Box: 7 Fold: 16 Confluence Material
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1952]? - 02/25/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN various material on Confluence including list of issue topics, agenda for advisory board meeting, statement of purpose, etc.

Box: 7 Fold: 17 Dean's Role in Fostering...
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1961]? - [12/31/1961]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN BAM address The Dean's Role in Fostering Research and Productive Scholarship, pages 123-124 in unidentified journal.

Box: 7 Fold: 18 Distinguished Service Citation
DATE SPAN: 04/22/1967 - 04/22/1967

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Distinguished Service Citation given to BAM by the Military Government Association.

Box: 7 Fold: 19 Emergency Information Sheet
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1950]? - [12/31/1955]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN form list of BAM relatives to be contacted in case of emergency.

Box: 7 Fold: 20 Eulogy for Dr. Ruby - Printed Copy
DATE SPAN: 02/04/1964 - 02/04/1964

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN copy of BAM's eulogy for James Star Ruby.

Box: 7 Fold: 21 Faculty Convocation Material
DATE SPAN: 10/23/1965 - 10/23/1965

DESCRIPTION: Contains various material in regard to faculty convocation: request for facilities, lists of participants, etc.

Box: 7 Fold: 22 Frankfurt Address Invitation and Background
DATE SPAN: 08/06/1957 - 06/12/1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN invitation to BAM's address in Frankfurt; also includes PRN background material for address.

Box: 7 Fold: 23 Fribourg Varia
DATE SPAN: 03/16/1958 - [08/30/1958]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains varia relating to BAM's year at Fribourg: intineraries, receipts, etc.

Box: 7 Fold: 24 Georgetown Papers on Jesuit Education
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1966]? - [12/31/1966]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN copy Georgetown Papers on Jesuit Education, including "Principles and Traditions of Jesuit Education" by BAM.

Box: 7 Fold: 25 Georgetown Record
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1966]? - [06/30/1966]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN copy June 1966 issue of the Georgetown Record, announcing BAM's appointment as Administrative Vice President.

Box: 7 Fold: 26 German Meeting Material
DATE SPAN: 02/11/1951 - 02/11/1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains photocopies of material relating to 1951 meeting of German political leaders at GU: pages 4-22 account of meeting; list of participants and summary; telegram requesting arrangement of meeting; BAM's brief statement on Schuman Plan and Integration of Europe.

Box: 7 Fold: 27 Gold Key Society Certificate
DATE SPAN: 05/17/1956 - 05/17/1956

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN certificate of BAM's membership in Gold Key Society.

Box: 7 Fold: 28 Golden Jubilee Mass Homily
DATE SPAN: 10/17/1981 - 10/17/1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs [photocopy] homily delivered on occasion of BAM's Golden Jubilee.

Box: 7 Fold: 29 Gonzaga High School Material
DATE SPAN: 09/17/1968 - 05/23/1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains material relating to BAM's tenure as member of Gonzaga Board of Trustees: minutes and agendas for board meetings, etc.

Box: 7 Fold: 30 Gonzaga Newsletter
DATE SPAN: [05/01/1975]? - [05/31/1975]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN May 1975 issue of Gonzaga newsletter announcing BAM's election to Gonzaga Hall of Fame.

Box: 7 Fold: 31 GU Alumni Club Awards Program
DATE SPAN: 03/17/1971 - 03/17/1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN program to 21st Annual Awards Luncheon of GU Alumni Club (BAM delivered benediction).

Box: 7 Fold: 32 GU Bylaws and Constitution, Student Protest Policy
DATE SPAN: 05/15/1967 - 05/28/1968

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Bylaws of GU Board of Regents; PRN Bylaws President and Directors of Georgetown College; PRN Policy on Unlawful Student Protest.

Box: 7 Fold: 33 GWETA Citation
DATE SPAN: 01/12/1966 - [02/01/1966]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Citation for "valuable contributions" to Educational TV; also PRN Press release announcing award, PRN program guide with list of awardees including BAM.

Box: 7 Fold: 34 Harvard Summer School Program
DATE SPAN: 07/22/1963 - 07/22/1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN program to Harvard Summer School Conference plus BAM's nametag from same.

Box: 7 Fold: 35 HECOM Material
DATE SPAN: 10/01/1968 - 03/10/1969

DESCRIPTION: Contains materials regarding HECOM self-study on role of Jesuit community on campus: surveys and results, meeting minutes, etc. (Note: includes BAM's questionnaire, most of which was left blank.)

Box: 7 Fold: 36 Higher Education Group Meeting Program
DATE SPAN: 03/08/1960 - 03/08/1960

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN card announcing Higher Education Group of Washington Meeting, BAM as presiding Officer.

Box: 7 Fold: 37 Humanae Vitae Material
DATE SPAN: 09/06/1968 - 09/09/1968

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN [mimeo] material regarding Church position on birth control: "Encyclical Crisis: Contradiction Can and Must Be a Service of Love For the Pope" (paper by Bernard Haring, C.SS.R.; summary of clergy conference on Humanae Vitae; paper advocating public discussion of Humanae Vitae.

Box: 7 Fold: 38 ICC Proposal and Program
DATE SPAN: 02/23/1978 - 09/24/1982

DESCRIPTION: Contains photocopy proposal for the GU Intercultural Center, PRN copy program for opening of center.

Box: 7 Fold: 39 Institute for Christian Political and Social Thought
DATE SPAN: 06/20/1960 - 07/21/1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN programs, agenda, poster, for 1960 and 1961 Conferences on Christian Political and Social Thought; also includes TMs "Dialogue, Anyone?" account of 1960 conference plus PRN of same in Oct. 1960 issue of "Social Order".

Box: 7 Fold: 40 Irish Trip Varia 1969-1982
DATE SPAN: [08/01/1969]? - [08/30/1982]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains varia from BAM August trips to Ireland between 1969 and 1982: itineraries, addresses of friends and relatives, certificates of vaccination, etc.

Box: 7 Fold: 41 Irish Element in the United States, 1790
DATE SPAN: 01/15/1933 - 01/15/1933

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs "Memoranda on Commodore John Barry: Irish Element in the United States 1790, etc." by Michael Pyne plus note from same explaining paper.

Box: 7 Fold: 42 Jesuit Alumni Administrators Certificate et. al.
DATE SPAN: 07/07/1954 - 07/07/1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Certificate of Appreciation from Jesuit Alumni Administrators; PRN Certificate of membership in Pi Sigma Alpha; PRN Jetarama certificate of special demonstration flight of DC-8; PRN Scabbard and Blade membership certificate; PRN Moody AFB certificate of participation in flight.

Box: 7 Fold: 43 Jesuit Educational Quarterly
DATE SPAN: 04/02/1961 - [06/30/1961]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN June 1961 issue Jesuit Educational Quarterly (issue includes BAM's "Impact of Modern Developments on Education" article) plus offprint of BAM's article from same issue.

Box: 7 Fold: 44 Justice William Cushing article
DATE SPAN: [02/01/1957]? - [02/28/1957]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRNS offprint article on Justice William Cushing by William O'Brien, S.J., inscribed to BAM and signed by author.

Box: 7 Fold: 45 McGrath Family Tree etc.
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1964]? - [12/31/1975]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains family trees from period between 1970 and 1975; drawing of McGrath family cemetery plot; photocopy notice of reading of will of BAM's aunt; list of McGrath relatives in Washington area.

Box: 7 Fold: 46 Master's Degree Requirements and Application
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1937]? - [06/02/1940]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs cover sheet for BAM's application for MA candidacy; TMs list of requirements for MA.

Box: 7 Fold: 47 Miscellaneous Programs
DATE SPAN: 03/12/1962 - 10/18/1985

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN programs relating to BAM's activities: Orientation Program in Government Operations 3/12/1962 (BAM delivered address "Source of Democracy, the Rights of Man"); GU Law Center Alumni Dinner 2/3/1966 (BAM was guest of honor); John Carroll Awards Dinner 9/10/1966 (BAM was honoree); Faculty Convocation 10/29/1966 (BAM was awarded Vicennial Medal); Middle East Institute Conference 9/29/1967 (BAM delivered welcoming address); Memorial Service for Bernard McDonough (friend of BAM's).

Box: 7 Fold: 48 News Notes on BAM's Activities
DATE SPAN: 12/22/1960 - 11/22/1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs [carbons] text of news notes on BAM's activities, for Inter-Province News.

Box: 7 Fold: 49 Passports, Driver's Licenses, etc.
DATE SPAN: 02/10/1958 - 05/25/1983

DESCRIPTION: Contains Passports, Driver's Licenses and supporting identification material, Celebrats, etc. for period between 1958 and 1983.

Box: 7 Fold: 50 Press Releases
DATE SPAN: 06/17/1955 - 06/10/1966

DESCRIPTION: Contains GU press releases announcing BAM's appointment to Academic VP (6/17/1955); BAM's chairmanship of National Conference on Higher Education (2/25/1959); summary of BAM's remarks on student loans and scholarships at Albany Alumni Club (11/8/1959); appointment to Administrative VP (6/10/1966). (Note: release announcing Academic VP position has news clip attached to back.)

Box: 7 Fold: 51 Roundtable Membership List
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1961]? - 10/18/1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains mimeo membership list of International Theory Roundtable group, plus TMs list for Oct. 24, 1963 meeting.

Box: 7 Fold: 52 Silver Jubilee Citation
DATE SPAN: 06/12/1965 - 06/12/1965

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN citation marking 25th anniversary of BAM's 1940 graduation from GU.

Box: 7 Fold: 53 Travel Itineraries
DATE SPAN: 01/11/1965 - 05/30/1971

DESCRIPTION: Contains BAM's travel itineraries from 1965 - 1971 (majority fall between 1969 and 1971).

Box: 7 Fold: 54 Treaty Power Limitation transcription
DATE SPAN: 05/24/1953 - 05/24/1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN [mimeo] transcription of radio discussion on Import of Treaty-Power Limitation in which BAM participated. (Broadcast on Georgetown University Radio Forum.)

Box: 7 Fold: 55 Wilson Centennial Celebration Material
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1956]? - [12/31/1956]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains various PRN material regarding 1956 celebration of centennial of Woodrow Wilson's birth.

Box: 7 Fold: 56 Albany Alumni Club Dinner Address Clipping
DATE SPAN: 11/07/1959 - 11/07/1959

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping of editorial from Albany "Times Union" supporting BAM's call for non-loan aid for students.

Box: 7 Fold: 57 Clipping about BAM and Campion Guild
DATE SPAN: 02/23/1941 - 02/23/1941

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping from "The Washington Star" re: BAM's organization of Campion Guild.

Box: 7 Fold: 58 Clippings About Educational Conferences
DATE SPAN: 01/29/1954 - 03/02/1962

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clippings re: BAM's participation in educational conferences, including International Congress of Catholic Universities in Brussels Aug. 1958.

Box: 7 Fold: 59 Clipping about Conference on Christian Political Thought
DATE SPAN: 10/05/1961 - 10/05/1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping in "Catholic Messenger" about 1961 Conference on Christian Political and Social Thought.

Box: 7 Fold: 60 Clipping: Confluence
DATE SPAN: 09/12/1952 - 09/12/1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains clipping from "Catholic Standard" announcing BAM's addition to Confluence advisory board.

Box: 7 Fold: 61 Clippings re: BAM Addresses
DATE SPAN: 04/08/1961 - 01/08/1967

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN news clipping from "Spokesman-Review" 4/8/1961 re: BAM address on universities and society at large; clipping from "St. Louis Post-Dispatch" 1/8/1967 re: BAM address on federal role in education.

Box: 7 Fold: 62 Clipping on Dean Dean's Family
DATE SPAN: 06/14/1964 - 06/14/1964

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping from "The Washington Post" profiling family of GU Law Center Dean Paul Dean (baby Brian David Dean named for BAM).

Box: 7 Fold: 63 Clippings re: Gaston Award
DATE SPAN: 08/05/1965 - [12/31/1965]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping from "Catholic Standard" 8/5/1965 and from Fall issue of "Georgetown" both announcing BAM's receipt of 1965 William Gaston Award.

Box: 7 Fold: 64 Clipping re: Student Character
DATE SPAN: 03/22/1957 - 03/22/1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping in "Evening News" re: DC area educators' opinions on character of students. (BAM is pictured and quoted.)

Box: 7 Fold: 65 Clipping re: BAM's response to Rickover
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1959]? - [12/31/1959]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN clipping from "The Washington Post" reporting BAM's agreement with Adm. Rickover's charge that curricula had been "watered down."

Box: 7 Fold: 66 Clipping with Anecdotal Mention of BAM
DATE SPAN: 11/13/1981 - 11/13/1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN [photocopy] of "Catholic Spirit" column opening with anecdote involving BAM.