 - 12/31/1909

DESCRIPTION: Symons was a Catholic who wrote generally pious letters to Fr. Shandelle. Included is an interesting one giving the impressions that Spain in 1907 made upon an American Catholic woman.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters from Dora V., 1905-1907
DATE SPAN: 07/29/1905 - 12/31/1907

DESCRIPTION: Letters Shandelle received from "Dora V."

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Misc. letters received, arranged alphabetically, A - C
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1905 - 12/31/1914

DESCRIPTION: These represent a wider variety of correspondents, fewer letters from each, but from all over the world--India, St. Moritz, various nunneries, businesses--some with interesting letterhead.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 Letters, misc., received from D - H, 1896-1907
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1896 - 12/31/1907

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Misc. letters from I - M, 1903-1907
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1903 - 12/31/1907

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Misc. letters from N - P. 1899-1908
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1899 - 12/31/1908

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Misc. letters received from S - Z, 1906-1918
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1906 - 12/31/1918

Box: 2 Fold: 1 Misc. letters from unidentified correpsondents, ca 1907
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1907 - 12/31/1907

Box: 2 Fold: 2 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters sent (copies) 1892-1911
DATE SPAN: 07/17/1892 - 08/27/1911

DESCRIPTION: Most are to the president of Georgetown, most often sent by Shandelle when he was out of town.

Box: 2 Fold: 3 Annual conference, National Education Assn., summer 1898
DATE SPAN: 04/30/1898 - 12/31/1898

DESCRIPTION: Shandelle was charged with, or took upon himself the responsibility for, an exhibition at the above meeting. He decided upon an exhibition which would at the same time add books to the library. Thus he wrote to many Jesuit institutions throughout the world seeking pedagogical works that he could use in the exhibit.

Box: 2 Fold: 4 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Letters & telegrams of congratulation
DATE SPAN: 08/01/1915 - 08/31/1915

DESCRIPTION: Letters and telegrams received on his Golden Jubilee.

Box: 2 Fold: 5 Letters and cards of congratulation rec'd on Golden Jubilee, 1915
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1915 - 08/31/1915

Box: 2 Fold: 6 Telegrams received on Gold Jubilee, 1915
DATE SPAN: 08/01/1915 - 08/31/1915

Box: 2 Fold: 7 Memorabilia of two jubilees, 1904 and 1915
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1904 - 08/31/1915

DESCRIPTION: Cards (in Latin) printed by Georgetown adm and faculty for Shandelle's 50th jubilee in the Society, an illustrated cloth from the Sisters of St. Dominic on the same occasion, and a printed ribbon, silver on light blue, commemorating Shandelle's sacerdotal silver jubilee, 1904. The cloth items are artifacts capturing some of the feeling of Church aesthetics of the early 20th c.

Box: 2 Fold: 8 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Lecture Notebooks - History
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1899 - 12/31/1910

DESCRIPTION: Two bound notebooks, in boards, titled History. Lectures. I and II. These are lectures for Georgetown classes in which Shandelle deals with the philosophy of history and with historiography. The terms he used were history of history and criticism. His sources are only lightly mentioned in passing but it is obvious that the lectures are derived from secondary sources almost in their entirety.

Box: 2 Fold: 9 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Teaching Notebooks, History and German
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1899 - 12/31/1908

DESCRIPTION: Two bound notebooks, in boards. One is History. I. Materials., largely an outline of the field of history and a bibliography, incl. H.B.Adams, J. F. Jameson, Herder, Carlyle, Fustel de Coulanges, and Taine. Mostly blank pages. The second is a class notebook from Freshman German, 1907-1908, with a monthly report on the grades, by different tasks, of each of the 7 students.

Box: 2 Fold: 10 Shandelle, Rev. Henry J., SJ: Misc.: clippings, photos, printed mat'l
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1825 - 06/22/1911

DESCRIPTION: Contains a far-flung miscellany: a souvenir of the coronation of King George V in 1911; list of grad students at Trinity College, Wash DC: list of students at Georgetown Convent of the Visitation; hair of a small boy who died in 1825; photo of an unidentified lady ca. 1890; banquet program from the New York Catholic Club, 1907; printed excerpts from a Shandelle lecture, 1899; his father's obituary, Baltimore, 1898; story and biographical sketch (including names of all his family) for his 25th jubilee as a priest.