Box: 25 Fold: 12 Jesuit Bulletin
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1928]? - [12/31/1932]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN issues of Jesuit Bulletin for Dec. 1928, Oct. 1932, Nov. 1932, Dec. 1932. Latter three issues contain "Fighting for Youth" parts I - III, articles concerning Sodality and Youth.

Box: 25 Fold: 13 Magazine articles re: DAL
DATE SPAN: 01/29/1955 - [04/30/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN obituary of DAL clipped from America Jan. 29, 1955 issue; PRN Childrens Moderator (newsletter of Sodality in elementary schools) March - April 1955 issue, tribute to DAL; PRN Catholic World March 1955 issue, includes Alfred J. Barrett S.J.'s remembrance of DAL.

Box: 25 Fold: 14 Magazine articles re: DAL
DATE SPAN: [04/01/1942]? - [12/31/1959]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Rev. John B. McDonald's "Contemporary Catholic Authors: Daniel A. Lord, S.J., Defender of Youth" reprinted from April 1942 Catholic Library World (biographical sketch of DAL and overview of DAL's written work up to 1942); 3 copies PRN Junior Sodalist March 1955 issue, cover story "Junior Sodalists Owe Much to Father Lord" ; PRN Jesuit Bulletin Dec. 1954 issue with "Joyous Christmas Troubadour", Fr. Wobido's article on DAL's Christmas writings; PRN Jesuit Bulletin Apr. 1955 issue including "Testimonials to Father Lord"; PRN Jesuit Bulletin Dec. 1959 including "Christmas Thoughts of Father Lord" (collection of brief excerpts from DAL's Christmas writings).

Box: 25 Fold: 15 Publications re: DAL (Loretto Rainbow)
DATE SPAN: [09/01/1954]? - [12/01/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Loretto Rainbow Fall 1954 issue, including feature on DAL's Marian Year pageant.

Box: 25 Fold: 16 Publications about DAL (Marian Torch, Marianist, etc.)
DATE SPAN: [10/01/1949]? - [09/30/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Martyrs' Shrine Message Oct. 1949 issue, includes article on DAL's "Salute to Canada" pageant; PRN Marian Torch Oct. 11, 1950 issue with lead article "Father Lord Answers Students' Questions: Four Academy Students Interview Father Lord"; PRN Martyrs' Shrine Message Mar. 1952 issue, includes article on DAL's "City of Freedom" pageant celebrating Detroit's 250th anniversary; PRN Martyrs' Shrine Message Dec. 1954 issue, includes photographs from "Salute to Canada" pageant; 2 copies PRN Marianist Sept. 1955 issue, includes "'Father Pamphlet'", article about DAL.

Box: 25 Fold: 17 Magazine articles re: DAL (Oratory, Pioneer, etc.)
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1954]? - [06/30/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 copies PRN Oratory Dec. 1954 issue, with "Joy to the World", biographic article on DAL; PRN Oregon-Jesuit March, 1955 issue with brief piece on DAL's death poem; 3 copies PRN Pioneer June, 1955 issue with "Behold, a Great Priest", appreciation of DAL.

Box: 25 Fold: 18 Magazine articles re: DAL (Queens Work, etc.)
DATE SPAN: 01/20/1955 - [04/30/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 copies PRN TQW April 1955 issue with Fr. Wobido's "Gallant Knight", appreciation of DAL; 2 copies PRN Queen's Worker with excerpts from DAL's unpublished "I Join the Jesuits"; PRN Quest (literary magazine of Ursuline College) 1954-1955 issue with "Ursuline - Alma Mater Song" by DAL and "The Father Lord We Knew", Sr. Mary Louis' appreciation of DAL; PRN poster advertising "Popular Catholic Books by the Queens Work".

Box: 25 Fold: 19 Magazine articles re: DAL (Sacred Heart, Savior's Call)
DATE SPAN: [08/01/1943]? - [12/31/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Sign Aug. 1943 issue, with "Lord - of Many Works" William F. Kelley S.J.'s article on DAL; 2 copies PRN Savior's Call Mar. 1948 issue, with cover story on DAL, "Padre Pamphlet" by Frank A. Riley (also includes TMs [mimeo] "Energy, S.J.", a condensed version of "Padre Pamphlet"); PRN 1955 issue of program to International Sacred Heart Program, with excerpt from DAL lecture, plus "Father Lord and Our Lady" by Douglas E. Daly S.J., and "Father Lord and the Sacred Heart" by Joseph Fallon S.J.

Box: 25 Fold: 20 Magazine articles re: DAL (St. Anthony Messenger, etc.)
DATE SPAN: [11/01/1939]? - [06/01/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN St. Anthony Messenger Nov. 1939 issue, with Paul T. Dix's article "Flame into Youth" about DAL; PRN West Indian Review Feb. 7, 1953 issue, with brief notice of DAL pageant; PRN article clipped from Summer 1954 issue of T'akra (Loretto College literary magazine) "Father Lord Launches the Fine Arts Conference"; 2 copies PRN reprint of Bishop Charles H. Helmsing's eulogy for DAL, clipped from Spring 1955 issue of T'akra.

Box: 25 Fold: 21 Misc. news releases and articles
DATE SPAN: [11/01/1928]? - [03/31/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clippings: "The Crusade Scrapbook" from the Nov. 1928 issue of The Shield (Sr. Marie Anthony's article on staging plays); "The Stage a Medium for Social Action" about DAL's rehearsals for "Storm Tossed", reprint from St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mar. 9, 1936; 2 copies brief mention of "Storm Tossed" in Time Magazine's religion column Mar. 30, 1936; cover photo of DAL from Notre Dame Scholastic Sept. 27, 1940; 3 NCWC News Service releases (1/11/43 - 7/3/44) featuring news of DAL; clip of William Kelley's "Lord of Many Works" article about DAL in Aug. 1943 Sign; Oct. 1951 issue Jesuit Bulletin with "The Show that Stole the Show", Patrick H. Ratterman S.J.'s article on "City of Freedom"; 2 clippings from Detroit News Pictorial Magazine June 6 1954 issue "Movie That Couldn't Be Made Premiers Friday" about filmed version of "Light Up the Land"; obituary from Time Magzine Jan. 24, 1955; clip Leo P. Wobido's "Joyous Christmas Troubadour" from Jesuit Bulletin Dec. 1954; brief death notice clipped from TQW March 1955 issue. (Note: also includes various small notices and ads for DAL publications.)

Box: 25 Fold: 22 Article given to DAL by F.E. Franke
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1935]? - [12/31/1935]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN offprint of "Spinal Reflexes in Nicotin Poisoning" by F.E. Franke and M. Helen Denvir (Sr. of Loretto), reprinted from The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Dec. 1935. (Note: reprint carries handwritten dedication from Franke, presumably to DAL.)

Box: 25 Fold: 23 Newsclippings from DAL's scrapbook
DATE SPAN: 05/19/1923 - [12/31/1939]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN newspaper clippings of articles about and reviews of DAL productions "Mother of Youth", "Fantasy of the Passion", "Behold the Man", and "Matrimonial Follies of 1939".

Box: 25 Fold: 24 News clippings re: Pageant of Youth (from scrapbook)
DATE SPAN: 10/13/1923 - 12/09/1923

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN newspaper accounts of preparations and production of DAL's "Pageant of Youth" (old title: "Mother of Youth") at Loyola, plus reviews and follow-up articles. Also includes publicity flyers for same production. (Point of interest: Czech language account of pageant in Bohemian Daily Narod.)

Box: 26 Fold: 1 News clippings - misc.
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1933 - 03/02/1956

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings with accounts of DAL's miscellaneous activities between 1933 and 1955. Final clipping reports DAL's account of involvement with the Motion Picture Production Code, as related in DAL's autobiography.

Box: 26 Fold: 2 Newspaper clippings re: DAL
DATE SPAN: 10/23/1937 - [01/15/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings carrying news of DAL's activities.

Box: 26 Fold: 3 News clippings re: DAL's books
DATE SPAN: 01/04/1935 - 03/31/1956

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings of notices and reviews of DAL's books and pamphlets, plus articles on subject of DAL as author.

Box: 26 Fold: 4 News clippings - City of Freedom
DATE SPAN: 02/11/1951 - [01/01/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings relating to DAL's "City of Freedom" pageant.

Box: 26 Fold: 5 Newsclippings - City of Freedom II
DATE SPAN: 02/12/1951 - 02/19/1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings relating to DAL's "City of Freedom" pageant.

Box: 26 Fold: 6 News clippings - Joy for the World
DATE SPAN: 04/08/1954 - 09/25/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings relating to DAL's Marian Year pageant "Joy for the World".

Box: 26 Fold: 7 Newsclippings - Light Up the Land
DATE SPAN: 04/14/1949 - 09/23/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings relating to production of DAL's "Light Up the Land" pageant and accompanying film.

Box: 26 Fold: 8 Newsclippings - Salute to Canada
DATE SPAN: 06/04/1949 - 02/01/1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings relating to DAL's "Salute to Canada" pageant.

Box: 26 Fold: 9 News clippings - misc pageants
DATE SPAN: 03/09/1936 - 03/30/1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings relating to DAL plays or pageants: "Storm Tossed", "Joy for Jamaica", "Let's Get Together", "Everynun", "The Restless Flame".

Box: 26 Fold: 10 News clippings from Siecle
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1945]? - [08/31/1947]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains clips from Siecle (French language Canadian magazine), none of which relates to DAL.

Box: 26 Fold: 11 News clippings - DAL's cancer and obits
DATE SPAN: 02/26/1954 - 02/23/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains newspaper clippings relating to illness and death of DAL.

Box: 27 Fold: 1 For Christ the King (Sr. Kathleen's orchestration)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1932]? - [07/30/1949]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs large format sheet music featuring Sr. Kathleen's arrangement of DAL's "For Christ the King" for orchestra. Also includes mounted photographs of "Salute to Canada" pageant, plus large undated photo portraits of DAL.

Box: 27 Fold: 2 Full Steam Ahead sheet music
DATE SPAN: 04/14/1917 - 04/14/1917

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN sheet music to the following songs from DAL's musical "Full Steam Ahead": "The Captain's Name Will Have to be Kelly"; "The Man in the Moon Just Smiled"; "I'm In Love with a Limousine"; "The Land of a Thousand Smiles"; "College Chimes".

Box: 27 Fold: 3 Social Order Follies mss
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1936]? - 02/19/1937

DESCRIPTION: Contains single hardbound volume with AMs notes and sheet music to DAL's "Social Order Follies" (title page is signed by DAL). Also includes TNS from Marian Prendergast presenting mss to Sr. Mary Joseph.

Box: 28 Fold: 1 Here is How it Stands
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1939]? - [12/31/1946]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN poster by DAL explaining need for financial support from Sodalists.

Box: 28 Fold: 2 Framed Photograph
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1936]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains framed photograph of Sr. Mary Joseph and others, possibly GLCA board (?).

Box: 28 Fold: 3 Photograph album (fleur-de-lis cover)
DATE SPAN: 09/18/1954 - 10/23/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains photograph album holding photos and newsclippings about DAL's Marian Year pageant.

Box: 28 Fold: 4 Photograph album (embossed roses cover)
DATE SPAN: 01/16/1955 - 05/15/1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains photo album with clippings of obituaries and newspaper appreciations of DAL following his death. Also includes TMs [mimeo] "The Problem of Suffering" text of Eugene P. Murphy S.J.'s radio talk on the Sacred Heart Program (undated); TMs [mimeo] Celestin J. Steiner S.J.'s memorial sermon for DAL (Jan. 20, 1955).

Box: 29 Fold: 1 Cover Art
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1932]? - [04/30/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN, artist mock-ups, and printer's copies cover art for DAL pamphlets "Fountains of Christmas Gifts" (1932 Christmas pamphlet), "'Tis Christmas in Your Heart" (1934 Christmas pamphlet), "Christmas With Mary" (1947 Christmas pamphlet); also includes large photo portrait of DAL (approx. 1954) with "For Sr. Mary Joseph" on back; plus cover art for sheet music (?) to "This Is Everybody's War" by John H. McCummiskey S.J. and John H. Reinke S.J.

Box: 30 Fold: 1 Phonograph recordings
DATE SPAN: 03/31/1942 - 05/23/1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains phonograph recordings of DAL songs and Christmas songs, most on the Gallahad Record label (label of the Eucharistic Crusade of the KHBS); also includes recordings of DAL's rendition of "The Trees"; a signed recording made at Webster College March 31, 1942 (no further information on record label); plus lyric sheet "Sing With Father Lord!", packing slip from Gallahad Records to Sr. Mary Clyde, dated 1-4-52, and undated statement from Technisonic Recording Laboratories re backorder of records, presumably DAL's.