Box: 1 Fold: 1 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Records of Bohemia, 1790-1799
DATE SPAN: 07/01/1790 - 12/24/1799

DESCRIPTION: This is a significant diary, ledger, or record book, kept first (and best) by Fr. Beeston, later by others. Partly in French, it records farm activities, gives some data on the sawmill, and lists clothing given to slaves. There is a smattering of information from the nineteenth century.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Correspondence with Old Bohemia Hist Soc
DATE SPAN: [08/12/1954]? - [07/30/1964]?

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence, mostly invitations, from the Old Bohemia Historical Society, Inc. to staff at Georgetown, and their responses.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Correspondence, incoming, alphabetically
DATE SPAN: 02/01/1878 - 03/12/1965

DESCRIPTION: Misc. correspondence, mostly incoming, concerning the history of Bohemia.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Original Sources; MSS about
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1886 - 12/31/1915

DESCRIPTION: Misc. documents: vows by John Hogan, Pew rent book from Bohemia and Middleton, DE; catalogue of books at Bohemia Manor; notes taken at Baltimore Cathedral in 1898 re late 18th c. at Bohemia Manor.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: MS of article on, published in Records of Am Ca
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1913 - 07/01/1913

DESCRIPTION: MS of article that Rev. E.I. Devitt, SJ, had published in the Records of the American Catholic Historical Society, June, 1913, "Missions of St. Francis Xavier, Cecil County, Maryland."

Box: 1 Fold: 6 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Printed Matter On
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1912 - 12/31/1963

DESCRIPTION: Color picture postcards of the church, invitations to dedication, guidebooks to the church, Old Bohemia Historical Society Newsletter, flyers, photographs of the cross.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 MD Prov Coll: Bohemia: Clippings about
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1895 - 12/31/1970

DESCRIPTION: Clippings, mostly from newspapers, including some photographs.

Box: 2 Fold: 1 MD Prov Coll: Conewago, PA: Misc. financial records, chronologically
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1876 - 12/31/1893

DESCRIPTION: Scattered financial records, reports on church construction and/or enlargement, and powers of attorney.

Box: 2 Fold: 2 MD Prov Coll: Conewago: Correspondence, arranged chronologically
DATE SPAN: 03/13/1845 - 09/21/1962

DESCRIPTION: Conewago, PA, mission, correspondence, arranged chronologically.

Box: 2 Fold: 3 MD Prov Coll: Conewago: Manuscripts
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1828 - 12/31/1937

DESCRIPTION: Small quantity of misc notes. Most interesting is an unidentified drawing of a double-spired church, dated 1828. May have been adapted for one of the Pennsylvania churches. Other notes are later excerpts from publications and lists of materials in Province Archives.

Box: 2 Fold: 4 MD Prov Coll: Conewago and Missions: MSS on by Devitt and Smith
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1895]? - [12/31/1920]?

DESCRIPTION: These are ca 20 page typed MSS with histories of Conewago and the missions. First written by E.I. Devitt, SJ, they were in some cases borrowed, adapted, and extended by Mark J. Smith, SJ. They provide a good series of sketches as of the turn of the century.

Box: 2 Fold: 5 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Devitt & Smith MSS on it & Missions
DATE SPAN: 05/31/1919 - 05/31/1919

DESCRIPTION: Similar to immediately preceding, but contains a lengthier MS (63 pp), "Conewago, 1721-1901: Notes and Suggestions for a History," by Mark J. Smith, SJ, New York, 31 May 1919, part of which was apparently published in Woodstock Letters.

Box: 2 Fold: 6 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Printed Material
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1892 - 01/08/1959

DESCRIPTION: Pamphlets and articles on Conewago, plus an early (ca. 1895) German-made postcard (all early postcards were published in Germany where the idea was first developed) with a photo of "Conawago Chapel." A "History of the Gubernator Family of Conewago, PA" from John T. Reily's book on Card. Gibbons.

Box: 2 Fold: 7 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Clippings
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1870]? - 03/19/1954

DESCRIPTION: Clippings mostly from newspapers in the area of Conewago, PA: Carlisle, Hanover, Gettysburg, Littlestown, and from "The Catholic Standard and Times."

Box: 2 Fold: 8 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Lilly Family genealogy
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1885 - 12/31/1885

DESCRIPTION: Apparently copied by hand from printed version in Box 2, Folder 6.

Box: 2 Fold: 9 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Mission at Carlisle, PA
DATE SPAN: 09/25/1704 - 05/28/1909

DESCRIPTION: Historical and genealogical inquiries to Devitt; one 1704 deed copy from Cumberland, Co., PA.

Box: 2 Fold: 10 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Gettysburg Mission
DATE SPAN: 07/15/1851 - 09/11/1953

DESCRIPTION: Melange of early MS material and late printed pamphlet on Gettysburg, PA, St. Francis Xavier Church.

Box: 2 Fold: 11 MD PROV COLL: Conewago: Paradise mission
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1833]? - [12/31/1833]?

DESCRIPTION: One document, recording death of an aged couple, the Hises, ca. 1833.

Box: 2 Fold: 12 MD PROV COLL: Goshenhoppen, PA, 1741-1889
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1895]? - [12/31/1932]?

DESCRIPTION: Misc. material on the Goshenhoppen Mission, founded in 1741, largely to serve German immigrants. The first pastor and a significant figure was Fr. Theodore Schneider, former Rector Magnificus of the Univ. of Heidelberg. This folder contains MS by E.I. Devitt, SJ, a few clippings, and a booklet published in 1932 on Goshenhoppen, which at different times was also called Churchville and Bally.

Box: 2 Fold: 13 MD PROV COLL: New Castle, PA - St. Mary's Congregation
DATE SPAN: 09/05/1927 - 09/05/1927

DESCRIPTION: The sole item is a booklet commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of the Congregation and the dedication of the new, third church. It has nothing directly to do with the Maryland Province nor the Pennsylvania missions. A Jesuit of the Province, Rev. Patrick H. Brennan, SJ, was a native of the city and honored at the time of the jubilee.

Box: 3 Fold: 1 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 06/03/1889 - 09/28/1964

DESCRIPTION: A small number of letters from and about Whitemarsh / Bowie. Whitemarsh was the original name and location with Bowie as a mission, but in time roles reversed and Whitemarsh was served from Bowie.

Box: 3 Fold: 2 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Iglehart family material
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1856 - 12/31/1931

DESCRIPTION: Contains a subscription list of those willing to contribute to replace the burned church at Whitemarsh (has some Iglehart names) along with other Iglehart family material--baptismal certificates (in French) from the 1860s, and pew rent receipts, 1856-1890.

Box: 3 Fold: 3 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Register of baptisms, marriages, etc
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1818 - 12/31/1895

DESCRIPTION: Formerly-bound ledger in boards, but binding now disintegrated. (An indexed typed transcription of baptismal section may be found in folder 4.) Burials listed are much later --1870s-1890s--than the baptisms which are only the first four years, 1818-1822.

Box: 3 Fold: 4 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: transcription of baptismal register
DATE SPAN: 12/06/1818 - 02/04/1822

DESCRIPTION: Typed transcription with index.

Box: 3 Fold: 5 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh: Visitor's Report by Peter Kenny, ca 1831
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1831]? - [12/31/1831]?

DESCRIPTION: This eleven-page set of "Memoranda" in Kenny's hand largely concerns the spiritual instruction of the novices who were being trained at Whitemarsh at that time. Following is an "Elenchus" in Latin summarizing the sixteen memoranda.

Box: 3 Fold: 6 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Baptismal Register, photocopy of
DATE SPAN: 07/06/1853 - 07/16/1872

DESCRIPTION: Photocopies (xeroxes) of Whitemarsh baptismal register. Inital entries by Fr. Dietz. This register mentions that the one in use from 1818 until 1832 was destroyed in a fire, a statement that does not seem accurate considering folder 3.

Box: 3 Fold: 7 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Diary, 1833-1836
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1833 - 08/31/1836

DESCRIPTION: Bound notebook in boards bearing the title, "Journal of Manuductor at White Marsh. . ." This person was the "straw boss" or leader from the novices who took his orders from the Master of the Novices. The journal begins in English, goes to Latin, changes hands several times, apparently includes entries by James A. Ward, F. Grivel, Wm. F. Clarke, Charles Stonestreet, and perhaps others. The journal reports daily minutiae of the Novices' lives.

Box: 4 Fold: 1 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Diary, 1853-1874; 1897-1904
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1853 - 12/31/1904

DESCRIPTION: Bound notebook within boards; contains not only handwritten entries, but a certain number of clippings pasted in. The entire notebook has been xeroxed and the copy is found in the following folder.

Box: 4 Fold: 2 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: photocopy of diary in previous foldr
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1853 - 12/31/1904

DESCRIPTION: Title describes it.

Box: 4 Fold: 3 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Diary, 1853-92; trans of Latin
DATE SPAN: 07/20/1981 - 07/20/1981

DESCRIPTION: Rev. John F. Hogan, Pastor of the Sacred Heart Church at Bowie, MD, did this translation of the Latin section of the Diary. (The remainder was already in English.)

Box: 4 Fold: 4 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Broadside for play, 1917
DATE SPAN: 06/06/1917 - 06/06/1917

DESCRIPTION: This is a broadside for a play, "Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard," given at White Marsh Hall. A domestic comedy, the performance was to be followed by a strawberry festival and dance, with food for sale--ice cream, custard, pies, etc.

Box: 4 Fold: 5 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: MS History
DATE SPAN: [11/25/1903]? - [12/31/1915]?

DESCRIPTION: Holds a ten-page typsescript history of Whitemarsh and Bowie from 1741 until 1915, with a list of the Jesuits who served it as Superiors. In addition, there are notes by Fr. James T. Gardiner, SJ, who participated in the 1903 move.

Box: 4 Fold: 6 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Bowie: Clippings, 1890-1969
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1890 - 12/31/1969

DESCRIPTION: Clippings, mostly from local newspapers, some from church newspapers, about Whitemarsh and, beginning in the 1950s, about Bowie, Belair, and the Levitts to whom the Jesuits sold much of the Whitemarsh land for development. Most of the Jesuits' former manor now lies under Bowie's tract houses.

Box: 4 Fold: 7 MD PROV COLL: Bowie: Diary, 1904-1919
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1904 - 12/31/1919

DESCRIPTION: After the mission moved from Whitemarsh to Bowie in 1903 the tail, in effect, began to wag the dog. Bowie, then comparatively thriving, and since grown into a huge tract development, completely overshadowed the much older Whitemarsh. Subsequently Bowie became the main parish and served Woodmore and Whitemarsh.

Box: 5 Fold: 1 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Marechal Controversy, 1790-1821
DATE SPAN: 05/26/1790 - 05/17/1821

DESCRIPTION: This and the two following folders contain letters and statements (and contemporary and modern copies) pertaining to the lengthy and complex controversy between Ambrose Marechal, Archbishop of Baltimore (1817-1828), and the Jesuits of Maryland over the rights to the income from properties the Jesuits received in the 18th c. Initially concerning several properties, it narrowed to an interest in Whitemarsh because that was closest to Baltimore, or that at least was the reason Marechal gave. The documents here are only a portion of all those pertaining to the controversy. See T. Hughes, SJ, "Hist of Society," Docs., V. 1, Pt 1, 386-600 for further documentation.

Box: 5 Fold: 2 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Marechal Controversy, 1822
DATE SPAN: 01/18/1822 - 12/23/1822

DESCRIPTION: See previous folder description. The year 1822 was the peak year of the struggle.

Box: 5 Fold: 3 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Marechal Controvery, 1824-38 & undated
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1824 - 12/31/1838

DESCRIPTION: This folder contains letters, notes, and MSS, from the above dates and undated, on the continuation of the controversy.

Box: 5 Fold: 4 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Marechal Controvery: printed material
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1822 - 12/31/1822

DESCRIPTION: This extensive printed material reflects the conclusions that "Propaganda" reached in June 1822, and includes supporting documents. Most of it is in Italian with short sections in Latin.

Box: 5 Fold: 5 MD PROV COLL: Whitemarsh / Marechal Controvery: Later notes & mat'ls
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1894]? - [12/31/1916]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains a copy of that portion of the Maryland Acts of 1894 that pertain to the Corp. of the Roman Catholic Clergymen that had been established in 1792. Folder also holds notes from E.I. Devitt, SJ.

Box: 5 Fold: 6 MD PROV COLL: Deed, Chas. Calvert to Peter Sayer, 1685
DATE SPAN: 06/01/1685 - 06/01/1685

DESCRIPTION: A warrant on parchment from Charles Calvert, via his agents Henry Darnall and William Digges, to Major Peter Sayer of Talbot Co., of 1,000 acres (?) of Worrall Manor in Cecil County on the south side of the Bohemia River, done at St. Mary's City, 1 June 1685.

Box: 5 Fold: 7 MD PROV COLL: Warrant, St. Mary's County, to Thomas Courtney
DATE SPAN: 05/25/1683 - 05/25/1683

DESCRIPTION: Warrant, stained along left edge, and stained and worn through along crease; about 75% legible, on parchment. Charles Calvert grants Thomas Courtney 400 or 500 hundred acres of land in St. Mary's Co. Refers to St. George's Woods and a branch of St. George's [Creek] and to a survey taken and returned into the Land Office of the City of St. Mary's on 24 April 1682. Apparently descended through and given by the Jenkins family.

Box: 5 Fold: 8 MD PROV COLL: Plat, Cabin Clock Land nr St. Thomas's Land, St. Mary's
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1780]? - [12/31/1820]?

DESCRIPTION: A sheet of paper with a plat showing a 202 acre piece of land, apparently called Cabin Clock, adjoining St. Thomas's Land, St. Mary's Co., Maryland. Probably descended in and given by the Jenkins family.

Box: 5 Fold: 9 MD PROV COLL: Courses (Bounds) of St. Thomas's Land, 1682
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1780]? - [12/31/1820]?

DESCRIPTION: Slip of paper from a later date describing in degrees the bound information given in the warrant in Box 5, Folder 7. Departs of a "Bound Maple" and also refers to a branch and to St. George's Woods. Probably descended in and given by the Jenkins family.

Box: 5 Fold: 10 MD PROV COLL: Bond for 2,000 lbs tobacco, St. Mary's Co., 1767
DATE SPAN: 09/04/1767 - 09/04/1767

DESCRIPTION: Bond of tobacco by Wm. Jarvis Kindrick to Joseph Jenkins for unstated reasons. Witnessed by John Jenkins and Thomas Jenkins. Contains the provision that if Kindrick and family move more than ten miles away from Jenkins and stay more than seven years the bond is to lapse.

Box: 5 Fold: 11 MD PROV COLL: Will, fragment of: Thomas Courtney Jenkins, 1757
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1757 - 11/01/1757

DESCRIPTION: Final portion of a will. Names appearing are William, Henry and Ignatius Jenkins; Jenkins and Mary Ann Hagar; and Jane Fenwick. Witnesses were Cornelius and Winifred Lynch. Will may have been probated in Baltimore County.

Box: 5 Fold: 12 MD PROV COLL: Will, Joseph Jenkins, 1774
DATE SPAN: 10/31/1774 - 10/31/1774

DESCRIPTION: Will apparently done in later life. Mentions two parcels of land that he thinks ought to be sold to meet debts--on the Bay side, one called part of Brushyneck and the other called Taylor's Chance. Also mentions St. Thomas's land, Deer Park, Vaughn, and Truth & Trust. Among his sons given bequests was Augustine (Austin) Jenkins, a Jesuit, to whom he gave 3 pounds, but no property; that went to the others.

Box: 5 Fold: 13 MD PROV COLL: patent of land: St. Margaret's, in St. Mary's Co., 1666
DATE SPAN: 05/07/1666 - 05/07/1666

DESCRIPTION: This is a 1782 copy of the patent to Walter Pake for 300 acres in St. Mary's Co., Maryland, called St. Margaret's, lying on the north side of Neveth [?] Creek. Mentions James Greenwell and Mordecai Hammond as past or present neighbors.

Box: 5 Fold: 14 MD PROV COLL: Patent for Wheatley's Addition, 1715
DATE SPAN: 02/21/1715 - 02/21/1715

DESCRIPTION: Report of a survey establishing a 100 tract in St. Mary's Co., Maryland, for Joseph Wheatley, called Wheatley's Addition, to be created from a 550 acre patent that had been issued to Wm. Maria Farthing in 1714. Was to be held from Calverton Manor.

Box: 5 Fold: 15 MD PROV COLL: Survey of "Truth & Trust," 1720
DATE SPAN: 08/15/1720 - 02/08/1721

DESCRIPTION: Survey done at the time "Truth & Trust" was being transferred to William Jenkins from William Maria Farthing. Apparently 422 acres were involved, subtracted from larger holdings that Farthing had put together from various named sources--Michael Jenifer Coaring, and John Greenwell. It lay in St. Mary's County on the east side of the St. Mary's River adjoining St. Thomas's Land, formerly held by Capt. Courtney.

Box: 5 Fold: 16 MD PROV COLL: St. Thomas's Land: Jenkins Family, 1743
DATE SPAN: 01/15/1743 - 01/15/1743

DESCRIPTION: Deed of gift from William and Mary Jenkins to their son, Michael, of "St. Thomas's Land," formerly held by Thomas Courtney, except that the 100 acres already given to Ann Jenkins is excluded.

Box: 5 Fold: 17 MD PROV COLL: Truth & Trust : Deed of sale, Wm. Jenkins to Joseph Jenk
DATE SPAN: 12/31/1750 - 12/31/1750

DESCRIPTION: Deed of sale whereby William Jenkins, for 10,000 lbs. of tobacco, sells a 200 acre parcel of Truth and Trust to Joseph Jenkins. Boundary references mention Courtney's Branch and Joseph Jenkins' land called Cabin Neck.