Box: 42 Fold: 1 Articles by JLF Jan - Jun 1935

DESCRIPTION: Contains articles and texts of addresses and sermons, including TMs and PRN items on healing of Schism between Eastern and Western churches; PRN article on Scandinavian Apostolate in "St. Ansgar's Bulletin" Jan 1935; PRN "Causes and Communism" clip from "America" 2/9/35; TMs address "Brotherhood Day" 2/20/35; TMs and PRN copies article "Nationalism and the State" from Mar 1935 issue "Modern Schoolman"; PRN "LaFarge and the Truth" (article on JLF Sr.) clip from 3/30/35 "America"; PRN "Harlem Flats and Public Conscience" clip from 4/20/35 "America"; PRN "Interracial Apostolate" clip from 6/8/35 "America".

Box: 42 Fold: 2 Articles by JLF Jul - Dec 1935

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN and TMs articles, including: PRN "The Negro Apostolate" clip from 7/5/35 "Commonweal"; TMs and PRN "That Faith May Guide the Arts" clip from 10/35 Messenger of the Sacred Heart"; TMs "The Church and Rural Welfare" 10/29/35; PRN 3 part series "The Catholic Reply to Communism" in "America" Nov - Dec 1935.

Box: 42 Fold: 3 Articles by JLF 1936

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts, including: "The Crisis of Capitalism in 1935" clip from 1/4/36 issue "America"; "Navies: Disarmament or Ruin?" clip from 2/1/36 "America"; TMs address text "Communist and Catholic in Race Relations" 3/8/36; "Popular Devotion in the Eastern Rites" clip from 3/21/36 "America"; TMs [carbon] "Liturgical Arts" text of radio address 4/1/36; TMs text radio address "The World Society" for CAIP 4/14/36; "Publicizing Negro Welfare" clip from 4/25/36 "America"; "The Sociology of Art" clip from 5/23/36 "America"; "The Catholic Press and Communism" clip from 5/30/36 "America"; TMs, TMs [carbon], and PRN text of address on Metropolitan Sheptytsky; TMs address text "The Nature of Communism" 8/13/36; "The Task of Catholic Agrarianism" clip from Feb 36 "Preservation of the Faith".

Box: 42 Fold: 4 Articles by JLF Jan - Jun 1937
Jan-Jun 1937

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs texts for addresses and sermons, plus some AMs notes on JLF Sr. Includes TMs memo "Why is 'Interracial Justice' a Spiritual Book?"; TMs curriculum vitae of 6/12/37; PRN proofs "Communism and the Russian Mind" for Jun 1937 issue "Thought".

Box: 42 Fold: 5 Articles by JLF Jul - Dec 1937
Jul-Dec 1937

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes "Present Status of Anti-Lynching Legislation" clip from 7/10/37 "America"; "The Social Mission of the Liturgy" sermon text; "Extending the Influence of the Religious Press" round table address text 8/30/37; untitled TMs on St. Martin de Porres; 2 TMs [carbon] "Communism in the United States" 10/31/37. Includes PRN offprint "Civilta Cattolica" article not by JLF, but with citation of JLF article.

Box: 42 Fold: 6 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1938

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes "The Destruction of Atheistic Communism" clip from Feb 1938 "Messenger of the Sacred Heart"; TMs article "Christian Democracy"; TMs "Democracy and the Catholic High School" text of address 4/20/38; "Agriculture and Vocation" reprints plus issue "Commonweal" 7/1/38; "The Munich Agreement Demands Further Adjustment" offprints 11/5/38 "America"; "Blessed Frances Cabrini Citizen of the United States" clip "America" 11/12/38; "Christian Democracy Pledges Our Liberties" clip 12/10/38 "America".

Box: 42 Fold: 7 Articles by JLF Jan - Apr 1939
Jan-Apr 1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs texts of addresses and articles. Includes PRN transcription 1/2/39 "Town Meeting" radio discussion "How Should Religion Deal With Totalitarianism?"; TMs "The Apostolate of the American Negro" 1/13/39; TMs "Racial Truth and Racist Error" 1/17/39 plus PRN copy from Mar 1939 "Thought"; TMs "The Threat of Racism" text of radio address 1/27/39; "Europe Revisited" in Mar 1939 issue "The Month"; TMs and PRN "Catholic Youth in Europe and America" 4/14/39; offprint "Our Editorial Credo" from 4/15/39 "America".

Box: 42 Fold: 8 Articles by and Addresses of JLF May - Aug 1939
May-Aug 1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address and radio talk texts. Includes TMs "The Interracial Apostolate"; TMs "The Catholic Press and Peace" 6/22/39; TMs "The Church and World Peace" 8/31/39.

Box: 42 Fold: 9 Articles by JLF Sep - Dec 1939
Sept-Dec 1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs texts of addresses. Includes TMs "Interracial Justice" 9/6/39; TMs JLF review of Jacques Maritain's "A Christian Looks at the Jewish Question" 9/12/39; TMs [carbon] "The Philosophy of Nationalism" for CAIP; TMs "The Negro in New York City" text of radio talk 12/15/39.

Box: 43 Fold: 1 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1940

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes "The Philosophy of Human Unity" clip from "The Modern Schoolman" Jan 1940 issue; TMsS "LaFarge of LaFargeville" (JLF's piece on grandfather Jean de la Farge); TMs and TMs [carbon] "Christian Democracy and Race Relations" address text 2/16/40; TMs outline "Art and Architecture in the Church" address text (?) 3/4/40; "Should the Nazis Win Our Old World Would Die" clip from "America" 6/1/40; TMs and TMs [carbon] "The Brotherhood of Man in God" address text 7/12/40; "Let the Negro Speak, and Let Whites Listen" clip from "America" 9/21/40; "What Think You of Peace Even Though War Rages?" clip from "America" 11/23/40.

Box: 43 Fold: 2 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1941

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles, AMs address outline, and TMs address texts. Includes TMs untitled address on the Negro in the Northern City presented Jan 1941 at Catholic Sociological Association; "The Churches of Greece" reprint from 1/31/41 "Commonweal"; TMs sermon for Golden Jubilee of Mount Carmel parish in Hamden, CT 4/27/41; TMs draft of article on Catholic Revision of New Testament 5/28/41; review of Claude McKay's "Harlem: Negro Metropolis" "America" clip 5/31/41; TMs plus 3 TMs [carbon] Harvard Summer School address "Christian Humanism and Christian Eugenics"; TMs "The Land's Promise for the Negro" address for Catholic Rural Life Conf 10/6/41.

Box: 43 Fold: 3 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1942

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes TMs "The Negro Worker and the Land" address for Catholic Rural Life Conf 10/5/42; "Religion and Education as Keys to Family and Community Living" in Sept 1 1942 "Vital Speeches"; "Some Questions as to Interdenominational Co-operation" offprint Sept 1942 "Theological Studies"; TMs "Catholics and the Peace Crisis".

Box: 43 Fold: 4 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1943

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs texts of radio talks and addresses. Includes TMs appreciation of George Washington Carver; TMs and TMs [carbon] "The Religious Approach to the Race Problem" 3/14/43; TLS from John Foster Dulles 3/19/43; PRN "The Complexity of the Race Question" offprint from "The Review of Politics" Apr 1943; PRN "Note on Postwar Jesuit Education" clip from "Jesuit Educational Quarterly" Jun 1943; TMs [mimeo] "The Christian Approach to the Race Problem" talk for CBS "Church of the Air" 8/1/43.

Box: 43 Fold: 5 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1944

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs texts for addresses. Includes PRN pamphlet "Secularism's Attack on World Order" for CAIP; PRN Oct 1944 issue "Negro Digest" with JLF article "No Time for Defeatism"; TMs introduction to Don Luigi Sturzo's "The Inner Laws of Society"; TMs English and German texts of short wave radio broadcast to Christian German workers 7/29/44; TMs excerpt from "Rural Racial Problems" address of 8/10/44; TMs address to Stained Glass Association of the US 6/27/44; TMs Statement Before House Labor Committee re Fair Employment Practices; PRN offprint "Anti-Semitism" from "Religious Education" March-April 1944 issue; TMs "The Catholic College and the Negro"; TMs address text "Relations Between the Races" 2/1/44; TMs address text "Religion and Group Tensions"1/18/44; PRN profile of JLF in Jan 1944 issue "The Western Jesuit".

Box: 43 Fold: 6 Sermon of JLF 1945

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs sermon for First Solemn Mass of Fr. George Morrow.

Box: 43 Fold: 7 Address of JLF 1946
Jun 7, 1946

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs address text given on occasion of 45th reunion of Harvard Class of 1901 at North Scituate, MA.

Box: 43 Fold: 8 Article by and Address of JLF 1947

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN Jan 1947 issue "Survey Graphic" Segregation issue with JLF article plus TMs address text "Religious Philosophy and Intergroup Progress" for Conf on Science, Philosophy, and Religion 5/20/47.

Box: 44 Fold: 1 Articles by JLF 1948

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN offprint "The Religious Education of the American Negro" from "Lumen Vitae"; PRN clip from Congressional Record 5/10/48 with reprint of JLF's "Perspective for World Government"; TMs exerpts from JLF address for CIC 11/7/48.

Box: 44 Fold: 2 Address of JLF 1949
Jun 8, 1949

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs address text "City of Kings and The City of the Future" delivered at Fisk University 6/8/49.

Box: 44 Fold: 3 Address by JLF 1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs JLF address on occasion of 25th Anniversary of Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters 9/10/50 plus PRN pamphlet "The Work of the Catholic Among the Negroes of the United States" put out by Brooklyn CIC, prob authored by JLF.

Box: 44 Fold: 4 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1951

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs address texts and article texts. Includes address before CIC Detroit 11/25/51; "The Crisis of Family Life" 10/8/51; "Liturgy and Liturgicism" 10/3/51; PRN "Psychologists Study Group Relations" clip from Mar 1951 "Social Order".

Box: 44 Fold: 5 Addresses of JLF 1952

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs address texts, including "Religion and Human Relations" for US State Dept 11/5/52; "The Development of Cooperative Acceptance of Racial Integration" address at Howard University 5/18/52; "Catholic Social Action" 4/24/52; "Some Lessons of Religious Symbolism" address at Cooper Union 4/16/52; address at testimonial commemorating 25th anniversary at "America"; "The Restoration of Notre Dame de Treves" 1/6/52.

Box: 44 Fold: 6 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1953

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes pamphlet "The Negro Apostolate in the United States" offprint from "Lumen Vitae"; "The Church as Instrument and Expression" from Dec 1953 "Architectural Record".

Box: 44 Fold: 7 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1954

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and address texts plus TMs address texts. Includes TMs "The Ethical Content of the Marian Cult"; TMs preface to symposium on the Catholic Church and Psychiatry"; TMs "Statement at the Seminar on Theology and Rural Life" 2/25/54; offprint of "Triumph in Disaster", JLF address for "The Catholic Hour" 4/11/54; TMs summary of remarks by JLF at St. Louis CIC 10th anniversary; TL [carbon] letter to editor of NY Times Book Review re review of "The Nazarene Gospel" by Graves and Podro; TMs and TMs [carbon] "Organized Religion and Analytical Scholarship" 8/7/54; "Korrespondenzblatt" 10/54 issue with page of excerpts (in German) from "The Manner in Ordinary"; booklet from symposium "France and Christianity" including JLF's "Some Problems of Franco-American Understanding" 12/6/54.

Box: 44 Fold: 8 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1955

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes TMs "Causes of Social Peace" address 4/24/55; clip of interview with JLF in 5/55 issue "Coronet" magazine; TMs obituary of Francis X. Talbot, SJ, for "The Woodstock Letters"; Sept 1955 issue "Jubilee: A Magazine of the Church and Her People" special issue "Catholicism and the Negro" featuring JLF's "Christianity and the Negro." This issue also includes profile of George K. Hunton plus brief comments by Hulan E. Jack, Maceo Thomas, and others.

Box: 44 Fold: 9 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1956 (1)

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts (Note: many are undated except by year). Includes TMs "Saint Ignatius as Man" address 2/15/56; PRN pamphlet "The New Holy Week Order"; PRN clip "Jesuit Education and the Spiritual Exercises" paper for Jesuit Educational Assn 4/1/56; 2 copies "The Catholic Mind" Jul 1956 issue with JLF's "The Hands of St. Ignatius"; 2 PRN transcripts of "Catholic Hour" TV program featuring JLF and Harold Stevens (also PRN "Christian in Action" featuring same); TMs "The Role of the Layman"; TMs "Quarter Century Retrospect" for Liturgical Arts Society 10/26/56; TMs "American Jesuits and Protestantism"; TMs address "Time for Unity" 11/26/56; TMs "Some Present-Day Lessons From Quadragesimo Anno's Silver Jubilee"; TMs [carbon] "Introduction" to "The Priesthood of the Intellect".

Box: 44 Fold: 10 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1956 (2)

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs article and address texts plus PRN book review (possibly for "Time" magazine"). Includes TMs "Present Perspectives of Racial Integration in the United States" 1/6/56; TMs with handwritten corrections "The Priest and the Lay Apostolate" 3/23/56; TMs "Ignatian Dialog With the Age" for Jesuit Educational Assn 4/1/56; TMs text of acceptance address for Jewish Theological Seminary's Brotherhood Award 4/29/56; TMs "The Religious Community and the Civic Community" address at Fisk University 7/7/56; TMs "The Racial Situation in the United States" with penciled note at top "uncorrected" 8/14/56.

Box: 44 Fold: 11 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1957

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes 2 copies 1/26/57 issue "Ave Maria" featuring JLF article "Your Job As a Layman"; TMs "The Moral Dilemma in the Pursuit of Peace" address text 3/19/57; TMs outline "Natural Rights and Race Relations" address 3/21/57; PRN Pentecost issue "Echanges" devoted to "Les Noirs dans le monde" with JLF article "Le probleme noir aux Etats-Unis"; TMs address text "The Catholic Church and Rural Life" with penciled note at top "uncorrected" 7/7/57; PRN galley proof "America" editorial "The Moscow Explosion" 7/20/57; PRN 7/26/57 issue "Commonweal" with JLF article "The Church in America, Past and Present"; TMs "Mother Drexel and the Interracial Movement" 8/21/57; TMs "Some Factors in the American Racial Scene" 11/26/57 text of article for "Stimmen der Zeit".

Box: 44 Fold: 12 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1958

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes TMs "Resume de l'Expose sur la Segregation" (undated); TMs "Present Status of the Race Problem 1/1/58; TMs "Peoples and Problems" 5/18/58; PRN May 1958 issue "Today" magazine with profile of George K. Hunton (no articles by JLF); PRN offprint "Stimmen der Zeit" of JLF article "Die Negerfrage in den USA"; TMs Keynote Address for 1st National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice 8/29/58; TMs "Preface" to Fr. Durkin's biography of Fr. Thomas Ewing Sherman.

Box: 44 Fold: 13 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1959 (1)

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs and AMs article and address texts. Includes address on occasion of CIC 25th anniversary; TMs book reviews, including review of Teilhard de Chardin's "Phenomenon of Man"; TMs [mimeo] transcript of "Open Mind" TV program 2/22/59 "Civil Rights Progress"; address "Fifty Years of St Ansgar's League" 2/3/59; TMs outline "The Responsibilities of the Church With Regard to Racial Integration" 1/22/59.

Box: 45 Fold: 1 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1959 (2)

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN articles and TMs address texts. Includes TMs "The Image of Man in a Divided World" address for Gonzaga U in Spokane 1/20/59; TMs comments on book review of "The Bridge"; 2 PRN offprints of JLF's article "De huidige stand van het Amerikaanse rassenproblem" in "Streben" Apr 1959 issue; TMs [mimeo] excerpts of JLF address at Town Hall 5/17/59 on occasion of 25th anniversary founding of CIC NY; 2 PRN copies Jul 1959 "Interracial Review" with JLF article "An African Student Center in NY?"; PRN offprint "Thoughts on Tolerance"; PRN Harvard Catholic Club "Current" (undated) with JLF article "Why Be Social Minded?".

Box: 45 Fold: 2 Articles by and Addresses of JLF 1960

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs address texts. Includes TMs and 2 TMs [carbon] address for St. Ansgar's 50th anniv; TMs [carbons] acceptance address at Catholic Institute of the Press award; TMs "Birth Control and Race Relations" article for "Interracial Review"; TMs [mimeo] transcript of interview with JLF 9/28/60; TMs [carbon] appreciation of Thomas F. Meehan.

Box: 45 Fold: 3 Articles by JLF 1961

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN and TMs articles. Includes 4/8/61 issue "Saturday Review" with JLF's "Memo From a Lifelong Editor"; TMs [carbon] "On Turning Seventy" dated Aug 1961 on last page; 10/21/61 issue "Saturday Review" with JLF's "Brutality and the American City"; 12/8/61 issue "Young Catholic Messenger" with JLF's "In Your Hands".

Box: 45 Fold: 4 Articles by and Sermon of JLF 1962-63

DESCRIPTION: Contains PRN program to Action for Interracial Understanding forum 4/14/62; PRN May 1962 issue "Catholic World" with JLF's review of "Cardinal Spellman Story" (note: pages containing JLF's review have been clipped out); PRN Nov/Dec 1962 issue "Youth" featuring JLF's "In Your Hands"; PRN 2/23/63 issue "Ave Maria" with article "Religion Meets Race at the Summit" about CIC Chicago; TMs [mimeo] JLF's sermon on occasion of first solemn mass of Schuyler Brown, SJ.

Box: 45 Fold: 5 Undated and/or Unpublished Articles By JLF (1)
circa 1932-circa 1962

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs and TMs [carbon] drafts of articles and outlines, some of which were unpublished. Includes TMsS [carbon] introduction to Joseph Kyagambiddwa's "Songs From the Upper Nile" TMs with handwritten corrections outline of article "Racism"; TMs "Racial Segregation in the US"; TMs [carbon] early piece on Negroes and birth control.

Box: 45 Fold: 6 Undated Articles by JLF (2)
circa 1946-circa 1962

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs and TMs [carbon] drafts of articles, some of which are incomplete. Includes TMs with handwritten corrections incomplete article on Nuremburg trials ca. 1948; TMs carbon book review on Matteo Ricci; 5 PRN copies "St Ignatius As Man" (1956); TMs article on race relations ca. 1959; TMs [carbon] article on liturgy ca. 1961; TMs with handwritten corrections book review re Bishop James Healy.

Box: 45 Fold: 7 Undated Articles by JLF (3)
circa 1910-circa 1950

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs, TMs article drafts and outlines. Includes PRN JLF newspaper piece re Lourdes ca. 1937; AMs "Tati Biachi, the Little Angel of Innocence" ca. 1910; TMs outline "Notes on Humanism and America" ca. 1930; 3 TMs "The Catholic Idea" 9/5/37; TMs "Liberalism"; TMs and TMs [carbon] "Dictator's Rise" (poem of Gottfried Keller trans from the German by JLF); TMs "LaFarge of LaFargeville" dated 1/1/40; TMs and TMs [carbon] "What is the Catholic Interracial Council"; TMs [carbon] "Liturgical Arts. Outline".

Box: 45 Fold: 8 Undated Articles by JLF (4)
1929-circa 1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs and PRN articles and article drafts. Includes PRN "What is a Jesuit?" from "America" ca. 1929; TMs draft of review of Jacques Maritain's book on Nazi persecution of the Jews; TMs draft on Africa and post-war policy; TMs [mimeo] draft of article on American Negroes for "Streben" (draft, with handwritten corrections, is in Flemish); PRN "The Church and the Store-front" from "Worship" Aug 1952 issue; PRN "The Case for Esperanto" reprint from "America"; TMs [mimeo] program and addresses on subject of Jesuit as Apostle 11/25/61; TMs [carbon] award(?) acceptance address ca. 1962; TMs review of John Hope Franklin's "Emancipation Proclamation" ca. 1963; TMs "Liberia no finny".

Box: 46 Fold: 0 Articles by Others: Unfoldered Remainder

DESCRIPTION: Unfoldered magazines, reports, press releases, and misc PRN material on a variety of subjects.

Box: 46 Fold: 1 Articles by Others (1)

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellany of articles and correspondence. Includes PRN "Racist Law and the True Meaning of Racism" by Jacques Maritain clip from 6/4/43 issue "Commonweal"; TLS and ALS correspondence to JLF; PRN press release re Hoey Award for 1947; PRN material assembled for Interracial Justice Week 1962.

Box: 46 Fold: 2 Articles by Others (2)

DESCRIPTION: Contains miscellaneous PRN articles and press releases on various topics.

Box: 47 Fold: 0 Miscellaneous Articles and Brochures (Unfoldered)

DESCRIPTION: Unfoldered printed matter. Includes PRN booklet "Golden Jubilee of St Peter Claver's" (Philadelphia) 1936; PRN Summer 1938 issue "Tower Postscript" re race issue; 2 PRN "The New Voice" of Federated Colored Catholics of the United States (1938 and 1941); Dec. 1958 issue "Interracial Review"; 50th anniv issue "America"; PRN booklet "The Civil Rights Story: A Year's Review" reprint from "American Jewish Yearbook" 1962; TMs [mimeo] collection of four sermons by Pierre Goube SJ 4/29/62; National Conference on Religion and Race material 1/14-17/63; "America" issue of 8/17/63 on liturgy; PRN material from Interracial Justice Week Nov 1963.

Box: 47 Fold: 1 Miscellaneous Articles and Brochures

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc printed matter, most on the subject of race relations. Includes brochure "This is SCLC" ca. 1958; TMs [mimeo] program from Fordham U Interracial Council panel discussion "Can We Make Non-Segregation Work?"; several copies PRN article "Negroes and Property Values" reprint from "Ave Maria" 2/25/61 issue; PRN brochure "A Clear Conscience on Color" put out by State Council of Churches 3/61; PRN article "Legal Aspects of the Sit-In Movement" clip from "Race Relations Law Reporter" Fall 1960 issue; TMs [mimeo] "The New Negro in the North" paper delivered by Kenneth B. Clark 8/25/61; PRN "Confessions of a Block Buster" reprint from "Saturday Evening Post" 1962; PRN JLF's "Religion and Race Meeting" reprint from "America" 1963.

Box: 48 Fold: 0 Miscellaneous Magazines and Brochures (Unfoldered)

DESCRIPTION: Miscellany of magazines, brochures, programs, etc., some of which contain articles by JLF.

Box: 49 Fold: 1 Bibliography of selected JLF articles 1950-55

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs 7 page bibliography of LaFarge's articles in "America" and elsewhere.

Box: 49 Fold: 2 Index Cards (Notes on JLF plus file cards)
circa 1966

DESCRIPTION: Contains two sets of 3 x 5 cards. One set constitutes partial index of collection, second set is collection of anecdotes about JLF collected by Walter M. Abbott, SJ, presumably for biography.

Box: 49 Fold: 3 Spiritual Exercises Notes
circa 1901-1922

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs and TMs notes on Spiritual Exercises from JLF's novitiate and elswhere.

Box: 49 Fold: 4 Novitiate Notes and Spiritual Exercises (2)
circa 1901-1921

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMs notes and exercises from JLF's novitiate and elsewhere.

Box: 49 Fold: 5 Miscellaneous Clippings, Press Releases, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Contains misc clippings and TMs and AMs fragments and addenda to various writings of JLF, much of it undated.

Box: 49 Fold: 6 Photos and Pencil Portrait
circa 1894-1963

DESCRIPTION: Contains PHO of Edith Wharton (?) taken by JLF at LaFarge house about 1894; PHO of graduation class at Cardome Academy in Kentucky ca. 1935; PHO of Pius XII with visitors (1957). Includes 3 copy negatives from costume book (?) ca. 1890s, plus pencil portrait of JLF Jan 1963.

Box: 50 Fold: 1 Notebook
circa 1914-1918

DESCRIPTION: Hardcover looseleaf notebook containing AMs and TMs notes and sermons.