Box: 1 Fold: 1 Garesche, Julius P. - Manuscripts
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1836]? - 02/14/1860

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMsS by JPG, 5 items:

#1 ALS (in Latin) from JPG to his father, Vital Marie. Dated December 1836 from Gerogetown College. (cf. biography, pp.38-40; includes English translation by Louis Garesche). 1 p. + identifying note by Louis Garesche.

#1A AMsS (in Latin) - poem written by JPG on the 4th century B.C. Roman hero, Titus Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus who fought the Gauls. The manuscript is inscribed,"To the Rev. William George Fenwick, from his affectionate pupil and friend, Julius P. Garesche." (dated c.1842).

#2 ALS (memorandum) from JPG to Colonel S. Cooper, adjutant general. Dated 2/14/1860. (cf. biography pp. 344-347). 3 pp. + identifying note by Louis Garesche.

#3 AMs by JPG on the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary. No date. No title: "The last moment of a Napoleon, a Cesar. . ." (cf. biography pp. 233-235). Folio + identifying note from Louis Garesche.

#4 AMs by JPG . No date. Notes on the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Folio + identifying note by Louis Garesche. Includes small funeral notice in memory of JPG from church of St. Vincent de Paul, Washington, D.C.

#5 Fragment of paper bearing JPG's full signature, "Julius P. Garesche du Rocher." Includes identifying note by Louis Garesche.

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Garesche, Julius P. - Related Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 01/05/1863 - 08/16/1884

DESCRIPTION: Contains correspondence about JPG by various people who knew him, 4 letters, arranged alphabetically:

Curley, James, S.J. [Georgetown College] - ACS to Louis Garesche, 8/16/1884. Re. JPG's student days at Georgetown College. Includes identifying note by Louis Garesche.

Eaton, N.J. [Captain] (friend of Alexander P. Garesche, brother of JPG) - ALS to Alexander P. Garesche, 4/23/1867. Re. JPG's last battle and death at Stone River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 12/31/1862. Includes ANS from Alexander Garesche to Mariquitta Garesche (wife of JPG). Identifying note by Louis Garesche on reverse.

Rosecrans, William S. [General](1819-1898) - ALS to Major Alexander J. Dallas, 1/21/1880. Re. JPG's death. 3 pp. + identifying note by Louis Garesche.

Townsend, Edward D. [adjutant general to Winfield Scott, 1861; adjutant general of U.S army, 1862-1880] - ALS to Robert J. Atkinson, III [auditor of the treasury], 1/5/1863. Re. JPG's death. 1 folio. Includes identifying note by Louis Garesche.

AMsS - poem signed with initials M.E.N. (?) Re. the battle at Stone River. Entitled, "Rosecrans and Garesche." 1 p. + 1 folio, dated 1/27/1863.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Garesche, Julius P. - Document
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1836]? - [12/31/1900]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains baptismal record of JPG (in Spanish). Includes 1 empty envelope + 1 fragment of paper addressed to JPG.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Garesche, Julius P. - Printed Information
DATE SPAN: 03/20/1861 - 06/19/1965

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed copies of War Department general orders announcing JPG's promotions, death, and dedications. Total: 8, dated between 3/20/1861 and 6/19/1865. Note: 2 cc. of general order announcing JPG's death, dated 1/16/1863. Includes 2 printed copies of orders issued by JPG, dated 12/4/1862 and 12/31/1862. Also, handwritten copy by Louis Garesche of official telegram sent by General Rosecrans to War Department announcing JPG's death, n.d.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Garesche, Julius P. - Biographical Information
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1836]? - [12/31/1900]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains a typed resume of JPG's military service. Includes typed excerpt from Louis Garesche's biography on JPG.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Garesche Family (Miscellaneous)
DATE SPAN: 11/20/1852 - 05/01/1910

DESCRIPTION: Contains various manuscripts and printed material relating to members of the Garesche family. 5 items:

#1 Adele Garesche [daughter of JPG] - Printed copy of letter from Visitation Convent, Cabanne Place, St. Louis, Missouri, to Visitation Convent in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. announcing death of Adele Garesche (aka. Sister Francis Joseph). Dated 5/27/1896. Includes note by Louis Garesche referring to his biography, p.480, which also provides some background to Adele Garesche's vocation.

#2 Alexander J.P. Garesche [brother of JPG] - ALS to Rev. J. Havens Richards, Georgetown University president 1888-1898. Folio, dated 3/5/1894.

#3 Frederick P. Garesche, S.J. [brother of JPG] - Printed copy of poem dedicated to Mariquitta Garesche [wife of JPG]. Dated 11/20/1852.

#4 Marie-Louise Garesche [daughter of JPG] - Printed copy of church announcement of her death, dated 1/21/1891. Includes death announcement card.

#5 William A. Garesche [possibly son of JPG's brother Alexander John Peter Garesche; graduated from Georgetown College, A.B. 1871; died 3/7/1905] - AMs, 6 pp. entitled, "France," a graduation essay, dated c.1871. Also: TLS from Edward Garesche, S.J. to Earl J. Mohn [Georgetown College] providing biographical information on William A. Garesche, dated 5/1/1910. TLS from J.J. Schlafly to Earl J. Mohn re. the whereabouts at the time, of William A. Garesche, dated 4/7/1910.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Muniments List
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1836]? - [12/31/1900]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains identifying notes accompanying items belonging to JPG:

Copy of "St. Thomas a Kempis de Imitatione Christi" (located in Georgetown University Special Collections Division, call no. 79A42).

- silver medals (4), from Georgetown College (located in the Georgetown University Art Collection).

- watchguard and gold eye-glass.

- bloodstained scapulars.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Photographs
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1836]? - [12/31/1900]?

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photographs as listed below:

- JPG wearing medal of order of knighthood of St. Sylvester, n.d.

- JPG on horseback (background) with General Rosecrans (foreground) and Major C. Goddard (beside JPG in background). Includes identifying notes by Louis Garesche.

- Family plot taken by Louis Garesche, dated 4/26/1908 at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Washington, D.C. Includes identifying note.

- color postcard to Louis Garesche from his cousin Arthur Garesche and 3 pages extracted from a railroad pamphlet by Louis Garesche, showing monument dedicated to the battle at Stone River. Includes identifying note by Louis Garesche.

- Professional photograph of grave of JPG at Mt. Olivet, dated June 1883. Includes identifying note by Louis Garesche.