Box: 22 Fold: 28 Snapshots of DAL and others 1935 and 1938
DATE SPAN: [05/01/1935]? - 03/04/1938

DESCRIPTION: Contains three 1935 snapshots of TQW staff (handwriting on back probably Marian Prendergast's); 1938 snapshot of DAL and others; two additional snapshots of unidentified priest (also from 1938).

Box: 22 Fold: 29 Snapshots of DAL and others 1938-1948
DATE SPAN: 05/12/1938 - 12/08/1948

DESCRIPTION: Contains two 3 1/2" X 4 1/2" shots of DAL playing piano at Marian Prendergast's, dated May 12 1938; 3 1/2" X 5" shot of top of piano at Christmas (undated); 3 1/2" X 3" shot of DAL playing piano at Sodality reception Dec. 8, 1948.

Box: 22 Fold: 30 Snapshots of DAL with others
DATE SPAN: [09/01/1953]? - [12/31/1953]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 snapshots from "Sept or Oct 1953": portrait of DAL, DAL with Fr. Tom Walsh, DAL with Fr. Walsh and Sr. Mary Louise. Also contains 3 snapshots of DAL with others (Sr. Mary Joseph among them?).

Box: 22 Fold: 31 Snapshots of Fr. Lord and others, mostly others
DATE SPAN: [05/01/1954]? - [05/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains May, 1954 snapshots of DAL at piano at Ursuline College; also includes several snapshots of others, including Leelee Shippen, Sr. Mary Louis, and Sr. Marie Emanuel.

Box: 22 Fold: 32 Snapshots of DAL and others in color
DATE SPAN: 11/09/1953 - 02/01/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains two 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" yellowed color snapshots, one of DAL (1953) and one of unidentified woman (1954).

Box: 22 Fold: 33 Photo of DAL receiving Marian Award
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1954]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8" X 10" photo of Frs. Elbert and Renneker presenting DAL with Marian Award.

Box: 22 Fold: 34 Snapshots of DAL and others (Mary Dooling, etc)
DATE SPAN: [02/01/1932]? - 07/04/1940

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3" X 5" snapshot of DAL with Eleanor Rielly; 3" X 5" snapshot of Sr. Therese of Child Jesus; 3" X 4" snapshot of DAL with Mary Dooling, dated July 4, 1940.

Box: 22 Fold: 35 Photos of "Mary" with DAL
DATE SPAN: 10/12/1951 - 04/07/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains three 8" X 10" portraits of "Mary" (probably McDonald) dated 1951, plus one 8" X 10" photo of Mary at piano with DAL pointing to sheet music.

Box: 22 Fold: 36 Photo of Jean McLean
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1951]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8" X 10" photo of Jean McLean dancing role in DAL pageant (?); also includes 2 negative frames of Sr. Mary James.

Box: 22 Fold: 37 City of Freedom photos
DATE SPAN: 07/13/1951 - 07/24/1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains photos of DAL at piano in connection with City of Freedom pageant.

Box: 22 Fold: 38 Fantasy of the Passion photos
DATE SPAN: 04/05/1930 - 04/08/1930

DESCRIPTION: Contains seven 8" X 10" photos of production of Fantasy of the Passion; also includes program to same, plus Holy Family Church Parish Bulletin mentioning production.

Box: 22 Fold: 39 Joy for Jamaica photos and snapshots
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - 12/08/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains numerous 4" X 5" snapshots from Joy for Jamaica production, plus one 8" X 10" photo from same; also includes 2" X 3" snapshots of "Living Rosary" from Marian Year celebrations.

Box: 22 Fold: 40 Light Up the Land costuming
DATE SPAN: [11/01/1952]? - [11/15/1952]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains several photos of costumes as well as costume preparation for "Light Up the Land" pageant.

Box: 22 Fold: 41 Light Up the Land photographs
DATE SPAN: [11/01/1952]? - [11/15/1952]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8" X 10" photos of production of Light Up the Land.

Box: 22 Fold: 42 Light Up the Land photos II
DATE SPAN: [11/09/1952]? - [11/15/1952]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8" X 10" photos of production of Light Up the Land.

Box: 22 Fold: 43 Light Up the Land photos III
DATE SPAN: [11/01/1952]? - [11/15/1952]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 8" X 10" photos of production of Light Up the Land.

Box: 23 Fold: 1 Mother of Youth photographs
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1923]? - [12/31/1923]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains photos of production of Mother of Youth, including individual photos of leading cast members.

Box: 23 Fold: 2 Salute to Canada postcard photos
DATE SPAN: 07/27/1949 - 07/31/1949

DESCRIPTION: Contains postcards made from photos of scenes from Salute to Canada pageant.

Box: 23 Fold: 3 Salute to Canada photos
DATE SPAN: [07/01/1949]? - 07/31/1949

DESCRIPTION: Contains photos of rehearsals, preparation, and production of Salute to Canada pageant.

Box: 23 Fold: 4 Unidentified reproduction of photo
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1925]? - [12/31/1935]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN reproduction of photo of outdoor Mass.

Box: 23 Fold: 5 Negatives of DAL
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1930]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains two packets of DAL portrait negatives.

Box: 23 Fold: 6 Negatives of DAL mss/corr
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1935]? - [12/31/1940]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains negative of photo of DAL notes "Problem and Discussion"; negative of DAL correspondence to Sr. Mary Joseph concerning DAL's portrait to hang in GLCA.

Box: 23 Fold: 7 Negatives of DAL pamphlet covers
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1950]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains negatives of photos of various DAL pamphlet covers.

Box: 23 Fold: 8 Personal - Bio information
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1940]? - [12/31/1940]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains file card with DAL's birthdate and address, plus listing of selected publications ending at 1940.

Box: 23 Fold: 9 Personal - copy of ceremony of ordination
DATE SPAN: 06/27/1923 - 06/27/1923

DESCRIPTION: Contains booklet "The Ceremonies of Ordination to the Priesthood" signed by DAL with dates and times of ordination and first Mass.

Box: 23 Fold: 10 Personal - prayer cards, psalms
DATE SPAN: 01/25/1954 - 01/19/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN schedule of Retreat at St. Louis University Jan. 25-28, 1954; PRN schedule of Palm Sunday Weekend 1954 retreat (with piece of palm enclosed); review card to be enclosed in copy of DAL's "Song of the Rosary"; PRN memorial prayer and psalms on the occasion of DAL's death; 2 PRN copies of Bishop Charles H. Helmsing's eulogy for DAL Jan. 19, 1955.

Box: 23 Fold: 11 Personal - leaflets and programs
DATE SPAN: 02/22/1924 - [09/01/1952]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains various pamphlets and programs relating to DAL's projects: 3 PRN leaflets for the KHBS; PRN flyer advertising DAL's Christmas plays; PRN program for "The Dreamer Awakes: A Musical Mission Masque" (Feb. 22-26, 1924); PRN flyer and PRN program "A Fantasy of the Passion" (Apr. 5-8, 1930); PRN resolutions of Fourth National Students' Spiritual Leadership Convention June 1932 (Point of interest: Resolution 10 of the High School Session adopts a DAL song as the official Sodality Song); PRN program to "Your Visitation and Ours" (May 3-6, 1933); PRN program to "Daughters of Victory" (Oct. 22-23, 1935); PRN program to St. Mary's Academy Diamond Jubilee (June 1, 1939); 2 PRN flyers and PRN program to DAL speaking engagement at the Loretto Foundation Apr. 25, 1950; PRN flyer advertising University of Detroit Journalism courses (1952).

Box: 23 Fold: 12 Program re: DAL's installation in GLCA
DATE SPAN: 01/28/1940 - 01/28/1940

DESCRIPTION: Contains 4 complete PRNS programs to DAL's installation in GLCA plus one incomplete of same.

Box: 23 Fold: 13 Personal - church of the air programs
DATE SPAN: 09/01/1940 - 09/01/1940

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN program listing speakers participating in Church of the Air's tenth season, Sept. 1940 - Dec. 1940. (DAL is listed for Sept. 1.)

Box: 23 Fold: 14 Personal - souvenir programs
DATE SPAN: 06/15/1930 - 02/13/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN booklet commemorating dedication of Ascension Church in Oak Park IL, June 15, 1930 (DAL delivered dedication sermon, reproduced in booklet); PRN Centenary Souvenir of Vicariate Apostolic of Jamaica (accompanied DAL's Jamaica Triumphant pageant Jan 10-15, 1937); PRN program to "The Shining Years" (May 6-8, 1952 - DAL does not seem to have been involved in play); PRN program to Silver Citadels (Oct. 28, 1952 - DAL does not seem to have been involved in pageant); PRN program to "Entertainment, Inc." Webster College Musicale dedicated to DAL (Feb. 12-13, 1955).

Box: 23 Fold: 15 Articles by DAL for America
DATE SPAN: 12/19/1931 - 08/06/1938

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed copies of articles published by America: "A Doggy Dialogue" (n.d.); "Box Office Champion Pictures" (Dec. 19, 1931); "The Curse and the Blessing of Logic" (Nov. 19, 1932); "The Loneliness of Youth" (Jan. 28, 1933); "The Rediscovery of Home" (Feb. 4, 1933); "Youth Responds" (Feb. 11, 1933); "Jamaica Triumphant - Faith and the Community" (Feb. 13, 1937); "Speaking of Adam and Eve" (May 14, 1938); "Save the Blackboards! Perish All Greens and Whites!" (Aug. 6, 1938).

Box: 23 Fold: 16 Articles by DAL (Black Cat, Baccalaureate Sermon)
DATE SPAN: 07/01/1908 - 06/01/1924

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN July 1908 issue of Black Cat containing DAL's short story "Wanted - A Homely Girl"; PRN offprint DAL's Baccalaureate Sermon at Webster College, June 1, 1924.

Box: 23 Fold: 17 Christian Education, Christian in Action
DATE SPAN: 02/01/1934 - 01/25/1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRNS Feb. 1934 issue Christian Education containing DAL's article "The College and the Church" plus two PRN offprints of article; PRN texts of four talks of DAL in series The Christian in Action: "Refilling the World With God" (Jan. 4, 1953), "The Tale of a Godless City" (Jan. 11, 1953), "Gateways of Grace" (Jan. 18, 1953); "The Answer to the Godless World" (Jan. 25, 1953).

Box: 23 Fold: 18 DAL articles: Congratulations, Peggy, etc.
DATE SPAN: 06/15/1930 - 11/30/1943

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN offprint of sermon for dedication of Ascension Church in Oak Park IL (June 15, 1930); PRN brochure/text of letter congratulating new member of Sisters of Loretto; PRN offprint text of sermon delivered over the Catholic Hour (Apr. 8, 1934); PRN offprint article "Educational Motion-Pictures" from Messenger of the Sacred Heart (July 1935); PRN [mimeo] "The Craft of Writing" in GLCA News Bulletin (Nov. 1943).

Box: 23 Fold: 19 Articles of DAL (Legion of Decency, Loretto Day, etc.)
DATE SPAN: 10/01/1934 - 12/31/1949

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN "The Legion of Decency - From This Point On" in The Loyola Alumnus (Oct. 1934); PRN "Memories of a Working Boys Home" in the Immaculate Conception Messenger (ca. 1943); 4 PRN text of "Loretto Day Address" (n.d.); 2 PRN "Life at a Catholic Girls' College" (ca. 1949).

Box: 23 Fold: 20 Articles (Good Angel of Death, Mission Spirit, etc.)
DATE SPAN: 09/01/1947 - 07/31/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN "Mission Spirit - Test of Catholicity" publication unknown (ca. 1947); PRN offprint "Nobody Loves a Secretary" from Action Now (Dec. 1951); PRN "My Good Angel of Death" from Catholic Digest (Jul. 1954) plus PRN TQW brochure of same.

Box: 23 Fold: 21 Publications of DAL (Our Lady in US; Pause for Thanks
DATE SPAN: 07/01/1950 - 12/31/1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 PRN offprints "Our Lady in the United States" from Lumen Vitae (1953); PRN offprint "A Pause For Thanks" from American Ecclesiastical Review (July, 1950).

Box: 23 Fold: 22 Articles of DAL (The Queens Work)
DATE SPAN: 04/01/1945 - 12/31/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Director's Bulletin of Sodality for April 1945 (note: no signed articles by DAL); PRN Faculty Advisor from TQW for April 1945 (note: no signed articles by DAL); PRN copies The Queens Work for November 1953, January 1954, February 1954, November 1954, December 1954. These include unsigned material (some presumably by DAL) plus "My Most Important Book", DAL feature article in Dec. 1954 issue.

Box: 23 Fold: 23 Articles by DAL in the Sign
DATE SPAN: 09/01/1933 - 04/30/1934

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles from The Sign: "Ireland Sings in Its Tombs" (Sept. 1933); "Death in the News" (Jan. 1934); "Not Light But Lightning" (Apr. 1934).

Box: 23 Fold: 24 Publications (Sodalities in America)
DATE SPAN: 06/01/1933 - 06/30/1933

DESCRIPTION: Contains offprint of DAL's article "Sodalities in America and Catholic Action" from Studies, June 1933 issue.

Box: 23 Fold: 25 Articles by DAL (University News)
DATE SPAN: 04/24/1946 - 04/24/1946

DESCRIPTION: Contains April 24, 1946 issue of University News, the Student Newspaper of St. Louis University, which includes DAL article on students and responsibility for the future well-being of the world.

Box: 23 Fold: 26 Articles by DAL (in newspaper)
DATE SPAN: 08/29/1943 - 01/29/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains clippings of DAL articles: "No Men - No Parties" (about preferability of Catholic girls' colleges) from Our Sunday Visitor Aug. 29, 1943; "Rally Round: Father Lord to Write Weekly Column for 'Youth'" (DAL's first Rally Round column) from Our Sunday Visitor n.d. but ca. 1949; "That Gentleman With You - It's You!" (appears to be Along the Way column) from Apr. 25, 1952 issue The Catholic Universe Bulletin; "A Priest? Not for Fr. Lord - at First" (DAL's reminiscence about entering vocation) from Jul. 9, 1954 issue of The Catholic Universe Bulletin. Also contains eulogy for DAL: "A Sacred Trust" from Jan. 29, 1955 issue of unidentified newspaper.

Box: 23 Fold: 27 Publications (magazine articles)
DATE SPAN: 06/01/1947 - [07/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN June 1947 issue of NOW, ed. by DAL (no signed articles by DAL); PRN Feb. 1948 issue of Action Now including DAL's "Your Split Personality: It's Either Up or Down"; PRN offprint copy of "My Good Angel of Death".

Box: 23 Fold: 28 Faculty Advisor (from TQW)
DATE SPAN: 09/01/1943 - 10/31/1948

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN issues of The Faculty Advisor, ed. by DAL. Includes signed DAL articles "'Our Own Living Wage'" (Sept. 1943); "Youth and the Holy Spirit (Oct. 1943); "The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception" (Jan. 1944); "This is Mary's War" (May 1944); "Christ, the Example of Love" (June 1944); "Give Them Mary!" (May 1946).

Box: 23 Fold: 29 Articles (ISO Bulletin)
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1943 - 06/30/1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN issues of ISO Bulletin, ed. by DAL. Includes signed articles by DAL: "Reporter's Preface" to Minutes of the ISO Conference, West Baden College, 1943 (Nov. 1943); "Discussion at Central Office Reveals ISO Needs . . . Scope . . . Possibilities" (May 1944); "The Sodality, Its Schools, and the Negro" (June 1944) plus "The Traffic Tower" in same issue.

Box: 23 Fold: 30 List of Fr. Lord's pamphlets
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1944]? - [05/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 5 PRN pamphlet order blanks from different times (all n.d. except for 2: March, 1947; June, 1944); PRN flyer advertising Gerald Kelly S.J.'s "Modern Youth and Chastity" (pamphlet put out by TQW); 3 TMs lists of DAL's pamphlets in GLCA collection as of May 1950.

Box: 23 Fold: 31 Hymns (published booklets)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1932]? - [12/31/1940]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN sheet music of DAL hymns "Good Night, Beloved Mother"; "For Christ the King" (4 copies); "Mother Beloved"; "Mother Beloved" (arranged for orchestra). Note: copies stamped "Sodality of Our Lady, Georgetown University".

Box: 23 Fold: 32 Armchair Philosophy pamphlet
DATE SPAN: 11/15/1918 - 11/15/1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN "Armchair Philosophy," in which DAL combats philosophy's alleged rejection of common sense and happiness.

Box: 23 Fold: 33 Christmas pamphlets
DATE SPAN: [12/25/1948]? - 07/13/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN DAL Christmas pamphlets "A Star, a Child, and a Stable" (1948); "The Christmas Face of God" (1950); "Angels of Christmastide" (1951); "To Mary a Son is Born" (1953); "Christmas is for Grown-ups" (1954).

Box: 23 Fold: 34 Pamphlets from TQW Dramatic Work Series
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1929]? - [12/31/1929]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRNS pamphlets from The Queens Work Dramatic Series: "For Flag and Cross"; "The Shepherd of His Flock"; 2 copies "A Fantasy of the Passion".

Box: 23 Fold: 35 Pamphlets (Madonna in Art, Wonderful Mass, Child & Rosary)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1945]? - 11/30/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN pamphlets: "The Child and His Rosary" (1945); "The Madonna in Art" (1946); "That Wonderful Sunday Mass" (1954).